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She'd make a great 007! Marian... Braveheart sequel? THE NIGHT KING - "(ARYA) I JUST DIED IN YOUR ARMS TONIGHT..." (CUTTING CREW PARODY) Star Wars SC 38 Reimagined Liverpool 4 Barcelona 0 (4-3 agg) More than one battle to go? Playing football... Stanley Kowalski & Sonny Corleone Overlooked? View all posts >


Dalton was good and GoldenEye too. Here ya go! [url][email protected]@._V1_.jpg[/url] Yeah, or a failed attempt at a shared universe with other 00 agents havig their own movies. A Parkinson's Bond would rock too! 🗹 Not white 🗹 Not male 🗷 It's OK to be white Agree, the movie needs to flop hard and not just this one but the next (Cause that will be super woke too), until they get someone who respects the source material and also the original movies these movies will carry on regardless. Fitting, the fuckwits in charge have ruined Bond (long before this woke crap), more than ever this series needs a reason to reboot, and go back to the old style Bond movies or even closer to the books, but I seriously doubt it, I doubt that we'll see another good Bond movie for years until libtard Hollywood changes. Nothing to be cocky about, her team got beaten by Dallas Academy boys, an Under 15's side. Read it: [url][/url] But its just fine and dandy to kill people in her show, stupid bitch. Iron Maiden 😁, but Metallica def for this poll. View all replies >