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What happens to woodchucks when... So how are the Trump fans here? Are you hanging in okay? Great choice with Lashana Lynch, better than Idris Elba, excellent realistic choice for an agent Great choice, better even than Idris Elba IMO, the backstory evolution is looking obvious AF - Last update 7/17 There are already way more than six senses Testosterone: The Movie Post a Word you Love that you wish to see more of How to do photography Isn't it funny how Conservatives make panty knots over stuff like gender identity and racial issues View all posts >


I do look pretty hot in a tutu when I shave my legs. Oh crap, did I say that out loud? >_> <_< I don't recall a donkey. Is that similar to Spider-Ham? No, it's called marketing hype and it's always like this. It exploits current trends and gets insecure male snowflakes triggered so they start talking to their friends about it (complaining, but that's what is wanted from them). Cameron hasn't been involved since T2, I notice you leave that out. So you are expressly wanting non-male-centric movies to fail or something? You would have wanted The Terminator to fail, right? Can't compare Ghostbusters to Terminator since Sarah Connor was the main character of the first. Do you hate Ripley too? Glad to see you guys have given up on playing it straight and are just running with the joke now. There's hope for humanity after all lol Andrea Ocasio Cortez Dream Sex? Yes they do suffer from those nocturnal emissions Glad whatever response you vomited up to your responder was deleted, too bad your trolling sock account wasnt simply deleted. Maybe some day. I see you trolls are giving up, the Trump BS must be getting tough and keeping a straight face now is irrelevant. Everyone can see you forcing everything to the point that you dont hide it, but you do the dance because why not, nothing else to post. Getting more pathetic than imaginable on the Trump MC Defenders team. So your new thing is posting NUH UH ITS THEM NOT ME as quickly as possible? Racists ARE innocent, its not a crime, so the question is loaded and meaningless. Try again plz. View all replies >