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Shaddup you. The amount of blacks in this film was absolutely absurd, to the point of pure fantasy fiction. Elizabeth: The Golden Age does a better rundown of the events leading to Mary's execution, than this film, and that wasn't a particularly great movie itself. Quite a shame really, a chance to tell what is a pretty decent dramatic story of history, and force the audience into distraction with obvious falsehoods about the racial make-up of England and Scotland in 1560. I mean really, spend all that money making a movie like this, with the extravagant costuming, and makeup, the nice location shooting, all to make your audience wonder why the hell the ambassador to England is black, the head mistress is Chinese, and the Scottish consort is Mexican or Puerto Rican? Seriously? That was punbelievably clever. She's one of em. Her and Kobe Tai...RAWR... All this because Elon Musk doesn't want child fuckers on his platform. My god, somebody actually wanted cited sources for the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis...LOL This world is fucked, people are so fucking stupid. Even your post tastes of soy. She had it out for that lamp the moment she laid eyes on it. Where do you think the van parks? I've been to Fort Collins Colorado and they have a problem with RVs and Vans parking on the street with people living in them, with nowhere else to go. All I was trying to point out really is that you really don't know about a person, despite her cute profile picture here and her sweet facade on the show, she's more like a hippie and kind of unclean, and she's taking care of people paying $150,000 for a charter. Probably gave information on Micheal's schedule, and/or left the curtains open in the bedroom. View all replies >