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The bartender. Try again with a full sentence, in English. It's science fiction. #MeToo ND, your original comment was sarcasm...I get it now. Don't tell me you're one of *those* who believes that shit. I maintain that it still looked ridiculous. But, since you're using the comic book as a definitive reference, Mamoa hardly looks like the original Aquaman. Oh please. The show is popular enough without resorting to "cheap tactics" to draw viewers. ND2 Then just put the conflicts and perspectives into the script and don't have to keep beating the audience over the head about horrible humans are. ND I completely agree and came here to start a thread on that if no one else had the same view. Not only am I tired of the non-subtle head-bashing "we're destroying the Earth so let's not destroy Mars" bullcrap that I fast-forward through, but it seems that I'm hitting that FF button more and that there is less and less actual Mars story being presented. ND View all replies >