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Cosplayer? This is Gragra Best detective ever? Do It For Johnny! (Post & Rate songs with Johnny in the Title) How do you measure the mass of God? If Mary is the mother of Jesus and Jesus is the lamb of God... I know why Columbus got lost... Why is he so heartless? Kim Jong il is dead? Why is the Dalai Lama suffering from a gambling addiction? View all posts >


Actor (60's-90's) Director (00's-20's) Rebecca Longendyke to star! This is true, he even sang about his homeland: Joe Biden. 💀 Kiss Maggie Marry Emma Kill Charlize Larry would respect the cross if Jesus had made it. Meat Loaf - Where Angels Sing Ha ha ha ha Jabba the Gutt! He likes them Tusken Raider gals. But I don't think he was a son of bitch, quite a reasonable bloke really. View all replies >