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Cab driver get arrested for ordering a pizza

It happened in Argentina. A cab driver was talking to his son, by phone, and telling him to buy a pizza for dinner, that this was his last ride and he would be home in 30 minutes. The conversation has leaked, btw, and it was they talking about the ingredients, and then his son telling him to buy beer since the local shop was already closed.

Buuuut... you never expect the Spanish Inquisition. The passenger (a 20 years old chick) thought that 'pizza' and 'toast' were code words that meant that he was going to kidnap and rape her.

No kidding. You hear a dude talking about what pizza buy for dinner, and your conclusion is that he plans to kidnap and rape you. Because, you know, that's the usual. When dudes talk about pizza and beers, it means that they're raping women.

(Now I think about it... this is how it works in modern Hollywood movies πŸ˜‚ )

She uploaded a video to youtube that went viral. Here's a copy

But that's not all, folks! Instead of laughing at this lunatic, the police found and arrested the cab driver, who is right now in a trial and is afraid of losing his cab driver license... because he ordered a fucking pizza. πŸ˜‚

Fortunately, he had the phone conversation recorded, and this is what's gonna save him. If he hadn't... well, good luck.

The topic became national news in Argentina. Here you have him interviewed in a TV program, and for whoever feel curious, they include the original phone conversation at 4:05.


But the driver got his pizza and beer or not? Why do news these days always skip the most important parts!


And that's not all. The police skipped the part where he asks for mayonnaise in the pizza.

I mean, raping women, well, ok, we can accept it as something bad. But... mayonnaise in a pizza?? THAT'S a real crime!


A polar opposite story made national news here America a few years ago

A young woman, after a night of partying, got into a black Chevy Impala thinking it was her Uber ride. Turns out it was a random car with a thug inside who kidnapped, raped and murdered her. They caught they young man a few days later.


Actually, something similar could have happened here.

The chick suddenly asked the cab driver to stop after he ordered the pizza. Then she left the cab and being so afraid of the terrible cab driver who liked pizza for dinner... and she got into a car with 3 unknown men that was passing.

It's like, WTF?!? she's terrorized by a cab driver ordering pizza and then... she gets into a random car with 3 unknown men in the middle of the night.πŸ˜‚


Did they catch up with him and he was eating pizza?


I recall that - it was on a security tape. I'm a woman and would never use Uber by myself - even if I verified everything, which she didn't.


Reminds me of that stupid bitch earlier this year who called the cops because the (black) man in the park told her to put her dog on a leash. It was reported as a racial thing but really that was just an added bonus for her, she was playing the damsel in distress card even though she was at fault.

And people wonder why more and more men don't want anything to do with women.

Standby for news reports of Argentine cab drivers refusing to take female passengers.


That chick wasn't aware that the race card beats the damsel in distress card. It seems she needs to be educated.

And yeap, this type of situations would lead eventually to cab drivers avoiding female passengers. 🀣

I had this debate before. It's not only what you do, it's the consequences.


I've seen similar happen down here. A woman accused a man who stopped to help her with her tyre of sexual assault when in fact he didn't do anything like that at all. Then women wonder why men don't give a fuck anymore.

And yes there is a hierarchy of victimhood, race first always. Well you have to be the right race, but you know what I mean.


A woman accused a man who stopped to help her with her tyre of sexual assault when in fact he didn't do anything like that at all. Then women wonder why men don't give a fuck anymore.

Agreed. And that's gonna affect all women, not only the crazy ones. When some behavior is common enough in some social groups, that affects the whole social group.

That's why some ethnic groups with a high criminality index are less welcome, and that affects both criminals and honest citizens.

And that's affecting whites too, btw. There's a growing hostility against whites in Asian countries, for example. It's the reaction to wokes, but it's affecting every white person and it's becoming an hostility to western culture in general (non-woke included). We can complain about that but... truth is that it's just a logical consequence.


Yep, just like all Muslims will be seen as terror threats. Or a man with tattoos is seen as a thug etc. It crosses all social groups.

I didn't know about the hostility towards whites in Asia. It makes sense though Woke is just another form of cultural Imperialism. "You must change your ways to suit us, or else!"


It’s very sad that some women instantly see all men as potential rapists.
These women are completely damaged or that fearful in their very souls for some terrible reason.
It’s still not fair on the men though.


It's become crazy and what is worse acceptable for women to just see men that way. Not to mention accusations alone are enough to damn a man for the rest of his life even if he is proven innocent.

