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Video deleted... :( Any existing video still? I'm the curious cat that likes to look. "Gender is between your ears, biology is between your legs, on your chest, everything beneath your skin, and your eyes when someone sees you unless you're a thirst trap." < - fixed A hobo millionaire college dropout... That isn't something you see everyday or think it's possible to believe. If you're a millionaire then I am a trillionaire on food stamps and section 8 housing. xD I think they were trying to draw in more independents and moderate conservatives hence the interviews with Mike Pence and Nikki Haley. Then again, they did do that disastrous interview with Trump... I still think CNN is at least less biased than Faux News if you watch both and the types of video they upload on their channel. CNN shows more of the world while Faux is more US based. Only one left alive is Aldrich Ames. These two did so much damage to the top spies in the Soviet Union all for money and possibly fame/notoriety. One or both even took down the Major-General 'crown jewel' of the GRU. The stuff passed from him helped the US prepare for the Kuwait war with Saddam on Soviet anti-tank weaponry, crazy stuff. Seems like Statham will be the forefront of the mission along with his CIA slut wife Fox. Stallone will play like what Arny or Willis did, sidelines but maybe he'd drop in here or there. Megan Fox and an Asian lady as well. Looks kick ass imo. I mean, you'd enjoy killing Nazi's too if you were fighting them during Nazi Germany times (or neo-Nazi's today) but the way Tucker twists it as if it's a bad thing and that Russian people are being persecuted when they're the ones that invaded... >_> I applaud Tucker for using some of the many anti-semetic tropes to describe the Zelensky (Jew) as the 'shifty' 'rat-like' 'persecutor of Christians' he is. By that logic the right and Faux Newz should be celebrating anarchists when they burn shit. There is currently no cure for spasmodic dysphonia, but treatment can help reduce its symptoms. The most common treatment is the injection of very small amounts of botulinum toxin directly into the affected muscles of the larynx. View all replies >