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Why are blacks the winning deciders for the Democratic party? Leaders who called for 'extreme' lockdowns reverse stance as Dems take control 1 year later... WHO researchers touchdown in Wuhan to study the origin of coronavirus Ghouliani thrown to the curb among many others that didn't defend Trump Nancy Pelosi's lectern is back after being stolen during riots almost sold on eBay for over $90k Trump supporter insurgent arrested at the Capitol You Riot And Burn Things Guess we're not having another insurrection or civil war :/ The Snake Perfect Calls, Perfect Speech View all posts >


You mean that one black dude named Sullivan? The only confirmed BLM activist at the riot vs all those already identified white nationalists? Har har. He already replaced Kevin Spacey. Who are they going to replace him with? Hmm, true that. Forgot some of the cops and possibly some soldiers supported the siege. Interesting history comparison, I'll have to look those 2 dates up. I think though the US military is more loyal to the constitution and stronger than our Russian counterparts of the past overall. (mm the Bolsheviks) Why thank you. Also, wut? You dislike yourself? No one is stopping you from becoming an Independent. That was what was being talked about on Parler as well. If they try to remove the president after their failed coupe de'tat that the next time they won't be peaceful and will bring weaponry. Not just Lin Wood but also Mark Levin if you see his fiery talks for Trump. Trump didn't tell them to go home until after the events occurred and only after an hour or so passed when he noticed the storming isn't going as planned. Let's not forge the delay to National Guard response. For someone who claims they're for open borders, they sure aren't tearing down the wall but rather halting it. Guess the whole world are against these so-called Americans then when a whole lot of corporations around the world are cancelling them, the top brass anyway. Easy way to tell? Why did they chant HANG MIKE PENCE and have a noose on the edge of Capitol Hill? If you read his tweets, he kept telling Pence to overturn the results else he won't be happy with him. Gee, wonder who fostered that? Added. View all replies >