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I remember those. They were never accurate outside of the cities, and sometimes had articles and stories written in them. I welcomed digital, though I didn't like having to wait for it to scroll through all the channels. I was so happy in '07 when we could page through the channels independently of the TV guide channel and see for ourselves what was one, rather than be shackled to 3 lines and scrolling. Paper or digital? Of course not. It's usually body mutilation and faking being something you're not. The true mental disorder is believing that you are something you can never be, and getting angry when the rest of the world refuses to believe along with you. The only reason homosexuality is not considered a mental disorder, is because the American Psychological Society was bullied by homosexual protestors mercilessly in the 1970s, and they yielded like the cowards they were. There was no scientific basis to their change of writings, it was purely political. I don't like spending most of my life learning and knowing the truth about human biology, and to then have a tiny, loud, hideously disgusting, bratty group of troglodytes that finally have come to power, come in and tell me I'm wrong because my views and beliefs don't align with theirs. I'm sorry you don't like that, but it's the truth, and sweeping it under a rainbow rug isn't gonna change that. And for the record, the Velvet Mafia isn't as united behind the scenes as they pretend. The gays are now getting jealous of the attention the trans people are getting, seeing as they aren't seen as rare and forbidden as they used to compared to the T part of their group. I've already been hearing about infighting among them. Just imagine how tragic it would be for the rainbow community to break up due to jealousy and infighting. It would be far uglier than any Pride parade, now wouldn't it? Tell me, are you and others like you actually trying to make society more equal, or are you really shooting for power to get preferential treatment as a protected class? People on the far-left LOVE to choose "pet groups" to pretend to care about. If it weren't for the power you wield, they'd loathe and despise you as they used to before the 2010s. They used to love Jews too, until they suddenly decided Muslims made better "cause pets" for their current agenda. Imagine, if you will, a group of people so disgusting, they have to make laws making it illegal to dislike them. Something's wrong if you have to stoop to subversion, indoctrinating innocent children, subtle propaganda, and decades-long infiltration in order to change things to make it better for yourselves at the expense of everyone else. Enjoy this spat of power while you can. Most groups that rise to power eventually fall, and I guarantee that it won't last forever. I, and others like me, will cheer when you finally lose it too. One last thing. The LGBT community isn't as newfangled as you would like to pretend. Such practices were done as far back as ancient Rome and other societies even before then. You saw how long they lasted. How exactly is the group's mantra new and exciting, when it is as old as the Romans, who were corrupted and drunk on power and debauchery as any Pride parade? I'll lead you to think on these things, if your tiny, angry, jealous mind will allow, before I block you. If doing your job was a crime, he'd get life. Gender Disphoria is a mental disorder, and should be treated as such. Humoring the patient with living an even bigger lie than the one they think they're living does nothing to help them with their mental condition. It's like putting a pretty ribbon on a bleeding, chronic wound that continues to fester. They shouldn't have to force the insanity of a tiny group of people that makes up 1% of the population on the other 99%. Not only does it make things worse, having surgery and playing dress-up rarely hides the fact that the person used to be another gender. You can easily see it in their facial and body bone structure. Even science proves that there are only two genders. To say that gender can be defined by feelings is as illogical as claiming the earth is flat, despite all the evidence to the contrary. If they don't like how they are treated, they can always go found their own country and make up their own rules, rather than trying to change the system to suit them and screw everyone else. And stay away from our kids! Last thing we need are kids that grow up confused and suicidal from what these people are tricking them into hearing. I once knew a guy who joked about being older than dirt. According to him, he joked that when he was a kid, they had to grind up rocks to make dirt to play with, lol. I remember when TLC truly was "The Learning Channel." ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake me when it's over. Sorry pal, you can't impeach a president just because you don't like him, and he hasn't done any crimes worthy of actually getting fired. If we impeached every president just because people didn't like him, we would have kicked out Obama's ass a long time ago. Same goes for Slick Willy. If you can't stand it here in the US, move out, and don't let the door hit you on the way out. We don't want ass prints on our new door. A friend of mine once said there are are two genders, and about 50 kinds of fruitcake. That pretty much describes the gender madness going on. View all replies >