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Unsatisfying ending Are there any other superhero cartoons This is pretty much an Avengers: Endgame Movies YOU overrate John Wick is what this movie wanted to be One film She need better movies Star Trek logo found on Mars! Ford v Ferrari or Le Mans '66 Movie titles that are car brands / model names View all posts >


Looks super interesting. Babe (1995) Well, what else to say? But yeah, at least Skyfall has pretty pictures... Spectre has the same terrible plot but without the eye candy. It's only logical to say Skyfall is better. No way, Quantum of Solace is the worst. This one at least has pretty sceneries. Also, Spectre is worse than this. Daniel Craig revived the James Bond franchise just because Casino Royale was one heck of a Bond movie, if not the best. Had he started with Quantum of Solace he would be remembered as the actor that ruined Bond forever. More like vulval-look then. Lol. Robinson Crusoe (the O.G. Cast Away) We still don't know if it will be a financial disaster. Not my favorite. Too much horror movie clichés. I'm so old my hair turns white. View all replies >