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Why is crap like this even allowed to be made? Is it just me or... Another time traveller? Looks like the title will be "bleak"... Exciting new episode Am I alone in thinking she is way overrated? They are making a TV show... Underrated. Why is this show so stupid? If the synths can be turned off, then why... View all posts >


It's a show for children, they will never go full adult on any of the characters. You can sign up and read 5 articles per month for free. Republicans don't believe in facts. Only money. Maybe it's you that should get a clue from the founding fathers you worship so much: [url][/url] Actually, that's what true capitalism is all about. Only your own competence and hard work should matter in achieving success. Otherwise, you are just another freeloader just like the socialists you so despise. The source of the privilege doesn't matter. It still gives you an unfair advantage. [quote]Anybody who believes in global warming is an asshat.[/quote] That's a typical example of [url][/url] Of course the AG is flat out lying. He is a rich asshole Republican. That's how they operate. [quote]"I want things to be FAIR and EQUAL for ALL"[/quote] Great, how about a 100% inheritance tax then? Because that's the only way to ensure that everyone has the same chances of succeeding in life. Your parent's wealth should not matter. Why would Putin sacrifice his best agent? Doesn't make any sense. ;) I am sick and tired of "Evil AI" plots. Enough is enough. View all replies >