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I buy the beans green and roast them myself. It takes a few tries to get it right, but it's not at all hard to do. The result is much fresher than anything you're going to get at a store. My vendor is Sweet Maria's, a California based company. They've got different varieties of unroasted coffee beans from all over the world, most under $10 a pound. I don't have a single favorite, but after trying some coffees from other regions I decided to stick with Colombian and other South American brands -- it's just what I'm used to. My roaster is a Fresh Roast SR500. That model has been discontinued and replaced with the SR540, which looks like it's very similar. Many books and such describing coffee roasting will tell you that you'll know when coffee is sufficiently roasted by the color and odor. Maybe that's how Old World roastmeisters did it, but for the rest of us a thermometor is a must. The SR540 has a built-in thermometer, apparently. My SR500 doesn't have one, so I bought this. > Do we need to know that Elvis once ate an entire cake by himself and went for another cake and someone said "where are you going to put it?" And he lost his shit? Really? Chronic constipation is a side effect of opiod abuse, and with the heavy drugs Elvis was taking he had it really bad toward the end. The autopsy showed that his lower bowels were severely impacted, and that he died from a heart attack he gave himself trying to push out a massive turd. If he really lost his shit at some point I'm happy for him -- at least he had some moments of relief. As for me, no worries -- I've been a regular Metamucil user since 2014. One teaspoon a day makes your turds perfect. Not too hard, so you don't give yourself a hernia when you take a dump. Not too soft, so they stick to themselves rather than leave goo between your ass cheeks. Just a firm shove, then a quick wipe, and you're done. I haven't seen it, but when I looked it up I saw that Badlands is set in South Dakota, and the characters have different names than the real murderers. Starkweather and Fugate inspired several movies, but those filmmakers have more room for artistic license. The real Charles Starkweather ... well, picture what Beavis might look like if he and Butt-Head hit the gym and each put on twenty-five pounds or so of muscle, just enough so they weren's skinny anymore. That dude was creepy looking. Fugate wasn't so bad, but at most ordinary looking, a fourteen year old that only a nineteen year old loser who couldn't get any other action -- i.e., someone like Charles Starkweather -- could fall for. Anyway, the movie Starkweather is a dramatization of real events, depicting Starkweather and Fugate in Nebraska and Wyoming, and from what I understand the filmmakes stuck pretty close to the way things happened. Neither Starkweather nor Fugate were portrayed as attractive, either in looks or personality. He was portrayed as having some very sick fetishes in addition to his homicidal nature. She came off as someone so stupid that if you had offered her a photo of Abraham Lincoln's funeral autographed by Abe himself, she would have bought it and congratulated herself on snagging a rare and valuable historical relic > "Bonnie and Clyde" and "Badlands" are both about attractive young couples who go on crime sprees. Remove the word "attractive" and you can add Starkweather to that list. It's about Charles Starkweather and Caril-Ann Fugate, two teenage losers who went on a killing spree together in the late 1950s. IMDB's users rate it 4.7/10. Yeah, it's low budget and certainly won't win any Oscars, but I thought it was a little better than that. > we have a long standing (and true!) joke here that native New Yorkers never visit the Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island lol That's not just in New York. I lived in the DC suburbs for about ten years, and the only times I went to see tourist stuff was when out-of-town friends visited. Yeah, now I recall that. Most of the time they did a good job. But if I remember right, there was one shot in the pilot episode where they were plainly visible; IIRC Radar was holding a football. > Hard numbers are questionable but it is claimed that 20-30% of the Colonists were actually Loyalist I've heard similar things, that about 1/3 were sympathetic to revolution, 1/3 were loyal to the king, and 1/3 just didn't give a shit. Also, there were quite a few in Parliament who were sympathetic to the colonists' complaints. If historian Pauline Maier has it right, if it had been possible to put a trans-Atlantic phone cable in place and enable real-time communications between Britain and North America, the revolution could have been averted as late as April 1776. This is a good book, by the way: It's been a long time since I read it and I need to give it another look. One thing I specifically remember is something she wrote about the language style in the Declaration of Independence. The document lists reasons for the separation, stating that King George had done this bad thing, he had done this other bad thing, et cetera. Well, when a loyal Englishman petitioned the government for a redress of grievances, he did not complain against the monarch personally -- the complaint was that the King's ministers had done bad things. Stating that the King himself had wronged the colonists was a deliberate choice -- in Maier's words, it was "the language of treason." > I just learned that Thomas Jefferson’s parents lived on the Thames. Sorry Andy, but whoever told you that was at least half-misinformed. I don't think being related to Jefferson makes me a better person, but it has made me curious enough to read quite a lot about him over the years. Thomas's mother, Jane Randolph, was indeed born in London, in "Shadwell parish, Tower Hamlets." [*] When she married Peter Jefferson they named their home Shadwell, after her birthplace. Whether that part of London is on the Thames or not, I couldn't say. But Thomas's father was born in Virginia. IIRC, his grandfather also was, and while his great-grandfather was from Great Britain he died in Virginia. On a side note, I hope this trip means your COVID travel restrictions have been relaxed! I don't think I could have taken <b><i>that</i></b> sort of a lockdown. [*] Lots of times. I lived in Maryland and worked in DC for about ten years. It was all private sector work, but for a while my office was close enough to the White House that, had the President any reason to want to have lunch with me, I could have walked over, had a leisurely meal with him, and made it back within the lunch hour. In 1993 we watched Clinton's inaugural parade from the building's roof. I once got a Christmas card from a then-current US President. I won't say which, as this is not the Politics board. I've also got Christmas cards from a House member every year for about twenty years. Sorry for the dilatory response; a very busy couple of days. I haven't either except from one person I'll mention in a moment. I wonder if that's because they're no longer a popular thing, or if it's just that they're no longer popular among the people I hang out with. I also haven't heard much about Boy Scout merit badges in a long time, but they're still around, it's just that my friends and I have no reason to concern ourselves with them. I never took biorhythms seriously but when I was a kid some of my classmates did. On the other hand, there are sane adults out there who believe in things like past lives, the lost city of Atlantis, the magical power of crystals, astrology, et cetera. It wouldn't surprise me if biorhythms are popular among such people. I don't hang out with that crowd so I wouldn't know. The exception I mentioned is a friend who's trying to develop an Apple app for biorhythms. His idea is that the app will give ideal matches for an entered birthday, but he plans to load up his database with lots of people like Bundy, Oswald, and Dahmer for comic effect. I helped him with the math and. along with his other friends, have been collecting famous people's birthdays as we come across them and forwarding them to him. He's built up quite a database, which is how I was able to get the matches I listed above. As for me, it turns out I'm an excellent match with Raquel Welch and with Julie Newmar. It also turns out I'm an excellent match with Squeaky Fromme and with Casey Anthony. View all replies >