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Like Jackson's 6 Middle-Earth movies Why Paula Yates? Great Actor Why were so many tough guy actors so short? THE DOORS MADE ME DO IT! Top Billing She'd make a great 007! Marian... Braveheart sequel? THE NIGHT KING - "(ARYA) I JUST DIED IN YOUR ARMS TONIGHT..." (CUTTING CREW PARODY) View all posts >


That would be pretty awesome for a few films or a trilogy. I don't think studios have the courage or foresight to pull it off though. I think Arnie should diet first, he's looking the porkier of the two! In a Lonely Place, I didn't enjoy it the first time, but its rated so highly I watched it again a year later and I disliked it again, the performances are fine, it’s just the story I don’t like. The Oklahoma Kid is also terrible. 6.5 Glorious song, perhaps their best since Ordinary World and Come Undone. Soup has calories! Quiche - Sounds like a snake puking up backwards. Yeah, but that would take effort. The Connery/Moore posters were by far the best, For Your Eyes Only is my fave. Craig ones are so boring, just like the actor. Agree, LotR remains a classic and far superior to Game of Thrones, the less said about the Hobbit adaption the better. Goodfellas, Cape Fear, Casino, The Departed. I'd of loved to of seen Raging Bull at the cinema and Taxi Driver too! View all replies >