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Trump basically says his promise that Mexico would pay for the wall is fake news Worst thing that ever happened to you on IMDb? Yet another Mrs. Frogarama This kind of CGI animation should have already been the status quo White people actually are more evolved... ATTN "illegal immigration" howlers: Trump's constant empty rhetoric is just race-baiting, and it appeals to racists. New term: Titris šŸŽ¼Agony and irony šŸŽ¶ live together in perfect harmony šŸŽµ An Alien Christmas (song) An Alien Christmas (song) View all posts >


10/10, not expected! Tried to get a good star name to respond with, but I came up empty handed. Best I had was saying "Vega-ly" instead of vaguely, but I am running out of time. Sincerely, -Frogarama the Mysterious How about a Lady Godiva wig... and keep it accurate. Just the wig. Trump bombed Syria last year and he just escalated the bombing again this month, as well as halting the troop withdrawal. You really are blind. Possibly your most idiotic and meaningless post yet. Did you even read what you replied to? You're not even entertaining anymore, Trollhouse. Total waste. I heard Betelgeuse is being invaded by Canis Majoris. A real tragedy. Yeah it had some good sequences and the effects were top notch... But overall I just didn't want to see it again. Now the sequel looks like the Godzilla movie I was waiting for. I'm excited about it already. [quote]Well said, and like you said, the dems will oppose anything Trump does because of spite.[/quote] I'm sure you loved it when the Thuglicans did that to Obama for 8 years, some even making their bias obvious with racist comments. No wonder you endorse Trump, as he was one of the most active racists, claiming that a black man named Barack couldn't possibly be a legitimate citizen. Go worship your racist Orange Julius as if you really care, I don't believe it. You just waste your time with meaningless BS because your time is worthless. They have offered funding for border security. Trump said he would be proud to shut down the government. He owned it. Also, Trump doesn't seem to realize that just being President doesn't mean he is solely in charge of the country. He is doing everything he can to have dictator-like powers. You're just cheering him on because it's an easy trolling tactic, and you LOVE taking the easy simple path. Very un-creative. "Can someone tell me, why that tag wasnt considered racist, when if a tag that said NBA,NFL too black" NBA and NFL are jobs that have bona fide qualifications. Oscars are an award selection done by secret vote. COMPLETELY different things. As for the statement itself, I have no opinion. With a whimper. View all replies >