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Certainly is a handsome guy The amount of very good and great actors contributing ... His looks Long hair v Short hair Very appealing I met him, briefly Plane crash Did you like his role on Seinfeld? The picture here What's his best role? View all posts >


A Bummer Story, even if it was brilliant story and well acted. Even liberals don't want to be reminded of the awful climate of the South in the Sixties, not to mention the latest Trump atmosphere currently. Extremely uncomfortable. He had been dating or married to one of the most gorgeous women in the world, Paulina something or an other. I wonder what she's doing these days. I'm really not sure. The point is, he saw me taking this huge long drag and knew I was over doing it. He grows his own pot but I'm not sure he has figured out how to contain it for his apparatus. The whole vaping thing seems like a needless innovation. Then again, I wish we all still had land lines, haha. weak sauce here mate. Generals send Men into War, they do not not send Themselves into War. I'm glad this is a 3 years old post so you might have learned something in the interim. At that time, we didn't have an appetite for blood like we do now. If you want to see blood, go to an Emergency Room. Enjoy ! And this isn't the point of the movie at all. I had an old friend stop by and he had a pot vaping apparatus. I'm off and on with weed but I thought I'd give it a try. It didn't feel hot in my mouth so I took a long drag and he said "you are going to regret that." Next thing I know I'm coughing for the next five minutes. I don't mind getting high once in a while, but when it hurts I figure it's not a good idea. Brad in white denim, never reaching the end, Letters he's written, never meaning to send. Beauty he's always missed with those eyes before. Just what the truth is, he can't say anymore. Cause he loves you, yes he loves you, oh how he loves you. I don't know why being smart and questioning the decisions our "leaders" make is being America-hating. I guess when Nazi style genocide in Amerika comes around, you'll be right on board. My apologies for trying to have an intellect. Perhaps I should try to be a Hunter / Gatherer. I hope he makes some humanitarian efforts to help his countrymen. We may never know, but I imagine he's wealthy enough to at least help some individuals or contribute a significant amount to help get people into a better situation. I don't watch much news but the few pictures I've seen look absolutely awful. View all replies >