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I miss some diversity here Is this any woke? You only can see the silhouette in the poster, BUT... Demon Slayer outsells the whole western comic industry US Congress open prayers with "Amen and Awomen" Incels love praising this movie they won’t even watch [deleted] The Wasted Journey of Wonder Woman Amazing show View all posts >


Of course lots of lyrics were about sex. But it was a much more heartwarming view of sex. Most of sex comedies during the 60s could perfectly be labeled as feel-good comedies. Sex was celebrated as a part of life, of human nature, as something beautiful. Right now, lyrics are mostly ghetto songs. Most lyrics in history sucked. That said, there's a problem with modern lyrics. But it's a matter of values portrayed in those lyrics. That's a different problem. "Sucking" is due to lack of quality or creativity... which is nothing new. The new problem in modern music is the message. You're asking for good lyrics in rock groups, and rock groups rarely had good lyrics. Lyrics were secondary. You want good lyrics, search among singer-songwriters. Check Leonard Cohen, for example. Each genre has its own interests, and most of them don't care about lyrics. You check classical music, and you'll find that lyrics are extremely forgettable. Classical composers literally didn't give a shit about lyrics. The only classical genre that really cares about lyrics is Opera. Hollywood is not the only cinema industry in the XXth century. You had Asian cinema, which casted 99.9% of Asians. And Indian cinema, which casted 99.9% of Indians. And African cinema, which casted 99.9% of blacks. And so on. But as usual, it's only a problem with whites, because of white guilt faith and let's whip ourselves! That's how it works in modern western countries. I posted a thread joking about how involuntarily realist was that the first thing the black female lead did in the series was being present in a plane crash, and instead of looking for survivors to help them... she started to loot and stole the batsuit. Of course, the thread was deleted, because it was "raaaciiiiiiiiiiist" 🥱 Hiring farmbots to boost iMDB scores has become quite usual during the last year. Netflix has been doing it for a while. A lot of Netflix series use to range from 8 to 9, no matter how shitty they are. It's to be expected that Disney joins that practice. Chances are that high score is mostly due to farmbots. <blockquote>He was addicted to benzodiazapines [...] and was unable to come off them without experiencing severe side effects. So he went to Russia</blockquote> Abandoning benzos is quite hard, and some people may need help with that, but not to the point of threatening your life. He didn't go to Russia because he was addicted to benzos. He went there because he had an extreme adverse physical reaction to benzos (which included pneumonia). That's rare and unfortunate, <b>and</b> unpredictable. <blockquote>If a psychologist who is on Youtube advising people how to deal with anxiety while he was becoming addicted to a medication to treat anxiety that he must have known can be dangerous isn't a fall I don't know what is.</blockquote> I don't see why. Benzos are dangerous, that's true, but they're extremely effective too when dealing with anxiety problems. The prescription is considered correct in cases of severe anxiety that can't be treated with more harmless anxiolytics. You seem to suggest that this case, the prescription was incorrect. On what basis do you argue that? → The guys who make the decisions are the executives. They're gonna get their big payroll no matter what. The ones that will lose money will be the shareholders, so why care? I don't think there's gonna be any "fall". Peterson is very solid from the ideological point of view. His main problem is that he's prone to depression and anxiety. Add to that all the personal attacks piling up in mainstream media and the wife having cancer, and he's far from being at his best. So he's likely to take it slow. View all replies >