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Anybody who appeared on the Sha na na variety show (1977-81) Even as a kid who watched a great deal of bad tv, I would watch hoping the next skit would be good, it never was. That is because young women don't vote, and their voices are not heard in Congress. Maybe 1 in 20 under 30yoa vote in state elections. This ruling could galvanize them to vote more often. If I was a Republican congressman, I would be concerned about it. It isn't, but many of Woody Allen's crew worked on it, and definitely has that type of feel. I'm guessing that young females will not be satisfied with that and will come out and vote in state elections...many for the first time. Millennials are a very large demographic. The ruling could change the type people who come out and vote. The tricky equation for a politician is ~ How many young female millennials and gen Zers who do not regularly vote in state elections will now do so. This is a unknown, but it is safe to say that the percentage will increase. vs. Religious right who vote regularly and want abortion banned. A very distinct possibility that the lawmakers who ban abortion in conservative states will be voted out. Republicans could rue this ruling, as it might make many take a more moderate stance in the topic, which would be in conflict with the religious right. So would a woman rather have a man incarcerated for 5 years not earning anything to support the child, or have them free and "arrest men's wallets" for 18 years? I'm guessing the latter. I do see your logic, if life begins at conception, when does "abandonment" happen? Nelson Rockefeller III was 70 years of age when he died of a heart attack making love to his mistress (25 years old). 1. The Italian Job (1969) 2. The Bank Job (2008) 3. The Vault (2021), Madrid Spain 4. Topkapi (1964) I would have sold it. Because no matter how clean the car looks, it won't stop the hundreds of ball busting nicknames his peers will come up with. "There's that shitbox Ford!" "Here comes a load of shit" "It's the plopper!" "The super-pooper coup!" "The manure-o-matic" etc..etc.. View all replies >