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And Trump is a liar, unfit for office, his incumbency a disgrace to the nation. He and his ilk have brought this all on themselves. Thank you so much for putting it better than I could. And also for your addendum below. It's so frustrating that with all our problems with entrenched politics, this is who the pubs choose to (un)fix it. My lord, it's like Alice In Dunderhead Land. And that's who Trump is. A self-centered idiot who leveraged a pathetic amount of notoriety into having the most important job in the world. And he has showed his colors and failed badly. He's like PT Barnum, but not not as smart. Sorry, but your comment makes me figure you are a typical uninformed rightwing buffoon when you talk about politics. Just like Trump - no substance, all bluster. The guy is an absolute joke, and how any self respecting American will support him is scandalous, traitorous. He thinks he can use high school bully tactics to run the USA. Shameful. Even with the state of politics being far off the rails, this idiot is an abomination, and that's how I felt about W and Rayguns. He's even worse, and this is what pubs want to get behind? No wonder education never gets funding from these creeps. They don't want people to be able to think for themselves. They are creating Dystopia, fake news, no civil rights other than to own guns and ask a christian god to fix everything, and spend all our taxes on military engagements while abandoning our service members when they finish. I don't know how a pub can look at himself in the mirror, but I guess it's not that hard when you really don't care about people other than your cult. I don't think this is the issue at all. It's a systemic problem where a small amount of people can become "super rich" while so many others become super poor. I am barely scraping by, but yes, I can give to a food pantry if I arrange it. A couple cans of tuna a/o chili. Food pantries get this stuff all the time. But what we have is a certain class of people having legacy wealth while there is so much Want / Need in the world. It's not right. Me too. The old Sim version might as well have been filmed at the time Dickens wrote it, it's that good and classic. But GC Scott has such tremendous presence in everything he does, and the producers did a great job with this version. If I had to recommend I suppose I'd go with the earlier film but I have no problem championing the Scott one as well. I'm with you. It's bizarro world when this guy constantly lies and hides his business dealing while declaring he's the most transparent president (and as always) ever ! He barely understands what he's trying to say. To say he's a buffoon is being far too gentle. I agree. The only reason DJT wants to roll back any progress made before him is for that reason alone. He can't stand the idea someone was thoughtful and successful before he showed up. It's beyond partisan, it's sociopathic. When pictures of the president are made in the future there should be a stamp across his smug mug that permanently says Unfit For Office. From what I've heard the infamous tax cut achieved exactly what it was supposed to -- fatten the wallets of corporate america. Once again we are fed lies by pubs about trickle down economics and they just pocket the money. Shameful, and as expected. I'm thinking the movie itself might be a mess regardless of your SJW slant. To bring that up says more about you than the movie. View all replies >