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Oxygen torch Nope Liking it, a different kind of show for me Ok Nope I wanted to see something else Jim Howick is in Loved it :-D What the actual flip?! Can someone please explain the big twist???? Good job If.... View all posts >


It reminded me of a tissue or plastic bag that then, as it developed, had got tangled on an octopus. I can’t believe they had to make it seem like it had a little face too lol. I found this one of the best Black Mirrors and was both shocked and disappointed (at Kenny) that Kenny turned out to have been looking at children for his pornography. I found it interesting that THEY would get a youth to ‘execute’ a paedophile when Kenny’s crime just seemed to be masterbation....but then it made sense. However, THEY were only going to post the video of him masterbating, which of course would be embarrassing, but not what he was doing it to. For what it was, it was very entertaining. I would watch it again. If you ignore everything you know about the Robin Hood fable and the films that have gone before....and the time it was set and the place....literally this is just it’s own film, own story, own logic and everything. It’s got action, rivalry, pain, drama, love, horse riding, bit of violence, fire, explosions, castles....etc...and a bit of a bizarre mix of medieval England, Italy and China thrown into the mix with some SS Nazi stuff and Iraqi war/’s totally bizarre!! Thanks! Ah yes, it was LaStrange....was it their house that was Ravenclaw? I think there was ravens somewhere mentioned lol Thanks! Yes, agree, that’s what I mean. Oh thank you... I’ve just looked this up and no, it actually wasn’t the film you suggested...although it sounds bizarre and hilarious! Thanks though! I didn’t know what to expect really. I think I enjoyed it, but it was very weird on many levels! As Elias had bull genes in him he was obviously from the start finding the actual bull a rival. That became more obvious with him looking at it and saying things about it. I think he finally decided to kill the bull because it had become too much for him, I’d like to think that he then went on a bit of a spree with the chickens ‘like a bull in a China shop’, rather than have intercourse with them, but I think the later is probably true, given that he was overly sexual and didn’t get a woman like the other men.....and also that he is sitting with one at the end, as someone else has commented on. A man could not rape a bull to death. For one, Elias would probably need a ladder to get up to the bull in order to penetrate him. If he was alternately stimulating the bull, I don’t think the bull would die from that either. Both methods would be dangerous more for the man! It is clear, again as someone else has commented, that the bull is laid out dead with blood near his throat, which indicates a violently bloody death for the bull at the man’s hands. I also don’t think, even if Elias is so sexually frustrated, that he would try to rape the bull, which he would see as a rival. Bulls fight, not rape each other. Thanks 😊 Yes he was good in Lost City. He can act! View all replies >