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Not many directors left that have the juice to say no to a studio request/demand. It's unfortunate because big budget films will certainly almost always be written with a franchise/sequel in mind. Maybe 5 left at most?? Yes. A friend of a friend got into drugs, stared stealing to feed his habit. Probably stole from the wrong person, and was killed with "double tap" to the back of the head in his apartment. The murder remains unsolved almost 20years later. Kind of a asshole, but had a quick wit. While waiting for a waterslide at a amusement park, a couple of girls were giggling about his nipple piercing. He looks at them and goes "That's right ladies, it's not a clip on".😄 I wasn't too disappointed, MacLaine was rocking some seriously dangerous curves. Spawned from a "Millionaire matchmaker" app... "Many such journeys are possible, let me be your gateway.." ~ The Guardian of Forever Yes, just watched it for the first time. Very enjoyable movie. No, while his eyes and hair are the same as Deforest, the head is a couple hat sizes larger. This fine flick is available free on demand on (Spectrum) TCM. 9/23/23 The last controversy with him was completely manufactured. At an award show, somebody with a good sense of media savvy sat him next to a 20 year old starlet that DiCaprio had never met. The Roman colosseum of public judgement (mostly older women who want to date him) went berserk. It one of those posters that you completely understand after watching it, but before watching.. it is a mystery. The "dream terminator" used two skinny scavengers to infiltrate the base. The guard dogs somehow smelled the terminator and barked a warning. But you do have a point, body builders are probably just not seen post apocalypse. Before men go to war, they make love to their partners like jackrabbits. Redford's character didn't have any children, and people were trying to kill him. The instinctive need for a man to pass on their lineage (especially if they have not already done so)during times of mortal danger is part of the human condition. It's not out of the realm of possibility that the scene could occur, of course it helps if you look like Robert Redford. View all replies >