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So was Romney. And McCain. And Dole. And Gingrich. And HW Bush. And Reagan. And Nixon. Communist run Democrat media/party playbook since JFK died. When you have no platform, when you can’t debate, when you can’t inspire, you preach hate. You create mental slaves out of mental midgets. This is the modern Democrat party base. Pathetic brainless lemmings. Strange considering the riots were done by Antifa Democrats. As we’ve known all along. It’s always sad when the lemmings fantasy world comes crashing down. :( [url][/url] Great reminder as now the world is ending in just 8 years! 5 if you source the most ignorant of the left. Do you think it’s gotten better in the last year now that they’ve bankrupted 1/3 of their business? Remember when communist tech banned Cuomo for threats of violence? Me neither. Remember when 27,000 seemed high? Those who can’t debate, censor. Yep As expected the denunciation was silent. Lemmings be lemming. This thread needs to be removed in the name of free speech. Clearly it’s an insurrective storming of unity. Dammit! How will the lemmings get their new PlayStations and Netflixes! This is Insurrection! View all replies >