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And now you know... Scariest moment? Grandpa Bernie Cuts Forehead, Gets Stitches Can't even reserve seats yet :< New Zealand mosques' attack suspect praised Trump in manifesto Are the infinity stones not equal in power? Claims She 'Never Pushed' Her Daughters Bella Giannulli and Olivia Jade But but... Creepy Joe Biden House passes resolution calling for Trump-Russia report to be made public Ratings nosedived for Empire's first episode after Jussie Smollett's arrest View all posts >


He may very well get a 2nd if that damn Mueller report gets released and comes up with nothing (how many more damn weeks?). He's already getting a boost from the more leftist positions the current running DNC candidates have now taken, almost on par with Bernie. Warren's got her drum set, Beto's got his mariachi band, Biden's warming up his creepy hands, Cortez is going to put down a cow in front of everyone, Harris is going to rap out an album, Omhar a prayer mat throwdown, Gillibrand will prove how non-white she is, etc. etc. I've done my research. You just didn't understand what I was referring to. The two movies BP/CM were before the big movie opening while Ant-Man was after. I also never said the boycott worked, I said it worked to 'some degree' (big difference) at least in the west where the whining mostly came from and IMO had some slight impact on domestic gross compared to its international one. I was comparing entry movies from Marvel before there big budget ones and how well they did. Both movies are of cultural significance, one involved an all black cast and the other a female lead for Marvel. So no, nothing 'embarrassingly' for me. Lol I just realized something, if Joe Biden becomes president, can he choose Obama as his running mate or is that against some rule? There is some deep corruption within to be able to get away with so much or not have much of just a tiny slap on the wrist. Almost like he's Trump proof. [url][/url] Fraudster and trickster to the core. He even comments on Trump's twitter by spreading more of his bigotry and hate. I'm just surprised he keeps getting away with it. I guess truth in the US or at least in some sections just falls on death ears or the punishment for lying is so light that people just do it so often. I've seen enough late night shows where they interview so-called random strangers and they're dumb as bricks but lie their way through it. Correction: Schoolgirl outfit with eels coming out of her vaj while she turns Skrulls into sushi rolls while revealing her pale skin to the audience with at least a couple of panty shots. Domestically it's only doing so so and is only being propelled via foreign watchers. $152m budget with only a $266m gross isn't all that great. Sure flew past my predictions. I think they found a perfect pattern now on making easy dough. Instead of dedicating a Avenger movie for a year by itself, they combine it with a regular Marvel movie. Avenger and Age of Ultron were just 1 Marvel movie for that year while Black Panther + Infinity War and Captain Marvel + Endgame pulls in the dough. Wonder if they'll start doing this from now on. BP: Domestic: $700,059,566 52.0% + Foreign: $646,853,595 48.0% CM: Domestic: $266,213,933 35.0% + Foreign: $494,000,000 65.0% Seems the boycott thing worked to some degree at least domestically. Black Widow, has been on the run and undercover with a new identity and look. At the end of "Captain America: Civil War," Tony Stark tells her that T'Challa/Black Panther told US Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross that Black Widow helped Captain America make an escape from the government. So it should be of little surprise that Black Widow is rocking some new locks. Romanoff never addresses her look directly — and she doesn't need to. Captain America doesn't explain his new beard in the movie and he's also on the run. It's understood when Rhodey has a scene with Ross where he's told to arrest them when they show up to meet with him. Sort of depends on the situation and how it's played out. I think if you, me, or anyone else were doing it, it wouldn't be public to begin with. View all replies >