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I saw him in a Youtube comment about a year ago. He even put (presumably) his own picture. The man is real deal. Pop actor, of course! Sean Connery was in Murder on the Orient Express directed by Sidney Lumet. Sidney Lumet also directed Dog Day Afternoon starring John Cazale. John Cazale was Meryl Streep husband. Meryl Streep was in The River Wild with Kevin Bacon. I ate bacon last night. There's also two-movie long Red Cliff (2008 and 2009). Hell doesn't actually exist. This is what I meant. You're right, arbitrary is the right word, not overpowered. Sorry bout that. It's the same as Scarlet Witch character. Her superpower is also as arbitrary. It has no rhyme nor reason. It's just magic. Random magic. It can be anything the director wants for any particular scene. I don't think Scarlet Witch can be made into a great solo movie too because of this. 8 Mile (2002) The Machinist (2004) Alien 3 (1992) I've been hit by I've been hit by A smooth vehicle We have face transplant? No Lion King, really? View all replies >