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The other one... HOT There lived a certain man in Russia long ago... Top 3 Songs? Favoutrite Character? The next James Bond? Best Invention? Great for Brazil, Corinthians, Fiorentina and Santos! Turtle Power! Einstein A Go Go View all posts >


Probally. But why include intermissions on DVD's? I just fast forward them, no time for that malarkey! The best overture: Rebel and count to twenty one instead! The old guy in the Love Shack video looks a little like Sean Connery. 🤔 It needed one! Such a long film. Hmpfh! It has intermission in the title, be clearer next time! A film from 2003 springs to mind, it stars Cillian Murphy & Colin Farrell, you should look it up. 😉 Nearly every song from Bad was released as a single! Lover of the Russian Queen 👑 View all replies >