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"Beto" Jason Alexander Go see this will benefit Veteran charities That Black Mantis "suit" Much better than the original... S1 E4 Pure, unadulterated... Actually... Setup for a series? LGBTQIAPKs View all posts >


Just watched 4 seasons, no nudity. What'd I miss? ND Yeah, I was surprised to see the crossover. But, it was cool. DD, So sorry [just kidding] that your one of many hate-raging posts against Trump and all things conservative and Republican has gone down in flames. You and your ilk are sooooo desperate to find anything, even a scintilla, that would help bring Trump down that you go so far as to grasp at the flimsy straws of a desperate and attention-deficient black gay man's (also a Trump-hater, apparently) liberal fantasy without one iota of skepticism or proof. That said, I really do enjoy reading your bile-spewing and hate-filled diatribes. You are the quintessential "hateful Socialist" on MC, beating out almost every other one here. You are a veritable fountain of non-stop entertainment and mirth. Thank you for brightening my days. ND I have to hand it to you... You're the most prolific Trump-hater I've ever seen on MC. Congratulations! [[slow clap]] Did you get your participation trophy yet? Don't forget the bookshelf/room divider in Smith's apartment. "... It was so fake..." Are you just as outraged about other "fake" aspects to this SCIENCE FICTION story? Agreed with the point scoring theory. Same as ST, which I stopped watching due to the political BS. Yesssssss! And vee vill destroy youuuuu.... MWAHAHAHA! Trump at his worst is still better than Hillary at her best. The bartender. View all replies >