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Democrat party operative and Jeffrey Epstein’s confidant Ghislaine Maxwell arrested on sexual abuse charges Democrat Racist Dick Durbin ILL calls black senator Tim Scott ‘token’. Niece of Martin Luther King Jr, and Trump supporter, Angela Stanton King shocks The Breakfast Club Minneapolis neighborhood that vowed not to call police in wake of Floyd death is already being tested by 300 homeless BET founder Robert Johnson says Dems taking black voters 'for granted,' calls for BLM to form party Seattle Residents, Businesses Sue City For Endorsing And Enabling ‘Lawless’ CHOP Zone NYC Shootings EXPLODE Amid Disbanding Of Anti-Crime Units, Reassignment Of Hundreds Of Officers - Thanks Democrats! Democrat run Lincoln Co Oregon mandates masks for everyone people. Democrat rioters destroy war memorial to fallen soldiers. Moment of silence....CHAZ View all posts >


How will Biden’s election lessen the hatred and lies that come from the Democrat media/party? A few examples would be calling Trumps inauguration speech Hitlarian. Trump hadn’t even taken office, and Chris Mathews, highly respected DC establishment journalist for MSNBC, and former chief of staff for Democrat speaker of the house Tip O’Neal said those words minutes after Trumps first speech. There was nothing hateful about the speech. Or the lies told by the Democrat party media for 3 years about evidence of Russia collusion. The evidence was never produced. The reality the Democrat party of hate and lies will never stop because the media is the watch dog and they are the Democrat party. Uninformed ignorant people like yourself will continue to fall for it because you’re incapable of doing otherwise. No surprise none of the bot cut and pasters responded to the OP. They’re Incapable of formulating independent thoughts. Biden won’t be the nominee. As a descendant of slave owners she’d be the perfect representation of the Demokkkrat party of hate. It wasn’t controversial at all. It was just a drug doctors have prescribed for 70 years that helped treat Chinese flu. Tough call. They hate the country so they hate the 4th. They hate Christianity so they hate Christmas. They hate the country so they hate thanksgiving. They hate Christianity so they hate Easter. They hate the country so they hate Presidents’ Day. They hate the fact there are only 2 genders male and female, so they hate Mother’s Day, Valentines Day, and Father’s Day. Of course fathers day was covered by the fact they hate men too. They hate the military so they hate Memorial Day. They hate people of employment so they hate Labor Day. They also hate it because they think it has something to do with women giving birth which they hate. Abortions only damnit! That covers the big ones. Besides those they’re inspiring happy people. The speeded up shot is pretty funny. Amazing assless chaps didn’t make the list. Because “freeeedooooooooooom” Any questions? Do they ever reply in a sane factual way? I’ve yet to see it. Wow those people must be full of ignorance and hate. I’ll bet they burn the American flag too. I can think of many things to call them. It was laughably simpleminded and unsophisticated. Like 99% of other entertainment being made today. Spoonfed plots with some CGI and profanity thrown in for the short attention spans. Oh and of course dystopian overtones. Just needed a comic book super hero. Ok doggielemming View all replies >