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Just because someone has a different opinion than you does not mean that they are guilty of this: "maybe he is your BF, SO or son, who knows" You are a specific type of internet arguer. Anyone who doesn't like you being an asshole gets accused of being an asshole. On the topic: The character is unsavory but also a good friend to Larry. It is eye-rolling territory to make his race a part of it. I cannot. That part of S1 was among the worst things shown in a movie ever. Top 3 shitty. Worse even than Supe throwing his chest emblem. Outside of a few nuclear level stupid parts, S1 is great, though. I think we could go back and forth with energy equals mass times s.o.l. squared examples without changing either's mind. The breakdown in both of our arguments is the inclusion of individuals outside of the reality of science. So there really isn't any empirically correct answer. I too associate that old HBO logo with Superman. Fine memories. I think I saw it a 2nd time on "ON television." I liked it. Much of what one would consider "social commentary" was actually just lighthearted ribbing on the story's path to a creative series of major changes. Great movie! So many memorable moments (loved the un-argument). I would recommend John Dies at the End to you if you liked this movie. I hope Boots' next movie is as wild. Hello. I am a Russian Bot. Why did you abandon us, Democrats? You used to carry our water. Lets compromise: We'll keep doing all the spying and messing around we have ALWAYS done and you get back to making excuses for us. OK? 1. There is a short story out there called Man of Steel, Woman of Tissue (or something like that) that addresses the problem. Clark's sperm are also super and potentially deadly to the initial host as they would disperse at superspeed once the available egg was fertilized. His seed would likely find the closest 100 women as the crow flies and that includes the damage done as they take that closest route through flesh. 2. I hate all the random powers. Sad thing is that that is common in older Superman comics. They would just cook up new powers for him as a substitute for a well thought out ending. The character has a long tradition of sucking. 3. I can accept Clark being completely unready for hth combat, even with the weight/size disparity. 4. Not entirely true. I do agree that the distance Supe flew from the attack is extravagant but he would be thrown back and without Ursa flying an equal amount backward. Doesn't quite work that way (in a world where people can fly and if they were in space, perhaps something like what you cite). I worked in a pizza joint decades ago and we would settle arguments by throwing the massive dough bag at each other in the walk-in freezer. It would always send the target flying backward. 5. I sorta hate this too. Few stories would be worth a shit were it not for coincidence but this was more old-comic-book dumb. Would have been fine if the Phantom Zone was treated as an entirely different plane of existence that had no actual location in our universe but rather required some portal that could be opened anywhere. 6. They sure screwed that scene up. A tiny bit of attention to the details of this scene could have saved it. But nope. Stupid. 7. Even as a child when I saw this, I was upset by them talking in vacuum. I would have accepted some other violation of science if they had only tried. Something.... anything! High nostalgia value for me though. I still love their big fight but yeah, dumb movie. I didn't like the character either but then again, I didn't like half the characters in TNG that first season. Should have done away with Troi and Wesley early, too. Took a me awhile to warm to many of the rest. I hated when they brought her back as a Romulan. The story was cool but that aspect of it was pretty bad. The character/actress was less than impressive. But I admit to liking her appearance, though. I have, on my character sheet, a thing for ladies with short hair. However, I was not overly bummed when they killed her. Flatliners starts off fantastic. A+ movie up until about halfway, then it descends into C territory. The rest of his movies are bad. 8mm and Falling Down have moments. Schumacher is not good. He is a slightly above average director. C+ I never ever talk during films ... unless I'm at home and they reaaally suck. Me and two friends caught this in the theater. We thought we were the only ones in the theater so there came a point when we couldn't take it anymore and started ripping on the movie as it went. We only realized there were more people in the place when we heard them laughing at our jokes. I shouted out a "sorry, we thought we were alone" and they replied with "we are enjoying you guys more than the movie" We had a good time roasting this bogey. A fun memory. What a terrible movie. Slightly dumber than the intensely dumb film Volcano. View all replies >