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Can’t watch without subtitles Anyone thinks Homelander looks like If a movie is made by “WWE Studios,” you know it’s not good Same poster? How she’ll beat the Predator Man jailed for 20 weeks for joking about Patron Saint of Fentanyl Mr FEENY?!!!??!?! How long before profile pic? Current net worth updated Wokeness View all posts >


He’s that old? She looks cute in this pic Did we ever get an answer Mia Goth is hotter Sounds good to me Of those 3, Emma stone. Zendaya the worst This movie was too long and dull Yeah, there is a little resemblance, and their voices are similar. I feel Erin is better looking overall though Dead or witness protection Re: how he knew when to resurface from the oil. He could hear the bad guy’s footsteps as the bad guy walked across the tanker View all replies >