A lot of young men in particular have committed suicide over that kind of thing.


It’s a terrible situation.


> Not to mention accusations alone are enough to damn a man for the rest of his life even if he is proven innocent.

True. When a woman makes such an accusation, no matter how absurd the alleged facts and circumstances, there are legions of fools ready to pronounce her story as credible even before the poor dude has had a chance to defend himself.


It’s very sad that some women instantly see all men as potential rapists.

It's even worse. After leaving the cab out of the blue, she got into a random car with 3 unknown men.

I wouldn't do that. I'd rather walk. And I'm a man.

Those chicks have their common sense completely messed up. She sees a rapist in a conversation about a pizzaΒΉ, and then goes in a car with unknown men in the middle of the night.

It's the same with women walking alone in dangerous areas, during the night, because they're Strong and Independent (and again, I'm a man and I wouldn't do that unless I had to)... and then they are afraid of completely normal areas and completely normal men.

They have the danger sensor completely fucked up.

ΒΉ I have listened the original conversation, and there wasn't anything weird. I can't imagine how she made up that story. And the cab driver doesn't look creepy or anything like that, he looks like a textbook Argentinian blue collar.


Being strong and having independence isn’t going to get you anywhere, prove anything etc....apart from that it could get you killed in that situation!

Sense seems in short supply in many people today πŸ˜¬πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ


I really hate that "strong and independent" trend.

Years ago, there was a concept that was very popular in self-help books: assertiveness. The ability to hold your ground in a conflict, to defend your position without being aggressive or passive-aggressive, to negotiate, be fair and both able to demand and concede. And I don't know why it was thrown away, I think it's a healthy ideal for a society.

Instead of it, now we have "strong" as an ideal. And that's a shitty ideal for a society. Being assertive can be something you learn and prove in your normal life just by having healthy relations with other people. It's an ideal that builds a healthy and constructive society. Being "strong", on the contrary... you can only prove it by struggling against difficulties. That means that, by its own definition, the modern social ideal of an individual requires the society to be flawed, corrupt and unfair (otherwise, how would you prove you're strong?).

It's like suddenly the medical ideal of health was defined as being able to survive a lethal illness. The problem is that the moment you accept that definition, if you want to be healthy, you should first contract a lethal illness to prove you can survive it, and then you know you're healthy. Nobody sees the non-sense?

At the end, you have these chicks that often didn't struggle in life but need to prove they're "strong", which they do by making up imaginary difficulties and oppressions. The irony of it is that if they really had struggled in life, they wouldn't care about being "strong". They would want some happiness for a change and life coming as easy a possible, thank you very much. People who really had problems don't create imaginary troubles, they had enough with the real ones.


I'm not gonna bother to watch the linked videos, because as crazy as this story sounds, the world has gotten so loony that I have no doubt it's true.

On a different note, crap like this is one reason I keep a landline. There are times I find it prudent to record my telephone conversations. Easy enough to do with a old fashioned phone, I've got a device that I plug in, between the phone and the handset. My cell phone is a cheap flip phone, and I can't record calls with it. I suppose there might be some iPhone app that records calls, but I'll be damned if I'm going to buy an iPhone. I know a lot of people feel differently, but spending several hundred dollars on a telephone strikes me as crazy.


Don't think that an expensive one will do much better. I don't know about Apple, but last versions of Google's Android prevent apps from recording phone conversations. So you get the most expensive Android phone right now, and you won't be able to record a phone conversation with it, since the OS doesn't allow it.

I guess the next step is to develop Android White Male Edition that just won't allow to record shit and won't let you to take whatsapp screenshots πŸ˜„


So Google invades our privacy by tracking everything we do with their services, preserving all records in perpetuity, but prevents users from doing something which is perfectly legal on "privacy" grounds.[*] Doesn't surprise me. That's Big Tech for you.

> I guess the next step is to develop Android White Male Edition that just won't allow to record shit and won't let you to take whatsapp screenshots

Indeed. Except that it will allow recording, just not by the user. All phone calls and text messages will be recorded and forwarded to the SPLC and ADL.

Sooner or later some poor bastard is going to have an ordinary and mild altercation elevated to a "hate crime" because of a note or highlight he made in a Kindle book. It's inevitable. Those things are already shared across devices via Amazon's cloud, and the terms of service probably have the de rigueur provision that all data can be forwarded to law enforcement.

[*] Even if you live in a "two party" state it's legal to record phone conversations; it's only necessary to announce you're doing it.