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LOL check out notorious losing it on the green knight board on this site. he cries sooo hard. he ran and blocked me he's sooo fragile hahahah get to safe space. thanks for confirming I won :) cries I am a meanie. meanwhile in his first response posts "Pathetic response. You sound like a teenager. " you might as well of posted "I am too fragile I cant handle criticism". notice how being mean is only bad when it happens to you. see im a man who can take it so I don't cry. but clearly you aren't and like to dish it out but not take it. so pathetic Yes the Anglo-Saxons raid English shores and are beaten back by the Romans around 410. Finally the Romans Leave England and England shores are unprotected around 450. shortly after the Arrival of Jutes from Jutland, Angles from South of Denmark and Saxons from Germany. the Saxons, from Germany, settle in Kent.556 YES SO KING ARHTUR WOULD OF BEEN A GEALIC BRITON AND NOT AN Anglo Saxon. YOU DUMB FUCK. SO all the characters in the film better be of Gaelic briton decent with no Anglo Saxon blood mixed in or else its inaccurate right? because having an Indian defended British man is so offensive we better male sure its perfectly accurate to the timeframe of the fantasy/ See how fucking dumb you sound. Omg I called it England. TRIGGERED ALERT! TRIGGERED ALERT! lol you've been unmanned yet again. ive seen some crybabies on here. I think you take the cake as the most fragile bitch on this entire site. notice how you dropped the entire fantasy argument? lol Like all sad losers you run away when you cant address things. lol you also said im young. do you have any actual criticisms when people bring up points or is your modus operandi just to say they are young and have a fit? check out the green knight board. Notorious is losing it like the sensitive snowflake he is compiling about dev being from Indian heritage... He then told me Gaiwan and the green knight isnt a fantasy... Funny how he doesn't want a not pure white playing. role because its not accurate... in a. fantasy movie based of a fantasy story that has monsters.... and magic..... I guess we need to make sure the fantasy characters speak like how The Britons did, since this takes place before the Saxon invasion. we better make sure we find some our blooded Britons not mixed with Saxon blood to play the lead or else this movie is just "woke garbage" like he described it Just to show how fucking stupid you are. are you expecting the characters to be Gaelic britons? Because this fantasy epic takes place before the anglo Saxon invasion of England. so they better try and as best they can replicate the language and culture and armour of Gaelic britons right? also the actor better the genetically a pure briton not mixed with Saxon blood or else this is just woke trash right? see how fucking stupid you sound? lol read what you fucking wrote. "you can’t differentiate fantasy with British legend" I said its a fantasy movie. which it is. but again. facts trigger you so. You are telling me those King Arthur movies aren't fantasy? especially the ones with monsters and magic? (which this has) hahahah go find a movie with a 1/16th black guy acting it based off a fiction novel to get triggered about LOL. and tell me how mad you are that its not historically accurate because a 1/16th guy wouldn't be in this time period with dragons and giants! Here is an interview with the director David Lowry. its described as a "fantasy epic retelling " You dumb fuck. that is so embarrassing man. I can't wait to make fun of you nonstop on movie chat now lol. damn you guys run so easily when unmanned "n, is not and never has been written of Indian descent, but coming from the Orkney Islands (An archipelago in the Northern Isles of Scotland)." "this won’t either with its profound virtue signalling." "more woke trash" Lol who is the teenager? you sound like every single loser conservative kid who watches Jordan Peterson and ben shapiro Yet again, you are fragile "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a late 14th-century Middle English chivalric romance, based on century’s old legend. Try reading a book kid." So like I said. a fantasy movie based off a made-up fantasy story and characters. You had no actual rebuttal other than to cry more about how you don't like what I post about... then embarrass yourself by telling me to read a book... because...? I got exactly the description right. a movie based off a story. this is why you cuckservatives are embarrassments. you are so damn fragile, that a British guy who happens to be Indian isn't British enough or white enough in a made up fantasy story with giants and monsters.. Sorry this fantasy movie isn't historically accurate LOL imagine being such a sensitive snowflake this angers you View all replies >