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For the ones who have seen the movie already, I have a question "Spoiler" "Speechless" too modern sounding ? Not crazy with Alan Menken Musical re-arrangement Nicholas Hoult or Robert Patinsson ? Who would you prefer? Who cares if it was not as successful as other DC box office wise it is still a good film The writing was so sharp and clever! What a loss :( Cursing at her show being renewed ! Are all the Marvel TV shows part of the MCU ? Why cant it be part of the MCU? It should have been all animated! View all posts >


"I kinda fucked myself," For a second I was thinking she was describing one of her leaked dirty pictures from a few years back... Thanks, I will not bother with it then. How ridiculous to bring that plot up to only ignore it. The way I saw it, the Wizard knew Billy was right when he did not even want the power to begin with But out of the two, Hoult has the most potential to be Batman in my opinion. I mean if he hits the gym and work out I can see it ... On the other hand Pattinson to me does not have the right facial feature to be Batman. There are plenty of American actors I could have seen in the part but yeah Hollywood always looks to the UK and Australia , it seems. It annoys me a little as a lot of talented young American actor and actress are not given any chances. Do not get me wrong I would have hoped for a better choice but if it's really just down to these too, I'll take Hoult. It makes me realize just how different 90's youth were compared to kids now. 90's : Back when I was a kid, we loved these optimistic covers of Disney songs with music video that switched between the singers and footage from the film. If there was a duet the couple singing felt connected and happy to be together.It used to make me want to watch the film. Now: Two singers, one with a massive neck tattoo (Not that tattoo are bad but it was distracting as I was trying to figure out what the tattoo meant) walking endlessly,looking sad and bored singing to no one, the other on a rooftop also singing to no one and not looking any happier than the guy. They toned down the happiness of the song to be more "current" to the Youtuber and social media generation and that particular generation love it !! But children of the 90's old enough to remember when the original films were released cant help but to feel nostalgic for the more upbeat versions Disney covers we used to get. Watching the new cover made me feel old and sort of sad :( No they updated the story . WB said the role is still uncast and it's between Robert Pattison and Nicholas Hoult That is one box office failure that always made me feel bad for all involved. The movie was a critical success both with professionals and the general public alike but yeah it failed really,really badly. When an actual good film bomb it's really sad and I do consider this film to be good. Still my favorite film based on Peter Pan and the one version that stay the most true to the book. It's probably one of the reasons. I did love the pick up and watch aspect of the old shows. View all replies >