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The wearing of C19 masks Mary Steenburgen I have hope ! Easy Q: Big hit song 3-4 years ago, guy sang falsetto, love song, one-hit wonder Lewis Capaldi? Gorgeous woman Anybody like these guys? Two Black Men Hanged in Southern California These people always order take-out food with plastic containers and forks. Here's something for all the crazed pubs crying about Antifa View all posts >


Please share a link to back that assertion up. That's not faux or breitbart or some other dumb source. Please tell us your platform for a way to move forward. I'm sure you've heard this before but I had to -- Just delete rump already. God knows we'll all have to live with him for the next few decades, but please kick his ass off the general trending discussion. Nobody needs to to see his visage as an ugly reminder of what has happened now. Please take a principled stand and take him off the general roster. But they aren't falling apart. That's the easy lie. There are pockets of disenfranchised people who are boiling over, which is a barometer of overall discontent. The regular Democrat populace doesn't want mayhem but we do recognize when rump becomes prez -- we have some serious problems ! And if you want to run a seminar in economics here, please do. We're all waiting expectantly to see this. Hey ! A homeless person in my town committed suicide recently. And it's YOUR FAULT ! How's that for a leap in logic? You have so much hate in your heart, it permeates the landscape, festering in places you don't understand. Just stop - please. Thank you. I constantly see wrong wingers here who concoct such ugly scenarios as if this is what our fellow good thinking citizens will do given free rein. The pubs already have been working hard to subjugate our citizens to pad the wallets of the well-off, and do it in a way that appears we have all the freedoms of a Democratic society. I'm not saying Democrat politicians are all blameless in advancing their own fortunes, but looking at all the significant legislation advanced by the wrong wing to further the agenda to take power away from the average working populace (tax breaks for the rich, gerrymandering, stuffing the courts with yes-men, de-funding education and union busting, encouragement of the NRA, Citizens United !), what a shameless farce in governance. Steven King and Rod Serling have something in common? I reluctantly saw Pitch Black in the theater when it was new. Reluctantly because I'm not generally into sci-fi horror hokum. But it was, to me, a fairly taut and spare bit of suspenseful entertainment. Because it didn't have a big budget, they seemed to do the best they could with tension and payoff. Might not play as well now on the small screen and with today's sensibilities, but I liked it at the time. A heartfelt number from Pete Seeger View all replies >