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Looked great but ... A lesser Ritchie film I can come and help, Sir! loved 1st ep ... but then Limited release strange ride... spoiler musings What happened? Loved this! Any theories? Should have been like this: Brain Damaged Simpleton View all posts >


I don't think she looks like a lesbian. I dig the short hair on her. She is very sexy. Some ladies wear it well. I love short hair, especially with glasses. Long, short, medium, it's all good if it's good. Do you think men with long hair look gay? Each season has been slightly lower in quality than the previous except this one. I love this season so far. R&M is great even at its worst. So far, the Heist episode is my favorite. Classic. They implied that there was some unseen event that frosted him. You think that's bad? I had to avoid the mandatory penis inspection by sneaking in through the butter mines and I nearly ran into the Theater Rape-Golem. I wore my seat canvas jump suit so that I would be difficult to see in my seat during the film so that worked OK. I could hardly follow the movie because the audience was cheering and shouting bromides continuously throughout the entire showing. I received a gender-appropriation citation afterward for laughing out loud at a part that was only for women. Doing what? Nobody cares what race/gender The Doctor is. People simply want good writing that isn't subverted by the political lean of the writers. I don't share the common hate for season 5. I thought it was great. It was after S5 that his kid started being a problem for the writers. I was even sorta OK with S6 despite this. To me, S7 and S8 are equally bad and better left unwatched. I played the first two Sonic games way back when. I loved them. I would not then nor now want to see a movie based on the game. I am 100% mystified by the appeal for this. Nothing about Sonic begs for film. I always thought she was pretty and fit. There's no accounting for taste. That sums it up well. Good analysis. View all replies >