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Anyone here ever play Nationstate, the country simulation game? Resolution is now on Amazon Prime Decent flick but... They just can't stand to have ... The finale... What did you want to see that you didn't see...? Robert Forster Died today Newest trailer Finally.. A whole new world View all posts >


I also believe this to be true. That"s when it all started. Water for Elephants So in just a few years he finished College, went into the army and had a failed Hollywood career before becoming a drifter for a time? That doesn't even make sense. It has been a while since I saw it but I always had the impression he was at least into his 30's. He wouldn't be such a failure at all those things if it had just been a few years. What bothers me more than eating them is the way we raise, torture and kill them. It's horrible and doesn't say much for us as a supposedly enlightened species. Well, Holden's character was suppose to be a former College football star that went into the Army and then tried a shot at Hollywood before becoming a drifter for a while. He would've had to have been at least early to middle 30's which is pretty much on the mark (Holden was about 37 when it was released which means he was probably about 35-36 when filming). I do think Holden looks old for his age. I think he always did but so did a lot of other actors and actresses from that era. Or maybe "mature" is the right word. I'm not sure that it's all about hard living or different styles as I tend to believe that humans are evolving to age slower from one generation to the next. Or at least that's the way that it appears to me. If you're talking about those awful looper or N Swift videos than I definitely think NOT. Other than the people mentioned here that we already know the "whys" of their downfall there's a hundred others they will pick on with innuendo, embellishment and exaggeration just so they'll have an ongoing topic for their online tabloid niche. They are full of crap. But that wasn't my point..He dismantled her and made her seem unstable and irrational...sure. I'm more than familiar with domestic abuse, too, by the way.. But these were her good friends...Should they not have been concerned more about her state of mind than angry at her? At least initially? Their initial response was to act as if she was malicious in her intents and not concern that she may have had some kind of mental breakdown which should have been their first response due to the unbelievable supernatural events she was claiming. Not that many.. Troy Donahue (Long washed up but doing a hospital benefit and very polite) Bill and Hilary Clinton ( This was at a bar where only regulars were allowed in. I wasn't a regular but the guy I was with was) Also very polite. Bertie Higgins - (Key Largo/the song). He came into a bar with his ex producer Sonny Limbo that had become a sad drunk. Sonny wanted to prove that he had once been somebody, had gold records and said, among others, he had co wrote and produced Key Largo. Turned out to be true. Paul Newman- Not young anymore but still beautiful. There may be others ..I don't remember. Oh...I wondered who that belonged to 😉 I don't think women are as prone to objectify and dissect each individual part of a persons body in the same way as some men do. Male nudity can be very nice to some women but it's going to be the whole package. Not just a picture of a dick. And, yeah, in one way the whole package might be things like personality, intelligence, morals etc but even from the aesthetics point of a view a penis without an attachment to a nice torso, arms, butt, face etc isn't much to get excited about. In fact, it's really pretty creepy to get a penis shot from a stranger. And from someone you know it almost seems more comical than seductive. But hey, can seem more attractive and sexy when you get to know them because sex appeal is about more then a portion of flesh. View all replies >