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I just looked it up on wiki. Redford's character (Turner) wrote a report that had some strange plot elements that had been translated into a unusual assortment of languages. Somehow this report spooked the rogue spooks, fearing that it would uncover the operation. How the novel comes into play is a mystery, maybe methods of murder used were the same, maybe cryptology was used in conjunction with the novel as a source book.. what ever it was in the report knew that it could be tracked by the good guys. She can hop over my way. Interesting movie, haven't seen it in awhile, but if memory serves is was a ROGUE CIA contingent that was interested in starting a war with Arab nations. I movie was made soon after OPEC put the kabash on the US economy by jacking up the price of oil, so you get where the writers were coming from. One of those great songs that has been ruined by massive overplay. I am middle-aged and have heard this song since my teens in the early 1980's, probably heard it 1000 times, when it comes on the radio I turn the station. This begs the question in my mind, if you can become sick of a well written song, is it still considered great? I believe the song is about the vapidity of the Californian lifestyle in the 1970's and how addicting and mindset changing it can be. Interesting how different generations have a different takes on it. He is not just the CEO, Lindell is the epitome of the American dream. A serial entrepreneur with several failed starts, Lindell finally hit paydirt with My pillow when he worked on making a better pillow. His sales pitch and mustache convinced people that he was different and people paid a premium for a item that costs little to produce. He quickly became a multi millionaire and his ex wife's came a knocking. His personal political opinions might be off-putting to some, but I admire his entrepreneural sprit that made 🇺🇸 great! 🤔 I have thought about it, I can't afford the hit on my paycheck for child support. William Shatner is 90. I read that HALF of all babies born today in "first world" countries can expect to live to 100. 😀 Dead Poets Society! Murdock would suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, and not part time crazy. "I need TR-ASH BAGS!" View all replies >