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Agreed. There was absolutely zero suspense. Seemed like the director and/or writer(s) were just going through a checklist on this one. If anything, this movie would have been better if they would have gone with the whole c-movie/exploitation route (Hobo with a Shotgun, Planet Terror, Death Proof, Black Dynamite, etc...). I mean, it's difficult to identify what the filmmakers were going for here. Young Guns II Desperado Army of Darkness Riddick Kingsman I'm HOPING what you say is true and that they're keeping some sort of 'big reveal' a secret. Then again, I've said that with all the X-Mens in the past and have been disappointed every time. I'm interested and eager to see what FOX did with this film, being that it's post Deadpool and Logan. I can only wish they took notes. The original Tomb Raider with Jolie is a guilty pleasure of mine. The 90s music and flair are nice and cheesy. I just finished watching the latest Tomb Raider and thought is was awesome. I'm not big into adventure movies, but I enjoyed this tremendously. It has surprisingly really good cinematography, and some shots were picture-perfect poster worthy. Alicia Vikander (sp?) suprised me with this performance, and I loved the more realistic/grittiness of Lara Croft compared to Jolie. I appreciated how she was tough and shredded, yet still feminine and vulnerable. Great performance, fun movie, imo. I do hope they make a sequel and bring back Alicia. Agreed, Frog lol. Life (the science-fiction horror). Had a good cast and a great atmosphere, but the ending was rushed for the sake of a "Gotcha!" moment. Also, Avengers: Infinity War. I'm not really against cliffhangers, but the movie felt incomplete. Would have been better if it ended with a funeral service or something. Needed closure. Just my. 02. The glimmer of hope is gone. What a shame. I was looking for any excuse to like this, but the trailer took care of that. I type corrected... Dark City is one of my go-to movies to watch to cleanse my movie palette after watching a truly horrendous movie. What an awesome film that movie is. . Thanks, MovieManCin2 :) Europa Report looks very interesting from what I've seen so far. Added to my list :) Thanks for the recommendation! View all replies >