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Bloomberg racist or factual?

Although what Bloomberg said is considerd to be factually correct, I do think his comments saying that minorities need to be frisked more and whites not so much, was pretty racist. He's getting backlash from both the right and the left.

Do you think what he said was racist or is this just a minor issue being blown out of proportion from those on the right?


Bloomberg's not a racist and was instrumental in lowering racial tension in NYC.

Trump's campaign will repeatedly attack Democratic candidates in order to weaken them. Nobody is more racist than Trump who is running with the support of David Dukes, KKK and other hate groups and who has been an inspiration and motivation for mass killers who slaughtered innocent people in synagogues, shopping malls and Mosques.

Democrats have to be smart and not take the bait. Bloomberg is everything Trump wishes he could be. A successful businessman, a real multi-billionaire, intelligent, effective at creating jobs and helping the economy. NYC is still thriving from Bloomberg's leadership even with DeBlasio in office.


"Bloomberg's not a racist and was instrumental in lowering racial tension in NYC."

Regarding Bloomberg, I did not know this and will have to do some research. I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction. I think it's vital to know where candidates stand on such issues.


There are Americans who are suffering financially because of the changing economy. Trump makes cute speeches at his rallies but he has hurt farmers, manufacturers and consumers with his trade war.

Bloomberg had strong ideas about improving the NYC economy. When Wall Street and banks went belly-up during the last recession, Bloomberg found alternative industries to increase economic growth by attracting tech start-ups and movie/TV studios with tax incentives. He also put money aside during NYC's boom years as a safety net for the future during economic downturns.

People in regions that are hurting economically should be asking him how he plans to change things around economically in those regions.


He apologized for it while he was running for president. He explained and I don't blame him for doing so, at the time, a high crime rate was from people of color (think mostly blacks or hispanics) hence the increase in stop and frisk on that race group. It did drive crime down as well but blacks don't see it that way. They play the victim in that regard imo (think due to the mishandling of the central park 5 incident). Maybe there were better ways of handling it (can't think of one atm) but it seemed the logical way to go about trying to tackle an issue at the time. Nowadays criminals sorta get more rights than cops in NYC.


There needs to be a balance to hold to account the cops that do bad and the thugs/gangbangers that do bad. When you're on the job, you can get some bias when you're arresting mostly a particular race group so in turn your mind can get a little warped (even if it holds some truths to the problem at hand).

What I can't wrap my head around is how people flinch (mostly black from the video's I have seen on just Usain Bolt tactic) at the sight of police because they're afraid. Don't they know they make the situation worse by doing that? Like whose teaching them to just run or cross their mind thinking so? Or maybe it's something else... Beyond me. They need to teach what to do when a cop approaches you and not escalate these situations in school and cops need to be taught not to descalate situations when encountering people of interest.

What I learned from cops approaching you from videos of people getting gunned down:
-Keep your hands out of your pockets (stop fidgeting like your trying to take something out like a gun or knife or other).
-Keep open communication with the officer on what you're going to do if they ask for identification or other.
-Keep your hands on the steering wheel unless directed so since they can't see when your back is turned to get something below or other.
-Announce if you are carrying on you or near you
-Record encounter with phone or cam as evidence for your safety and theirs. Sometimes dirty cops can plant shit or go on a power trip depending on how you handle it.

Basically be friendly, keep your hands in plain view (calms trigger happy) and announce what you're doing out loud. I'm sure it's nice to argue with cops or exercise your rights in front of their faces but not everyone can do that well. Seen so many idiots try it and it didn't work out well. If they abuse, you got evidence and get nice sums of money.


Rorikon, I agree with you 100%. Appreciate your post.


what a sad loser you are man. seriously you are pathetic.

would you look the video of the black man calmly following the police officers orders and slowly reaching for his ID that THE COP told him to grab. ad when he tells the officer he has a gun and DOESNT REACH For it. He gets shot in the chest 8 times with his gf beside him and small child in the back>


Giuliani and Bratton started stop and frisk and the broken windows policy. Bloomberg inherited it. The problem is that Giuliani and Koch created a great deal of racial tension in the city.

If you're a law-abiding citizen who just wants to go to work in the morning and the police have stopped you now literally over 100x based only on your skin color, would you still support it? How about over 250x? At some point it's harassment. It was found unconstitutional.

