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Since you mentioned M Caine, I once saw an interview with Lord (?) Caine, and he said the most important thing for an actor to learn in Not To Blink. He said excessive blinking takes people away from the suspension of disbelief. (My words.) I thought that was a really basic bit of good advice, and unexpected. Still pushing the Fake News angle? Man, that's old. These days in the USA, anyone can believe anything they want, say anything they want, ignore B&W reality, and spout it like gospel. Go ahead, make our civil landscape that much worse. I like Pale Rider a lot, but I don't like the term "Ghost" here. I can't really say what the Preacher was, but I think he was more an Angel sent to make things right for the miners, and especially the family. I like how the family is fractured, no bio father, Mom's ambivalent about her suitor but appreciates his help and attention, Preacher gets both Mom and daughter aroused in different ways, while Preacher plays it cool with everyone. Makes it much more involving than just the good guys versus the bad guys. I really do like this film, although it was in heavy enough rotation where I got a little too familiar with it. I have an ex-gf who I came to dislike rather intently. Her initials spelled out J-A-W-son, so I started referring to her as Jaws, just out of disrespect. Coincidentally, she had a brother named Bruce. Respectfully disagree. It's a great film, but sort of like Natural Born Killers, it's too "out there" (for me) to say it's an absolute favorite. It doesn't really make you feel good or make you think much. There's plenty to think about, of course, but compared to 2001, it's not mysterious and thought-provoking. It's more gaudy and eye capturing. That said, I do like this film and Kubrick a TON, or else I wouldn't be discussing it. Yes, this movie is the definition of a black comedy. Everything is over emphasized, to where horrific events become fiendishly silly. Watching Alex delight in his cruelty, and the gaudy futuristic setting of the couples apartment, it's eye-popping and ends up being a little bit funny. (I also want to mention how great MMc was in this role, especially how agile his physical work was.) This question seems to throw out the Nature half of Nature v Nurture. Kubrick is a serious director and this is a worthy discussion to have, but I believe there is a lot of evidence that many individuals have impulses that are inexplicable. We see it all the time. When I'm wearing my liberal sociologist's hat, I might blame society for making young black men look to either selling or taking drugs as a way to cope with injustice and lack of opportunity, but sometimes people are just sick with evil, and other than organic brain disease, there isn't any other explanation I can think of . Wow. Fifteen is a lot of movies. Personally, that would satisfy any RM jones I might have, but good luck. I love Bob Mitchum but I don't think he's THAT good. Maybe Barbara Stanwyck would I like to see more than 15 films from, but I wouldn't go out of my way. Paul Newman, also. Dustin Hoffman? Al Pacino? Leo DiCap? Putting aside their personal appeal, they usually draw quality stories and directors. I guess Clint E would be an easy guy to see 15 films of. So I asked somewhere else, but maybe you know this. Do you know how they explained Erin Lindsay's disappearance? I'd really like to know, without, of course, spoiling it for anyone else. I often forget about this movie when I'm thinking of Scorcese, and I don't know why. I guess he's been SOOO prolific, some of the less shocking early films get shuffled to the back. Gangs of NY, Wolf of Wall Street, Departed, so many significant films that have good and not-so-good points. I just looked at his directing filmography, it's crazy good. Leo has been adopted as his go-to guy lately. View all replies >