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If only the entire movie was like the first 15 minutes A film so strange I believed i dreamed it As soon as someone mention his name, I get the hell out! Surprisingly heart warming Will this be the start of the new DCAU or will it be a standalone film? Possible Spoiler** Incredibly sad that this DCAU is over but happy they made such a good final film! So , how did you find Josh Gadd Youtube Reunion Special?! I preferred the Wii version This could be the next The Room They better not kill Seven!! View all posts >


I agree all the animated films together makes one coherent story. I wish people in charge of the animated division could give their input for the cinematic one. 6 True Scooby Doo is literally about Mistery solving . If people watch Scooby Doo they expect a mistery and ghosts just like if people watch the Flintstones they expect cars made of rock and dinosaurs. They can keep having the thematic of Scooby Doo while giving it a new spin but this film after the first 15 minutes changed genre completely. They should have went with the Jetsons ! I agree, They were but this guy is polarizing on an all different level! Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 6 Season 2 Season 1 If it wasn't for season 6 , to me it would have been the type of show that gets better every season. The last episode of season 6 was excellent but the season as a all just was not as good as season 3,4,5. This actually confirm in my opinion that they did right by ending the show while still on top. I believed if they had continued they would have run out of steam. Fav : All of them except.... Least Fav :ROLAND!!! I nearly quit on the show during episode one because of how "Extra" Roland character was. His old Scream 2 shtick about touching the food with his hand was painfully unfunny to me. With that said they toned him down and he becomes OK in later episodes . I'm glad I continued watching as the show kept improving and getting better. I miss it already. I know right! 20 years?! That is nuts Honestly , I believe Corey. People before Feldman mentioned that Haim told them that Sheen raped him. Denise Richard said Charlie Sheen looked at imaged of naked under age boys and girls. Sheen had sex with girls knowing he had aids and would pass it over to them. How many clues do people need to understand that Charlie Sheen is a dodgy character. If I had to choose someone to believe between Corey Feldman and Charlie Sheen , i'll take Feldman any time of the week! It's worth 30 minutes of your time if you are a fan of the movie. Everybody involved still alive are in it and they all comes out as natural and just having fun. I'm definitely looking forward more reunion like this one. View all replies >