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The tragedy falls all in the British Manager??? Joe Beck Dominic Purcell and Vinnie Jones The fact that Vaughn survives instead of Marcus Could Vaughn just tell the police the truth? What if they didn’t run? (Spoilers) Thomas Jane or Christopher Lambert? Could he have shot the ceiling? Tom Berenger’s performance was A+ Stopped watching once Pepe became main villain View all posts >


Yeah, I saw Leslie in the movie “Nuts,” a serious courtroom drama. He played the main character’s wife-beater, so he had a serious role. I couldn’t help but laugh hard when he appeared. Even when he started beating up the lead actress, I found him funny. I started laughing when the skinhead saw the belt (or whatever it was) hanging from the couch. “What the F is this?” And then the mood is really tense and suspenseful, as you think he might find the laptop. But then he pulls and starts saying that his some chitty furniture. LoL That, or they didn’t have enough proof that he wasn’t all talk. He ultimately got off by movie’s end. She probably lives in LA. You see palm trees in the back in the opening concert, and he drove the motorbike from her home to Arizona. She definitely didn’t live in NY. There was a scene near the end where the manager says, “That was 2004” when Bradley Cooper was recounting some event. So yeah. It was set around 2016-2018. Ever since I first saw her, I always thought she looked like a different person in every music video or picture. Weird. I find her attractive in some videos, where she wears a wig (with the bangs) and some weight. Think the song with the “Disco Stick” line. Then in some other videos, she looks like an emaciated transgender, like in “Born in this way.” Unattractive here. I don’t know how to answer this question! She’s like a chameleon. Disagree. The fact that the prettiest, most popular, most charismatic one of the group would be a villain makes the twist more hard-hitting. Nobody would have cared as much if one of the fellas were the mole. He looked like he was in his early 20s in the movie. Only way someone would know he was 30 is if he/she looked it up on google. Opening presents on Xmas instead of Xmas eve. The definition of “eve” is day before the special day, and presents should obviously be saved for the special day itself, being the centerpiece of Xmas for many. It’s like waiting to midnight on December 30th to celebrate New Year’s Eve. I agree. Not that Thomas Jane was bad, but Fishburne has more charisma and would have been able to garner more sympathy as the depressed protagonist. Jane looks younger, is more athletic, and has a more man-of-mystery aura. He looks more like a hired assassin than Fishburne does. View all replies >