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Why is crap like this even allowed to be made? Is it just me or... Another time traveller? Looks like the title will be "bleak"... Exciting new episode Am I alone in thinking she is way overrated? They are making a TV show... Underrated. Why is this show so stupid? If the synths can be turned off, then why... View all posts >


I am sick and tired of "Evil AI" plots. Enough is enough. [quote]These people just spew pro-industrial propaganda constantly.[/quote] That's what they are paid to do by their corporate sponsors. It's a kiddie show. Kids love sharks. Not funny and awful writing sounds correct. Love doesn't work like porn. They said the same about feudalism. And the "divine power of kings". And yet, here we are, where most of the developed countries embraced socialism in one form or another. Capitalism becomes naturally totalitarian as well - it's called Fascism. Democracy is just a reality show for entertainment purposes while they (the Elite in power) slowly strip us of our liberties one by one. Another brilliant show that get cancelled because dumb viewers prefer stupid reality shows... You must be smoking some really good shit... he is kinda ugly and not really that talented. If feels like he is playing the same guy over and over. There was no version of Communism yet. We haven't even seen Socialism. What we have seen was just another form of elitism - State Capitalism run by corrupt officials posing as communists/socialists. [url][/url] View all replies >