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They cold dial into the zeitgeist via "death panels" that are a sad part of health care. As for the gender swap: I am a huge fan of the original and don't want them to make the change but then again, I won't be happy with anyone who isn't as much like York as possible. To me, it's not the gender, it's the Yorkyness. I would actually like to see some lady Sandmen, just not Logan 5. I expect lots of changes (like not living in an 80s mall) but I hope they keep the Sandman uniforms essentially the same. Mrrockey spells it out perfectly. I'm all for women's rights etc but I watched the old show for the pretty dames. 2 out of 5 episodes were sorta OK if you can ignore the poor quality of the era. I did not like the McG movies because they stopped taking themselves seriously and got zany. The movies revealed the makers lack of respect for the series. If any version of Charlie's Angels is about anything other than 3 ladies who are exceptional detectives solving serious cases that happen to be super sexy then it isn't CA and should be named something else. The show had two gimmicks: 1. They were all gorgeous. 2. They had a mystery benefactor who seemed to operate outside the law and with great wealth. Everyone who touches this seems to think that you just need 3 girls and then you can do whatever you like. I would totally watch a Rock remake if the right people are behind the writing/directing. I am a huge fan of the original. Trivia: "They Live" was originally supposed to be a sequel to Big Trouble. Kurt had other engagements that prevented him from doing Burton again so we got Piper's character instead. The mullet made it through to this alternate universe tale though. IIRC, he had planned it as a trilogy and one of his other films was rumored to be born from that long term idea. Maybe Ghosts of Mars? It was mostly boring ... BUT ... The shootout at the end was very cool. I was very stoked to see an IG droid in action and their interaction was interesting. Up until then, I felt weary with the fan service. My fan service button was broken from being mashed so much ... I thought. But then there was an IG, spinning around in a kill fest, and the little fan inside me was awoken to pleasant glee. The rest didn't exactly suck but it didn't do anything for me. I will certainly watch another few but it has to get better to keep me. Chapter 8: The Mandalorian gets 95% of his paycheck taxed for his carbon footprint in the universe. Is it good? I stopped watching DeNiro films long before he ran his mouth. Hr just started sucking. I never thought much of Pacino. If The Irishman is good, I'll see it. Alec Baldwin is an amazing actor and I see 75% of his shit. De Niro not so much. I wonder what you boycott. Just like Bazooka Joe! Limitless depth. Only plebeian fools are unable to see the allegory and amazing details. A Carbon Credit of Solace Cloverfield: Monster movie 10 Cloverfield Lane: suspense Cloverfield Paradox: sci fi I happen to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no other intelligent life in the universe. Trust me. View all replies >