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But where is the testosterone loaded action/horror flicks geared toward the closeted gay male? 4 and only for the lead actors' performances. They were very good in a very bad movie. Not much of a PT fan but this is the worst of what Ive seen from him. I ruined your thread? Funny. My memory is corrupted then. Many many moons ago, having only seen The Thing once, I thought that it had ended with a dog running off alone. I guess more current input has polluted my memory banks. Oh thank God you said this. I have had the memory of that dog ending and thought I must have dreamed it since it doesn't seem to actually be in the movie. Top Ten classic. 10/10 OP assumes its intentions. Never addressed in the movie. Complaint disregarded. I hope lots of gay men really enjoy this film then. Because it sure is a manly film. With current LGBTQ trends in cinema, why don't they make more movies like this? Funny how "gay" gets used as a prod by people from either side of the phobe-fence. I have watched many CW shows and agree with you about the quality therein. Took three years of torture before I finally quit Arrow, 1 season of Flash, 2 episodes of LoT, and 1 episode of Supergirl. Wretched writing. Sour, 2 dimensional drama. HOWEVER ..... iZombie happens to be a fantastic show. It doesn't belong on the CW (well, there is a bit of obligatory young romance). The show is clever and very well acted. I heard about it and disregarded it based on its name and its home at CW. Figured it was going to be lame/10. Saw the first episode at a friend's house. Absolutely hooked since then. Light and funny. Sometimes even brilliant. Quick off-topic synopsis/plug for this show I love: Pre-med student gets scratched by a zombie. Has to keep steady diet of brains or she become lackluster and dull and eventually goes "full Romero" So she quits med school and gets work at police morgue for the easy access to brains. The hitch: she adopts personality quirks and memory flashes from the brains she eats (lead actress is great!). Given the source of the brains, she learns clues to murders, etc. She pretends to be a psychic to help the police solve crimes related to whoever's brain she ate. Loaded with subtle puns and obscure references. 10/10 Is it a big deal that I speak up about this particular emperor wearing no clothes? It obviously bugs you. Given the evidence, he is a classic alcoholic. When sober, he is a fine human. Kind, fun, clever, talented. When he gets drunk he turns into a vile human being who says inexcusable things. I try to be forgiving of people and judge them by their actions rather than words (especially interpretation of the words by those who hate them). People forget that when Brittany Spears was at her worst and the world was mocking her, Mel let her stay with his family to chill out away from cameras for over a month. Other stories about his benevolence out there too. So I guess the answer is "yes" he is a good person. But a severely flawed person as well. Brew turns some folks evil. I know the biggest regrets I have in my life were always when drunk. Part of why I quit (mostly quit because it started making me feel headachy and ill right away) View all replies >