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"...These murders were not justified." They were not murders, they were homicides, yes...but, not murders - look it up. "...Trayvon Martin was a teen boy minding his own goddamn business..." Yes, until he started beating Zimmerman's head into the sidewalk. "...Aiyana Jones was a seven-year-old girl that police murdered w/ a machine gun!" First, not murder. Second, you make it sound like police just wandered into the home and decided to shoot her. That was not the case, and a little bit of searching will show you what you don't want to see. "...Why on earth are police conducting raids in residential neighborhoods..." Because that's where the arrest warrant -- signed by a judge -- told them to go to arrest a suspect. "...using discontinued military-grade equipment... And, what equipment would that have been? And, even if it was discontinued by the military, so what? "...and firing grenades into people's houses anyway!?" They threw a standard flash-bang or stun grenade, which is standard practice on a SWAT team dynamic entry. You're making it sound like they lobbed in a fragmentation grenade...not the case at all. "...You can't even be honest with yourself if you think a seven-year-old needed to die..." No, no innocent person "needs" to die. No I don't think what the police did was "ok." No rational person would believe that. Do I believe that cops are human and make mistakes that occasionally lead to tragic death? Yes, it happens in a very very small percentage of police interactions with the public, and along with errors made, cops are wracked with shame and guilt over it to the point that psychologically they are never the same, they get divorced, they are in therapy for decades, their relationship with their kids deteriorates, they leave policing, they can't hold other jobs, their finances become a wreck, and, they take their own lives. Dude - take a breath or's not science "fact"'s science "fiction." That is all. ND2 "Smart"??? Laughing my ass off here. The only things dumber than AOC herself are the brain-dead voters who voted for her. ND Correct. My wife and I are seeing it tomorrow night. I'm surprised one of the main movie theaters in town will be showing it, actually. ND Oh're probably posting this sh*t on every page, forum, board, etc. all over the world. Trump is the President. Get over it. By the way, are you related to Doggiedaddy? Or, are you his Evil Twin? LOL WTF did McConnell act in? WHY TF are you posting this sh*t? Just watched 4 seasons, no nudity. What'd I miss? ND Yeah, I was surprised to see the crossover. But, it was cool. DD, So sorry [just kidding] that your one of many hate-raging posts against Trump and all things conservative and Republican has gone down in flames. You and your ilk are sooooo desperate to find anything, even a scintilla, that would help bring Trump down that you go so far as to grasp at the flimsy straws of a desperate and attention-deficient black gay man's (also a Trump-hater, apparently) liberal fantasy without one iota of skepticism or proof. That said, I really do enjoy reading your bile-spewing and hate-filled diatribes. You are the quintessential "hateful Socialist" on MC, beating out almost every other one here. You are a veritable fountain of non-stop entertainment and mirth. Thank you for brightening my days. ND View all replies >