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Have Gun Will Travel Montreal December 6, 1989 Amanda Rollins (actress Kelli Giddish) is out of the SVU She has a lot of songs; this is one of my favorites Rarely see a serious - or any - movie with this bad an audience rating. Did they film both Jungle and Level at the same time? Nothing says Thanksgiving like Jurassic Fallen Kingdom, or - any Thanksgiving stories good, bad or otherwise? Help with a movie (this shouldn't be hard) Love the movie, like Geena Davis but ... Are on-line business reviews from customers a trustworthy gauge of service? (apologies if this is a worn-out subject) View all posts >


Indeed. Thanks for knowing what I'm referencing. Another was the Tom Skerritt ep where he wanted all the major players in Dodge to know how it feels to watch an innocent man, his Father, hang. He was about to hang Doc Adams, for no good reason, then cut the rope because -- he wasn't that person. He wanted them to know how it felt, as a boy, to watch his innocent Father be hanged for no good reason. A great episode. Sure. As an 8 or ten year old, I wanted to bone her. Good call [deleted]. Gotta luv the Deleted part. But yes, as a little kid I thought she was beautiful, and I'm so ashamed. (sarcasm alert) Enthusiastically I agree. A little over-shadowed by McKinnon, but she's a lovely woman who can dial it back and play an idjit with aplomb. That's funny. I go a little back and forth on him. CP has gotten so much over-exposure, I start to wonder about those blue, blue eyes and what's behind them. Even a dream boat can can over stay his invite. Like that guy from Saved By The Bell. I hate that show, but that blond kid was really good looking, and I'm straight. Just being good looking doesn't mean you're automatically admired. Pine has taken a quite a few cheesy roles and has surely made a lot of money doing it. Good for him. I just don't know if he gets any Oscars for it, or lives in our memories very long. But I like the guy. Hey yeh HE42 ! Always knew you are one of the good guys. Thanks for saying this. I often wonder if I'm on some island, completely out of touch. I feel a little better now, and I love this movie for sentimental reasons, but I also hope it's worthy of thoughtful discussion. Such a subtle charmer. Sorry. I just get so fed up with the wanton lies and abuse that goes on here. I've been worn down from trying to be a thoughtful and rational master debater (haha), then just to start throwing bombs at all the ugliness that is allowed here. Fun for some people this is fun - But Not For Me. They're writing songs of love But Not For Me A lucky star's above but not for me With love to lead the way I've had more clouds of gray Than any Russian play could guarantee I was a fool to fall and get that way High-Ho, alas, and also lack-a-day Although I can't dismiss the memory of her kiss I guess she's not for me Awesome. I'm guessing he was a very pleasant person in reality, but he could play the "arch" character so easily, with the moneyed and condescendingly articulate Eastern Seaboard accent. God ... I try so hard to be just like him. And right here on MC ! hahaha ! (sarcasm alert) Indeed. I frequent a music forum that has a lot of pix of older Rock Stars. So often they are brandishing a smoke, and it makes ME want to cry. I don't want to airbrush the past, but I often wish someone would airbrush all these cigs out of the photos. Supposedly it looks so Cool, and I'm sure that was the lifestyle (I believe Joni Mitchell is an unrepentant smoker, and I love Joni), but damn -- I get so sick of seeing all these people with smokes stuck in their twigs. Yuck. And further, I don't see how smoking has any upside to it. Sure, you may be able to relax after having a smoke, but you wouldn't if you weren't addicted. To be candid - I don't have a particularly healthy diet, and I drink too much. Like right now! But I don't see ANY reason to take up smoking cigarettes. Choice, sure I guess, but geez. I could have sex with drug-infested hookers and throw myself into speeding traffic -- but those are crappy choices, "in my book." (Whatever that means.) Just going off memory, which isn't reliable. View all replies >