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a few observations: no spoilers good movie frustrating to watch (spoilers) last episode I enjoyed it more than Parasite the importance of the black box (spoilers) too short (minor spoilers) good movie The Shining pretty good thriller View all posts >


when she tries to stab walter with the syringe he blocks her and then stabs her exactly/precisely in the vein. I liked it. the first episode is incredible. there are only 7 episodes and they end up being around 20-25 minutes each, so worth watching even if you are on the fence. article says that Walter committed mass murder in the last episode. this is totally different than how is saw it. It is not entirely clear in the article if the director confirms this or if it is just the authors take. seems like more of a movie plot than a series. Ben's scene in the cab was the best acting of the season (maybe the series). Best line was Ruth "when I say you get of the f*@cking country, you get our of the f*@cking country!" doesn't seem like Ambrose can keep his job after all he has done this season. the police mentioned that if it wasn't for the TV video of Terry at the conference his alibi wouldn't have worked as they had so much eye witness and video evidence of Terry being in town at the time of the murder. El Cuco is not built for today's world of technology, getting harder and harder for it. I was joking. Dune is Villeneuve's first move since Blade Runner 2049. So of course it would be Bautista and his first collaboration since Blade Runner. And Dune is 4-5 years since Sicario. It's not like years and years elapsed and this is their first collaboration in 10-20 years and several movies. perhaps the Oasis song was the butterfly effect. the original timeline has him playing Wonderwall, a cover, Ellie likes it and decides to become his manager, etc, but no romantic interest throughout the years. In the new timeline he performs Wonderwall, but this time it is an original as nobody knows Oasis. Now Ellie falls in love with him as she sees this great talent. Jack does not pick up on the interest as his view of the timeline never changed. Of course, whenever this is a time travel/time change movie there are always things that don't really stand up to closer inspection. I agree, but I noticed that it said that next week is the "season" finale. not the "series" finale. do they plan on dragging this out for another season? View all replies >