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What is the point of Anthony Larusso ?! Watched it on Disney plus. Disney used to make wholesome TV once upon a time I had so much hope for him after Honey Boy Thank goodness that awful Stingray character was not in Season 3 Mrs Green Singing and Dancing on the last number It really sucks hard compared to the 1993 version This show was masterful in terms of world building Do not buy the digital version!! Not THAT bad View all posts >


Same ... I gave up during season 2. It just doesnt feel like Star Trek. Like you said the writers only care about Burnham. I do not feel a Team spirit in that show. In the original shows , we got familiar with the entire team and each member had a couple of episode to shine and develop as characters but in this .. I have no idea who these people are....If they died I would feel nothing because we know them so very little. I hate this is what Star Trek as turned into. It's depressing. Yeah that is the way I interpreted the laughter because what it is laughing at is obviously very unfunny so I wouldn't be surprised if the laughter is used as a tool by the writer to add to the sense of dead looming above that perfect sitcom life. I think there is a reason for it. Personally I think it adds something unsettling. They do not even feel like laughter from a sictom. it nearly feels like the laugh track is making fun of Wanda and Vision. The fact the laugh track is on at all times and in moments that are just not funny adds to the sense that something really strange is going on. Not sure ...I just wished "The Kids are alright" was never cancelled, he did a great job on that. Perhaps he was still bitter on the cancelation of his own show and he had a hard time accepting taking orders? Yeah completely agree, he was the step too far. I despised the character (Not the actor, he is actually good) because in my opinion he was completely out of place. It brought an element of slapstick to the show that to me slightly hurt season 2. He was a goofball character that you would normally see in a situation comedy. I loved season 3 so much more than season 2 and I think the fact that idiot was not in it was one of the reasons. Favorite : Johnny Least Favorite: Stingray Yes he just made no sense and added nothing to the show except a cringe factor. I loved that I was able to enjoy season 3 without him making me cringe. I think because he was just too goofy and it just did not fit with the rest of the show. He was like a cartoon character. The character should have been in a cheesy sitcom instead but he had no place in Cobra Kai, he did not belong in the show at all. Ho yeah! it was so incredibly cringe! Every scenes he was in were stupid and dumb. It really did not give the show any favors. Hopefully they are done with him for good! View all replies >