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"If you get vaccinated, you'll get your freedom back" Der ewige Unvaxxen For the safety of everyone else, is it time to put the unvaxxed into camps? Real Life: Thug beats, then robs old lady of her walker Season 4: Nina Joe Biden made another pedophilic advance, this time at a 4-year old Better looking than Elizabeth Moss? The ships appear constructed of cast iron. Can Biden go 1 day without threatening to mass murder American citizens? A rare talent. View all posts >


There's no way to know that these gene therapy drugs are preventing 'serious' side effects. The only way to prove that would be to have the same identical person be infected with Covid twice, under the same circumstances and conditions. We know that isn't possible. What you are arguing is that the rock garden at your house has successfully prevented bear attacks, because you've never had a bear attack at your house. See, it worked! I hope you see how silly your argument is. It doesn't stand up to any scrutiny. This could very well be a vaccinated person beheading an unvaccinated person, judging by the anger and rage posting from the double-vaxxed. Oh yeah, a vulgar voice mail is proof of insurrection! How do we even know its authentic? The FBI could fabricate a voice mail the same way they fabricated evidence against Richard Jewel. Worse for them, obviously. The PCR test couldn't tell the difference between covid and influenza, which common sense should cause one to question if their annual flu shot probably already gave some protection from covid. But their NPC programming doesn't allow deviation from central command. The vaccinated are the super spreaders. Oh really? What about climate change? It's 'settled science' and no debate is allowed. Any refutation of the current climate change meta is 'disinformation ', just like covid, or voter fraud. The left can't decide if science is settled, or if we're to 'follow' it like the pied piper. They keep changing the rules on the fly, morphing definitions with word salad to vaguely argue their current position, and then get angry at people who are using caution due to all the obvious bullshit out there. Don't worry, he'll get his booster shots and then start blaming people with fewer boosters than him for prolonging the pandemic. It won't just be the dirty unvaxxed to blame, it'll be everyone below X booster shots. All this blame at normal working families, instead of towards the corrupt politicians using this to control every one and form some disgusting communist paradise hell hole. The CDC said that the vaxxed are carrying a higher viral load than the unvaxxed, making those who took 'the jab' more contagious than the unvaccinated. Now they are recommending a 3rd shot to protect against the delta variant. Soon, all those that took the 3rd shot will be blaming the 2-shotters for everyone being sick. Then that will be the new virtue signal, how many booster shots you've had, and they'll blame everyone with fewer booster shots for the continuation of COVID, because the sheep believe everything the TV tells them. They worship the TV. View all replies >