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Psychologist explains WHY we horde toilet paper Surprised Hollywood doesn't make a movie about her life Would you volunteer for a test covid-19 vaccine? Most underrated/unwatched Spielberg movie? ***NO NEW POST GAME*** Yesss beat THAT suckers!!! What isTHE most Un-American thing you can think of? Bigger spike in divorces or pregnancies after quarantine ends? Why does Karate Kid III get more posts that KK I View all posts >


Well... manslaughter in the Twilight Zone accident But what I like about your question is that there is a DEFINITE answer to it. Do you define ALL as to everyone with speaking parts or just the main cast? It's kind of a cool bit of trivia that has to be constantly updated. Also it needs a cool name for movies that qualify, like 'Skeleton Crew' 😆Alot of people are! Just cough in front of a stranger, the person's butthole will tighten. Jimmy was a killer himself, and a genuine friend of Tommy. Nice observation. The article goes on... Freud believed that human beings equate feces with gold or money. It is the child's first 'gift'. The turning point in a child's so called anal phase is when he learns to relinquish his 'gift'. I think Freud was full of shit, but it does make for great reading. Bowel movement Excellent link! I have seen these and they do have relevance to human behavior and the Covid-19 situation. 1. The first recommendation is probably the best episode. It is about a man who just wants to be left alone to read. The others are good also, touching on human themes as paranoia, loneliness, isolation, group dynamics in confined spaces. Misread thought main 4 leads. With the exception of Dan Ackroyd the vast majority of the cast and singers of The Blues Brothers (1980) has died. J Bulishi J Candy C Fisher A Franklin J Hooker C Calloway R Charles J Brown Many other of the smaller character actors have also passed on (Nazi General, Bob's County bunker owner, The head nun and many members of the band) There is another contender... Julianne Moore. Although not a Oscar winner, she was nominated for 9 Golden Globes, winning two. A highly respected actress in Hollywood. In terms of nudity, she wins hands down. In Short Cuts (1992) she walks around a apartment, completely nude (showing full bush) for a good 5 minutes, while staying in character for a incredible acting scene. (Just try to act walking about totally nude!) Oh yes BTW, she was also in the movie Boogie Nights (1997) View all replies >