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Post your best song on life/human condition Why this movie bombed Women are getting 'butt facials' Guys,which character is you in this movie? 180 vaccines in development, we have a leader. Joe Biden was a US Senator at 30 Anybody seen this? It is in top #100 films of all time #75 movie of all time (directors poll) Sci-fi device you would like to see invented in the next 10 years #35 movie of all time View all posts >


It is still taboo to do a Hollywood biopic on Axis leaders. Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo These names of history are off limits for a big budget Hollywood film. The backlash from the powerful Jewish lobby and the capitalist American system (major Wall Street companies) would be a difficult barrier to overcome. A small budget one is possible, but a difficult task to find quality people who would be willing to work on it. Thanks 🐸 I fixed it. My apologies to all responding...Phone ran out of gigs this month... I'm going to have to shut down for a few days. Norman Rockwell, it is a painting. Famous for his 'Saturday Evening News' covers. Depicting apple pie slices of Americana in the early 20th century. 👍👍👍👍👍 Even a Reds fan can appreciate the incredible skill of Mr. Scully. When the Reds played the Dodgers I DVR'd the late games, if I had a choice of announcers, I'd always go with Scully. The best part of that call was Scully's silence after the home run...I think he didn't say a word for something like a minute. A master who knows when silence is golden. "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac"~Henry Kissinger The man rape man scene is essentially saying to sequel. The sentence can be said without a question. USC bans John Wayne exhibition......So what .. Kanye West is running for President.......So what.... Trump newest attention getting tweet......So what.... So many click bait headlines and manufactured news stories today leaves many adults to saying........So what.... Exactly he's DEAD! Taking aim at a dead man's alleged comments is fundamentally wrong on many levels. 1) he can't defend himself. 2) people who knew him well are also dead, so they can't attest to his character. 3) interviews can be manufactured, or altered years after print. The term..Rest in Peace used to mean something at one time in America. View all replies >