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It was very meh! Meryl Streep segment was not necessary and did not add anything to the film. This made me sad! Jessica Lange reminded everybody just how much she adds to the show. This looks like a glorified direct to dvd movie! She must be a mess after Charles Aznavour death. Good cast but writing is poor. I had fear that Evan Peters would look too old to play Tate again. Was Wanda Sykes involved? Lewis Pullman gave an Oscar worthy performance ((Spoiler)) View all posts >


I can honestly say it's my new fav show for the 2018 season Haha True but Ill give it a pass as we are talking about the Karate kid after all, the crane kick is not very realistic either. ?Unrealistic but fun and fascinating as I always liked when a character makes a flip change personality wise, keep things interesting Same here Thanks :) No worries, you picked the right time to go :) Unfortunately not. I really think she will never go back in full capacity.. Neither disapointed or satisied, it was fun but there was something lacking, I do not know why but to me it lacked a little something. Still good to see. Jamie Lee Curtis she's good in it, the rest of the cast as well but at the end I still felt it could have been a bit better. Haha I would actually pay to see that one! Mary popping dancing with predators! I want to see it now! Yeah, extremely underwhelming . Reminded me when I was little and they made all those cheap "Gasper" sequels with very little budget and how it really disappointed me. The original post is a double fail lol View all replies >