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Freakshow Biden just said he wanted to "lower the cost of families" No-one likes Joe Biden except basement dwellers, and 2020 was stolen Haha, I'm watching CNN and they have reporters in Ukraine. Barack and I think it's a right for people to have badakathcare! If Democrats hadn't cheated in 2020, the loss would have been good for you and your soul. Who are the most psychotic morons in history - Biden supporters or Witch burners? What would happen if someone was both a victim and an accuser in the "MeToo" thing? So many of the IMDB top 250 are completely dull or bad movies Supporters of The Thing From The Crypt (AKA biden) What are "liberals" going to do if they get beat in 2024 by Trump? View all posts >


"Fall from grace" He's not even really famous any more. He was in Tombstone which is like 30 years old, and The Big Lebowski sucked dog balls and is only liked by morons. You're being overdramatic and a douchebag. Hahahaha. That's all you have to say that to clip you pitiful weasel? Change your username to "Dignitas customer". "What a bunch of clowns" You're like the "Morning Zoo" radio machine off the simpsons aren't ya? "normal" folks. You mean those who support this man? Oh, I understand now. You're repeating a phrase Hitler invented. That totally vindicates you! Jesus CHRIST you're such a potent, big ball of autism you actually give off huge bursts of static electricity, and I can hear you making like whirring noises and shit. I was annoyed by your repetitive and simplistic language. Why do you need to use kindergarten terms? I thought that supposed "intelligent" people had prevailed in America again, because of Biden's "victory" (lol). So why couldnt you say something like "Putin's deception" etc. From your point of view, a stupid electorate is one that doesn't vote for the Dems - and you use simple words that stupid people can understand - hence, you don't really believe Biden won. LOL Stop calling everything a "big lie" you big 8-year-old. Who cares? Only an idiot would watch this tournament anyway. Shariaball is not a sport it's an IQ-crushing torture device. Hey Yahooo911 or whatever. How come you didnt have a reply for this thread? Couldnt make anything up, and didnt want to tell the truth? LOL [quote]Third or fourth grade?[/quote] Please don't offer me anything from your porn collection. View all replies >