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Fav Brando Roles? Do women consider him attractive? I'm just wondering. As a straight guy I think he does lo What's with all the B&W? I don't understand Brexit If you want a great psychological drama/thriller, this is for you. best voyeuristic movie of alltime? gene hackman was a legend and could play any part I watched this again last night and forgot how amazing this was. Has a guest character named Trump ! please watch the original, its a great movie favorite movies of his? View all posts >


I will repeat -- Dan Patrick ! Do you believe that Trump's inauguration was the most well-attended ever? That was the first lie he said as president, I believe. Then it kept on and on, until now we are in this swamp he's created. Worse than the swamp he claimed he was going to drain, another lie he told early on. The guy makes me sick. I have nothing against JLaw and frankly, I haven't seen MR in anything yet. But JL just seems to be there. In Hunger Games (not my type of movie) she just seems to go through the motions. She's pleasant looking, and I guess she has to be impassioned to take her little sister's place, (what a weird plot device, little kid has to fight to the death) but it really doesn't grab me. I saw part of Joy, kind of a dumb idea for a movie. I have avoided SLP, sports movies and depression do that to me. Saw the X-Men stuff. The movies are fun but anyone could do that role. I kept hoping I'd see her actually naked, but it's pretty close. And she's sort of a butter face, reminds me of Zellwegger before she got plastic. But RZ had better roles, imo. Do tell ? Seriously. Nixon, I believe, grew up very modestly. He was a career politician, and actually was elected into office by popular vote. I'm guessing he was only married once. So far, this doesn't sound like Trump. And what do you propose we do about it? It might take a while for the right Democrat to raise his or her profile. I sure hope the people who voted for this jerk realize their mistake, and let's dump the Electoral College. I'm sick of crappy republicans sneaking into the white house on technicalities and corrupt judicial decisions. Heil Trump indeed. I wouldn't compare Trump to Nixon other than they both were Presidents and may have mental disease. DJT is one-of-a-kind. Dick was humble and modest in comparison, and having imaginary discussions with great Americans from the past isn't necessarily a bad thing. Contrary to common perception, talking to oneself or having a shadow conversation needn't be an indicator of delusion. Still, I have no idea why Trump chooses to bring up McCain in public. He's the guy who deserves excoriating at every turn. History will look very poorly on this president, worse than Buchanan and Hoover combined. I like the movie a lot, but none of the actors were convincing. Clint likes to work fast, and without very many professional actors, the movie seems amateurish. But I like the story. Makes me chuckle, and it's heartfelt. You should find yourself a street corner and a milk crate and continue your crusade there. Take it to the streets ! Nope. The only person flippin' here is you. View all replies >