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It's a pretty weak 'transition' if you ask me. I mean, it's still a very pretty girl, that just calls itself a boy's name. So it's wearing a winter coat and a sock hat? That's all it takes to transition nowadays I guess. Fact check: False. Shin Godzilla owns. Actually I prefer: Rimmer "oh spare me another one of your Space Core Directives!" Is user TMC-4 the administrator/owner? Because he/she post all these worthless clickbait articles in almost every board. I don't mind the ads at the bottom of the page, they don't get in the way and the site has to be sustained somehow, since it's free to us. I contend that the entire hoopla about this being a Christmas movie has ruined it. It's one of the worst and so very cliche of Christmas 'traditions' now. It's mind numbingly, eye rolling inducing, stupid cliche to hear everyone say they watch Die Hard on Christmas day. Now, people only watch this during Christmas because of it, when it's truly a movie that can be enjoyed any time. When someone contends this is a holiday classic, or a family tradition, they aren't being cool or hip. Those people are just easily manipulated idiots following a crowd, similar to getting an ear ring or a tattoo. Morons, more or less. "New Bedford's overstocked" "With what?" "Heads of course!" I can surmise different things, but I don't know Mr. Van Damme personally. Let us remember that JCVD was very involved in heavy drug abuse that became known during Knock-Off/Double Team era. Many drug abusers can take years of hiding their habit very successfully, so I can only assume that around the time of The Quest, he was already into it, since that would only be 1 year prior to Double Team. Why does this matter? Well, because, drugs make you prioritize different things, they alter your mind state. We can only guess what was going on in his head on what decisions he was making on a career path at that point. Van Damme looked healthy during The Quest, and Double Team, but the fact is that he was involving heavy amounts of stunt doubles at this time. He wanted to be in the movies, but not do any of the heavy work. That's just a fact. Watch Knock-Off, it's actually disconcerting just how much Van Damme does NOT do in that movie, the stunt doubles are obvious. I've thought about the age factor, because I was heavy into BMX in my youth, and by the end of my 20's I had to give it up just because I was already feeling the loss of flexibility and it was becoming harder to perform tricks, not easier, especially when my time was limited for that activity due to working a job to survive. I've kind of tossed the age theory aside though, because actors, especially if stunt doubles are involved, can do action movies indefinitely, even martial artists, through clever editing techniques, and now with CGI help. Look at Donnie Yen, he's just as old as JCVD and still puts up good martial arts performances. So age? Nah, I've given that up. I really think it was just bad decision making because of the drugs and his oversize ego. I'm a huge fan of his, but he's still a flawed human like all of us. Thanks for the background info. Still my favorite Seagal film too. Some of that has to be contributed to the Bloodsport soundtrack. The Quest is missing the rock soundtrack that helped keep the tempo up in the former. Take the music out of BS and you get The Quest. This is my favorite non-martial arts JCVD film. It's a solid 7, the current 5.5 is still way too low. I think that the fact that it was a new style of film for Van Damme, it was received poorly by his fans, for no martial arts. When I first rented this from the video rental store (remember those?), as a fan of his, I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't a traditional Van Damme movie. In 1998, I probably would have rated it a 4 or 5, because it was hard to come to grips with the fact that he wasn't going to be doing the same kind of movies any more. After I came to accept JCVD as a DTV action movie star, I really came to appreciate Legionnaire more and more. I really, really like the supporting cast, Steven Berkoff especially, what a great antagonist. View all replies >