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Positively manic... The flower... Manic... Hellboy? Artwork for the credits... Looks good... I couldn't take it anymore... Did anyone else notice... It was OK... Real or fake? View all posts >


Modified bicycle pumps converted into what appear to be .22 caliber silenced firearms. I was OK with it. The ending intimated more was to come in Walt's story. I can also put it this was a better series ending than the Sopranos. Now, that was a crappy ending. ND Batman *was* in it. But, he didn't know he was Batman...yet. ;-) But, they knew he was a bastard. When you lie down with dogs, you're gonna wake up with fleas. ND Hell, you could confiscate the wealth of every person making more than $100 million a year and *still* not have anywhere near the money these liberal turds would need to fund their promises. AOC, that dim bulb (ok, more like no bulb at all) says "Just pay for it," as in "just print the money" to pay for it all. God only knows how the hell she got elected. If Bernie or any of the other frikkin' idiot liberals gets elected, we all just may as well kiss our asses goodbye. ND You could make that argument/point. But, as others have pointed out, "agenda furthering" is taking place in several other shows/movies. The whole strategy is to make sexual aberration more and more common so that it is more and more accepted in today's society and culture. It's the same strategy as "Story Time at the Library" with transexuals and cross-dressers. Get the kids "programmed" early to make them more accepting and less informed as to the aberration of the same. ND Seems to be going in that direction. ND She adds conflict...which is the primary ingredient producers inject into TV shows and movies due to the fact that research has shown that conflict -- whatever the form, context, and flavor -- is what audiences crave, therefore, helps make the TV show or movie more successful. ND Great info, thanks!! ND Agreed, to include a "Paaaaat." ND View all replies >