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Breakdown of Trump's accidental (Corporate) Fascism, and how his Base interprets it I feel like taking the day off tomorrow and getting popcorn for the Mueller Show What happens to woodchucks when... So how are the Trump fans here? Are you hanging in okay? Great choice with Lashana Lynch, better than Idris Elba, excellent realistic choice for an agent Great choice, better even than Idris Elba IMO, the backstory evolution is looking obvious AF - Last update 7/17 There are already way more than six senses Testosterone: The Movie Post a Word you Love that you wish to see more of View all posts >


Thats not caused by the director but its indicative of a very tight budget. Also, digital =/= film.... I guess you mean footage? Or something similar. You spew garbage and I want to bump everything you post so everyone can karma your ass until you've broken the rules enough to get this nasty trolling sock account banned. If you think someone from the CIA revealing CIA secrets is going to use their name, you know nothing. This is QAnon/Reich-Wing conspiracy theory distraction game propaganda B.S. and you probably know it, there are so many of you socks crawling around this site like you still think it's IMDb. I guess it runs in the family: No need to shut your brain off, it will go into hibernation mode on its own as a result of mental G-forces! Yes of course he dropped it, because he has no standards and is just a "whatever gets me ahead" kind of snake. You know it and support it as long as he continues feeding the growing Fascism that his base feeds upon. You have all become so transparent. The fact that you have lied here and obscured truth using propaganda techniques has completely betrayed you. You guys know no one here buys your line except your own group. You guys have become an echo chamber because normal citizens are deflecting your BS and sending it right back. I think it's beautiful, and I love watching the DESPERATE postings and sock accounts of the RED HAT FASCISTS. Deal with it. For me, the biggest fail was seeing Queenie desperately posting that the declining Endgame weekend results were bad news and proof of failure.... AFTER it had already done a billion plus. Even though everyone seeing those pathetic posts were repeating stuff like "yeah, dropoffs because everyone has seen it and it's a huge success..." I told Queenie too, that was the nail in the coffin, and I will never pay attention to her posts ever again. View all replies >