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I see what you did there. 🤣 Whoa! You really got me on that one! win the internet today. OMG I'm not a SEAL, but, I believe you're right...regarding shots to "center mass," the splatter is mostly for dramatic effect, especially if they are wearing dark/heavy clothing. Headshots are a different story...visible pink mist (depending on distance), especially on unprotected heads, is more than likely seen in real life. ND2 First of all, it's a TV show. Second, the main story IS about Bravo...not the other teams. Lastly, they only have an hour to tell the story to the viewers...there's not enough time to cover all of the real-life aspects of an engagement or operation with that much complexity. ND2 Is this another politically-correct "we killed the earth" bullcrap-filled POS? There are certain situations in which guilt beyond all doubt is proven, which is over and above the current legal standard. In those cases, like the Petit family murderers, for example, where there is absolutely no justification whatsoever that those guys should NOT be executed. I hope you're not saying K9 excrement like those guys shouldn't be put to death...are you? ND2 It's completely fair. Killing killers via execution ensures they will never kill again. In that way, the DP is a deterrent. Even those "desperate for money" know right from wrong. They should know that hanging out with unsavory characters will get them into trouble. I have no sympathy for those who commit the ultimate societal sin. They deserve nothing less than the ultimate societal punishment - permanent removal from that society. ND2 At least they weren't flouncing, prancing, lisping, makeup-wearing, flaming fagolas, a' la Johnny Weir. ND2 View all replies >