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Agree. I think Edith should’ve sensed Mysterio’s illusion and warned Peter, given all the capabilities. But we wouldn’t have a movie otherwise I agree. And people are saying, “well they mention later that Judy was adopted.” But why was that angle inserted into the show? Why write a child from another marriage into the family? What did it add? And then why was it necessary to make this child black, in a family full of whites? The writers were itching to meet diversity quotas that they randomly put an African daughter in a family filled with whites. The reference to Lakers & Celtics was simply to demonstrate the friendship and common interests between the skinhead Derek and the Negro Lamont. They were have a friendly conversation, despite their skin colors. One of the events that helps pull Derek away from racism I don’t think he’ll revert. He went through too much in prison, with his interactions with Lamont; and he had that falling out with Seth, the girlfriend, and Cameron. The school teacher also had a positive influence on Derek, which will continue after Danny’s death. There’s no way Derek is going back to being a skinhead. In fact, Danny’s death was arguably produced by Derek’s former life, as he influenced Danny to become a skinhead. So I think it’s more likely that Derek would become more resolutely opposed to it now. Not true. There was the conversation in the park where the black kid was talking about Danny (“this the guy you were telling me about”). They likely knew that Danny was a skinhead affiliated with a racist group; they probably knew that his brother Derek did time for killing 2 black men (they were talking at the court where Derek used to play). So it was more than just the incident in the bathroom where Danny blew smoke in their faces. When Danny was writing the paper, he wrote clearly that Derek would have gotten life if he (ie Danny) had testified. That implied that the prosecutors lacked serious evidence in the case. They didn’t have enough to bring him on murder. They may have even offered Derek a deal of 3 years jail because they didn’t know if they could win at trial. Look at the killings again. The only person who really saw everything was Danny in truth. Without him, how could they get the conviction? And then all the potential arguments regarding self-defense, trespassing, protecting one’s property, etc. A defense lawyer can have a field day That is how he got just 3 years Derek would have beaten him to death anyway. He was too angered at that point. He would have stomped his face in, mouth on curb or not . Norton in this movie was in excellent shape, and it is implied (in his conversations with Lamont in prison) that’s his character is a massive basketball fan. It’s not far fetched to believe that Norton was better than all of them. Because they were friends with Seth. They knew it was just words. He wouldn’t go past that It was just a casual, throwaway line with no meaning in the movie. Don’t look so much into it View all replies >