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bump I had, for a long time, assumed they were going to have Antman be the "one" but now I think they are set on Cpt Marvel being the big savior. The music, Klingons, visuals, and story (though cribbed from its own series) were all great. Excellent even. I love this movie for these reasons. But as has been repeated many times in this thread, the pacing is criminal. The slow ship tour so early in the movie turned the lights out on people's interest. The aggressively bored you right out of the gate. Things do get better after that but there were certainly sleeping people in the theater by then. It was also one of the last movies to make the mistake of using the G rating even though it was not a specifically kid movie (as the rating had already become associated with). The fix? Keep the Klingons involved for longer instead of all the long filler and even have them reach Veeger first. That episode is called "What Little Girls are Made of" ... I think. I like the episode. However I remember that it is torture waiting on the chief scientist on the planet to make his point. He just keeps saying "I need time to explain to you" Well start explaining instead of repeating yourself!! There is also that embarrassing part where Kirk dislodges a stalactite with which to brain Lurch and it is entirely too phallic. So hilarious how Lurch manipulates Kirk like a rag doll. The episode has the interesting subtext of weighing what eternal life is worth. When you first feel repelled, set your jaw and stay in the fight. Even the cheesiest of TOS episodes will leave you pleased by the end. Then you've been immunized and the dated effects and occasional weak moment won't shake you. The important factor is that they take themselves seriously. It makes all the difference. I'm getting the same feeling I got when Ridley Scott finally took a definitive stance on Deckard's status. I like to think that between every episode there are weeks or months of a bunch of nothing going on. Landing parties of no note. So the captain could be lulled into a sense of safety. As I have said before, I recognize the absurdity of the female uniforms. I also love them. They wanted to dress as they liked concurrent to the era and no male was going to keep them down. Lets face it, men are going to like watching women do anything, regardless. Sophisticated men of high breeding would, once upon a time, break a mild sweat at the sight of a lady's ankle. Beasts! At least the Star Trek thing was ostensibly a win/win scenario in its own time. I know I feel like a winner. My all time favorite is The Tholian Web from season 3. The plot is compelling and suspenseful; even a bit Lovecraftian. Runners up include Mirror Mirror, Balance of Terror, and Galileo Seven. I always love episodes in which Spock conducts investigations or when Scotty is acting captain. The lack of either of these things would have sunk the show. I always tried to view Kirk's inclusion with the landing parties through the lens of 18th century maritime norms. A captain would always be among the first ashore at a new island (partially to assure that no crew could skim on the plunder). The Enterprise's sensors would verify the lack of immediate danger so Kirk would be confidant about his safety. So his presence at least had the benefit of a general making decisions from the front line. An intellectual band aid but sufficient for me. True. That original pilot had the ladies in pants. Their uniforms were cool. Maybe too much like the Lost in Space costumes though. Spock was cranky and shouty in that episode. Apparently maximum allowed leg exposure is what is needed to keep Spock calm. I, personally, have always found watching old TOS episodes calming. hmm View all replies >