Anyway, crime didn't go up when they tossed stop and frisk and broken windows policy. If anything, crime has been coming down for years in NYC.


"the police have stopped you now literally over 100x based only on your skin color"

I bet it's other things too: bad hair, dress like rapper, look like gang member. Just dress and talk like MLK and you'll be fine.


No. Just skin color.

"At the height of stop-and-frisk, in 2011, there were 685,000 stops, 106,669 major felonies, and 515 murders in New York City. By 2015, stops fell 97 percent to 23,000. At the same time, major felonies came down to 105,453. And murders dropped to 356.

None of this surprised us at CCR. After years of litigation, mountains of evidence, and a nine-week trial, we knew better than anyone that stop-and-frisk had always been about racial profiling and not crime prevention. "


Yeah it's really difficult to pin the whole thing on one guy. I don't like it that Bloomer is buying his way into the election, but broken windows and compstat goes back at least 30 years.


Right now, Trump is taking millions from lobbyists whose interests he supports over the American people.

He appointed a coal lobbyist to run the EPA, a pharmaceutical lobbyist to run the Dept. of Health and Human Services, private school lobbyist to run public education, and a defense lobbyist to run the Dept of Defense.

Foreign governments and other lobbyists have been paying large sums of money at his hotels and resorts to gain influence over Trump. Kushner supported Saudi Arabia's blockade over Qatar to pressure Brookfield Asset Management which is owned by Qatar's sovereign wealth fund to make a deal to save his family fortune.

Trump and co. are crooked. Expect very dirty mudslinging politics because he knows he goes to prison if he losses.

Bloomberg can match the money that Trump makes which is good. That will make him competitive.


You've just described establishment politics 101. The majority are tired of the lobbyists and tired of Wall Street influence. That's part of how Trump beat Hillary in 2016. He campaigned against the TPP, and campaigned against her Wall Street speeches. Sure, he filled his administration with lobbyists going against his word, but the only candidate we know will not do that is Bernie and maybe Liz.

Bernie has a problem with billionaires, Bloomberg has a problem with the working class. Which of those are residents of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania going to prefer? Remember, the dem needs all three of those to win. Bernie gets them automatically from Trump. Bloomberg gets them maybe kinda sorta if he runs enough commercials. :/


Bernie's main support is with young people who don't vote. Older people who do vote -especially in those states - are more moderate. Suburbanites, Republican women, independents, disappointed Trump voters, and never Trumpers will vote for a moderate Democrat. They don't want their private healthcare taken away. They want to return to normal. Biden was the best bet for normal, but almost any moderate is fine.

I disagree with you that Bernie and Trump share the same voter base. How many Bernie voters support placing children in cages?


Young voter turnout is how Obama got an electoral landslide against McCain. Where young voter turnout fails is in primaries and caucuses. This part of the election is the biggest challenge Bernie will face.

Bernie and Trump don't share the same voter base, so we're in agreement. Most of Trump's base are republicans, and most of Bernie's base are democrats. Both Trump and Bernie are better at grabbing independents which is where establishment candidates suffer the most. But to suggest independent voters are Trump and Bernie's base is patently false.


I think it was a stupid comment but I think he's less racist than Buttigieg if the South Bend Tales are any indication.


It was hyperbole apparently meant for private rather than public consumption. It came off as a little callous or even unconcerned about black citizens, but the essential point he was making, that the liberal academic argument that "blacks are disproportionately arrested for (insert mundane crime here)" is nonsense, is absolutely correct.

Those BS "studies" claiming "racial discrimination" peddled by leftists from racial activists to Eric Holder are wrong because they fail to take into account the fact that predominately black neighborhoods tend to have sky high violent crime rates and, as Bloomberg said, police flood the zone to combat that crime. I'll add that they do that mostly to protect black citizens, but while there they also enforce more mundane laws on marijuana and traffic. Weighing the need to fight crime with not having Americans of any color feel an overbearing police presence is another topic with legitimate points on both sides.

I'd caution Republicans against tagging Bloomberg a "racist" over this, sacrificing principle for short term perceived political opportunism. He may very well be a racial bigot, but these comments don't prove that.

There are far better reasons to criticize Bloomberg as an unworthy, potentially disastrous leader, including his flip flop on effective search and frisk policies and his craven apologies for this recorded stance.