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I totally read that in my head in a Dana Carvey doing a Bush senior voice. Is there something wrong with me? :D On the point at hand, feet are pretty far from the nose if you do it standing up or doggy style, and womens feet at the worst don't smell as bad as mine straight out of the shower, so no problems here. Heather Graham seems to be single atm, btw... It's a potential sequel, based on a comic book series that continues Django's story, which is why it sounds so peculiar, [url][/url] Isn't it basically just a plot device to drive home a plot point? In this case to get Railly to have another look at the old photos. The line that it had to have been fired before 1920 is very sketchy indeed, but dramatic and narratively necessary. As a layman I'll respect your expertise on the military and weapons matter, it makes sense, as does the reasoning that the bullet was in fact fresh, recently fired, and could not be dated to a period by regular means. Even if it was somehow possible to identify a bullet as specifically pre-1920, coming from a uniquely identifiable weapon of a similar era, it would be a massive coincidence that the police department in question just happened to have a weapons specialist of that level of knowledge of military weapon history, that would likely not come in handy any time in their line of police work. These types of coincidences are midly annoying at best, and ridiculous at worst. There seems to always be knowledge when needed, like a detective knows exactly where the soil, or pollen from the bottom of a suspect's shoes comes from, and can only come from there. It's poor script writing, really, to resolve the plot in an expedient and orderly fashion. I can shed some light on details of the final airport scene having just rewatched the film, the last moments are still on tv in fact. This is one of my favourites, both in film, from Gilliam and time travel in particular. When James goes through security with the woman, presumably his mom, there's a man right behind them. When they're seen next, not long after the previous scene and not far away from the checkpoint, James has the woman on his left and a man - with the exact same clothes than the one that was behind them - on his right, holding hands with both. It's easy to assume they're his parents, and that they are in side the secure perimeter bc they landed at the airport, returning to their car that's been in the monitored airport parking lot. Otherwise it would be very difficult, and unnecessary, for them to get to the secured area for arrivals. The same people enter the car where James wistfully watches the fatal flight depart, carrying the seeds of doom for 5 billion humans. This look of longing can simply be explained by the family just having arrived and the boy enjoying the flight so much he wants to do it all over again. Or that he likes looking at airplanes? This is just my interpretation, but follows from detail that I've just seen. I agree, very hard to pull of as illusions. There's definitely something going on with the character, he's not a mere mortal. I'm intrigued by the fan theory that he's Al-Masih al-Dajjal, the AntiChrist in Islam, who deceives people into believing he's actually Messiah. Then in muslim scripture Isa the Messiah, the Christian Jesus returns to fight the false messiah. This is not as far fetched as it might seem, including his name which is a bit of a giveaway for arabic speakers (I'm not, but it's been pointed out repeatedly online). All those miracles, and the one at the end of the season finale can be achieved by the so called dark powers as well, deception in order to mask Al-Masih's true intentions. This twist is supported by how Al-Masih seems more than a bit detached, more interested in gathering followers than helping people. He does not heal the cancer girl, he does not help people in any real, obvious way (apart from the finale). He's interested in attention, getting worshiped, and hardly smiles in private, away from the cameras. This is not the empathetic Jesus of scripture, always willing to help the needy, contest rulers and fight against their abuse of power. These details could of course be another form of misdirection, that we've simply not been shown more of his good deeds to keep it ambigous and the viewer guessing. Here's hoping for a 2nd season so we can find out! Oh my lol, you got that right, kwestmo. To the OP: Way to disprove your own shit! The 1st paragraph is somewhat interesting, though misgeneralised and inaccurate, and as such not on point. I'll clarify. I had an uncle with schizophrenia, and he came up with some wild ideas. I also have friends who have the same ailment, and they sometimes are unable to differentiate between imagination and reality, but not always. The thing with all of them is that when you talked with them about the problems of those lines of creative reasoning, or the underlying paranoia, they quickly see those themselves and are a bit embarassed. It helps all my contacts have been with academics, intelligent people, just ill. I don't want to generalise that, but I will point out that a theory as a term is something that has been tested and there's evidence for it, so maybe not use "theory" to criticise it inaccurately, ok? I'll also point out that conspiracies have and do occur, they're just hidden from plain sight, othewise they would just be plans and actions. Admittedly actual, certainly large scale conspiracies are not that common, contrary to the massive conspiracy you, OP, claim to be occuring planet-wide. Do you not see how you fall into your own critique, OP? I used to be a chef, for 12.5 years, now just a massively fat guy with an appetite. M-m is the best, whether sorbet or classical ice cream form, if you're into those flavours you'll love it! :D Mango-melon with grilled warm pineapple and a dollop of mascarpone is a fresh option, btw. TLJ was basically a basil and lemon sorbet with a fiery hot chili caramel sauce, not bad as such but definitely a surprise in itself. If I was being generous, I might say the title was Emo Ren's intention, the complete end of the Jedi. As it stands, fc31 has a pretty realistic explanation above. As an aside to the precise discussion in this thread, I tried to like the sequel trilogy, but all three spend their duration presenting vehicle chases and object hunts that end up basically nowhere, or to a place where the stories maybe should have started. Not very compelling, but I didn't exactly hate them, they're far too bland for that. Having said that, those vanilla flavours in TFA and RoS at least was done to an okay degree, proper cream and real vanilla, but it's still vanilla, nothing new. The Last Jedi, on the other hand, was a tub of an unrecognizable ice cream flavour that most SW fans were not expecting, and thus it was jarring. As another film, without the SW label with those character and other names it might have been palatable. Disagreed, CynicalDremer. Firstly, the main cast stayed in the film production for the whole stretch. The filming schedule was from September 2000 to December 2010, with some additional filming for DH part 2 in 2011. So that was not a major issue. Secondly, a tv production could take a similar time to film per season as the films, so that's not an issue either. What would have changed is getting all the material filmed, forming a deeper and wider world of magic. Thridly, aging would not have been more of an issue, as it might in fact have taken less time to make 7 annual seasons than it did to make 8 films. By the start of filming in Sept. 2000 the first 4 books had been published, so a schedule, storyline and broader concept could have been worked out precisely for the first 4 seasons in advance. The other three came out in 2003, OotP, 2005, HBP, and 2007, DH, so no missed years would have been needed waiting for material until book 7. Season 1 could have been broadcast in 2001, 2 in 2002 and so forth, reaching book 7 in 2007, when it had just been published, and that might have necessitated a small delay, as with Game of Thrones has done waiting for GRRM. Maybe JKR could have given the production the book material before it was published, who knows. All I see is that an episodic take on the series could have included much more, if not all of the book events. And Harbinger, let's remember A Game of Thrones, The Crown and several others that had more than enough of a budget to pull the task off, so special effects really aren't as big of a problem as on thriftier tv networks. HP would have been event tv, pulling in all the important aspects. View all replies >