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Lame scripts on two recent episodes (SPOILERS) Trump is directly responsible for the death of 172 souls on the Ukrainian airliner Tom Steyer JP's laugh in The Joker I have a structured settlement/annuity but I need cash now. Gum Chewers "... other than a lot of people said we didn't know you could be so nice." WTF ? Something about her ... Wish she had more posts His 70th birhday today. A National Treasure ! View all posts >


Republicans long ago set the tone for toxic politics. It's their wheelhouse, and when they complain about it (even when not accurately) it rings hollow. And more people voted for her. Imagine that ! Anyway, you are simply wrong, wrong, wrong. How did all that kool-aid taste? Was there something that made it warm or was it simply an enclosure and people's bodies provided the warmth? You are an awful person. You happily distort his platform and equate socialism with communism and just ignore what intelligent people might consider a thoughtful debate. Hey, I'll toss all kinds of ugly accusations your way just to hope you look bad to all the people who already don't like your positions. Thanks for making the division that much more toxic. What I don't like is people drawing easy conclusions to complicated situations. Cos may have been an idiot and maybe a lot of innocent women were hurt, but at this point in time, with everything the guy did to entertain us, treating him like a common criminal seems wrong. He's an old man who may have made mistakes, and I don't give him a pass, but much of what I see here seems hateful and vindictive and make him to be an easy target. Not a good look for the compassion and understanding of humanity. Even if he has to do the time for the crime, I don't understand why some people want to revel in the consequences. It's like they are happy he did something bad so they can pile on over it. I like the acoustic numbers. Norwegian Wood Hide your Love Away I Should Have Known Better Two Of Us Of course the big numbers are great as well, but I like the intimate ones much of the time. I don't like her face that much, or her expressions. Not that this is the only reason to follow a woman's career - far from it - but like Zellweger, she either must be a really good actress or I don't get what the appeal is. Just about any actor is going to experience too much exposure. I am surprised WS has made it this long, but he has a certain appeal. There are a handful of performances I like of his, but I do agree he hasn't pushed himself very hard to do projects that are outside his comfort zone. Which means he is a canny businessman and not a person dedicated to is craft of acting. The AMC channel plays her Hunger Games movies back to back constantly. Personally, I don't like them very much, (although i get a kick out of the set design and costumes for Tucci and Banks and that part), but SOMEONE must be watching them. And most of the Tomatometer ratings look solid. Another Sunshine/Arkin movie is Sunshine Cleaning. Alan Arkin does seem to play himself in most of his later roles, but he's fun to watch, and S Cleaning is a sweet movie if you or someone else has not seen it. View all replies >