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Most Unpopular G7 Summit, ever Meeting with comedians I think the only way for the right to care about gun control is if it starts happening to them Generic Trad Wife Triggered She Can't Be Raycist And Still Be Employed Trump is actually capturing more of the youth vote this year... GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! Neil DeGrasse Tyson responds to Terryology ACLU and migrant rights groups sue Biden for not allowing unrelenting illegal migrant flow into the country COVID-19 and vaccinations correlated with the emergence of a rare and deadly disease Dark 'Wandering Off Again' Brandon View all posts >


If you watch enough Faux news all they talk about is crime, inflation, and illegals. Are they to name their children "Cartel" or something like that? Doesn't mean much when California is still the 5th largest economy in the world. Just the ebb and flow of company migration. Once they accrued wealth they want to keep it so the go elsewhere to Capitalize on it. I would be thanking the Biden admin., not Biden himself. I don't even think he's aware of what's going on around him for the most part just based on his actions alone. He ain't an Obama and is just being led here and there to give speeches from the prompter and cue cards. He won't be the one making deals that's for sure. Well, that's a different story. I'm talking about USD as a whole in the global economy. Without it, US can't exert its influence across the globe. Same, AS an actor he's great but his IRL stuff has been rough for him. People need to separate the two. The only show with a rating below 5 in the top 100. You can tell there is a lot of hate watchers wanting to make money off of it on YT reviews. Hate sells as does sex. Anakin had no father and was conceived through the Force which made the jedi believe he was The Chosen One. Force is like god and put a Jesus in Shmi's vaj to bring balance to the force. I feel like you're peaking on the troll factor here and I am all for it. Holdo is my fav. The way she handled that Holdo maneuver on a Mon Calamari Cruiser with such grace and pizzazz while flicking her strong feminist dyed hair before punching it into hyperspace to show that any toxic masculinity can be defeated with just a space jump. Leia is also on top of my list. The only Jedi capable of surviving in space and having the guts to use the force like Superwoman would, just outstanding. I got so existed that I leaked a bit. Don't believe everything you read or see on TikTok/XXX (since they allow p0rn now) View all replies >