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Police would have done nothing? Why did she act so idiotically at the hearing? So were they really selling magazines, or ripping people off Lead actress wasn’t attractive enough Should Denzel's character have been evil? Beautifully shot, but downright boring Making the child cry was a crime? Went downhill after the death (spoiler) The romance plot was terrible The reason people sided with the hunter View all posts >


Don’t think he killed him. That wouldn’t fit the character, and it’d be hard to get away with that. It’s implied that he had a fight with him. You hear him screaming stuff as Crystal walked back to the house. And then back at the house, Jake is asking questions about the guy in the truck. Whether he won or lost the fight is unclear. But it’s implied that he fought. I agree. Sort of reminded me of Wolf on Wall Street, with the non-stop dragged out party scenes Once the sister on the phone is telling him to leave, that’s when I would have ditched. The pictures at diner and the rape story are more creepy than dangerous. He also remorsefully admitted to the pictures and the rape, which softened those incidents a little. The scare in the car, the bathtub exchange, the wolf mask — none of those are really enough. It’s when the sister tells him to leave, combined with everything else. That’s when it hit the point of no return. My thoughts exactly. I think the movie sort of felt it would be a little too traumatic to see the heroine have sex with a stranger that way, so they toned it down just a handjob. May have been inspired by him. He grew up in the slums of Coney Island, and was a big-time basketball prospect in high school. Disagree. The act occurred in the heat of the moment. He was in the process of disciplining his son. The wife intervened, he pushed her off, her head hit the stove. The way it went down, it could have happened to anyone. Jake's character development. Correct. There's also the fact that Ray Allen is one of the smaller / shorter NBA players. That still means that he's very, very tall amongst regular folk, but not ridiculously so. Denzel could stand and walk by Allen and not look excessively small. That sort of detail is important for the camera, especially in a movie grounded in their father / son relationship. I had not heard that Iverson was the first choice. But I'm sure he would have done fine too. Ray Allen's role didn't demand too much. Just someone who looked the part and actually could play. Iverson does look more thuggish and NYC-slummish than clean-cut Allen does. So there's that. He wasn't a good actor. But he looked the role, and that was all the movie needed from him. View all replies >