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Well she’s gone and done it.... Off Queries over the several series Don’t know who this is Well, finally watched this..... Meh Beginning / dream sequence [spoiler] Jumper love [minor spoilers] [spoilers] One of the worst things.... Jason Bateman View all posts >


🤣😅👍 Regional foods and those from other countries is very fascinating. I’m never going to get to sample these things IRL or visit these places, so I enjoy food programmes instead lol. Southern US dishes are ones that are of most interest…..I can’t get my head around grits or the biscuits and gravy 😅 Yes They are very common in northwest Europe and Ireland. Thank you! 😂😅 This is a big concern and quite non-inclusive for so many groups of people in society 😔 Agree Again that seems crazy! 😂 Because I keep a pencil I want a penis?! Damn, my above statement that I DON’T want a penis must be void then, because I took a pencil from a builder’s merchant (they are for use by customers) 🤣 That’s a new one on me then 😬🍆🚨 As you say, I’d much rather look through a stationary catalogue than a porn magazine lol…. much more practical!! What?! I thought penis envy was something that happened between males - who had penises. Or I guess, women who want a penis because they are trans? As a woman, there’s never been a point where I’ve seen a penis (the first time knowing about them or otherwise lol) and then wanted one hahaha?!!! 😅 That’s crazy! I’ve not read the comics or seen that new series either….but yes, good points! View all replies >