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The U.S. sent medical staff to contain it and other communicable diseases while Trump fired staff which allowed it to spread. He also refused to follow the Pandemic Handbook which two former presidents left. Stop making excuses for your inept cult leader. Your cult leader displayed the Nazi message for hours. 'Nuff said! "All I know is that no one who didn't get the shots regrets it today." That's not true. Many ended up dead or hospitalized and begged for the vaccine from hospital staff who told them it was too late for them. The OP video is fake as is your conspiracy theory. Trump and his family took the vaccine. He encouraged his cult to take it too. No, she didn't! She hid her last name on what could easily be a fake photoshopped degree printed from her home computer. Where does she work? Which school did she receive her degree? Where's her online resume? She clearly has no doctorate. What's her field of study? Clearly not epidemiology which makes her unqualified. People make them up. Ancient humans wanted answers to questions before science so a religious leader(s) would create stories to allieve their fears and curiosity as well as give them purpose and control over their environment. Heroes and villains are a part of the storytelling. I read a few comparative religion books a few months ago and realize how silly religion stories are. Every culture has its own "origins story" and "stories". Adam and Eve never existed. Nor Noah. Jews took those stories from the Babylonians. Nor Abraham or Moses. Pyramids are not made from straw and mud. They're limestone. Jews were not enslaved by Egyptians nor was there an exodus and wandering in the desert for years. Archeologists and historians can confirm stories since artifacts and interaction like trade and wars with other cultures would have existed. Unfortunately, both Christian and Jewish Zionists have used religious mythology to create a reason for stealing Palestinian land. I have repeatedly mentioned my disdain for Netanyahu before October since I read Israeli newspapers and keep up with their politics and demographic issues. I may have mentioned my failed attempt to find informative books about Jewish history two years ago. Ironically, I've found a ton of them now and I'm about to start two more this weekend after I finish my present one. You just admitted to being an ignorant uninformed moron. Trump clearly supported it since he displayed it for many hours after the 'Unified Reich" slogan was revealed. CAN YOU BE ANY MORE RETARDED FOR SUPPORTING A HITLER ADMIRER? I need you to NOT be this gullible!!! A YouTube video with obvious and extremely bad lip sync is your proof? The "insults" clearly don't match their lip movements. I suggest you closely rewatch your phony propaganda video and pay close attention to the lip sync around 3 1/2 minutes. I turned your nonsense off after that. Furthermore, the black guy and white guys on line are clearly not New Yorkers since they have very obvious similar Southern regional drawls. Likely paid actors. Why do you hate reality-based information so much? You're a commie! Supporting basic human rights is the only side. View all replies >