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Other than the fridge scene and the end, it is an OK movie. A few other moments were irksome but passable. A decent Indy movie were it not ruined by those two big things, though. About the same as Last Crusade to me as I had a big problem with it too. I1:A++ I2:B+ I3:B- I4:C+ Ohhh lolololol! >>"Bronn wasnt wildly out of character" You force me to accept this. And, yeah, it should have been a fun scene. Instead, it left me saying "Who was that?" Yes! How could I forget! No lore, no connection, no revelation, nothing. A sudden end brought on seemingly as a backdrop to Theon's redemption. This was nearly a Snoke level of let-down. I did enjoy the fight, though, but I had to ignore the multiple feather brained portrayals of battlefield strategy. ie. catapults in front, etc Arya was the wrong one to make that kill, btw. The obvious choice to kill the Night King was the King Slayer. He should have done it when risking his life to save Bran. It felt forced. Like they were trying very hard to show how bad war is. Arya in the Land of Consequences of Being a Meanie. Spectacular destruction. Don't get me wrong. I loved that and it was well done. But there they are ... the poor residents of KL, suffering. How could Kalisi commit mass murder like this?? Ah! There is conscientious Arya trying to selflessly save folks. I guess she and Sansa were always right about Kalisi. Perhaps they saw this part of the script ahead of time. /endsarcasm More in keeping with Arya's character would have been showing her being clever and acrobatic in her escape from the city instead of some moral lesson and show-case of consequences. When has this show done that? Quite the opposite. Perhaps the flaw is less on Arya's character's shoulders than the jarring departure in the writing. Ah! My memory is flawed. I still feel like they threw away all the scenes shared 'tween Bron and the guys. That last Bron scene was smh bad IMO. It played out like a surprise cameo from someone not seen since S1 rather than a character we have grown to love and understand. Love the actor though. He was great in Ripper Street (and something else I cannot remember right now) No, you! On one hand, I am OK with it. The one city that did not spill its own blood to protect the world gets razed in front of its queen. In a historic/biblical style, it works. Also, watching the dragon torch the place makes it easier to swallow. There is also the line: "Very well, fear it is." She had to stomp the shit out of the one city that defied her. She can't rely on the people loving her. They must fear. On the other hand, not only does it fly in the face of the character but it also makes little sense when her own army is running around mixed with the citizenry. Though very fun to watch, it was tedious watching them push the whole those-poor-citizens, given the total lack of value of life the show has had for the entirety of its run. The writers decided to switch to socially responsible themes at the last minute. Varys changing personalities entirely is more evidence of this. I can see merit in either approach but I have to say that overall I didn't like these last two episodes. No end to the people who think they make the rules. OP is the same as these people who say that Star Wars is fantasy and not science fiction. Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Just not your kind of Christmas movie. It was not very good. Some good interviews. A tepid brainstorming of a possible season 8 that feels on the level of the worst of DS9. Some cool dramatic readings of negative reviews of the show (One sounded like something I would have said ... hmm). Some interesting insights from behind the scenes. A comfy nostalgic feel to it if you watched the show. A bit sloppy. Alas, self-absorbed Behr tries to pretend that DS9 was something more than it was: A mixed bag of quality that was simultaneously better and worse than Voyager and not even close to TOS nor TNG. Stolen from Babylon 5 after Strakzinski initially pitched it to them. He tries to absorb some shred of progressive credit from the 90's by pretending to have been original with his touching on civil rights, homelessness, etc. Even throws in Trump saying "Good people on both sides" into a montage of the-best-of-racism-in-history when they talk about that episode where Sisko was writing DS9 during the civil rights movement. Classy. I expected a more professional documentary with better content. However, I did not know that this was a crowd funded film. I guess that it is OK for that kind of thing. View all replies >