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Too much Kimmy and Fernando!!! Enough Already!! So fun for me but not everyone would get that type of humor Home alone 1 vs Home alone 2..What is your fav? Just plain bad Now on Shudder!! Why have I never eared of this film before? First trailer is now out! What do you guys think of it? A waste of A list actors After watching all I can think of is how can no one helped Shia Leboeuf ? The first 5 minutes I actually believed I would be pleasantly surprised Netflix cancelled it :( Another great independent movie that will be lost in favor of blockbusters Did you find the songs memorable?! SHe seems to have been the worst father to his sons Still the original and best! Am I the only one who liked it better than "The Lion King" remake? It was very "Meh!" Is James Cameron becoming irelevant ? This show was really the nail in the coffin for Degrassi What did the British TV viewers exactly liked about him?!! **Spoiler** Sarah Flashback scene