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The psycho, cannibalistic stalker was unnecessary What if the movie ended after ... Young J’lo was a 10/10 LeGrand and Danny sister age difference?? He killed a dude with a few punches? The police were 14 minutes away Myra was prettier than Laura Mrs. Matthews and Morgan were weak characters Why was Gideon so mean to the first defenders? Urkel clumsiness didn't get stale? View all posts >


FYI / Presley didn’t use gel at this time. He was using oils, including petroleum oil. Conflicted is what I thought. A little bit of her is sorry for marrying Clint because she obviously has feelings for Vance (ie - she admits in the swamp scene that she will never stop thinking of Vance). But she never rebukes Clint, suggesting that she does like him too. After all, the film doesn’t portray Clint as a scumbag or a villain; and he was treating her well until he got the idea that she was cheating on him. The suggestion is that, had Vance never showed up again, then she and Clint would’ve lived happily ever after. I saw the movie for the first time in 2019. When I saw his performance at the fundraiser, I didn’t think that it was out of place for an 1865 setting; the idea never occurred to me. Someone is probably looking too much into details if they get that thought while watching the film Wasn’t sexual. The movie just wanted to drill that Kate was a good person who sticks up for the less advantaged. She almost killed herself to save the Colonel. The idea is that her survival at the end would satisfy the viewer Mrs Paley’s Izon / Skippy mix up A shot of Sam Rockwell’s bare arse in the beginning g Sinatra preceded Elvis I thought he put bacon in the sandwich too? I wasn't around to see him in either the 50s, 60s, or 70s. Just as a fan looking at his material today, I prefer the 1950s version. He was more presentable, wore normal clothes, and his music sounded rawer and (I believe) better. I felt he was more rock n roll at this time. The fat Elvis who wore jumpsuits, had mutton chops, and lived in Las Vegas is an embarrassment. He became a Liberace or Tom Jones sort of entertainer. People laugh at that Elvis today. The movie implied that he planned it, based on his line “Don’t forget about the wasp.” He probably put the wasp in the mask, as you say. And he may have doctored the rope to have it get caught in the engine. Based on his observations of the boat’s hierarchy as well as Cale’s personality, he surmised that Cale would insist on going himself to clear the engine of the rope. Thus, he was able to get Cale out of the picture; Cale was the only one who seemed capable of challenging Jon Voight from seizing the ship. It’s no stretch to think that Voight’s character would devise such elaborate schemes. The movie made clear that he was intelligent, sneaky, and dangerous View all replies >