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I hate the way that some atheist and theist go back and forth demonizing one another. There's room for all beliefs when really nobody knows for certain. Why not live and let live? I rejected religion at a young age but never could reject the idea of a God or supreme being. Life just did not compute or have meaning for me without it so it remains within me. I just see religion as an early attempt to explain the unexplainable and sometimes an attempt to control according to the beliefs of the time. Taken to extremes it can be a negative force but it can also be a comfort so I no longer pick at their literal interpretations as long as it isn't invasive to others. As far as how could a God allow this or that... how could there be free will with constant intervention? And how could he pick and chose one over another? It's our ballgame. It's all up to us while we're here. I do think God is capable of giving comfort and I just feel, for me, that life is too nihilistic without some spirituality. In the end it doesn't matter. If I'm wrong and we just cease to be than I'll never even know. I don't disagree superficially with what you're it is many things in life are the luck of the draw. ...the status of the family you're born into, your looks, your skills and the talents you're born with and even the good fortune to be in the right place at the right time and having the connections to thread all those into your fortune. But for almost all human beings there is a reckoning that even the most banal will wrestle with. I'd want everything for my child and that would include the capacity for joy which would also have to involve the building of some character. Without that, in the end, I think it ends up like Gatsby symbolizing a light that he can't quite ever reach or a girl with money in her voice that doesn't exist. The studies on happiness are interesting..Apparently large amounts of money do not affect happiness long term. Poverty and struggle do, of course, because they make life very hard. But people with enough money (that is.. enough to pay bills and have enough left over for some wants) are just as capable of being happy especially since they have a little room to actually dream. What do you do if you have everything that money can buy and are still unhappy? There's nowhere to go but the end of the plank if you don't think there's anything more. But yes, the discrepancy between rich and poor is widening and the middle class seems to be disappearing. It's harder than ever for someone not born into the right place to get a leg up and without status it's harder to stay up ...and that leads to unhappiness and depression. And it makes sense that it would. I wasn't born into the "right" family. I know about struggle. We're not necessarily talking about one extreme to the other as far as struggles go.. there are some in between areas here..but do you really think it's better to live a banal superficial life where everything is just given to you rather then to ever feel that you've actually earned any part of it? You don't think that's why we hear of so many kids of the rich and famous succumbing to drug addiction and alcoholism and suicide and mental illness because their life has no meaning? What I don't understand, ultimately, is how any of this bribery benefits her daughters in the long run. They already live in a bubble with all sorts of privilege in which she could've put the extra effort in to make them better more rounded human beings that learn that one gets out what one puts in. But no.. She has been teaching them that they have to do absolutely nothing to have whatever they want. Is it really the mark of good parents to do this to their child? What happens to them if all the money and fame went away? Of course it all won't go away..They're still a far cry from and millions and millions from having to scratch out a living. But this may be the best thing to happen to her kids. They may start having to feel they may have to use some effort to get what they want. They may have to begin the process of actually having to prove themselves and develop themselves beyond what they likely would've before this scandal. You think maybe some of us make the same mistake that these actors themselves do? I mean giving more importance to the words that they say than they deserve. This makes my day...Really.. He's the only one capable of doing Vol 3 justice.. I wonder if all the support he got helped this along.. Everyone seemed to stand behind him....and not budge an inch. Newt and Hicks died for the most dismal depressing film in the entire franchise. I reject everything after Aliens I didn't state my own gender and race but was making an observation more about a white male at work being completely unaware of the controversy and going to see the film. This is what I strive for with entertainers. As a white female that is as tired as anyone of white guys taking the brunt of a lot of current wokeness... I do not think that Brie hates white guys. But I think her comments make her seem less bright than it does aware. I did say "7 or 8" .. Yes, I am..go check it out and tell me it ain't so. I'm not sure why you seem to think it's so incredulous. You can also find some decent films rated as low as 5 but that could be due to the age of the film, or a low # of people having rated or viewed it. But tv shows are different. Nothing ever rated that lowly in tv shows has been anything other than a stinker to me. TV shows need to at least be in the 7's. View all replies >