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This film felt like short animated films stitched together The design of the Doll was an issue It does it's own thing For the ones who have seen the movie already, I have a question "Spoiler" "Speechless" too modern sounding ? Not crazy with Alan Menken Musical re-arrangement Nicholas Hoult or Robert Patinsson ? Who would you prefer? Who cares if it was not as successful as other DC box office wise it is still a good film The writing was so sharp and clever! What a loss :( Cursing at her show being renewed ! View all posts >


I agree, I tried re watching it and I really cannot find the source material in this new She Ra.. It really felt like a bunch of people who used a brand name to get their own show produced even if that means not caring or loving the source material to begin with. "If your definition of what 'feels' like ST, is ALWAYS white male leads, then I think you are missing Roddenberry." Interesting, you seem to always try to apply bigotry to the fact I do not like Discovery.... NO, by old classic Trek I include Deep Space Nine and the lead was an African American, Voyager is probably my favorite of them all, the Captain was a woman,Tuvok who was a black man was one of the most interesting and well written character on that show. Also the original show was probably the one I liked the least out of the classic shows so definitely not missing Roddenberry. All of the Trek shows before had a certain format that felt familiar and comfortable, Discovery is the only show that stepped out of that format and feels more action packed Sci fy. I like spending time with the crew and small intimate character interactions and I do not feel Discovery has enough of these more intimate moments that is all I mean and noting that you imply. The cast of discovery could all be as white as colonel Sanders from KFC, I would still feel the exact same way. Thanks :) To me it just not at all in the same league as the other Trek Shows and I really tried, Now I watched the entire first season and the first couple of episodes of season two before giving up as it really did not connect with me and I did not feel like I was getting my Star Trek fix due to it not being like Star Trek in the first place. It doesn't feel like Star Trek to me because it is very much unlike the other trek shows in term of atmosphere. So a lot of fans of classic Star Trek turns to the Orville because although there is humor in it , it feels more Classic Star Trek than Discovery. Discovery feels like your typical generic Sci Fy show , it cares more about big action set piece than likable character. For Rapp character It's just I find him personally extremely unpleasant (That is my opinion about him, you have your own that is fine) as a character, a waste of potential considering how meaningful his story line could have been for LGBT representation. I actually like Rapp in Rent and when he was a kid in Adventures in Baby sitting but I just do not feel him in that role at all like most of the characters in the show, he has not grown on me. Also, I beg to differ , Star Trek Voyager and Enterprise also started with the crew getting together and getting to know each other just like Discovery and yet they felt very much like a Star Trek show. I mean a lot of people would like Discovery but I personally feel it was made in order to attract people who are not fans of the franchise to begin with by concentrating on visual effect and action set piece rather than slow burning character moments that a lot of old school Star Trek fans actually happens to like (The character moments was my favorite things about the other show). Sure, Discovery looks very pretty and it's beautifully shot, they spend like three times the budget on it than the 80s/90s shows but aesthetics was never a priority for me when watching a Treck show. I you are a comic book reader and you are familiar with Shazam! there are no reason to cringe. The Shazam! Family is part of the story so there inclusion makes sense. Ho FAR FROM IT! I'm actually in the belief that Don Mancini ruined the franchise. I'm just speaking for others who are complaining that the remake is there when Don Mancini is working on a TV show. Personally, I was super happy they started fresh. Yes the Doll is extremely ugly but the film was a throwback to the earlier child's play (The good first three, before Don Mancini became more involved) and I liked that. What I meant is even fan of the horrid Seed of Chucky would be ok with this reboot as it distance himself away from the original Franchise. I'm not sure about that, personally I always have a hard time in believing in brainwashing of that sorts on adults (Grooming from a child is a different thing altogether) . She was a grown woman, yeah she might have fallen in love but the things she done are not excusable in any way or form. Adults that partake in a sects and do vile acts already have a bad streak in them , the sect just awake that in them. "I kinda fucked myself," For a second I was thinking she was describing one of her leaked dirty pictures from a few years back... Thanks, I will not bother with it then. How ridiculous to bring that plot up to only ignore it. The way I saw it, the Wizard knew Billy was right when he did not even want the power to begin with View all replies >