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I used to admire this guy I love all of its movies Least favorite Why? Great Film Composer One of the greatest Great actor A few questions Enough! Once again View all posts >


Yep. Wear briefs instead of boxers and erections will be held down, no problem. Boxers are useless. She is an absolute 10 at playing Gloria. Don't know how she'd be trying something different. I learned that when my wife passed forty. Watch 'em all in whatever order you find 'em. You can't go wrong. God, O mighty, I hope not. I once worked at an automotive dealership. One day, I was told I was being sent to a technical school at the West Coast headquarters of the brand. I spent a week in class, had no clue what was going on no matter how hard I tried to grasp it all, and "graduated" with a certificate suitable for framing. It was a total joke. OMG they're heroes! It's all BS. They just want attention. Imagine the mileage Hanks is going to get out of this on talk shows. Damn I thought you were talking about Corona beer, and why Jesus would punish humanity with that over-carbonated, skunky tasting swill. View all replies >