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No you are wrong. Plan 9 From Outer Space is the worst film ever made, for I did Google "Worst film ever made", and Google does not lie. But in a couple of weeks I'm sure Rise of Skywalker will have this title! 😁 Every Donald Trump Cameo Ever: The Job one is so funny, did he bang Liz Hurley? True, but we need Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley too! <i>Is Kevin Pollak still allive?</i> They never gonna fix that old man's VCR Machine, lazy sods! Is that toaster for real? LMAO Sheev Palpatine outlives Luke, Leia and Han Solo, let that sink in for a while. Mary Sue Palpatine taking the name of Skywalker means nothing, that bloodline line is dead. The bloodline of Palpatine reigns supreme! Gee, thanks Disney! 🙄 LOL I didn’t get that far, as soon as the weak minded fool started with the colonial apologist bullshit in episode 2 I switched off, I was already bored of it before hand and annoyed that it wasn’t following the book, such a shame it had to go woke and not try to become a worthy adaption of the classic Sci-Fi novel. A total waste of time & money too. The far superior Robin of Sherwood (80's TV Show) which is listed wrongly as Robin Hood on IMDb, was the first to introduce a Saracen character to join Robin's band of Merry Men with the introduction of Nasir. When Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was in the initial stages of filming, Richard Carpenter (Creator of Robin of Sherwood) reportedly considered suing the makers of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves after getting word that there was to be an Arabic character named Nasir (played by Morgan Freeman) in the film - seeing this as an obvious theft of his own work on the British TV-series. After stuntman Terry Walsh, whilst working on Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, (he had previously also worked on Robin of Sherwood) pointed out to the makers of the Hollywood film that Nasir was not a character in the original Robin Hood legend, Morgan Freeman's character's name was changed to Azeem in order to avoid this possible lawsuit. Losing! 😂🤣😂🤣😂 View all replies >