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If made today, how would audience react? Best line Who prefers the original version? Biggest turnoff ending for the audience? Better with or without internal dialogue? Possible without President Trump? Well done Max Brooks! Every nation using a WOPER! Most creative horror flick of the 80's? View all posts >


To travel the Earth means the aliens have mastered faster than light speed technology..which Einstein thought impossible. It would follow that they could also have mastered a 'cloaking device' like the Romulans in Star Trek and/or a inviso-shield like the movie Predator, or tech that could transform them into human form like They Live.. Or I could have just seen too many sci fi movies... I don't think there is anything like it today, but I can give many examples of the reverse. Excellent reply! 100percent agree. The names change but the song remains the same. Hate for the 'other' I don't know why they did not make a sequel to this film. The box office was better than average. I remember seeing it in the theater, mostly an over 50 crowd. Maybe they could not agree on $$$ with R Crowe. Yes... it is excellent, very underrated, well acted... A very unique type of horror film. Kind of a surprise ending ( to me anyway) an I am old enough to have seen thousands of them The show was before my time, but I did enjoy the reruns. I read that it was so popular, that the water authority observed a noticable dip in pressure during commercial breakes (toilets being flushed) They tried round boxes, if the pizza fits too snugly people have a hard time getting a slice out without the cheese/toppings spilling all over, esp if it is hot. The square boxes give the hand room to cup if needed If you ever noticed, the first slice taken comes from a corner slot. If one day you had your own private island of beautiful women, and the next you are in a 10 by 6 cell which you are most likely to live alone for your remaining days.....suicide can look like a good option. View all replies >