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Trump Will Pay Federal Workers NOT To Work TV show in 1958 had a Trump saying building a wall needed to save people Star Wars: A Lost Hope Trump Business Gave Illegals Fake Green Cards Trump's Shutdown Will Delay Tax Returns Ladders to Get Over Trump's Wall GoFundMe Page Trump Hated Yellen For Lowering Rates, But Powell For Raising Rates Statue of Liberty and Eills Island Stay Open During Trump Shutdown!!! Trump Pulls Out of Syria Because Turkey's Dictator Wanted It Any good? View all posts >


That's what I thought. I'm hoping that 's the case or I may boycott this movie. "estimates are anywhere between 12 million and 36 million" Most estimates are around 10-11 million. "we've had record migration since the 2000s" Not true. Illegal immigration has been going down for years. It's at a 12 year low. The illegal population is also in decline. [url][/url] "Border states are the ones mostly affected..." Twenty metro areas have 60% of illegal immigrants and many are not near the border. BTW, most illegal immigration is from people overstaying their visas, not crossing the border. " white flight..." Most of the areas where illegal immigrants live are cosmopolitan cities therefore likely to be melting pots. "economic argument is weak since American citizens end up paying for illegal immigration one way or another." Our food is cheap because so many farmers hire them. 53% of hired farm workers are illegal. I know the restaurant industry where I live would collapse. Housing would be much more expensive since they make up 15% in construction. [url][/url] Trump would know since he hired them for his business in New Jersey. "crime affects both citizens and immigrants alike." Citizens are more likely to commit crime than an illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrants are more likely to be victims of crime. [url][/url] "The cost of building the wall is very littl" You're mistakenly assuming there is no wall. There is. And people keep building tunnels underneath it or climbing over it. [url][/url]. $28-30 billion plus is a lot for something so ineffective. Besides Mexico is paying for the wall. Trump promised! I basically agree with you. "...deeply divisive and loaded with contempt..." That's tribalism. It's used by Trump to gain and maintain support. He taps into the fear, hatred and anger which his supporters have, intensifies it and directs it against a group like immigrants. I read that the real purpose of his rallies is to reinforce those emotions. Rationality goes out the window. Perhaps people with low self-esteem or who feel powerless are made to feel better about themselves because they are part of Trump's group. I think what snaps them out of it is when they realize that Trump is hurting them. Or when they realize that Trump hasn't improved their lives. "entertainment potentially has the power to bring people together" So does sports, but notice how Trump used it to escalate racial division. Unfortunately, this will probably continue until we have a president who is interested in uniting Americans. I'm convinced that some commenters are Russians, Iranians or some other anti-Democratic group. As a former history major, you do know that 1/3 of cowboys were black or Mexican, right? The actor was fine. I hated the cinematography, too. It was too dark and bad design work in most scenes. The script was bad too which puts to rest the idea that Kasdan has any talent. France started the Vietnam War. Lucas' lesson is to show how a democracy becomes a totalitarian government. The answer is in the prequels. Notice how Palpatine started a war aka: an emergency, in order to give himself emergency executive powers which he keeps even after the "emergency" is over. Soon, Trump will declare a "national emergency" of his own making in order to disenfranchise Congress' power. A very anti-Democratic move. In the OT, the evil Empire is basically the Nazis. Notice the stormtroopers and Nazi uniforms worn by the Imperial officers. For really clueless people, the sequel trilogy is even more obvious and has Nazi imagery. I knew there were people stupid enough to buy into his con job so I'm not surprised. And the Electoral College needs to be tossed in order to have a democracy. They are a mindless cult. Notice when he said Putin is OK, now his cult defends Russia and Putin. Donations going to Trump. According to Trump, Mexico would be paying for a wall. Trump suggested a one time payment of $5-10 billion done by wire transfer. I'm going to assume he is doing Putin's bidding planned in one of their secret meetings. Recession is coming thanks to the Trump Shutdown. View all replies >