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Not all posters at MC should be ignored An education on barbarism of slavery and the justification for reparations Tough choice Wow, Oscar caliber for sure. Its that time again, time to take out the trash…. Breaking! The Biden/Harris ‘24 campaign kicks off with their new election slogan Democrats bring us the 2nd largest bank failure since 2008 Looking forward to more truth bombs and hard evidence exposing the corrupt J6 bake sale committee Chuck Schumer and Whoopi claim hard evidence is an attack on our Democracy. Democrats in panic… Fake news highlights View all posts >


Depp and Rickman were outstanding. Great flick. It’s a shame we don’t have a similar thread for Democrat media/party/lemmings whiffs over the last 7 years. It would dwarf the 100’s of massive successes Trump achieved for the American people. Hitting the links. The Clinton’s hush payments were more effective. Just kill those you want quieted. No worries of campaign violations with that. 150 and counting. Most of their party/media leadership is corrupt. Their lemming voters are just stupid. Definitely not an attack on “our democracy”. No one’s going to jail. When does sending $150billion in “hush money” payments to Ukraine get investigated? Not an attack on our democracy. But he commuted all those crimes and we’re gonna get’m someday. The walls are literally closing in. Anytime now. Congrats on making a post that said nothing. As usual from our democrat lemmings. View all replies >