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The filming of the episode Sleep? Colonial Penn Golden Girl We need a pic ! Very recognizable. Films sharing the same title From General Discussion How many episodes so far? Your top three Jodie Foster performances View all posts >


He was a great looking guy with a great deep voice and he could deliver his role. I don't know how serious he was about being an actor, but he had great screen presence. A real star. I had some trouble with Feta a couple hours ago, haha. It was in a little cup and there was no way to get it to stick to anything. Finally I puzzled it out and took the pita (which had no pocket) and poured the crumbly Feta on it and folded it over like a hot dog bun and ate it like that. Worked ! The live version of Candle In The Wind. Never been a huge Elton fan, not that I don't admire and enjoy his work. Just a little too commercial for me. But when I first heard the live solo recording of Candle, it really hit me how heart felt and unusual it was, to write a love song to Norma Jean. I would have liked to have known you, but I was just a kid. Your candle burned out long before your legend ever did. The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. As they say, based on a True Story. I'm in the US and I still use pennies. I even pick them up off the ground. If something costs $7.31, I'll use the penny and I save my change. Just cashed in $125 in change. However, I think the US should get rid of The Penny. Seems like it costs $$ to mint all those things, and if we rounded DOWN to the next 5 cent increment, we'd be in good shape. I tend to read responses and not get into the personality of who is posting. Sometimes it seems like people develop relationships here, but I rarely know if a poster is a man or a woman, which makes a little bit of a difference for some reason. But if someone is a real jerk, I WILL notice that, and try to steer clear, i.e., Wuchak. It may be but I never ate it when I was a kid (joke). I don't think it sits next to the Philly, but I've heard it's good with bagels. Thanks for responding. I tend to focus on the substance and not the deliverer. Nope, that's not an issue for me. So don't start emailing me peas. Zactly ! We get pushed into thinking we are Princess and the Pea. OMG ! What if I had 7 mattresses and there was a peanut under the second? I couldn't sleep ! View all replies >