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Meryl Streep segment was not necessary and did not add anything to the film. This made me sad! Jessica Lange reminded everybody just how much she adds to the show. This looks like a glorified direct to dvd movie! She must be a mess after Charles Aznavour death. Good cast but writing is poor. I had fear that Evan Peters would look too old to play Tate again. Was Wanda Sykes involved? Lewis Pullman gave an Oscar worthy performance ((Spoiler)) This was super cute View all posts >


Unfortunately not. I really think she will never go back in full capacity.. Neither disapointed or satisied, it was fun but there was something lacking, I do not know why but to me it lacked a little something. Still good to see. Jamie Lee Curtis she's good in it, the rest of the cast as well but at the end I still felt it could have been a bit better. Haha I would actually pay to see that one! Mary popping dancing with predators! I want to see it now! Yeah, extremely underwhelming . Reminded me when I was little and they made all those cheap "Gasper" sequels with very little budget and how it really disappointed me. The original post is a double fail lol I do not imagine nutcracker will be a hit, however Mary Poppins is a sequel to one of the biggest hits of Disney history. And really, if Saving Mr Banks did well, I do not see this being a flop. I loved Moira ending, also Tate too. They did a real good job Personally, I think plot wise it made sense as Roseanne clearly had an addiction to the meds in last season reboot. I agree with the user who said that she should have appreciate what she had. I was in the belief she would go to Jerusalem and not speak about the Conners? People forget that Roseanne is no angel, there are several people who has reported she was rude and unpleasant in the original show run. Jennifer Saunders from Absolutely fabulous said in an interview that when they did a Ab Fab/Roseanne crossover on an episode of Roseanne, Roseanne did not even say a word to her, she totally ignored her and Joana Lumley,not even a hello. On the other hand Laurie Metcalf was very pleasant. There are plenty of stories like that about Roseanne just being a miserable, unpleasant person who fired people in an heart beat. I have to say....I do too! I know a lot of republicans will boycott (And it might work) it and are beyond furious at ABC but it's a strange thing that to me this felt more like the original Roseanne without Roseanne than the reboot did. Something about the reboot just felt off, everything was a bit clunky and not to be controversial Roseanne acting was not so great, a far cry from how she was in the 80's original. The Conners sort of felt more organic, lines were better. Laurie Metcalf and John Goodman had more screen time and that is a really good thing! Heck, even Darlene son felt more natural while last year this particular storyline felt a bit much. At the end of the day Roseanne made a fatal mistake, he she a racist? Definitely not! I do not hate her or dislike her but she had a huge show and a great comeback, yet she chose to be miserable and negative on Twitter instead of enjoying the good things going for her. She was told to lay off Twitter yet she chose not to listen, potentially putting the show at risk. She kept posting her negative rambles until she wrote something that was too much. If it would have not been that tweet, it would have been another. She was warned and she chose twitter over the show! She brought it upon herself. Personally, I had way more fun in that first episode than the majority of last season reboot. The future of this show is uncertain but I wouldn't mind if it stayed around as it is still funnier than the majority of sitcoms on TV. Ratings were solid on the first episode but that could be due to people curiosity and they might drop considerably. Only time will tell but let's enjoy the time we have left with the rest of the Conners family because once they will be gone it will be forever. I completely agree. Roseanne acting was really disappointing in the revival and it did put me off a few times. Just like you said, she sounded like she was reading from a tele prompter . Even when she was not talking it looked like she was concentrating not to miss her mark/lines etc, it's like her acting ability went away with age.. Laurie and John are the real actors of the show so yeah I believe they can do well View all replies >