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With his 81,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,0000,000000,0,0,00,00000 votes, Biden needs to hold steady for November! Democrat party rectum mental illness has reached new heights lol!!! Update: Orange Brandon in the house! Wow there’s even more Trump at… Why do you think the world loves Trump? Why do you think 70% of the country hates Biden? Its approval has fallen below 15%. Outstanding catalog of lunatic conspiracy theories in just the last 4 years will blow your mind It now has a lower rating than the Star Wars Holiday extravaganza Democrats and their media rectum at NBC forced to interview Ai version of Biden Happy Birthday! View all posts >


Tulsi is the best choice. Vivek good too. That said, 50/50 both are deep state plants. This is a terrible choice. I can’t imagine a worse one. Europe will collapse. The time for the leftwing media is over. The time for the world wide left has come to an end. The time to remove this cancer by force has come. He should stay far away from the political cesspool. OK. Now it’s serious. Like the candle. Has caused the Democrat party to implode while doing nothing since the debate. lol!!! The walls are closing in. It is good, and I am a fan. But it’s highly overrated. White Americans are by far the least racist group in the world. That was sad. Think of all the work that went into paying her to stand there all day. Then having the handlers move her to where the cameras will capture her. Then finally the big moment comes and….ol Joe shits his diaper. It’s an abortion of justice. She’s firm View all replies >