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How dare these women think for themselves. That's for a man to do. They should be in the kitchen making dem sandviches. What's with this magic 51%? I see it so much be it Trump's approval rating twitter or on CNN 51% for removing trump to now 51% want to vote against conviction. I swear if I see another 51% I know it's all BS. One side is who can be the most woke/radical while the other is who can be the most supremacist/nationalist. Why don't parties separate the rules/policies in their own heavily leaned states while swing states have their own based on which party won it? So deep blue or red states get their liberal/conservative agendas passed that only affects their own folks, everyone is happy. If the right want to suppress their women to choose and make their rich richer at the expense of their own poorer base, let them. If the left wants more illegals, let them, but they can only be dispersed within historic blue states etc. Stuff like that. Left would only be taxing Hollywood and Silicon Valley (I would be curious who would switch sides to benefit from tax cuts) although I am not sure where Wall Street will fit into all this. In order to benefit from said policies of either party, they'd have to switch and move to said states. Swing states excluded and their far and few anyway. Would be hilarious if Parnas posted actual video of Trump calling out to Parnas in some event private dinner/fund raiser of sort. Seriously though, with pictures, that would jog the memory of any genius even if they've forgotten. Doubt it bothers him. Doesn't seem to really bother Bill after his impeachment throughout the years. What I don't get is why Nancy is just giving so much to Trump (like the USMCA trade). Either way he'll just claim victory and keep calling the dems the Do Nothing Democrats. Not sure if that stands though. Does that mean Bill Clinton is impeached forever as well even though he too was acquitted by the Senate? Impeachment is just the stage between the House vote and Senate Trial. After the trial he is either acquitted or removed from office. I'm kinda picturing someone saying that to Obama and have been similar things said to Obama back in the day. Crazy people everywhere. Sucks no one does anything against both sides of the extreme spectrum and let them roam about. Hang around Breibart comment section during those days and even now and you'll see pretty much what I mean. Whose Lev Parnas? View all replies >