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Truth or trickster (spoilers)

I believe that the writers/producers intent is that Al-Masih is the Messiah. There are acts/tricks that he could not possibly have done if not divine.

(1) He could not have created the sandstorm that defeated Deash;
(2) He could not create a tornado that destroyed a whole town other than the church, nor could he know that a tornado would happen at that time and take advantage of that situation;
(3) he walked on water. Sure that trick has been done by illusionists, but that involves glass structures being constructed under the water. Don't you think that people would have immediately looked for such a structure (this was poor writing as they never addressed this).

Also, the CIA, FBI, etc. make a big deal that he was born, has a brother, has a past, went to college. Jesus had a past before he was declared the Messiah. The fact that he had seen a psychiatrist for a "messiah" complex should be expected if a child/teenager/young adult went around claiming to be the "messiah".

Of course the writers/producers want to keep it vague as it keeps the show going. even at the end the kid who says he saw Al-Masih bring Aviram and his partner back to life was established as a story teller in the beginning of the episode.


Seems to be going in that direction.



I agree, very hard to pull of as illusions. There's definitely something going on with the character, he's not a mere mortal.

I'm intrigued by the fan theory that he's Al-Masih al-Dajjal, the AntiChrist in Islam, who deceives people into believing he's actually Messiah. Then in muslim scripture Isa the Messiah, the Christian Jesus returns to fight the false messiah.

This is not as far fetched as it might seem, including his name which is a bit of a giveaway for arabic speakers (I'm not, but it's been pointed out repeatedly online). All those miracles, and the one at the end of the season finale can be achieved by the so called dark powers as well, deception in order to mask Al-Masih's true intentions.

This twist is supported by how Al-Masih seems more than a bit detached, more interested in gathering followers than helping people. He does not heal the cancer girl, he does not help people in any real, obvious way (apart from the finale). He's interested in attention, getting worshiped, and hardly smiles in private, away from the cameras. This is not the empathetic Jesus of scripture, always willing to help the needy, contest rulers and fight against their abuse of power.

These details could of course be another form of misdirection, that we've simply not been shown more of his good deeds to keep it ambigous and the viewer guessing. Here's hoping for a 2nd season so we can find out!


You mirrored my thoughts....
It's more than a little intriguing so I am expecting another season.


People keep citing the "miracle at the end" but who says its a miracle? The two guys could have survived and simply woke up. Who says they were raised? The liar kid is just more of the same that the show began inartfully doing around the middle.
Too bad. It started well. I like your theory about him being the Anti-Christ. Were they better writers/directors, I'd have tuned in to see that in S2.


Just a thought. I think this is the antichrist and he will definitely be brought to fight the real Messiah...perhaps in season 2 or 3...did you noticed that the black college student who works in the diner did not believe what other students were saying when thee professor was explaining and all student were on their phones and partying on campus?
This black person is key Nobody has talked about this..