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Ron Perlman's Indian half-brother "We ARE here. Or We're here. It's not We heeear" This doesn't have the intellectual heft of The Matrix Went from "don't do what they tell ya"... Biden sold 1 MILLION barrels of oil from US Strategic Reserves to Chinese company Hunter Biden invested in Is Roman Reigns trying to be Jason Momoa, or is it the other way around? All the damn cops! A danger to society! Tom Cruise Best/Worst Hairstyle The training borrowed from 36th Chamber of Shaolin? He got $40 Billion. What did you get? View all posts >


Because despite the very loud and vocal internet critics, the original Top Gun movie, and Tom Cruise are beloved by a large majority of movie lovers. I don't think the woke aspect, or especially the pro America theme had anything to do with the success of Maverick. The success of Maverick completely validates the original film. It shows that the critics of the original are what they always have been, which is a super loud and obnoxious MINORITY of snobbish, self-important internet geeks. haha We need more people focused on their love of film around here. We need Cruise in a Tarantino film. Sure, but it's terrible etiquette on a new release, and it's in the forum rules not to do spoilers in the thread titles. Why are you recommending that I not come here? I love movies, do you? Everyone on the show should have bullied that cross-eyed nerd, Toby. Physical bullying even better! Elizabeth Shue Beer is for breakfast. That's a pretty good take. I think the timing of the jokes is what gets me. View all replies >