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👏👏👏😎 I can imagine! Me too...and very painful, exhausting, upsetting and mentally traumatic. Yes, have you? Very weird and interesting. Would love to know more about the background of the ‘creatures’ and gems. Yes, totally - I got Western, with the retro 70s feel mixed with a little MadMax type thing going on. A good deal different to anything else I’ve seen in the same vein. I got that she took some of her dad’s drugs and so the throwing things (food?) was down to that really. Fire? X - People Batperson Cat-identifying-as-female-person The Witches, Warlocks and Wizards of Eastwick Jamie Bond The Non-denominational parent 😉😆 Ghostbusters (2016) - how was this a remake of the 1984 version? View all replies >