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Resolution is now on Amazon Prime Decent flick but... They just can't stand to have ... The finale... What did you want to see that you didn't see...? Robert Forster Died today Newest trailer Finally.. A whole new world Anyone catch this yet? View all posts >


I bike, too, and here we have a walk by a river that parallels the downtown district of cafe's and nifty little shops and theaters. But I was thinking more of foreign places that cater more to bikers. I loved it in the film "Copenhagen" where they literally went everywhere on their bikes. Not once did they take a taxi.. I absolutely positively want to move to a small city where the bikes outnumber the cars. That means cool things nearby! How would you like it if people were following you around to snap a pic 24/7? I like them both but to me JC is light in the likability factor and the charisma that would make her more popular than she is. And BDH is just so much prettier to my eyes. Maybe she wasn't getting the kind of offers she wanted...maybe she doesn't enjoy doing it anymore. There is life beyond acting. It is possible to want to do something else. Weren't Malcolm's own wife and daughter convinced it was Farrakhan? For 2 people?!! I'd give it a 3 It's alright for every once in a while but is each person eating for 2? I had always thought it was the weekend because of that so I checked and it was on a Friday. But the chase actually happened in the afternoon in July (longer days) and we're on the east coast so 3 hours later. We must've met there after work. Yeah...I hung out with my Dad whenever I could. Everyone wanted to hang out with him. He was a great guy. We ended up following the OJ trial on radio and tv closely and talking about it all the time. We may be one of the few that didn't start out thinking him guilty but ended up totally convinced he was. Yeah, me too. I was at a bar with my father and the entire room went quiet and was transfixed. That doesn't matter one way or another to what I was saying about the original question.That is what I was responding to. \ That would be an assumption by most people that a gay or bi natural born female would admire other women's looks. View all replies >