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I thought everyone had given up hope after 5 years, it's been taking Cameron so danged long. He means before the 2010s. I'm not the partying type, though I have been to some gatherings when I was in Youth Group, or when relatives were having huge birthdays going on. Truth be told, people were more likely to seek each other out and meet in person back then, compared to now. Nowadays you see everyone on their phones, or online, and rarely interacting with each other, save through the internet. I'm surprised people still have social lives, let alone find someone to marry or be their best friend. So you're the guy who created this place after IMDB ate itself. Thank you. I missed being able to comment on there. Um....they kinda did, but with a few flourishes and some changes that needed to be made. That's for sure. People were less crazy, and tv/movies were better in that era. The clothes were better too. However, I resent people calling the first decade of the 2000s the "naughties." You want to call a decade that, call the 1960s that. 2000-2010 doesn't really qualify. And it was not a "strange" era. I know, because I was there. Basically, people were just getting used to a new century, and having cellphones easily available, and the early precursors to the internet we have now. I don't get the point behind it, and it causes problems when people wanta buy presents for your baby shower. Of course, the same problems could ensue if you want to wait until the baby is born and be surprised, because even then, your friends and family aren't gonna know what to get you, save for universal baby stuff. No. Mrs. Coulter is from Lyra's world, but she is aware that there are other worlds out there. Frankly, I think she is an evil, conniving, but complicated woman. Her only good point was when she rescued Lyra from the soul guillotine. That's wonderful to hear! :D I hope you two have a good, long life together. Frozen? View all replies >