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Anyone catch this yet? Anyone still hoping for anyone in particular to survive ? I can't beleive ... So are we ready to embrace Negan as a good guy now? A white male co-worker Netflix didn't even send any notifications Any long time watchers recommend this? I just saw this movie and I... Why he died (spoilers within) Breaking Bad film sequel in the Works View all posts >


It's complicated...but this is largely what I've been thinking too. Not young at all..but my experiences are different and have been for many years. I resent people making the entire world a cliche of its past and never letting it move forward.. ' It may be who you tend to know or it may be that certain southern cities are ahead of fixing what ailed them.. Yes, it does happen. I just saw a film recently (I'll leave out the title due to spoilers) where the main female character was on her way to a better life but instead she was raped and beaten to death. There was no justice or retribution for it either. Not for her or the male lead. The bad guys won. It happens all the time in film to all kinds of characters. . I'm not sure why only this incident in this one film should be more important than everything else. I strongly dislike films that involve torture as their calling card...Hostel type films or Salo. Any of that brand of horror film. My empathy gene is too strong and I end up always feeling like I'm the victim. A very unpleasant feeling. I'm extremely near sighted and always have been so it was glasses and contacts all the days of my life ...and it's only getting worse as I get older.. Now I've taken to wearing glasses for distance and taking them off otherwise. I think I like showing off after years of being the blind one since now I can still read all that close up print for all those former 20/20 people around me. It's nice to finally not be the blind one. Where down south do you live exactly? I've lived "down south" most of my life and never hear whites talk that way. Many places in the south now have a denser black population now. I would say whites are even a minority in many businesses. I live in a nice neighborhood but most people worry about the hard boiled drug addicts that have a tendency to rob us all. Will Ferrell would be top pick for me..Many of the others on your list I prefer in dramatic roles. The biggest question for me might be how many comedy films do I find to be hilarious...Hardly ever.. Why don't we consider what's more prevalent in this world in the last 20 years ...and it's not gun ownership or films about psycho's. The way this panned out almost seemed more implausible than the boyfriend.. I can't imagine the truth would go over well.....maybe she'll just continue in denial. Evidently View all replies >