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Not only is it not "the worst thing a person can do" (ever heard of murder? rape? kidnapping? torture?), it's not even immoral, let alone illegal. A thirty-one-year-old woman is a consenting adult with quite a few years of life experience. If she wants to have sex with a septuagenarian and have a baby with him, it's her choice and none of anybody else's business. I heard Paul McCartney and Paul Simon a couple of years ago and their voices were permanently shot. It was pathetic. I went to school in small cities in southern California from the late 1950s through the 1960s. There was no segregation there, yet there were no black kids in any of the schools I went to, and very few black people in general. An all-white town is completely plausible in that period, and not because of any kind of racism. OP is a drooling moron. A lot of people will yell at you if you don't provide links to information. You can't win. It was made today. "Saving Private Ryan" is a modern film, and most of the actors in it still have active careers. Stupid message, then. The Nazis and the Japanese empire were trying to take over their regions of the world, both committing horrible atrocities on tens of millions of people. They had to be stopped. War against them was necessary. There are "Ballet" categories once in a while, but they rarely ever are actually about ballet. They tend to be about generic stuff most anybody would know even if they had never seen a ballet, like "This princess pricked her finger and slept for a hundred years." Answer: "Who is Sleeping Beauty". Yeah, the Grievance and Diversity hierarchy will definitely play a big role. But they need to be careful--go woke and go broke. The only offensive thing in all of this is Jennings's groveling apology. I'll forgive him that, though. He needs to learn to say "F 'em if they can't take a joke." View all replies >