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*** BAKER'S DOZEN - Movies where the main character wears glasses *** Pretty melodramatic Things Nolan did better than Burton Would this coronavirus pandemic be reflected in future movies? Ok, Michael we now know you love Lays so much... I don't like how it is going I don't know what Steven Universe is, but the songs are great What's with Batman and Burtons? Sci-fi movies or tv shows set in the past Not as cool as I would like View all posts >


Nothing's wrong with a little bit sprays of Axe. Go Redshirts! The O.G. Robocop. Best: Panasonic Worst: Grundig Blasphemy!!! Well, if the Matrix franchise can resurface after being practically dead for decades... Bond surely can do it too I guess. He just didn't want to give her STDs and make her suicidal. Nat. That kinda makes sense tho'. Frogs are more ancient than birds so the probabilty of frogs have the piece of DNA missing in their dinosaurs' samples is larger than birds because birds came after dinosaurs so they may content a lot more further mutated DNA strains that dinosaurs don't have. It's all made up for the movie of course, but it's still believable enough for me. Richard Gere. View all replies >