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thank you, I corrected my original post. thank you, I think they must have updated it. (spoilers) it was the like the opposite of GOT. they spent the whole season dumping on Noah and then turned him into the old wise sage who redeems himself in the end. Overall it was a good ending. I thought it was interesting/funny that Helen and her mom died in the same year. Probably tormented her to the end. I thought it was Da Mann1. As they say "He may be an a#*hole, but he's our a#*hole" I thought episode 3 was the best so far with some good twists. though it still does seem like it will be tough to fill a whole season. I was thinking that too because of (1) how they introduced the characters with their names shown on the screen, it is like we are watching a show/movie; and (2) I don't If they can make the premise last a whole season. there has to be some sort of change in direction at some point. unfortunately we got a Sierra story instead of Noah or Joanie. I don't think so. I read an article once where they said a lot of the first round runs take place at 2 or 3 in the morning as they have a lot of competitors. it would be cool if they had stage 3 and stage 4 live as there are only 20 or so competitors. although I wonder if they show the runs in a different order for dramatic effect. thank you, those dates make sense. View all replies >