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Contempt for Jordan Peterson is not only irrational, it's idiotic. Underdog, you are such an angry young man about TCM hosts--your well-written rants are funny as hell. Now I'm going to go over and see what you have to say about Alicia Malone. It's clear Mankiewicz needs to take his job more seriously. Not just showing up and reading off the intros and outros smoothly, but being familiar enough with each film he talks about to avoid dumb mistakes, and taking the movies as seriously as the TCM audience does. I wouldn't mind if Eddie Muller took over as the main host. In Mankiewicz's defense (although I realize it's a weak argument), he's most likely just reading cue cards, so it's really somebody else's mistakes. However, as the lead host of the world's premier vintage film network, it's his responsibility to verify that whatever he presents to the audience is accurate. Robert Osborne had the same job, and he rarely made mistakes. I think "moron" is a bit strong; however, there's something about him that bothers me sometimes. I think it's because I want to see somebody like Osborne who sincerely loved the movies and took them seriously, but Mankiewicz comes off a bit smirky. It's as if he enjoys the movies in a sort of hipsterish ironic way, as amusing relics of a quaint time. He rarely, if ever, seems to immerse himself in them on their own terms. Muller is by far the best TCM host since Osborne, and I wouldn't mind seeing him extend his hosting duties beyond noir. The Australian woman and the guy who does a great young Robert Osborne impression are okay, too. Sometimes a ripped shirt is just a ripped shirt. I'm here to stun you--this was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Total POS, a couple of hours of my life lost. This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Some geek who starts Facebook. BFD, who gives a rat's ass. In addition to the uninteresting subject and jerkoff characters, the music and background noise made most of the dialogue nearly impossible to understand. Truly inept film making. "Like Bill Cosby's" Getting handsy with a few guys is not quite the same as drugging people in order to have your way with their unconscious, inert bodies. Yes, perfect legs. Impossible not to notice. View all replies >