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What do you consider her “peak”? Thought this would be about Wesley Snipes’s Blade Good movie How was Seraph just as good as Neo? Anyone think there are too many Batman films? 10 years old now? Wasn’t bad Why did the mother have an accent? Music was too loud? The brother Glen was a bad actor View all posts >


Died in 2006 :( They would all be in their 50s now ... doesn’t that detail just make you want to cry? Maybe. But is there much competition here? There’s also Lucas. Does Ferris bueler count as a teenage flick? What about Stand and Deliver? Don’t think she became nauseous because she was vegetarian. I think she became nauseous because the sandwich was so gross to her. Perhaps the post you quoted was just trying to point out that she was a vegetarian and that she got sick when filming the scene. Just 2 details. I don’t think the post is saying the sickness came because she was vegetarian. High School sucked. Basically came to class, and left: didn’t make too many relationships. Middle School and Elementary were the more meaningful years for me. During these years, you spent all day with the same students (unlike high school and college, where each class had different kids). It was therefore easier to befriend people. It would’ve been distracting. WWE stars usually make a film seem amateurish and C-level. Watching it today, it’s good. It was just at that time, T-2 was still in people’s minds. I feel the same. The opening image, the part where he enters the bordello initially. Those parts were good. The part where he unleashes the weapon in the coffin was the last good scene. Everything after was weak Original FF had 27% Rotten Tomato and 5.7 IMDB rating Silver Surfer had 37% RT and 5.6 IMDB. If you feel those movies were good, then you’re the minority. Point remains that Alba hasn’t starred in a good movie, or a movie that most people regard as good She wasn’t the star of Machete and Killer Inside Me. Idle Hands and ACOD are not widely regarded as good movies. View all replies >