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Political parties were completely different in the 1860s. Republicans were progressive while the Democrats were conservative. Lincoln was a RINO. Same with Trump and Trumpism. Trump has more in common with Putin and illiberal democracy than the 21st century Republican party. Unlikely, but I would read the policy's fine print. It's not left or right. Trump's comments about Mexican rapists and treatment of migrant children, the Dreamers, etc. are what fueled the boycott when the CEO sounded like he approved. I was curious to know who buys Goya: African American 155 Asian 71 Caucasian 52 Hispanic 496 That stat means Goya will be in trouble if the boycott takes hold since whites barely buy it. Personally, I find the food too salty. Do you know if your store is fully stocked with Goya or is it MIA? Stores around me once had a low supply when people stocked up on foods like soups and beans because of the pandemic. I was surprised by how much Goya was available when I stopped in a store yesterday. My guess is that the Hispanic boycott will outlast whites buying it. The OP is confused. The article has nothing to do with rent-controlled apartments which are extremely rare. The article is about rent-stabilized apartments which are different. The landlord gets tax benefits in exchange for following certain regulations like not increasing the rent 25% or providing heat and window guards and succession rights. Rent-stabilized doesn't mean cheap in NY and many pay over $2,000 for an apartment. A landlord can charge less rent which is called preferential rent so your argument is out the window. Realistically, I doubt that the governor will allow tens of thousands of renters and mortgagors end-up homeless during a pandemic. There will likely be a continued moratorium on evictions and foreclosures for months and then relief to help people stay in their homes. People in red states are screwed, though. Both created plenty of interesting and memorable stories from a wide range of genres like fantasy/science-fiction/horror. Both incredibly talented and creative. I just remembered a few darker TV series I watched, "Man in the High Castle", "The Handmaid Tales", "The Plot Against America", 11.22.63", and movies like "Intersteller" and "Inception". The best sci-fi gives lessons about the world. Star Trek was social commentary about the U.S. in the 60s, racism, war, computer taking jobs, etc. V was about Nazi Germany. Star Wars prequels were about how a democracy becomes a tyranny. You're welcome. I find the plots of the books to be interesting. Very compatible and they compliment each other. Extroverts love attention and introverts don't mind allowing the other person to have it. Extroverts bring out the introvert, too re: conversation, going places, etc. Two extroverts compete for attention and two introverts are too shy to interact. View all replies >