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LOL The first rule of fascism is to call everyone else fascist. Also the first rule of morons is to change rules thinking the rules will not eventually apply to them. Already forgot about the stacked supreme court dummy? Isn't the little girl dying of cancer proof he's not The Messiah? NO. If that was the case then all of the children who have died from cancer or in some other cruel way is proof there is no God. Yes they have the character perform the impossible and then clumsily throw in totally inadequate alternate explanations. The walking on water was a low point in the series, the waters could have been immediately examined for undergwater structures to verify the miracle or expose the trick but the script just moves on. Which Jesus do you prefer? A Democrat Jesus who looks like Hillary Clinton? We get it. Ignorance is a virtue to you. You have proved the ops point. If you ask the woke brigade the movie should have had elderly white middle class spanish Catholic nun police officers to more accurately and fairly depict terrorists. This argument must be from the book, "Arguments for Dummies". So a secret religious group burns down your parents house, fireballs their cars and then leaves you a note, "Feel our wrath, change your ways!" But since your parents weren't killed, it's not terrorism, it's just friendly persuasion. How much can a man actually physically take? In an action movie, it's pretty much unlimited. View all replies >