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Has anyone here bought a new laptop recently? Who wears an Apple Watch? Have you ever taken a hot air balloon ride? Opioid induced hallucinations The Continental So I broke down and got Amazon Prime Video Disney Sucks BIG Time Covid finally got me Woman fired from a Lowe's in Georgia Leslie Van Houten View all posts >


In general, summer TV pretty much sucks. Looks like the only upcoming show that I'm interested in is House of the Dragon, which I believe starts next month. Way over - I'm 73. I like both characters - looking forward to the new show. It's nice to know from the BBT, that Georgie becomes successful and rich. I will miss this show, but I always liked Georgie so looking forward to the new one. Astrophysicist for NASA Chick Flicks - First Wives Club No - they are too sweet. LOL - the only thing I did was to paint the walls and help with the tile in the shower. My son and (adult) grandson helped and did the demo,(which was a MESS), and I hired my son's ex-FIL who is retired and knows what he's doing for everything else except the shower tile, which my son and I did.. It was a part time project so it took about 10 weeks to complete. Right now the inside of my house is my priority for this year. I just tore my bathroom down to the studs and did a complete remodel. It was one of those "what the hell did I get myself into" projects. Lots of water and old termite damage underneath the walls. It turned out beautiful, so I'm happy but I have box gutters in that part of the house that need to be relined - always something with old houses. I tore out some boxwoods that had blight. They had also become overgrown and were choking out my wisteria. There is also another bush in the same area that needs to be removed but just might cut it down for this year. Most of my flower beds are the way I want them. View all replies >