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What ever happened to this guy? Why do Bond and the girl at his apartment have to sneak around? Used to like him Best show Best DIY/HGTV show Great show Who? The Brady House Odd Touching An entertaining movie... View all posts >


Charisse was spectacular in "Silk Stockings", better than the monotonous, humorless Garbo. Compared to today, when cinema consists mostly of studio movies about comic book characters and independent films about oddball teenagers, the films of the 1950s were remarkable in their originality. Yes, I can see the relevance of Kelly's childhood poem to some lady with a suitcase full of rocks. As for that lady--how, exactly, did she film by air? How does one become an official compliant? Does being cooperative in this manner pay well? "Thank god I live now, where there is much more variety" Four out of five movies is about comic book characters. The fifth is an action movie sequel full of CGI. Thank God for the variety. It looked like 16mm film blown up to match the 35mm film of the main part of the movie. It was grainier. AVA! But I find myself attracted to intelligence, personality, a sense of humor, and tits--attributes Kelly lacks when compared to Gardner. Nips, Krauts, and Indians! People at that time were more educated than today. Most went to high school, which was more academically rigorous than college is now. Not as many went to college as today; however, college today is more about ideological indoctrination than education. It's ironic that leftists argue for cultural relativism, yet ignore the concept when talking about what our own predecessors believed in the past. Your enjoyment of a movie is dependent of whether it has this week's technology? That shit doesn't matter. What's important is character development and story. Some of the best movies are from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. But Oh No! There's a rotary phone, a CRT TV, a RADIO for God's sake! Oh, the humanity! So what? View all replies >