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You're still a hypocrite for taking a socialist check. I told you so: That's not true. The rich and well connected received antibodies to treat their covid. The rest of us aren't important enough to live. Meanwhile you have no problem with Trump pardoning his rich friends. LOL! I knew you were lying. Again, your reading comprehension is bad. He plans to do male ballet. He's hoping to have the opportunity to do more than only dancing the male parts. Why do you care? I don't believe you've ever been to a ballet. Your reading comprehension is bad. He's still studying male ballet. He added one class to learn a skill normally reserved to females. Artists don't like to be limited. There were many Soviet ballet dancers who defected to the West because they found ballet in the USSR to be too stifling. One cannot express themselves artistically if it's forbidden. I'd like to see you lift your entire body on the tip of your large toe. Link, Socialist Shilone? I expected the bigoted comments from the OP because he's a Trumpist and has a history of making them. Live and let live. The dancer isn't hurting you in any way. Just saying. BTW, Fox News is owned by the Murdoch family with a networth of $18 billion. They don't care about you. Just their profit. Policies they support make themselves richer and middle-class people poorer. View all replies >