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It's hard to say, considering it launched her into stardom. The fact that she has mostly shied away from acting in sci-fi movies for the past 15 years might give a clue. I think she still shows up for Star Wars conventions, but I can't confirm that. There are also sub-genres to consider, as well as two main categories science fiction stories fall into. It's similar to having High and Low Fantasy. For sci-fi, we have "Hard Science Fiction," and "Soft Science Fiction." Hard Science-Fiction: is heavy on the technical details, uses real-world science, very cerebral on explanations, etc. Soft Science-Fiction: is more fantastical, doesn't explain the tech involved as much, even has fantasy aspects. Sub-genres of sci-fi include things like: -social commentary -robots -thought experiments (like you said) -dystopian future -time-travel -alien invasion -alien encounters of some kind (can be good or bad) -space colonization -future stories -traveling to other dimensions -space travel in general -space exploration (sometimes to new planets, sometimes not) -human condition (like what you said) -space opera -war in space -psychic stuff -ancient alien influence -mutations making humans super -fantastical family stories (usually involving aliens) -advancement in technology and the consequences -artificial intelligence -genetic engineering There are more, those are just the ones I can think off the top of my head That is a Nexu (I've had to fight them on <i>Star Wars the Old Republic</i>), and according to the original script, it ripped her <i>entire</i> top off, not just a sleeve and the lower half. Of course, since this was a family film, they couldn't do that, so they settled for the alternative. I read an article written back in 2014 when this BS statue-attacking started, stating that the mob attacks statues because they're too big of cowards to attack real people. They <i>know</i> the real source of their ire will fight back, complete with guns. So they attack statues instead, because they know the statues won't defend themselves. They also think erasing American history through destruction of specific monuments will be the ultimate revenge against their enemies, when in fact, it'll just embolden the other side. It would be the ultimate revenge to wait until the mob frenzy dies down, and then put back up all the statues that were torn down >:). I still listen to that piece sometimes :) Thankfully, that wimp isn't in charge anymore. The new guy has finally cracked down on this bitch. I don't remember that part in the movie. I think you were watching a porno instead. His money (and keep in mind, it's only what girls stupid enough to date or marry him find attractive). I never thought about the anti-west propaganda playing into the CCP's hands like that. I thought it was part of a conspiracy to destroy America from within. That would make sense, though, appealing to the Chinese through anti-western propaganda. Sorry to hear about the outbreak in your town. It's a very sad story, and also, you keep wanting to smack Mary for being such a stubborn idiot. View all replies >