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Yeah, I hear ya.. The WW could've driven the survivors North...What about Mel, the witch that could birth assassin babies and resurrect the dead, do something besides light torches and tell Arya to get on it. She could've done something witchy to aid in their escape..something amazing and died then and there.. Bran could've used his abilities a little better too. He could've warged into the ice dragon and taken him and his threat away. Even if it killed him. Cersei thought she was so clever to have everyone else take care of the threat (and it was clever...but ruthless and cold) and their forces should have been depleted. Cerei could've pretended to help them out initially but either Jon has the stand off with the night king and kills him or Daenarys 2 dragons wipe out most of the WW and the NK backs off and disappears. But Cersei doesn't back off, sees her opportunity and kills one of Daenerys dragons., Arya uses the face of dead Jaime, who died in the night war, to get close to and assassinate Cersei but Daenerys doesn't care after her dragon is killed and goes on her rampage with the remaining Drogon. Jon still has to kill Daenerys but isn't arrested and banned to the wall. He is proclaimed King but relinquishes his claim and goes North to lead the wildlings and hunt the NK. The council argues but finally agrees on...whoever..Bran if he survived.., Sansa, Tyrion..insert new King or Queen.. Just some thoughts.. I did do The Wire a few years ago and thought it was brilliant but it had, for lack of a better term...a sterile quality (kind of like Mad Men) that left me feeling sort of detached. And for years I've been eyeing The Sopranos. I'll get around to it. As far as that era of the "golden age"..I loved 6 Feet Under.. ..and I finally did do Deadwood which I liked more than loved. A few shows I liked a lot that fly under the radar are The Americans, Kingdom (2014), Rectify. Banshee and Orphan Black and Justified were entertaining. Ray Donovan is sometimes. So sometimes is Ozark and The Last Kingdom.. SOA was less so. I find Westworld and Outlander disappointing despite high production values. The Handmaidens Tale is good but not for everyone. I'm currently working on trying The Expanse, Killing Eve, Barry, Fortitude..and welcome any other suggestions.. I guess the really great shows are always going to be far and few between. least they got that right. My biggest problem wasn't the darkness that everyone was complaining about. It actually started out unbearably tense and I was on the edge of my seat..But it made the white walkers seem invincible and impossible for anyone to overcome or anyone to make it out alive.. Everyone seemed destined to be slaughtered but then most everyone survived and it was just all over ..Something that should have lasted and had more weight and dramatic impact was just dispensed with. It's not that I wanted a lot of my favorite characters to die but why make it seem like there was no other way?..Why make everyone look like they were dead meat and then survive despite all evidence to the contrary? How about not showing all these characters in the middle of a death thrall and mislead us? Because all challenges were going to be dispensed with in an anti climatic way.. Cersei? She loses within minutes after being the new big bad.. Daenerys? After her rampage she also only gets a few minutes before being dispensed with. Not enough time made everything that should have been important become anti climatic. I have no idea why D&D ever thought they could sell out the loss of all dramatic tension and character arcs by these shorter seasons. Actually certain things considered obsolete are still considered valuable for some..Like some typewriters, particularly the IBM with the clicky keyboard, has always been kind of hot. They're so much easier to type on too than a desktop keyboard, laptop or virtual and kind of fun. It's easy to see why some people still crave them. That's one of those kinds of things I look for when I bid on some of those government auctions. One mans trash is another's treasure, I guess. Sad but true.. There has been several series that I have enjoyed but I think that the last time I was as excited about a show and its final season was Breaking Bad. I thought the first 2 episodes could've worked out reasonably well if the last 4 hadn't tripped all over themselves and abandoned nearly every prophecy and character arc in an anti climatic manner. I've heard primarily the Jorah alternate..but I think this is one of the things they got right. Jorah might've been conflicted but I don't believe he would ever turn against Daenerys. And I like the thought of Jon leaving the Night Watch to live with the Wildlings.. Not as a ranger of the Night Watch with Jorah. It all works better with Tormund. And the Gendry part doesn't sound like Gendry..He would turn against Arya and Davos and the slaughtering of thousands of innocence just because of a title? I would've liked to see Sansa and Tyrion fight back to some degree..It felt weird just watching them cower and hide. They really should have included those scenes. Yes, this bothered me too...even if we all knew that going to live North with the Wildlings is what Jon ultimately wanted. I think that's what I liked best about Jon and his adopted father and brother..none of them really wanted any part of all the political shenanigans but had a strong sense of duty toward what others wanted of them..Even to their own detriment.. Look at how much grief that Iron Throne caused everyone that pursued it and everyone around them. And now they're all dead too. But it felt like it would've been sweeter if it had been what Jon choose to do rather than be sentenced and ostracized while everyone else was acting all giddy because his sacrifice gave them all exactly what they wanted. Instead of being burned to death by Drogon, for instance. I have to guess they had to compromise for the moment to keep the peace but knew that the only way to release Jon from his obligations was to make it seem like he had no choice. The gate closing behind him was his final passage from obligation and duty so now he gets to live his own life. Would the unsullied be so tolerant? Didn't look that way to me but it's just another issue the writers didn't want to address in their fast forward to the end. Maybe without his Queen's guidance Greyworm was unable to order the slaughter of people he knew. 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