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California isn't a swing state so who cares. Florida is a swing state therefore they will get to help decide the election and they'll vote for Trump thanks to Sanders. "Florida’s Latino Democrats Decry Bernie Sanders’s Cuba Comments as Candidate Digs In Important swing state is home to generations of voters who fled Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela MIAMI—Sen. Bernie Sanders’s recent comments on Cuba have drawn condemnation in Latino-heavy Florida and fanned some Democrats’ fears that he would doom their chances of winning the swing state if he is the party’s presidential nominee." Did you even associate with any Cubans when you were in Florida? You appear to be out of touch. "Get rid of all private companies? This is a ridiculous strawman. Nobody is calling for such a thing." Bernie's national health care would end all private health insurance and replace it with government health insurance. YOU AND SANDERS WANT TO GET RID OF PRIVATE COMPANIES!! You just contradicted yourself! <blockquote>"Get rid of all private companies. Replace them with government-run companies." Who's advocating this?</blockquote> Sanders' national health insurance plan which you want is getting rid of all private health care and replacing it with government-run companies! You and Sanders are advocating this!! You have no idea what democratic socialism is, do you? Their economic model is communism: "Social ownership could take many forms, such as worker-owned cooperatives or publicly owned enterprises managed by workers and consumer representatives. While the large concentrations of capital in industries such as energy and steel may necessitate some form of state ownership, many consumer-goods industries might be best run as cooperatives." "no way Congress would let it fly. " You're rather clueless aren't you? You're missing the entire point. Again. By definition, Sanders is a commie. Trump will make sure that voters know Sanders is a commie. While Trump is waving the American flag Sanders will be praising Fidel. The majority of Americans aren't going to vote for a commie. People in middle America are conservative and they are the swing states. Patriot with American flag vs Fidel-loving commie? Trump will win by a landslide. The Democrats have a good chance of winning not only the presidency, but the senate and more gubernatorial and local races. That means power to change things for the better which you want. Sanders will lose his race, the senate, and congress. You can't be so out of touch with fellow Americans that you don't know most Americans support and want to keep capitalism. No idea. Trump did defund multiple federal health and world health agencies. He also made sure that the American health agencies had a lack of scientists and doctors to do their jobs. He is also planning to censor important information that Americans will need in order to guard against this pandemic. Your senile cult leader will likely be responsible for causing the deaths of many Americans with his poor leadership, mismanagement and incompetence. Nevertheless, a moderate has won every election for the last 100 years. One exception is an exception, not the rule. The Hillary loss had more to do with her ignoring swing states which is exactly what Sanders' cultists are doing now by pretending those states aren't more moderate than coastal states like NY and CA. A commie vs a patriot waving the American flag? The flag-waver is going to win and that's not Sanders. Warren is a nonentity who damaged her own campaign with her dumb, impractical and unaffordable government healthcare plan which gets rid of private insurance. Nobody cares about her except you. Interesting that you didn't deny that Sanders was a commie. I know Sanders' cultists don't care. You just want FREE stuff to be handed to you instead of actually working and paying for it yourself. You're too dumb to understand that Sanders and Warren's plans are not affordable nor practical. If only 10% are not insured, then you find a way to insure them. You don't need to destroy the entire system for the 90% who are insured. Allow Trump to be reelected because "you don't care" then the percentage will likely raise to 25% since he's against ACA, medicaid and medicare and trying to defund them. More stupidity and government waste: Pay for college for multi-millionaires instead of targeting people who actually need the help. When Trump wins again I don't want to see your sorry selves on TV weeping like you did in 2016. Sanders isn't even a Democrat. You do have stupid ideas: Get rid of all private companies. Replace them with government-run companies. Assume that the "elites" will stick around to pay for everyone's FREE health insurance, FREE college tuition and FREE childcare. You're also too stupid to know that Florida, a key swing state has a large Cuban population which hates Fidel and communism. Sanders just ceded that state to Trump. The Sanders' cultists are even stupider than the Trump' cultists which is a huge achievement considering the latters' very low IQ. The way I see it, you're envious of rich people aka: "elites" and want to steal their money while you sit on your backside instead of actually working for it. Since you like FREE so much, consider this FREE advice. Work for your own money instead of trying to steal someone else's. View all replies >