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She is a beautiful white girl. The only reason anybody would know she's part black is because she told them. We love chatting about all of this actor's movies and television series on "MOVIE CHAT". People used to have a more mature demeanor and appearance. Eternal teenagers like Di Caprio were few and far-between, and not considered leading man material. This is one of the best Bond movies. Lazenby was a bit stiff, but charismatic enough to pull it off. If he had stuck with it, his acting would have improved and he would have been a great Bond. Instead, he faded into obscurity. Wow, he complained about her leading while they were dancing and she went batshit crazy on him in public. He should have walked away right then. I've got to hand it to her, though, for admitting and describing what a nut job she was. He was physically ill, drinking too much, and experiencing an emotional breakdown. Too old for the Yeager role in "The Right Stuff", but it would have been a good role for him twenty years earlier. The OP is absurd to the point that I believe it's just a joke to get responders arguing. Science has proven no such thing. Rowling is right. Nice thing for her she has so much money it doesn't matter what idiots like the OP think. Fortunately she's got her billions and can flip the bird to the idiots of the world. Nice position to be in! She didn't say anything untrue, immoral, offensive, or harmful. She spoke the truth, but when that diverges from leftist ideology, the speaker is cancelled. View all replies >