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I might have guns. My neighbor might have guns. I only shine the toes of my shoes, and not the heels 1/12/2021 - new episode? Any way we can get rid of the Three Stooges? Does anyone have an interest in Birds? The Bob Newhart Show (1972-78) vs The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970-77) The young lady is delightful Adopted a mannerism for his role in Gunsmoke Most beloved of the Gilligan cast? Are we good with this Car Shield commercial? View all posts >


Is this really important? Someone asked me this recently. Was my silly post about the Peanuts character Linus Shining his Shoes really important? Apparently not. So I have to wonder. I mean, really, does any particular person's dental hygiene really amount to a hill of bean in this crazy world? Someday you'll understand that. (With love from Rick and Ilsa) This is an example of how the alt-wrong wants to obfuscate their own bad behavior. "You know how much money they've saved only by opening the gates to massive immigration of cheap labor force from shit world countries?" That's Big Business using immigrants to save $$ while fomenting how awful it is for immigrants to want to have the chance to live here. This is either the Land Of Opportunity, or the land the white folks settled and it's too big and too rich to let a bunch of "furiners" spoil the party. Let's keep letting the Rich Get Richer on the Backs of the Poor. It's the American Way ! Throw the idea that we are all a Nation of Equals out the window. I prefer Wayne in films with life-or-death consequences on the line. Not that all the serious JW films were good, but the light fare like NTA don't resonate with me. Like McLintock ! Sure it's kinda fun the first time you see it, but it's eventually it's just a comedy that I have no investment in. I can watch it and enjoy the set pieces, (being drunk on the stairs), but by the end, my emotions aren't moved. Just me, YMMV. And that's how I rate North To Alaska. It's fine, but not worth recommending. I suppose Ernie Kovacs is one reason to recommend it. He's someone who deserves to be remembered. One of the problems Ken has is ... Alex was a handsome guy. He was a broad chested, self-effacing hockey fan, the kind of guy men admire and women desire. Ken, for all of his qualities, is neither. I like him okay, he's nice enough, but I'm not thrilled with him. I thought maybe Dan Patrick from Sports Jeopardy might move into the slot, but he likely has his own issues that prevent it. Which is to say, being the host of a nationally syndicated Game Show calls for a delicate balance of wit and fondness for the audience and the process that an otherwise intelligent person might not enjoy. Indeed ! I would love to hold Dems feet to the fire for not living up to our expectations. But supporting Pubs and Libs (that is to say, Libertarians, haha), isn't an option. I'm not happy about Biden having to be the only person who could unseat the ass rump, but someone had to do it. And I have no great interest in Kamala, other than I imagine she's a fair-minded person who can make good decisions if called upon. Won't say this for Pence (religious freek), or any of the Pub faithful. They aren't doing things to help the populace, they are only concerned with gathering enough support to barely squeak out a victory so they can continue the status quo, i.e., keeping the wool over our eyes while the rich scoop up the money. "And who stared the movement of not accepting the election??? The left" whut? Now we have evidence it was a coordinated by people trained in law enforcement and surveillance. These weren't rioters like the summer riots were - spontaneous expressions of outrage and joined by the usual miscreants who will see chaos an opportunity. The Capitol storming was abetted by Conservative Law Enforcement that has racist sympathies. It's truly sick how people who think of themselves as real patriots would engage in this awful disregard of lawful behavior. The Confederate Flag? C'mon man ! "... his pod in Beijing." So obvious that you don't have any real arguments that DD was doing anything than reporting the truth by the trusted and established media, so just say something so utterly stupid and throw popcorn to the rubes in the front rows. Just go ahead and accuse whoever you want for being pedophiles and cannibals and illuminati and deep staters and just have fun being a completely shameful liar which will get you tickets to the next RNC convention. Pats on the back from liars for being a good deceitful tool in the machine to tear the country apart so the top % of the economy can continue to rape us and blame blacks, liberals, women and everyone else you can seize to promote this sick agenda. Make America great again for a very small amount of Americans = mostly white guys, and rich folks who know who can grease the wheels to keep their own gravy train rolling down the easy $$ track. The brave men and women who died don't give a fig for some pointless ritual - other than to whip up mindless Nationalist reflexes - that is imposed on us whether we want it and need it or not. The US can spend ungodly - yes, UNGODLY - amounts of $$ sending dumb, young people hither and yon to engage in issues no one really understands well. They are pawns in games Republicans in particular like to play, and wrapping it in Blind Patriotism discredits the sad sacrifice they have made which more likely was simply done for an opportunity to crawl out of a poor economic upbringing which is what Republicans want, a poor under class. People can't be rich if everyone is doing well. And dumb asses boil it all down to - you either Support The Troops or you're a traitor. jeezus krist !! If conservatives are losing the fight over what is considered decent and honest discourse, there's an obvious reason for it. They have brought this on all of our heads with decades of ugly rhetoric, regressive politics and more currently, overt lying to move the needle toward their amoral, empty "platform." They have no platform that helps the average American. It's all for corporate profit to benefit the top of the economic pyramid. Rich people have leverage and are using the Republican party to use it, and they have no qualms with tearing the US apart with hatred because ... it works and they make money from it. View all replies >