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What's with all the whining black men? Didn't they already make one? Patty ignored the #1 rule of story-writing... Finally got to see this the other night A perfect response to this dumpster fire So this is the prince Meghan bagged, huh? Just Re-watched this Looks like the Olsen Twins I love quoting the librarian Not touching this dumpster fire with a 10-mile pole View all posts >


They're so deep into the brainwashed lefty closet they're finding Christmas presents. There's no reasoning with them. My grandma had an Italian boyfriend years ago who loved telling us Italian Catholic jokes, and he told a rather interesting [secular] one about the statue of David ;) "There was a new museum that had opened up in town, and people flocked for miles to come see the new exhibits, since it had been years since anything new had been built. The lobby was at least three stories tall, and had a very large replica of the Statue of David in it, a statue so tall that people could walk under it. He was both anatomically correct, and his stone genitals were proportionate to his gigantic stone body. "The sight of his large stone member bothered some people in the town, and a few complaints were filed. The museum owners then decided to show some consideration and had a gigantic stone fig leaf made to cover up the offending body part. "A week after the stone leaf was installed, an old lady was seen, standing for hours, staring up at the statue. People got very curious about her behavior. The receptionist in the museum's lobby finally came over and asked the old lady why she was standing, staring up at the David statue. She smiled and merely said, "I'm waiting for the leaf to blow away." Craig, you can <i>explain</i> it to them, but you can't <i>understand</i> it for them. Their reading comprehension is worse than that of children. They think we'll all be living in a peaceful utopia where everyone holds hands and sings "Kum-ba-ya" once all the guns are gone. They will piss their pants and cry like little bitches when suddenly gangs of people who got guns from the local black markets come a-calling for their stuff, and the cops can do nothing because they were told to stand down because the gangs are black and to do their job would be "racist." They won't know what to do when the US govt. finally has their way and sends in the FBI as the new stormtroopers to initiate martial law. They'll piss their pants again and whine for 5 seconds before the new gestapo shoots a few in the head to silence them, and then they either march in lockstep with THE STATE, or cower in their homes and cry like babies, saying "This wasn't supposed to happen! Why us? What did we do wrong?" I've shown these pictures online several times: Doesn't do any good. When one is as stupid and brainwashed as a Democrap or your average liberal Eurotrash, they will suddenly go blind or have an allergic reaction to common sense, or wait 5 minutes and then turn 5 years old again and irrationally yell, "You're wrong!" Nearly every politician in Washington is a criminal. It's why they show more support and sympathy for murderers and thieves than they do for regular American citizens. All criminals help each other. It was fine until "Thor: Ragnarok." Then the movies just got stupid. This is what happens when you drop out of middle school and live in the Hollywood Bubble. You grow up to be stupid like Jennifer Lawrence. According to what my dad and brother said, "Westworld" should be among that number, because all the seasons after Season 1 stank worse than a dead whale. It's not a crime if <i>he</i> does it. Only if a Republican does it, is it a crime. If he truly does win, I'd get out the popcorn to watch the left scream at the sky again. The purge in Washington would be glorious. View all replies >