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Since Data is an android who does not age, they will have to do some computer magic to make Spiner look approximately the same as he did twenty-six years ago. Just putting a thick coating of pale pancake makeup on his face won't do it. "It wasn't until the movie "Deep Throat" in 1972 that BJs entered "polite" society as a normal sex act." I was having sex long before anybody ever heard of "Deep Throat" and blow jobs were quite common among regular people who had never even seen a prostitute. It was definitely not an anachronism. I am sympathetic that although you, too, were around then, you apparently didn't get one. Sanders is a steaming pile who wants your money. But I'm not worried because he's never going to be president. "they just INCREASED military spending by 80 billion dollars." Universal health care could not be INSTEAD of military spending, because military spending would still be necessary. It would be IN ADDITION TO military spending. So, the fact that there is military spending is irrelevant. LOL wow that's hard to understand. Same with Bruce Wayne's and Dick Grayson's voices. And nobody recognizes Grayson's face when he's Robin, even though he's only wearing a little eye mask. Nobody recognizes Clark Kent's face just because he's not wearing his glasses. The Batman films of recent decades are an insult to the Batman character that was created in the 1960s tv show. Schiff is a crooked, lying, slimy, smug, sanctimonious, steaming POS. Wow, what a thorough idiot. This is the a-hole who made up his own fake version of the Ukraine transcript and read it to Congress on national tv. And you think he's the righteous warrior who is going to save us from the villainous Trump? Your derangement has carried you to the abyss of hysteria. You need to be slapped repeatedly until you snap out of it and accept, like grownups, that you lost in 2016 because your candidate was even worse than anything you have invented to blame on Trump. "almost nobody knows about the hundreds of thousands of war prisoners murdered by the allies" Nothing of the sort ever occurred. Absolute uneducated moronic BS. Stop reading lunatic fringe crap and try reading serious history. All those silly fur puppets running around in the woods just killed "Star Wars" for me forever. I haven't seen another SW movie since. This version was too long, boring, and full of really crappy CGI. Anyone who actually thinks it's a masterpiece can't be more than eight years old, at least not mentally. View all replies >