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Anyone catch this yet? Anyone still hoping for anyone in particular to survive ? I can't beleive ... So are we ready to embrace Negan as a good guy now? A white male co-worker Netflix didn't even send any notifications Any long time watchers recommend this? I just saw this movie and I... Why he died (spoilers within) Breaking Bad film sequel in the Works View all posts >


St Elsewhere? One of the worst endings ever, in my opinion..That meant that everything that happened in the show was only in the mind of an autistic child. That's about as bad as .."it was all a dream" I know I will sound like I'm justifying his actions but his downfall should not be resting on this incident. From what I've understood they were at a drunken party and Rapp was laying on a bed and Spacey stumbled in and jumped on the bed and left without incident at Rapp's protest. I hate to say it but this would not have been considered so outrageous back in the day ..As a straight female I experienced much worse and I don't think I would come forward 40 years later to dissect their life over a drunken grope. I'm much more disturbed by allegations of his snide arrogant behavior with his underlings on set. There's also Robert Downey Jr who Gibson helped get his career back on track. RDJ drug abuse sent him in a downward spiral in the late 90's and he was incarcerated after numerous incidents and repeatedly breaking probation (such as wandering into the wrong house and being found in a neighbors bed) . He seemed like one of those actors that was lost and would never be found again. Everyone had written him off ..But after prison and rehab Gibson backed him up and helped get him work and get back on track. So he is a loyal friend doubt about that. And yeah...I do think all the things you said are true..and like you, my biggest regrets were tied to my drinking and that's also why I quit. Mel Gibson definitely needs to quit.. There's also the entitlement from becoming so rich and famous that people lose touch...Drugs and alcohol are self medicating tools that always backfire whether you're famous or not.. That being said I never had to overcome racist or antisemitic rants because I had never used them so they weren't lurking inside of me..but I do think maybe he is in conflict with this part of his upbringing. His father was a piece of work ... Oh yeah, every month I fall in love with myself all over again. But I always love the hotness that is Naveen Andrews. I am woman.. but I do think there may be assumptions made about gender for those with more ambiguous user names. And then there's the lurkers... I lurk more than I post.. I don't care either about James Bond ...but I guess I don't understand why established characters can't stay established and true to their origins and they could create new original characters that are black or female or gay or whatever.. Why couldn't a black female secret agent be 009, for instance? I guess some negative reactions are not just about what they're doing...but why they are doing it. Why come back 2 months later for this same drivel that no one replied to? pumpyjones had it right...but I want to thank you (sarcasm) for being one of the reasons we now have this extreme progressive attitude everywhere. It's people like you that helped create it. I'll only address your initial question.. As once a lifetime liberal I do believe there was once a time and place for liberalism and that it helped cross many barriers that needed to be crossed. But now it has devolved into something I refer more as "progressive" or more correctly "regressive" ...or even oppressive. It has taken on the very traits it once opposed with its extremes and polarization, its inability and refusal to listen to other points of view and to easily brand and ostracize people that don't tow their line. It's own prejudices multiply daily but to them it's the "right" prejudices. So they are "good". I suppose it's like anyone that achieves control. When they get that control it becomes their weapon. They deny what has been achieved or what has already been overcome because it's been their leverage and it's their righteous indignation card for staying in control of the media.. It's not about facts these days but some peoples inherent belief that they are right about everything and don't have to see other points of view or look at the big picture.. And they don't, do they? We may have a overly conservative President but they rule every bit of media influence. Progressives are not a symptom of Trump. Trump was a symptom of progressives. Who's asking? I'm confused as to why you ask.. Do you feel the same about all films about war or terrorism or conflict or internal crisis? How about films about 9/11 or the rape of Nanking or the Holocaust or Bosnia or the Armenian genocide or Rwanda ? Sometimes it's good to see why these things happen and to see the human element behind the headlines. View all replies >