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would be funny if this turned out to be a Bond spin-off Luther, John Luther (spoiler) Bond killing [. ] is the only logical explanation. (spoiler) good not great (spoilers) question about episode 5 (spoiler) people complaining about the changes Rian Johnson just watched the full version worst song finally finished after 2 months View all posts >


yes, enjoying it very much. But holy crap, I had no idea that the husband was Ted McGinley until you mentioned it. not a waste to watch it, but you aren't missing anything if you don't. I agree with all your observations. a good story answers its questions. I wasn't so thrilled with it. whatever you want to call it, definitely better than how they lived in the QZ. it was good, had tension. Just wasn't sure why the mother was so concerned about the video tape confession. it was clearly coerced and no prosecutor would seek a conviction with it. yes, the lack of screen time was surprising, especially since the trailer made it seem that he was going to be a main character. maybe he auditioned for the part. I also like Carrie Coons and they are very similar, so I guess I do! Anna Torv is super sexy. She looked worn out in this show, but that is accurate. View all replies >