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As a "tween", you haven't lived long enough to learn much, to experience much, or to know anything. Your silly, ignorant post, therefore, is irrelevant. Give this some thought again in a few decades when you (possibly) have grown up. It's about talking dogs, which did not exist in the early 20th century, and as far as I know, still do not. Sad to be a child today. So, his only redeeming quality seems to have been that he was a conservative. "F Troop" began production in the spring of 1965, and first aired in September of that year. "El Dorado" was filmed between October of 1965 and January of 1966, and released in 1967. Yes, that was definitely Wayne himself backing the horse. It's really not that big of a deal. I took up riding recently, never having been on a horse before, and was taught how to back by about the second or third lesson. There's nothing more terrible than a deliberating disease. The movie was made as entertainment, not a documentary about Colombia. The stereotypical South American cliches succeeded in being very funny. Fortunately, it was made before everyone was aggrieved about everything. "noticed her teeth are a shade of gray-green at the beginning" An artifact of the video transfer. Her teeth were not really gray-green, but perfectly white. "it has aged horribly"? How? Because they're not constantly on cell phones? Because they don't say "fuck" enough times? Because a third-world shithole is depicted as a third-world shithole? View all replies >