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The problem with drunkenness is the fact that Hollywood only shows two types of drunks: the party animals that don't remember anything the next morning, and the abusive monsters. Turns out, in the real world, there are many types of drunks and like with any other experience when on a mind-altering substance, "your mileage may vary." With me, I never had any of those crazy, wild experiences, but I have gotten drunk twice; both in safe settings. Once, I drank three cups of white wine at my mother's apartment and fell asleep on the couch. Last time I got inebriated, I was with my parents on a cruise ship, and we went to a wine tasting. The problem was, we were misinformed that there would be food there, so we didn't eat lunch. Boy did we pay for it, and I don't mean in money. We ended up eating all the snacks, and I learned why many people hate red wine. It's sour and tastes like crap, but I was willing to try it and see how the taste changed with the snacks at the table. I knew something was wrong when the room started tilting sideways, despite me sitting straight up in my seat. We ended up going back to our cabins to sleep it off, hehe. It has nothing to do with her being a woman or successful. It has to do with the fact that two generations of people have grown up since she was famous back in the 70s, so most people of this generation don't know who she is, and don't care. Those who read political news have to hear her go to the Career Graveyard of Celebrity Politics see her as a pathetic loser and worse than has-been material. Easy, you give the globalists' minions a hard spanking and tell them to grow up and get over themselves. Can't you idiots on the Left talk about ANYTHING without including Trump? He seriously lives rent-free in your heads, and it's becoming very tiresome! "Picard" is a tv show that has <i>nothing to do</i> whoever's president at the time, and yet all the Woke people can do is say "Oh, and we have to impeach Trump," in every single subject they talk about. You're worse than the Alphabet people jamming the homosexual agenda into everything! I smell the Second Civil War coming.... The only good thing about her was she spoke a catchphrase that became very popular: "You don't know <i>nothing,</i> John Snow." Joaquin Phoenix - The man always looked like a smug dick to me. I can't stand him, or his greasy, curly black hair. John Travolta - I call him "John Revolta." Nothing about him ever appealed to me, even in movies when he was young and thin. His smile always creeped me out, like he was a piranha ready to eat you. Sarah Jessica Parker - Whyyyyyyy? The only things she has going for her is she's tall and skinny enough to be a model and has connections in the Jewish parts of Hollywood. I have never found her face that pretty, and she always turned my dad and brother off. The only time she was even vaguely sexy was on "Hocus Pocus," and it wasn't primarily because of her face. Thank you very much, I <i>knew</i> there was something I was missing in what was wrong with the entire "Dark Phoenix" saga, and it was that. It's hard to empathize with a character at all in a movie or a tv show if there is no character development, giving us a reason to care. Lucky them. I just did a month-long externship, and I didn't earn a cent. I'd have to agree. The other sequels kinda sucked. The second movie grossed me out, and I was angry at what they did to Elizabeth and Will in the 2nd and 3rd movies. "On Stranger Tides" wasn't quite so bad, but it was vaguely funny and mediocre at best, too fast-paced at worst. View all replies >