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Exactly why someone would do that Rachel Stevens New album Disappointing - Too much family drama Trump’s VP Instant wokeness I shut this off after 20 mins Looks like a Lois Lane The song “I luv it” When will he testify in Trump trial View all posts >


Preorder? Just go in Spotify , Apple Music, Amazon music, etc HER SONGS ARE NOT CATCHY. HER IDEA OF SINGING IS TO MUMBLE. LOOK AT THE SONG 'BAD GUY.' NOBODY KNOWS WHAT SHE IS SAYING. PEOPLE LIKE THE SONG ONLY FOR THE BEAT Lemme know how bad she mumbles in the new songs I feel good about Edward Norton as an actor. I love the movies 25th hour, fight club, primal fear. He’s among the greatest actors to never win an Oscar I thought you were saying that RFK Jr blocked you on social media Who said it bothers anyone. It looks like just a question. Why does it bother you that someone asks why men would listen to her DDP should have beaten him at Halloween Havoc I recall that the singer Serj is a woke MSNBC liberal (great singer, but horrible political views). My guess is the drummer is a Republican then Why they don’t make music anymore i don't know any of them View all replies >