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So fun for me but not everyone would get that type of humor Home alone 1 vs Home alone 2..What is your fav? Just plain bad Now on Shudder!! Why have I never eared of this film before? First trailer is now out! What do you guys think of it? A waste of A list actors After watching all I can think of is how can no one helped Shia Leboeuf ? The first 5 minutes I actually believed I would be pleasantly surprised Netflix cancelled it :( Another great independent movie that will be lost in favor of blockbusters View all posts >


lol Well, I do not know her to the point of spending time in her house, she do not even know my name. I just know her from going to the Market and she always pet my dog, she seems to love animals a great deal. I did not even know it was her until people told me it was, she his a very simple person, you wouldn't think she won an Oscar. She is retired and just live a very simple life. I think for the FF they will probably will use the negative zone and have them being super heroes in the 60's who got sucked in the negative zone up until now or something like that, it would be a way to let them be Marvel first family like in the comics. Yeah I'm afraid about the same thing as well... Yeah The system truly failed Shia :( Noah performance was Oscar worthy ... actually the same can be said for Shia Leboeuf and Lucas Hedges, some really fine acting in this film. I was rather annoyed not to see any nomination for Honey Boy at the golden Globes, it seems so wrong! I was really scared they were going to have sex, I kept thinking "Please no, I do not want to watch a grown woman have sex with a 12 year old" I was relieved it didn't go there. It was still rather strange but it's based in reality so... I never said otherwise Yeah do I'm curious if it's just me who feel this way about the songs of it's people in general To me it feels like a live action "The clone wars" ...Not that is a bad thing the clone wars was an awesome show Yeah the story is great (I will even say I like this story better than the first one) but if you go in expecting songs as memorable as Let it go or do you want to build a snowman etc.. you will be seriously let down. Even if "Into the unknown" is the best song (Mostly because of the Panic at the Disco cover of it at the end) it still bland compared to the first film. I was talking to my brother after the film and asked him "Do you actually remember any of the songs?" and he couldn't remember any either. None of them have a hook to it , it's like songs from some off Broadway musical, they serve to tell the story but they are not the type of songs you will play a lot without the film context behind it unlike the original songs. Personally I feel this film did not need any songs as it really did not add anything special to the film. I worked at a cinema when this was one. I liked it so much I saw it twice but I could tell it was not doing really well as the theater was nearly empty when I saw it first time around and completely empty when I watched it a second time. also while starting the projectors (At the time it was not digital) I would check the screen all the time and it was never filled up. People really did not give this film a chance.Sad because it was very cute and heartwarming. View all replies >