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Thanks :D I did enjoy doing book reports in school, though they didn't give me many opportunities to do that. I have no doubt George R.R. Martin took some inspiration from Shakespeare's works. A lot of what happens in GOT feels very much like Macbeth and a few other violent plays the Bard wrote. Hehehehe, got a list of fake people who voted for him? I've got quite a few >:) A few times as a kid, I climbed on the outside of the playground equipment, which wasn't actually safe, but I kept my cool and made sure I didn't fall. One time it was on the outside of those brightly colored, horizontal climbing tubes, and another time it was from a lower deck on a tall platform, to the catwalk leading to the tornado slide on the upper deck. Incidentally, I never did either ever again after those two events. Too much risk involved. I think I was about 7 or 8 during those times. It feels like ages, but yeah, considering it was still snowing by the end of the film, I think it was at most, a week, maybe two weeks. I've been hearing talk of Chinese soldiers gathering in Canada and Mexico. Is there a reason for this? I mostly feel pity and disgust for him. Never could stand listening to him sing. It was like giving nails on a chalkboard a musical tune. Everything I've heard of him paints a picture of a man who obviously was very talented in music and dance, but deep inside, he was a very damaged individual, no thanks to his cruel dad and what Hollywood did to him. He made great choices in music and creativity, and was said to have randomly done some very nice things, like donating to the hospital that housed him after he got burned making that music video; but we can't ignore what he was doing to those young boys at his retreats. I don't care what anybody says, he had no business molesting pre-pubescent boys in some sick, desperate grasp to try and re-gain his lost childhood. There is just no excuse. The stories I read were far too detailed to have been made up. And by the way, he didn't bleach his skin. That's an urban legend. MJ had a peculiar skin disease called Vitiligo, an autoimmune disorder that causes the melanin-producing cells in one's skin to be destroyed, causing irregular white patches to form all over the body. He wore makeup to cover that up. I <i>do</i> think he got plastic surgery, because he would have <i>never</i> looked almost exactly like his sister, Janet, if he had left his adult face alone. There was also talk of him using hormone treatments to maintain his high voice, which I would totally believe. Okay, first, before I show you the clip, I'll give you the rundown: In both the first book and first season of the show, there were two exiled royals, a prince and a princess. They were descended from a family, the Targaryens, that once had dragons, but the dragons had died out ages ago, and because of centuries of incest, with brothers marrying sisters to "preserve the bloodline," madness often showed up in the different descendants. It was this madness that had caused their dad to be overthrown, plunging Westeros into war. Their mom had fled, and died the night Daenerys, the sister was born. She and her older brother, Viserys, had been on the run in a distant land called Braavos for years, but Viserys had always dreamed of building an army and taking back the Iron Throne on Westeros. He made a bargain with a Dothraki king, named Khal Drogo (played by Jason Malmoa), that in exchange for marrying his sister, Khal Drogo would provide him with his huge, barbaric army of nomadic, horse-back riding warriors to travel back to Westeros and help him regain his throne. The trouble was, the Dothraki do things their own way, and Viserys didn't really respect them, nor was he willing to adapt like his sister did. Dany was actually a good wife to Drogo. She never strayed, she learned as much of their language as she could, she dressed like a Khaleesi, she even learned how to please Khal Drogo in bed, which finally led to her becoming pregnant with his heir. The scene you're gonna see, is where they are staying in the one city the Dothraki were willing to build, and Daenerys has just undergone a special ritual to show that she's been a good queen, and carries a strong son for her husband in her womb. But Viserys had had enough by this time, and committed a fatal error. The reason Dany doesn't feel any remorse about what happens is, her brother and been cruel to her and abused her for years, including sexually abusing her, and this felt like payback to her. Oh Jews can be very white, particularly the Ashkenazi Jews; Jewish people of Germanic descent, who are the largest group of Jews here in America. And JJ Abrams is <i>very</i> Jewish. He has curly dark hair, a large nose, wears glasses (because bad eyesight is a common genetic trait in the Jewish community), and lives in Hollywood, one of the few areas on the US where Jews are in a very large concentration and wield a considerable amount of power. Did you ever watch "Game of Thrones?" I'm referring to that scene when Daenerys's horrible brother got "crowned" to death by Khal Drogo. It was a suitable death for a beggar king, and it would be fitting for the O'traitor too. View all replies >