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What happened to ThetaSigma’s farewell post? Michael Dorn is vegan Pele's best ever goal Michael and La Toya Needs a sequel Trailer Top 3 Songs? Your favourite obscure christmas song? Top 3 Movies of 2022? (And TV Shows) View all posts >


Left Behind was short but enjoyable, the gameplay of Part II is great also, I knew about the spoilers years before so it wasn't a shock to me, but still sad!!! I hope there will be a Part III soon, I'm not too interested in the multiplayer game being made. Darwin Day – 12th February RIP A real gentleman. Indiana Jones Beyond Club Obi Wan 58%?! Do people really hate Ewoks that much? Fair enough. He just wants more school kids going into drama and the arts by the sound of it, less and less working class British children (half as much since the 1970’s) are becoming actors, musicians or writers. I guess this is where his fury comes from. There's nothing racially motivated about that attack by Simon Pegg at all, nowhere in the article is race mentioned, the only person mentioning race is yourself. I'm hoping post 100,000 is all about Bobby Orr. 🏑 He was a massive A list actor from the late 80's to the mid 90's, then chose to star in a few well known flops. After so many flops I would consider Open Range (2003) a return to form but he didn’t continue with the success from that movie, so I would consider Yellowstone bringing him back to the fore, I'm hoping his forthcoming western movie “Horizon” may emphasize his return to form too. You both hit rock BOTTOM a long time ago. View all replies >