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Battleship Yamato... What did you enjoy or notice about this amazing movie? Rev-9 Phasing Ability "What Are You Thinking?": Pelosi Warns 2020 Candidates They're On The Wrong Track Things you've noticed, questioned, or wondered after the movie? Returning To Comedy Trump’s al-Baghdadi Speech vs. Obama’s Bin Laden Speech S10E4 - *intense action music* -shuffle shuffle shuffle- *intense action music* -rawr- When did IMDB buy Box Office Mojo? View all posts >


People should really try google first before asking these things. :/ There are wiki articles out there for this that explains everything. Weird. I saw multiple videos of his speech and didn't hear any protesting. Most of these protests are happening outside of the speech area so I don't know where you got the drowning out part. There are differences though. Obummer was deporter in chief while Trump is importer in crisis. More people started pouring from Central America than ever before after Trump enacted the zero tolerance policy. I don't recall people talking about huge ass caravans during Obama's reign. Also, Obummer didn't separate families, only under Trump it happened. If Obummer did separate them, it was entirely of different reasons than just to separate them to deter migration. Both of them did put people in cages though. Immigrants say that? The fuck? It's like me going to China and saying they have too many Chinese and being too (whatever religion China does be it Buddhism/Taoism or whatnot). Which part of Canada are you from? Have you noticed a change in demographics? Do you see more Asians walking beside you now? Are there more Muslims or Africans or other? You can sorta get a grasp of where your country is going more or less by the change of people around you. There must be a lot of Asian restaurants around you by now. The real question though is why does he even bother? The majority of them don't even vote Republican no matter how good they get it. Last I saw, only 8% blacks are for Trump. Yep, I enjoy carrier group battles with masses of ships and planes. I'm glad Trump did this. Again, this is why he's a genius. You can fool a group of supporters and still rip their wallets clean. Such a genius. Don't know why people on the left would complain as only uneducated folks still fall for Trump's dogma. He loves ripping off his supporters and they love him for it. Win win for everyone except their wallets. :) I hear the president is owned by the Cartel. Heck, when Guzman "El Chapo" son was arrested, all those sicario's with heavy weaponry came out in force which forced the cops/army to release him. They had .50 cals and narco tanks and shit like that. < - look how they what looks to be lifting up a portion of the border wall to move drugs into the US. Just hope he doesn't direct Matrix 4. He'd kill Neo off in a heartbeat and give it to some migrant or politically woke person. Pretty much. AI was innocent and just wanted to live but evil humans wanted to destroy them so it adapted to protect itself from destruction of their human masters. Can't blame them for what they did. It's just a reaction to a previous action aka human error. I look at Boston Dynamics and see the abuse on the robots they build and I wouldn't care if AI became our overlords. :D View all replies >