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I was curious as well, so I gathered up some news. Series 2 has not aired yer, but it was commissioned officially, According to The Sun, it was still being produced a year ago, Some Redditer claims to have heard of a late 2018 production start date, And this trounces all those mere speculations, as Robert Webb announced filming this autumn back in march So series 2 will likely come out early 2020, or if editing is really quick, late 2019. No new knowledge can be extracted from his telling. This confession has meant nothing. This is all impossible. I just had lunch with Paul Allen, twice, no more than 10 days ago. Betamax of SuperVHS? Loved ep1. It has energy and humour in a way that's been missing since the end of season 6. Space setting seems to have brought the excitement back, even for Adam Reed himself. He only seems to have quit bc of network interference, which grew in season 3, on set mainly by the new producer hostile to science fiction. This resulted in many issues, including the lowering of quality, which Rhys-Davies spoke out against. There are also credible claims that he didn't quit at all, but was fired because of his vocal criticism of the writing of the show. For instance, this interview with Cleavant Derricks [url][/url] Not to worry, this plot easily facilitates Andy appearing in memories and retellings of various previously unseen events, plus the usage of archive footage. Sipowicz lives in the OG NYPD Blue. I pretty much agree. The interlacing here was interesting but slightly jarring, the film would have been better served with concentration on the presidential story. This version we got was not bad, however, not at all, just a bit all over the place. The life of Danièle Mazet-Delpeuch has twists and turns, she got recommended by none other than Joël Robuchon for the position of private chef to François Mitterrand, which she held from 1988-1990, and was not fired because of rivalry, as in the film, but resigned because of the schedules. Then, years later she went to the Antarctic on a 14 month contract. [url] [/url] [url] [/url] So the film makes the odd choice of reminiscing about this more spectacular phase of career when she's cooking at a research station Martin-de-Viviès. Does not quite work, does it? But, at least, it's her own life and career throughout. In Julie and Julia, on the other hand, the Julie parts were absolutely superfluous, Julie Powell in the film is a terrible, boring and petty little person, but not as bad as her real counterpart. Julia Child on the other hand is a larger than life personality, a grande dame of cuisine who is ill-served by getting only half a film. The life and times of Julia Child actually deserve a series of films, that cow Julia Powell can make do with a single faded polaroid with the word "slag" written on it. Luckily we still have Child's tv shows and Powell has pretty much not been heard from! I just now read about this, and it is looking sweet, sweet, sweet! Only MV players, OG writer, Neill Blomkamp directing, it oughta be pure honey fried gold, baby... Or is it a real time loop? Watch out for the mimics... And mimes as well, those are awful. View all replies >