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The finale... What did you want to see that you didn't see...? Robert Forster Died today Newest trailer Finally.. A whole new world Anyone catch this yet? Anyone still hoping for anyone in particular to survive ? I can't beleive ... So are we ready to embrace Negan as a good guy now? View all posts >


I just started watching and am halfway through season 1. I like the Laura character...the way she acts out sexually is based on the way she was trained early on to see her value as a person. I get that. Laura is "beautiful" so that could create a bias in some people. Eventually I found all the sessions with everyone interesting...even if they didn't seem my "favorites" at first. It seemed that one needed to watch all the sessions with everyone to get the full picture. Everyone could be exasperating at certain points and unbelievably rude and arrogant....certainly so could Sophie. If all patients were so high maintenance it would make for a difficult job. This doesn't make analysis look very appealing at all. The sessions I wrestled with the most were the couple...or the wife in particular. I waited for her humanity to surface. I disagree..there are many like me. I was a lifelong liberal but I don't recognize what I see today. The public far left has become everything we use to be against... I'm a woman that appreciates female empowerment but I do not see the need to replace every male character lead remake with a female. There's such a thing as overdoing it and lately it has been ridiculous.. I liked the original as it was (a bit cheesy but good fun). It's not like Jenny Agutter didn't costar and give females their share of screen I don't disagree with you. It is a senseless change. It doesn't make you misogynist...unless that's the only thing that bothers you these days. I'm independent and I didn't vote for Trump... but the people I know that did weren't so much "pro-Trump" as much as they considered him the lesser of 2 evils. The Democrat's should consider this as they keep swerving further left. Most of America is more mainstream than either party. Every time I do this it changes just a bit 1. Breaking Bad 2. Six Feet Under 3. Battlestar Galactica 4. BTVS 5. The Americans 6. Fringe 7. Justified 8. LOST 9. La Femme Nikita 10. 24 Nah...I think it's in their genes.. Those studies on happiness seem to indicate that even grand slams only temporarily bring a lift to the dour personality while the sunny disposition barely requires more than a sunny day. I thought for sure that they had a great comedy routine worked out.. What did I miss? There's a difference in lust and temptation and what this guy did..Even many young women put into that disneyland of temptations would have trouble not succumbing to their baser instincts. But there's a difference between acting on those opportunities or taking advantage and extorting, pressuring, controlling peoples job opportunities and even physically forcing someone to give into your demands. That's not even lust. It's sociopathic The thing is that people that are in positions of power and control can have all the nookie they want freely but if they like feeling superior and dominant and taking advantage of people then they're in a completely different ballpark. Weinstein is one of the worst..if not the worst. They may have had a potential for more. John Jr was wrestling with the concept of the expectations of being a great man or just striving to be a good man. Yes, he would've been. She wouldn't have banged him. View all replies >