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What would you call an Ant-Man Mad Max crossover? Vote/nominate Take that GOT poster and simply put under it "Milk?" Things you love that most people "hate" So is this a good list of minimally necessary MCU movies in order to "get" the whole story? Trump administration policy results in children of U.S. parents being non-citizens LOL @ (likely) Trump Supporters bashing Chris Evans!!! One serious question about Infinity Gauntlets vs. Fakes.... My Trump economic topics THAT SCARE AWAY TROLLS (updated 5/15). Post yours here too! So it's kinda cool, fighting Nazis may be in my blood! Just found out this weekend Steele Dossier background written by political historian and Boston College history professor.... View all posts >


Gotta see It may not feel original or impactful anymore considering it has influenced things that exist now John Wick, huh? Well I'm gonna take this up a notch. Say hello to Shorty Fuse, he is LIT!!! I think it's still on but I don't know, I wouldn't even try to catch up with the current airings I should start Always Sunny in Philadelphia from the beginning Nicely aged balsamic vinegar, like 12 years minimum. But dont forget Trump is moral and anti war.... except when he's not. True, because I left out his racism, misogyny, admitted sexual assault, general abrasive temperament, self avowed Nationalism which is part of what Nazism proclaims, his dictatoresque leanings which is the other half and is alone 100% fascist.... we could spend all day aiming to finish a comprehensive list. Seasons? Good lord.... the commercials alone were enough.... but I did once randomly catch 5 to 10 minutes of an episode when it was still kinda new. These fucking business grads were tasked to make money clipping dogs nails atthe a dog park I think, and it was just a disaster. These business geniuses grab clippers and race to go clip nails, apparently none of them first making sure they knew wtf they were doing. Several dogs were shown yelping as their claws were cut too short, hitting nerve, an injury that takes weeks to heal and the dog ends up limping on it. Oh and hope it doesnt get infected. It was fucking sadistic, dogs maimed for prime time entertainment.... I hope those dog owners sued Trump and the show for medical expenses.... and seeing these future business leaders rush in with less caution and planning than whats dedicated to a 10 year olds' lemonade stand.... it was such a dumb backward barrel-bottom brain cell slaughtering 10 minutes that it made me realize immediately what a buffoon and joke Trump was for both participating in it and endorsing it but also iirc he created and produced the show as well. Maybe not creator.... probably, but maybe not.... but definitely a producer. Now that buffoon is running the country and his GOP loyalists, along with his rotating cabinet, and his associates indicted, he has turned his Presidency into that same stupidity seen on the show. Arrogance, lack of concern, no realistic planning, and just stumbling through even the simplest tasks. Its beyond what should be posted here and it went past just breaking the rules, but it did that too. View all replies >