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Looks like the title will be "bleak"... Exciting new episode Am I alone in thinking she is way overrated? They are making a TV show... Underrated. Why is this show so stupid? If the synths can be turned off, then why... Working title: After seeing the season 5 premiere... Rest in peace View all posts >


Eisenhower did. Grateful for explaining this, I was confused too. Click on the links Totally agree with that. Some people open their minds only after they hit rock bottom, never before. Because Jar Jar Abrams can't do "story". I think the same, but he made a lot of money, and a lot of people equate money with success, so in their eyes, he did great. I'm not defending anyone. Just stating the facts. CIA does coups and instates US puppet dictators all the time. Soviets were just doing the same. US also invades countries all over the world under the pretense of "bringing freedom to the people", while the main goal is control over resources of those countries, and destroying their sovereignty. You definitely got a point there. :D Yes, you can do everything by the book and still fail if you are not lucky. Just like the athletes who get injured after a long successful career in sports. Now that we have Mara (as in Mara Jade) as well, the plot thickens. Hopefully Jar Jar will not pull another LOST ending out of his ass. View all replies >