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See my post for ScarJo. She looks a lot like KDub. Looks like ScarJo. Rerun with Jason Mamoa About to turn 21 Never heard of this one AB's birthday I was hoping this thread would get removed from Trending. Best movies from 1951 ? Let's throw out any year here. What are your favorie KB docs? This site is a dead end View all posts >


M Streep has a great filmography. To drag her into the Weinstein problem seems like an extra effort. If you choose to do this, fine for you. What do you want to accomplish with this? Tear down Ms Streep? Will this make you feel better? I don't understand what you are trying to say, other than liberals are hypocritical. Gee! Repubtards aren't? The thousands of kettles are calling the hundreds of pots black ? Great move, by Jove ! Funny you would choose Tommy. I felt very ambivalent when I watched it when it was new. I WANTED to like it because I love The Who, but it's a very strange exercise in film making. Another - it's so bad it might be good movie, especially with re-watching and understanding The Who album. But yes, I can see why someone would be turned off by Tommy the movie. Ultra weird. I don't care one way or t'other, but I'm surprised how often I see little decals on cars and maybe some tee shirts with his image on them. Maybe it's some anachronistic / anarchy move, but some people seem to really like him. I like him too -- but not THAT much. I have a hard time imagining a more mellow and more temperate place than where I live. Yet it's still rife with problems. Liberals run the state - which I prefer - but it engenders a LOT of resentment from the folks in the rural districts. My town is accused of being a magnet for homeless because we are actually compassionate toward them. We celebrate diversity while being very homogeneous. Downtown has the twin problems of aimless groups of kids and homeless hanging out while having no free parking. There are virtually NO "anchor" stores in Downtown where people can buy staple items. It's all bars and restaurants and some boutique businesses thrown in. And no free parking. Glad you posted this ... two years ago. Today is her birthday in 2019. I don't LOVE KB, but I find her kind of fascinating. She's pretty, she's perky, she's funny, I guess she can sing. She's from Michigan ! Everyone from Michigan (like me !) is absolutely wonderful ! One of those odd things where I don't have any great reason to like her (never saw V Mars) but she just has this pull for me. Happy 39 Kristen ! Dunno. I don't think about it much, but I know I'll say - ironically enough ... da da da. I'll have to keep an eye on this. Again, sounds like you have an agenda and a personal ax to grind. I suspect you get your information from not reputable sources, but that's normal these days. Enjoy the hate. Did you hear the part where she has this one note that repeats during the verses? It's the sound of the elevator at Woolworth's. Going up ! I was trying to be a little pithy here, haha. You say something, I reply "say what?" Yeah, I guess it means a couple different things, but sometimes if I don't understand someone, or am surprised by what they are saying, I'll toss that out. Kinda sounds that an illiterate utterance. Haha. I just checked the meaning of "pithy." I always thought it meant clever and playful, but more accurately it's concise and forceful. I'll have to remember this. Love At the Five and Dime is a great song made popular (at least in some circles) by Nanci Griffith. Very sweet. View all replies >