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I couldn't take it anymore... Did anyone else notice... It was OK... Real or fake? Joey Heatherton? It takes a good actor... Looks good Racial BS Will begin filming in New Mexico June 2019 "Humans are killing the Earth" message? View all posts >


The Shinning? 🤣 God, I hope not. ND Google is your friend. ND I agree 100%! This is one of the best-cast, best produced, best-acted shows on TV today. The chemistry and camaraderie is 2nd to none. The actors are some of the best trained in the business and to the untrained eye, anyway, seem to be as close to the real deal SEALs out there. I hope they have more seasons to come... ND LOL! Sorry, but I don't believe you. My bet is that if I watched it, I'd see some stuff that would make me want to throw Zayn sucking someone's dick or something just as gross. ND Agreed, all around. No loss. ND According to one source, Burt Reynolds. Lt. McBoobs with the marble nipples. Yep. ND So, everything else was believable and non-confusing except for that?? It's a frikkin' movie, for God's sake. ND Was it ethical for Spielberg to capitalize on the Holocaust with Shindler's List? Do you see how dumb your question is now? ND View all replies >