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Again, I'm not going to assume you are correct in this. I do believe some dogs have natural instincts that might have them attack a person without provocation. People don't teach their dogs to bark at anything in eyesight, but they do it and it's very hard to get them to stop. Does All About Eve (1950) fit in anywhere here? I don't think this is necessarily true. From what little I know, dogs that have certain traits have been bred over decades, if not centuries, to exploit these traits. A domestic pit bull might see a child riding a bike and chase it in order to subdue it, without ever having been taught or abused by the owner. That's my understanding, not that it happens habitually, but it's not entirely unlikely. There is controversy as to whether we should be feeding wild animals our own processed "people food." Just keep that in mind before you throw all kinds of bread in front of ducks that don't know how to regulate their appetites. Shelley Fabares ... again ! Johnny Get Angry Sorry about not rating, it's just not my thing. I mentioned Tudyk before I saw your comment, but yes, he being in this type of comedy seems like a very natural fit. I hope it does well for him. Before I go to his IMDb page to check, I'll bet he gets a decent amount of voice-over work to keep his career going. Think Alan Tudyk, and Galaxy Quest. A lot of comedy to be found there. The Byrds did a nice cover of this, although I think critical reaction was mixed. Which led me to another Byrds / John song. But maybe we are supposed to stick with Johnny to limit the field a bit. I rarely ever try to pick games. Going "chalk" is the easy thing to do and makes the most sense if you want to be right. Don't have any favorites going into this, although it would be nice if Stafford didn't throw any fatal INTs this week As an older person here and a huge band fan, I'm surprised this didn't occur to me. However, they did do a cover of a famous Great song on one of their later records. View all replies >