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Boy or girl? (spoilers) Trump Made ISIS Stronger Frying Vegan Burger on Grill w/Meat Lawsuit Rep. Schiff's 11/19 Closing Statement Was Historic Fox Judge Urges Republicans to Impeach Trump Do You Regret Voting for Trump in 2016? Which Upcoming 2019 Theatrical Movie Do You Want to See? GOPs Talking Points for Trump's Impeachment Inquiry 2 Million More Americans Without Health Insurance Haley Hates The United States View all posts >


I am. I liked her warning against playing into the hands of the Russians who want to end democracy. She warned against fighting among ourselves over partisan politics instead of uniting together to protect our democracy against this latest war with foreign enemies who want to end our way of life. Exactly. Teens and young adults will repeatedly pay to see a favorite movie which means more money. But Lucas sometimes says the movies were originally made for young children. I didn't say kids didn't see SW. I wrote that Lucas didn't target it for them. Most people on line were teens and young adults, not parents with their 7 and 8 year old kids. The main hero in the movie was in his early 20s. An SW theme like Nazi Germany and genocide are not kid-friendly. You can see for yourself: SW fans whine too much. They weren't always like this. I like the concept of the Republic in the prequels and The Old Republic in which there are many Jedi and Sith at war with each other. Lucas put his soul into the SW movies. We're not going to get the themes, visuals, experimentation and big ideas that Lucas bought to them anymore. At least I still have plenty of Lucas era EU novels to read. That burger is really targeted to meateaters who want to eat more veggies. The guy was naive and fell for the 0% beef hype. Actions speak louder than Trump the pathological liar's words (14,000+ lies to date.) Anyway, Trump was only reading from his own notes that he used in order to talk to reporters. Sondland described Trump's actions as quid pro quo repeatedly and made it clear that they were all following his orders. "Morrison and Volker, the witnesses who were supposed to be good for Republicans, also ended up confirming key parts of the case <b>against</b> Trump. Vindman — also an Iraq War veteran with a Purple Heart — is very hard to dismiss as a left-wing Democratic plant." "Even staunch Republicans predicted game over for Trump. “We now know that the president in fact committed the crime of bribery,” said Kenneth Starr, the prosecutor in the Bill Clinton impeachment. “I think articles of impeachment are being drawn up if they haven’t already been drawn up." People at work will be listening on their radios like me. Leaders (political and corporate) start wars for power and money. Soldiers who fight don't. Hitler wanted power. On the flip side, there are the leaders/soldiers who defend against attacks form aggressive powers. I disagree with the U.S. as an invading force in Afghanistan. That was more defense after 9/11. Iran was an invasion for oil, though. Absolutely. Most people didn't like the prequels, but I thought the underlying theme about how a democracy becomes a dictatorship was interesting. Good question. I assumed it was all CGI, but it's not. They appear to be using a lot of models which is great. Baby Yoda is a puppet operated by two men. "Even director and actor Werner Herzog -- who plays an unnamed client who commissioned the Mandalorian to find the creature -- said he was moved to tears when he saw Baby Yoda on set. "It's heartbreakingly beautiful," Herzog told GQ magazine. He explained that he witnessed two technicians operating its various mechanisms—"one was for the eyes and the mouth and the other one was for other facial expressions"—and that it was "a phenomenal technological achievement but, beyond the technological achievement, it’s heartbreaking.” This short video about a space ship model. View all replies >