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I wonder how the Scottish felt about this movie Who the hell names their daughter after So she dumps on white males openly, and yet Since MikeHunt12345 is into bashing other people's favorite Disney movies The Jedi are not the police Everyone still left at Lucasfilm is terrified of her THIS is how you write a good story that's female-led! 10 Things I Love about this movie Now you all know what REAL cultural appropriation looks like Louis Gosset Jr. was amazing in this! View all posts >


There are plenty of Disney films that have relationships you could complain about. In the live-action remake, it turns out Emma Watson has absolutely NO on-screen chemistry with the guy playing the Beast. In fact, she spends more time being the angry little feminist who can't act to save her life when she's not Hermione, and there's nothing to suggest that she's in love with the Beast at all in that film, nor why she would have what it took to break the curse. You could complain about how Snow White and Aurora shouldn't have been in love with their respective princes after just one chance encounter and then getting kissed without their consent while stuck under an enchanted sleep. Or how about Tinkerbell having no reason to love Peter Pan because they could never be together, and he was a permanent, immature teenager who could care less about her if she didn't have fairy dust? Meanwhile, Wendy's taking a little too much grown-up interest in Peter for a girl her age. I mean how old was she? 9? 10? I could name a number of characters in Disney lore that have messed up relationships that really shouldn't have worked, but only do so because the script and story demanded it. You had no reason to go after THIS couple other than to get attention and stir the pot. So you don't think the crappier Disney movies out there don't deserve criticism? Because there are plenty out there you could dump on and nobody would disagree with you at all. In fact, we would even encourage it. In fact, I'm amazed you haven't said a word about how crappy the live-action version of this movie was. Or do you believe it doesn't deserve any criticism? Sounds like a concession to me. I'm not the one who tried to pretend to be an expert on Stockholm's Syndrome and make stupid criticisms of a film you apparently didn't know much about beyond your shallow observations. It's interesting that most people understand and appreciate this story. You are among the few I've seen who don't "get it" and think everyone else shouldn't "get it" either. It's also interesting that out of all the Disney movies you could have criticized, you had to go after THIS ONE; one that's very popular and greatly loved by people around the world. Care to explain yourself? Do you give up? I'm shocked. Someone actually bred with you? I'll only promise to leave you alone if you promise to stop bashing this movie. I love it, and I'll defend it to the bitter end, and there are more people like me who feel the same way. I think many former investors have said so, but obviously she has <i>something</i> that is letting her keep her job far longer than any other destructive employee should have had. Rumor has it, she has a "no firing clause" in her contract, and after nearly 50 years in Hollyweird, she knows where many bodies are buried. It seems like the only person who's gonna be able to force her to retire is the Grim Reaper, because the head of Disney sure isn't gonna do it. Actually, I'm thinking of getting a few, unmarked baseball hats of different colors so I can have a variety to go with my wardrobe. I mean, having a deep red Stanford hat is great, but you can't wear that with everything, particularly pink or cool colors. And yeah, I mentioned above that my straw cowgirl hat is slowly falling apart, so I'll have to find another one eventually. They have plenty of Mexican sun hats around here in the stores, but I need something with an elastic band inside the crown that can keep the hat on more securely when the wind is blowing, and it can breathe through the top. View all replies >