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Trump would have to imprison and fine himself since he hires illegals. The wall is about manipulating his uneducated followers' bigotry. Focusing on his skateboarding is lame and pointless. Issues are important. Now you're contradicting yourself. You didn't want Beto skating, remember? Please take your meds! "is everything opposite of what skating is and what it represents." It's a free country (still) and anyone has a right to ride one. Are you the skateboard police? You're being silly for taking a kiddie's pastime so seriously. It represents nothing important. Sorry, but you sound shallow and petty. Who cares? It looks like he's having fun and he's not hurting anyone which is more than I can say for the sociopath in the White House. Were you paying attention to the mid-term elections? So is Trump and his family, but at least Beto won't cage children and rip them out of their mother's arms. They didn't belong there in the first place since they cheated, lied and bribed their way into the school. Now, they'll both have plenty of time to party which is what they really wanted to do while two deserving students are admitted. Win win for all! Of course, he would. He has charisma, energy, a good outgoing and friendly personality, honest, likeable, very positive and relatable to people of different backgrounds, humane, and intelligent, Personally, I like 95% if his platform. He is like a cross between Robert Kennedy and Obama. With power comes responsibility. View all replies >