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SJW: ‘The Lion King’ is a fascistic story

A Dutch professor this time. Manages to fit TDS and Nazis in too.

As we watch the herbivores congregate to bow down before their newborn ruler, “The Lion King” presents a seductive worldview in which absolute power goes unquestioned and the weak and the vulnerable are fundamentally inferior. In other words: “The Lion King” offers us fascist ideology writ large, and there is no obvious way out for the remake.

Doubling down on Disney’s historical obsession with patriarchal monarchies, it places the audience’s point of view squarely with the autocratic lions, whose Pride Rock literally looks down upon all of society’s weaker groups — a kind of Trump Tower of the African savanna. When grand patriarch Mufasa explains patiently to his son how this division of power works, he emphasizes that the king must maintain balance in their kingdom. This seems acceptable when we think about the environment, where we associate “balance” with sustainability. But when we consider that he’s really explaining to his heir why the natural order makes it normal for kings to devour the peasants, the lions’ perspective feels a lot more unsettling.

[It gets worse!]


The Lion King as a heteropatriarchal story:
«The story suggests that the heteropatriarchal status quo that makes the male first son become the privileged male that has absolute power over the females is not only a human social oppressive construct, but a part of nature and the cycle of life»

The Little Mermaid as a fascistic story:
«When the Little Mermaid asks to have human feet, that conveys a desire to morph into a closer state to the Aryan race, which shows the hidden racism and Nazism in the story»

The Little Mermaid as a heteropatriarchal story:
«The Little Mermaid abandons her conditions to disempower herself in order to follow the protocols of the heteropatriarchal romantic narrative»

Beauty and the Beast as a fascistic story:
«It's the story of a woman that transform a beast which is close to animals into a perfect member of the Aryan race. It's a clear metaphor of the Nazi eugenics»

♫♫♫ Everything is naziiiiiiii ♫♫♫


A professor with a PHD in stupidity.

Clearly he doesn’t understand how real Lion prides work.

Hint: they don’t vote.


Clearly he does, which is the entire point of the article.

Lol @ you following your sock around like a puppy.


Rules only have meaning to you when they benefit you, obviously.


Yes, this is why human society has come so far from animals in the wild, which Lion King utilizes.

Good job failing to understand even a modicum of what he wrote, but your extremist Alt-Right ideology prevents you from accepting anything not tailored toward base tribalism.

You dont even bother debating my points anymore because of how thoroughly I have exposed your antihumanist, antisocial personality over the past two years.


Nope, it's because you're too stupid to respond to. There is nothing to understand, the professor is just deranged like all SJWs.

Don't be stupid, it's a movie review! He made it political, not me.


So glad some people's obsession with the awful notion of Social Justice gets applied all the way over to Holland. God forbid other cultures get to run their own show.


This professor is right. How dare they Nazi this up. We should send the professor to Africa in the jungle and he can show us these facist pig lions whose the boss. Let's see who survives this ordeal with only bare hands.


I take it he was not a child when this movie came out. He also apparently had a child devoid of human contact, back in the stone age.