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Updated for millennials, with some 21st century feminism added. Just what nobody was waiting for. Negrified! I hope so. It reminds me of photographers who always seek out people with wrinkled faces and bad teeth. That's how you can tell it's artistic, right? Imbecile. I'm also a white guy who is not offended. It is harmless fun, but so is Billy Crystal doing Sammy Davis, Jr. Nobody should be offended by that, either. Yes, it's a fun baseball movie from the days before Redford and Costner made the game into a pretentious, dreary, solemn religion. True, an impressive bosom. Yes, it is anti-military. It was directed by Rob Reiner. What else would you expect? I would never obey an order to bully, assault, torture, or endanger the life of another Marine. Any officer who would give such an order would end up on the wrong end of a court-martial himself, with me as a witness against him. View all replies >