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I liked the finale Merry Christmas you filthy animal..... MLB is looking more promising Who likes Mojitos? I'm having a great week Why can't political rallies/conventions be held in outdoor venues? What pets do you have and what are their names? Our Astronauts have arrived! Do any of you know each other away from this forum? Most beautiful piece of music in a movie View all posts >


That's good to know. Season 3 is mentioned and I hope that doesn't happen - IMO, stories like this are best told in a limited number of episodes. I know, but I THINK were safe for a while. LOL. Agree, the people who have the most right to be offended have pretty much consistently been the ones who have said they have no problems with the name. I'm a Christian and grew up in a fundamentalist church, but was never taught anything about the Rapture, in fact I never even knew anything about it until the Left Behind books came out. Some believe in it, but I would guess most don't. Makes me glad I'm a Dolphins fan. The T800 in The Terminator. No - why would I? Congrats on doing the right thing. They must be very tiny if you have to do what is necessary to make them go potty. I have a feral cat that is 6 years old. She showed up in my garage alone as a little kitten but was old enough to eat cat food. I made a barricade where she could hide from the other outdoor cats and keep her food and water from them. I used a kind trap to catch her so she could be spayed and I should have kept her in a cage until she would let us handle her. Unfortunately I didn't and to this day she won't let us come near her. She is a dependent feral - we supply all of her food and water and she sleeps in the garage. I only needed business math and analytical skills in my job. View all replies >