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I thought immattj was just in love with Ted Cruz, but here he is heaping the scorn of the rejected on his other crush, too. Sorry immattj, Cruz and Trump are both straight. This immattj guy is clearly in love with Cruz. This is pure lover's scorn by a deranged stalker. "...the door opening Laughton falls through (when we see Milland rush over to the elevator door) is about as open as Milland left it, certainly not big enough for a rather large man like Laughton to fall through." Janoth pushed the door far enough open for him to pass through. After he let go of it, it returned, under internal spring pressure, to jam open again on the object Stroud had placed there earlier. 9/11 truthers are probably not smart enough to watch 1940s movies or understand them. $367,235.00 in 2022 money. His gnashing stops short of his own spelling. He was upset about quitting his job, upset about his wife leaving without him, already slightly drunk, and being influenced by Pauline. He was in a major "fuck it" mood and just went with the moment. He beaned her on the head as hard as he could with a heavy, metal, angular object. Hardly accidental. And when he told Hagen about it afterward, he was clearly in shock over what he'd done and the implications it had for his future. Unnecessary. Yes, she was great, and so was her son, Burt. View all replies >