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Trump Golf Count The bubonic plague is back again in China's Inner Mongolia... Both namesakes of Washington and Lee University perpetrated racial terror. The school should be renamed. Remember the good o'l days of Trump? Trump Claims Desert Storm Happened In Vietnam Native Tribal Leaders Want Mount Rushmore To Be Removed Kanye for POTUS, Kim for FLOTUS, Elon Musk votes Inside Look at Cleanup of Seattle's CHOP/CHAZ - w/ Police Escort The Truth About the Confederacy in the United States LA 92 (Full Documentary) [George Floyd] View all posts >


In true Quasimodo fashion. Maybe they'll develop humps while at home. Here's your list of deaths by state. Florida and Texas may be 3-4th in number of cases but the deaths tell a way different story where they come in 9th and 15th. As long as they keep below 5,000 deaths I would say that's good compared to the rest. I surmise it's mostly the young getting sick and recovering/recovered as you see in Florida's case while Texas still have some numbers to go. You talking about this? I hate the Iranian government just like Chinese government and those that support them, not the people as a whole. Civilians just want to live their life and be left alone. I wouldn't say hate, more like despise. Hate is such strong word. Remember Yoda's teachings. After all this, you kinda understand why China did what it did with the national security law... You sort of sympathize with them in that they're always for stability and law & order. Right now throughout the west there is sparks of revolution, secession, anarchy, rioting, etc. I feel like China might be winning this in the long term while subversion, insurrection, communism, racism, etc. play to US's possible fall. Might be a fun to watch popcorn wise or will be quashed by the military, either way it's entertainment for me. You even got crap like this happening. That aside, why they need Texas? They got all of Africa to themselves. They can be their own corrupt leaderless nations just like the ones already happening there. No need to ghetto up the US when you can ghetto or better the one's in Africa. Reginald Denny, the guy who drove in at the wrong place at the wrong time then got pulled out by thugs on rageroids against whites due to the current events at hand and nearly beaten to death? That Denny? Not much to explain. The mayor acted like that female mayor in Seattle that did nothing for the first few days 'summer of love'. National Guard were not called in, nothing was really mobilized as well as having logistical issues. Funny how that same repeat happened after George Floyd's murder. Did you see how powerless the police were? Back then they didn't have riot gear or rather beefed up riot gear, only wooden batons and face helmets. If they had the crap back then today they'd be massacred yet people want to demilitarize the look of the police. The every couple of years riots seem to be small in comparison to the noticeable ones reported by MSM in whole. Maybe they report them a bit but they're later forgotten after a few days or are quickly quashed. They're not memorable to the public. I think it's up to the governors to make those decisions, not mayors/city councils as they hold more power. Wait, where did I say I support illegal trespassing and use of territory by interlopers? All I said was the responses on that twitter post were of those people as described. I find it amusing how a court decision ruled that land in favor of Lakota. It was the Cheyenne's and several other tribes land before the Lakota came in and slaughtered them for it. Lincoln was too worried about his reelection, reunification and southern secession again. Even if the Union occupied confederate states to thwart uprising, they didn't completely dissolve, just grumbled in defeat and abided their time to rise once more. This is what happens when you don't fully wipe out/disband something you've taken/conquered over. They fester like an open wound until a day comes when they can burst open. Hell, just recently I heard Germany disbanded most of their KSK elite force because a lot of them held extremist nazi-like views. Reminds me of the Petra Treasury in Jordan where they filmed the Indiana Jones and The Last Crusades part with the grail. I can't find the meme to your post where it showed that, some statue in Egypt or similar being cut, then had democrat as the last one. Happy 4th!! View all replies >