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Everything you do in school does not affect your future. You can completely goof off in high school, drop out of your entire senior year, then go to college later and get perfect grades. Employers will never ask for your transcripts, or even to see any proof that you ever actually went to college. It's all just BS. I know this to be true because it happened to me. No, I don't have to admit any such thing. There were Technicolor sequences in live-action movies and cartoons in the 1920s. The first full-length movie in three-strip Technicolor (the process used in "The Adventures of Robin Hood" and "Gone with the Wind") was "Becky Sharp" in 1935. He's a retard, but "Retardy" didn't sound as good as "Dopey". "So free from vocal fry." It's refreshing to see old movies from before many young women, and some young men, adopted this annoying vocal affectation. Creaky voice has got to go. I thought the post was going to be about what Grumpy did in his bunk at night while he thought about Snow White. He has white irises. "South Park" is primitive compared to "Snow White". How long would it take to make a duplicate of "Snow White", using today's animation technology? They were actually glad to get her out of their house, after weeks of picking up after her, listening to her screechy voice, and having to put the damned toilet seat down. This isn't about Trump, fool. View all replies >