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Lena Headey is Sikes! If he had been born in New York... As many posts here, as in their trophy cabinet! The Great Greek Myths 🕹️ The last great adventure game? 🎸1980 - First Female Solo UK Number One Album The First Professional Footballer Watch it for free on YouTube Quite simply the best Marvel Superheroes ever created! In these crazy times... View all posts >


Me too, but I dont have all the Oasis albums, I liked the early stuff best. Yeah, I prefer them over Oasis. 😎 Not a fan of cities, but I'd go with... Salt Lake City St. Augustine Vancouver Anchorage Honolulu Seals rape penquins. Yes, that’s why I like them, it has more in common with Underworld than Iron Man or Hulk. Sorted by length on Windows Media Player (Excluding Soundtracks and Various Artist albums) 1 The Beatles 2 David Bowie 3 Duran Duran 4 Iron Maiden 5 Nightwish 6 Madonna 7 Paul McCartney 8 Queen 9 Kate Bush 10 Depeche Mode 11 Metallica 12 U2 13 Prince 14 Kylie Minogue 15 Kim Wilde 16 Marilyn Manson 17 Sheryl Crow 18 Blondie 19 Bruce Springsteen 20 Tarja 21 INXS 22 Pink Floyd 23 Peter Gabriel 24 AC/DC 25 Eurythmics 26 John Lennon 27 Thompson Twins 28 Muse 29 Billy Idol 30 Xandria 31 Within Temptation 32 Guns N' Roses 33 Fleetwood Mac 34 Sirenia 35 Bon Jovi 36 Enya 37 Sting 38 Evanescence 39 Lacuna Coil 40 Belinda Carlisle 41 Leaves' Eyes 42 Elvis Presley 43 T Rex 44 Skunk Anansie 45 Blur 46 George Michael 47 Ultravox 48 The Police 49 In This Moment 50 Bruce Dickinson Bronson Legend The Dark Knight Rises nay I was gonna say Time Machine, but Sex Robots, YEAH! The Ecstasy Of Gold View all replies >