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Just Saw the First Episode... My biggest problem with this movie.... Water has Memory I just realized.... The biggest issue with historical films like this.... This film's greatest Irony... That nerve gas innoculation was ridiculous! Perfect for.... Funniest Scene? What is a Mary Sue? View all posts >


She's pretty typical for a stupid liberal: can't do math, doesn't know jack squat about economics, and thinks that taxing the shit out of the working class (which is already overtaxed) will solve all our problems. Warren would be happy to be generous with <i>other</i> people's money, so long as she didn't have to spend her own. I'm sad to say that, despite the heroic, fun, and noble characters he was known for; behind the scenes Val Kilmer was an asshole, and word got around Hollywood about how difficult he was to work with. You can look it up. There's information all over the web about what he was like as a person. Earthquake or wildfire. Don't worry, there's still a sun. I see it every other day here, though we get cloudy days too. You must be in a very cold, northern place to have so much cloud cover. Last state I lived in like that was Wisconsin, and boy do I not miss it. There isn't much to go on with the pilot, but we'll see. It makes more sense when it's a cop or detective doing it, rather than a regular civilian. More than once, I've seen a cop/detective in a movie/tv show, knock on the door of a home to someone who might be a witness to a crime, or knows the murder victim, they find the door unlocked and partially open, come in, and find some kind of disaster. Sometimes the person is also dead with blood everywhere, they might still be alive and badly injured, possibly by the same person who did the murder, or they're not home, and the place has been ransacked, and the person in question might have been kidnapped after a big fight, leaving a mess. Just depends on the cop story. I think one reason is, they couldn't bring back some of the actors to play the original characters because they are either really old, or dead, and the story called for seeing the characters when they were young, healthy, and starting their careers in Starfleet. Second, JJ wanted a fresh new look for "Star Trek" and part of that involved updating the Enterprise, the tech, the people, the culture of the Federation, and the story itself. It's easier for long-time fans to take in if it's in an alternate universe that's similar to our own, but not quite, compared to trying to sell this as the same as the original series, which it isn't. Sorry. Nothing can top TLJ in terms of "worst Star Wars movies ever." I don't ever want to see that idea come to fruition. At least <i>try</i> to follow His teachings and turn away from doing bad things, but it's really hard. Every day it's a struggle against one's own nature and wanting to give in to doing what you want, rather than what's right. Often followers fail in these struggles, though it's not the end of the world if they do. Everybody stumbles when on the path to trying to do better. It's harder when you don't have a group of friends of the same faith to look to for emotional/spiritual support. Having faith is also important. It's not enough to pray when times are bad. You should pray in thanks when times are good too. Trying to help others and put their needs before ours is also something we're encouraged to do, but again, it's not easy. Sometimes people don't want help, despite needing it. Or sometimes you don't have the means to help. Again, it's really difficult, but not impossible. Mere mortals (followers) do stuff for God every day, but a lot of people either ignore it, or think it has no effect on the rest of the world. Even one random act of kindness can have some kind of effect on the world, whether the majority knows it or not. View all replies >