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I am similarly bedeviled. Back to the horror of life before the EU. The HORROR. Don't much care for Eagle's country style era but really appreciate their later stuff (and all the solo ventures as well). I could be wrong but I always thought it was about how California changes you. Once you have lived long enough in California, the epicenter of self gratification, it never leaves you. There are far better, more intellectual, interpretations of the song but I like mine. Here is what bugs me about the song (other than massive overplay): I have known at least 4 or 5 people who want to make a movie inspired by this song. Some of them even professionals in film making. Every one of them thinking that they have some special insight or vision delivered to them through the song. It's not inspiration, it's skilled imagery by the song writer. This is a testament to the song itself but is tedious to say the least. It's like claiming that God spoke to you through the Van Halen song "Jump" and His special message to you is that you should jump. Far be it from me to dissuade anyone from creative pursuits but the HC movie idea sits atop the painfully average bell curve of ideas. /endrant I hate to say it but the majority of the fraud allegations have been proven to be false. There are still some that are undisputed but were deemed "not significant enough" or "merely very suspicious." Finding a case of thousands of ballots all marked strictly for Biden with no other votes marked at all is obviously dirty ... but not provable in court as fraudulent. Even though it is quite obvious that election rigging was attempted, it was done in a way that can't be shown as anything but suspicious. This kind of thing has been going on ever since elections have been going on. Disturbing how the whole picture is not available to the average joe-public but how many people out there have time to investigate, let alone compare/contrast partisan info? In the end, Biden won. Or more accurately, Trump-hate won. What cheating that did occur was not enough to change the outcome. The ways that cheating did happen need to be fixed before any more elections. There were not any significant amounts of dead voters but lets purge the voter registrar of dead voters anyhow. That's a good start, right? Who would oppose fixing election integrity? I think the storming of the Capital was nothing compared to the nationwide violence visited upon innocent business owners and citizens. Condoned or excused by the same people comparing the Capital attack to 911. However, I do not think that it was BLM nor Antifa (sure, they chatted with each other about attending and stirring things up but it was NOT them that stormed the palace) I think the Capital attackers AND the rioters of this year should ALL be convicted. It shouldn't be political. But sadly everything is now. OK. Half way through the season. It is 6/10 at best (feels generous). It is fast paced, engaging, and mostly well acted. I kept getting this familiar feeling from it. I saw the name Manny Coto as writer and producer and that was very familiar. Kept meaning to look the name up. After this last episode, I knew what was gnawing at me. the show plays out very much like "24." So I looked up Manny, knowing what I'd find, and sure enough, he is the guy behind 24. So if you liked the first four seasons of 24 (the ones Coto did) then you will probably like this. It has the exact same blend of great/stupid that is found in seasons one and two of 24. I watch it down my nose but I admit to enjoying it. Take it to the politics board. Incredibly talented musician and performer. The Pepsi commercial started the sad downfall. Were it not for that accident, how different would things have turned out? He almost certainly wouldn't be dead right now. Or would he? Anyone who thinks the evidence of him molesting children is not damning is living in a groupie fantasy world. Debatable Stallone is the better actor but Schwarzenegger has way more cool movies. Water that is too pure has no fish. View all replies >