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A billion-dollar gross makes it a financially successful movie, and is an indication of its popularity. But it does not necessarily have anything to do with its quality. It's the Coors/McDonald's phenomenon--overwhelming popularity and earnings can exist hand-in-hand with utter crappiness. That's not to say "Barbie" is crap. It has a spectacular production design and some funny, touching moments. Unfortunately, the heavy handed, specious message that dominates the third act diminishes it quite a bit. He and they act as if the two of them were automatically entitled to nominations. Others got nominated instead. It isn't youth soccer--everybody doesn't get a trophy just for showing up. There is no "patriarchy". It's not real, only a mental construct of insecure women who would rather wallow in imagined oppression than face up to their own shortcomings. Women are most certainly not treated as less than men, except in cultures dominated by Islam. My dog and I used to have play fights in which she'd run around wildly, jump up against me, growl fiercely, and bite my arms. It was all very convincing, and could have been used in a movie as a realistic dog attack, but she was careful never to actually hurt me. I didn't train her, it was just natural to her. I'm sure two dogs could be trained to do the same with each other. Toots was a rather flat dog. I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, and our dogs were all beloved family members. My parents, who grew up in the 1930s (Great Depression) and 1940s, talked about the beloved dogs of their childhoods. My grandmother, who grew up in the 1890s and 1900s on a farm in Texas, told me about dogs who were loved by the family when she was a kid. Our relationships with dogs are nothing new. Exactly. The Dude was an affable stoner with no pretention. Chris is pretentious and full of himself. A napoleon is made from layers of pastry and cream. It's not ice cream. If her remarks saved even just one fatso's life by making her or him consider eating less and exercising more, they were worth it. View all replies >