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Part 2 Trailer Think students would donate money to the Taliban to kill Americans? What's with Hollywood's fetish for the Chinese market? What's with Hollywood's fetish for the Chinese market? 4th to be Sly's last No more Boss Baby? 10th Movie A Spaghetti Western? Can't wait Female Fans Be Like Judge rules mob members shot by Kyle Rittenhouse can't be called "victims," but "rioters, arsonists, and looters" View all posts >


They Pixarfied him is all. Looks like any other Pixar character that isn't Toy Story. Guess it's younger Buzz since he didn't put on the suit yet hence the voice change. “Carai an Ellisande! Al Ellisande! Mordero daghain pas duente cuebiyar! Al Ellisande!” T/L: “For the Honor of the Rose of the Sun! The Rose of the Sun! Fear of death holds not my heart! The Rose of the Sun!” More like, no one should've been there but here we are. He didn't seek the riot out, the riot sought him out. He was there to just defend businesses, namely the gas station they wanted to petro bomb. The issue is what made the pedo racist give chase to Kyle into the auto dealer lot? Before videos show him taunting Kyle to shoot him as if he had a death wish or suicide by cop kind of attitude. Kyle will still be charged with cross-state travel with a weapon and owning one while being a minor (under 18), for sure. The first kill is questionable even though the guy that chased him into the car lot was a racist pedo. He clearly knew he had a weapon but was not afraid of him before he got popped. 2nd and 3rd were obvious self-defense after one hit him over the shoulder/head with a skateboard and the other tried to pull a pistol on him. Both were dispatched with 1-2 precise bullet shots. Wait, ONLY 25? With all the lawlessness happening I thought there would be more. Guess it was just mainly looting and burning stuff to the ground. When ya mad, blame everyone else and not the people that did it is the mindset. 2 weeks and already 19 dead so I am just surprised that with months of protest throughout 2020 it would only remain this low and not be in the 50's if not more. Can you quick summarize briefly what happened in S1 and S2? Like did Joe kill 1 lady in S1 and another in S2 for 'love'? Now that you're in S3 and he seems to have met someone 'like' him, are they going to try to kill each other because the passion is so great? I hear it's Dexter 2.0 but with woke/politics in the mix. Contemplating if I should get into the series. I wonder if these types of shows desensitize people from reality or make it a fantasy for them which is weird in itself if not disturbing. I hear people DM or tweet to the actor to kill them... Maybe they can get real killers to do so. :O It's basically the Daily Show + late night without the pre-pandemic audience and interviews with a mixture of skits added in trolling laughs. Still better than Trevor Noah. I've recently stopped watching Colbert but still watch Oliver and Kimmel, can't stand Fallon or that British bloke (forget his name). Lol at the dudes just mowing everyone down with the infinite ammo gattling gun and the guy calling her a bitch before killing her. I think the way they film is different in the past as well because I see so much scene changes from taking the shot then switch right next to a death scene. Many people don't look when they use the crosswalk because they're so ingrained/NPC'd in the safety system. Jaywalking on the other hand requires you to be aware of your surroundings. I've seen many people just walk right away on a yellow before red or walk when the beep noise sounds while still looking down on their brain drain devices. View all replies >