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I went into this with low expectations, especially after the trailer dropped. But Ive since watched this a handful of times and can't help but be entertained. It wasn't so bad after all. I miss old Hollwood, too. I actually have an old VHS player for this movie and a hand few of others :) I should look this up and see if I could add this to my digial library. Borderlands 2. Its like a casino had sex with a FPS and made this classic. XCOM. Loved getting attatched to my soldiers only to have them killed off in horrible fashion down the line. Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The most gorgeous and tranquil game Ive ever plays. Plus, first-person sword fighting is awesome :) Fallout 1. Played this for the first time a year ago. Been hooked since, especially now I that I have it on mobile. Shadowrun Dragonfall. A cyberpunk, strategic turn-based game. Need i say more? Cant get enough of these :) Lol yeah. Michael as an adulterer angel takes the cake, in my opinion lol. "Battle!" hahaha I still watch Michael on VHS periodically. What a well paced film and funny film :) Battlefield Earth. One of my favorite guilty pleasures lol Broken Arrow Michael Face/off They had a pannel where they were bashing Trump with ad hominems as opposed to reporting the event and/or news. But this was on a weekend, so it might have been a one-off. Ill give em another shot. Wow. Thanks for the well written and informative post. I will be checking all of them out :) Nice! Thanks, elcamino View all replies >