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liscarkat (1986)


Big Eyes No comments two weeks after it was released, so apparently nobody saw this show Song Why? I hope this POS Janet Leigh's Breasts Sick of this crap Sounds like "The Martian" on Earth. Who cares? Ridiculous View all posts >


I didn't care for it when I was a child, and I find it unwatchable now. I'm glad you all enjoy it, though. It's just a TV thing to save time. Kramer does it on "Seinfeld". Nelson was also a regular on the far-superior Jack Benny show. In the 1950s, my dad and my uncle had white-collar jobs. They wore suits with ties to work. They never wore suits and ties at home. I would never go to work meetings if it wasn't for the free pizza. I always get into the shower first and then turn on the water. I wait until the water coming out of the bathtub spout is a comfortable temperature, then I pull the lever to divert the flow up to the shower head. After this, Spock changed from an intellectually brilliant, physically vital character into an oracle of platitudes, a sort of Master Po, or Yoda with better syntax. I found him tiresome and predictable, and could have let him go after "The Wrath of Khan". I did. I, and everyone in the theater (it seemed) were hopeful, then delighted and relieved when it proved to be so much better than the disappointing first "Star Trek" movie. Steveward14 is right. Watch the first few seasons, before Amy and Bernadette were brought in. Those were the best years. The last few seasons, which seemed to be largely about Bernadette verbally abusing Howard, were lousy. View all replies >