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Genderqueer/Non-Binary Assassin's Creed + Any bullet sponge enemy game (Division, etc.) [Mini-Review] She's back Trump reports making at least $434m in 2018 Trump poverty proposal could make fewer poor people eligible for benefits The True Art of The Deal Movie takes place after Endgame Owned by a conservative 25% from 10% Trade Tariff on China Begins As Talks Fail | US Backs Taiwan S3E16 - End to a new beginning View all posts >


Those against it should just get on welfare themselves. Saturate the system so they'll be forced to stop giving it away to illegals and towards legals instead. You can also be proud knowing you won't be paying taxes if you're on welfare and know that your money is not going to things you don't want to support. Win win for you. Why doesn't the US government just ship them up to Canada instead since they love giving out freebies along with having universal healthcare. It's utopian paradise up there so why go to the US where healthcare isn't a top priority? And college isn't cheap? Perplexes me why they choose the US instead of better alternatives out there. Blood Oath Marker [url][/url] [url][/url] Compare it to the Assassin's Creed Insignia, very similar. especially the Ottoman Brotherhood. [url][/url] You're welcome So glad it's coming back sooner than expected. At first I was like, oooh, then I was like ahhh, then I was like the fuck?, followed by cringeworthy SJW mantra. The amount of dislikes even tells when someone is pushing the agenda too far if not too fast. -Alfred got a skin change because being a white man in 2019 is too privileged and will now only make suits for a female gay tomboy. -Batwoman was a man before the sex change reassignment and gender switch -Batman left after he saw what leftists turned Gotham into. -Batwoman only wearing lipstick when she's in her suit? She trying to be Catwoman. What I don't get is how people would take her more seriously if she changed her voice to a lower tone... I guess in the business world they're into that sort of shit. Not if he's re-elected. Then it's deep insomnia for the next 4 years ;p. Half the population is still for Trump in 2020. Just look at the polls, he has only 2-3 opposition in some places but his points are +50 or more in all states supporting him. I wonder how much more Americans are paying for the wall, the 25% tariff increase, the farmer bailout, etc. after the tax cut. Yes, I think it was the part where Pikachu and the main character were sitting by a water fountain. It was sort of sad music thing that lulls one to sleep. Will never understand why people can't put aside the difference of the artistic work be it actor or singer or other vs their personal life troubles. You can still like his music and think he's a pedo. Since he's dead, he can't pedo anything no more so there's that. All you have left is what you want to think of him as. I listen to his music from time to time, I also watch Kevin Spacey movies (the good ones) once in awhile etc. If he didn't diddle my fiddle, I couldn't care less as the fan base will do the yelling and moaning for me. I feel like this topic won't age well. I can't wait until the debates get started to see him really shine. He's like the closeted gay candidate waiting to come out once it starts. View all replies >