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Speilberg only 24 years old when he directed Duel, a most memorable film. Very creative years in Hollywood, in line with the music of the time. Same here. Both this story and Stand By Me are powerful but in different ways. I believe it was just friendly competition or kinda of a copy cat between two studios. This was the weirdo version of Stand By Me(1986). Movie studios can get wind of what rivals are up to and can make something similar. (Gremlins/Critters, Armageddon/Deep Impact) Both stories involved young boys or teens and seeing a dead body. Stand By Me took the wholesome track... The Rivers Edge decided to take a darker look at humanity. The oddness of two studios having the plot point of youth viewing a dead body that is unknown to adults in the same year (1986) is to me, no coincidence at all. Columbia (Stand By Me) Island (Rivers Edge) Does this movie focus more on her than high school life? If it does, that is not a TRUE high school movie. High school LIFE should be at the center of the story, not the life of a girl who goes to high school. Juno wasn't REALLY a high school film either. This sounds like a coming of age film. Sure, there are still some low budget films that few people have heard of. Combine the cost of those four films probably doesn't equal one Fast Times. If you think about it, there isn't much difference for a woman between Doordash and a dating app. She can choose the best dish, and usually get it if she wants it. Men cannot... unless it's a escort service. Good question Let's Add them up! Scale 1-5 (lesser given for supporting roles) Bronson's best: Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) +5 Death Wish (1974) +4 The Mechanic (1972) +3 The Great Escape (1963)(supporting role) +3 The Dirty Dozen (1967 (supporting) +3 Hard Times (1975)+3 Telefon (1977)+2 The rest of his crap movies +1 24 Burt Reynolds best: Smokey and the Bandit +5 Deliverance (supporting) +3 The Longest Yard +4 Gator +3 Hooper +3 Semi Tough +2 Boogie Nights (supporting) +2 The rest of his crap +1 23 Bronson by a 👃 They are both "Alpha males", different makeup from some of the laid back semi stoner musicians of the period. Sting was so disgusted with his band mates (Andy Summers) song on Zenyetta Mondetta (Behind My Camel), that he actually buried the track in dirt near the studio. (In his defense it is a horrible song, 🙂) The memorable speech from Network. View all replies >