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Who was the most skilled attorney? Anyone think they brought back Mary because ... Wasn’t Benson really pretty in the first season? Season 2 debuting thursday James Earl Jones' appearance Is he the guy who felt disrespected when SWAT invaded his house? Did good in Law & Order Do you think Tibbs and Gillespie will keep in touch? View all posts >


Aunt Viv was a college professor, not a medical doctor. Sometimes, people use the “Dr.” title to anyone with a P.h.d, which would explain why google might say that Aunt Viv is a retired doctor. But she wasn’t a medical doctor Benny and Leland are deceased: I believe all of the other main characters are still kicking today, though they are all approaching 70 yrs old now. And he died in 2015. RIP Love to hate? I actually liked him, mostly because James Earl Jones is so cool I remember when he appeared in Taken. People were caught off-guard, seeing him fill an action role after he spent his whole career making serious Oscar-worthy dramas. People thought the action film freshened him up. But goodness - Liam went overboard after Taken. Just non stop action films “Dude, you killed Hitler” “Awesome” Funny that the Revolutionary War hasn’t clicked on the big screen. There’s one movie with Mel Gibson called “Patriot” but that’s it. Yeah, I never heard of the other guys in the film except him So did you enjoy the film Stabler’s appearance may not have been handsome, but he did look tough and badass. That was the feature his role required View all replies >