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One of the better horror/comedies in recent years Bannon is great but... Was this a true story? That double light saber scene... Started cool. Got stupid. The First TG was a date movie that... Make your own Low Winter Sun Best new show in a while Now I know to avoid Åkerlund View all posts >


See, I thought JJ directed that too but he only produced it. Matt Reeves directed it. Crazy how JJ managed to step in front of his directors for credit when so much of what he is known he just produced (he has producer credit for TLJ too). These are the only movies he actually directed: MI:3 Star Trek Super 8 ST Into Darkness SW TFA Shocking, no? I liked Lost and MI:3 was sorta OK. I don't like his Trek stuff. I thought TFA was better than the preqs but still not great. Honestly, I thought he directed more than he did. Lots of things he produced were in my memory as directed by him (like the Cloverfield line, which I enjoy). I feel done with him at this point. Don't plan on seeing the next Star Wars nor Trek. I remember when movie news was exciting and not depressing. I would rank Skyfall close to most of the Moore movies. The difference is that those Moore 007 flicks were trying to be campy. Only 2 or 3 of Moore's were good, IMO and even those have problems. They were locals and thus the ones who always had to wear the same garb. Here are two (of many) of favorite bad scenes: M tries to avoid being found so runs to hide ... with her flashlight shining all over the place. Villain knows exact future blocking so has Rube Goldberg trap to send subway train at Bond. If he was so privy to the minutiae of his future chase scene, then why not plant the explosives exactly where his chasers will be instead of all that indirect bullshit? ---- CR is the only good Craig Bond. The rest are sour. I didn't like Tootsie. I have never understood why people go crazy when a man wears women's clothing. It makes people laugh (the big final, super funny joke in Bird Cage {a better movie than Tootsie} is Hackman wearing drag). What's funny about it? Looks kinda gross to me. Tootsie skates on this gimmick the whole way and people laugh and slap their knees and shower it with praise. Is your movie unremarkable? Put someone in drag and watch it succeed. The Emperor wears women's clothes. I didn't see Sabrina but thought Out of Africa was luke-warm fare. To be fair, I don't consider his films to be utter trash. I just don't like most of what I have seen. The man is obviously a capable director/producer. He's no Rob Zombie. I still give him credit. Perhaps they were in between the hotel and airport. ... and powdered piss is better than salt. There are 4 or 5 of his films I ahve not seen. NY NY is one of them. Sounds like I should keep it that way. View all replies >