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Trump Tower Street Rename "President Barack H. Obama Avenue" Workers Forced To Go To Trump Rally Trump Uses Hate, Fear and Anger to Energize His Base What's Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? 'NOT Trump in 2020' Says Major Newspaper Trump 10% Tariff for U.S. Consumers Begins Sept. 1, 2019 From the Creators of Sharknado!! Trump Ridicules Overweight Man at Rally Economy Slowing Because of Trump Trump Stock Market Hasn't Moved Up Since January 2018 View all posts >


Saying "fake news" doesn't change reality. Grow up! You're welcome. Every time I see an old actor trending, I think he died too. LOL. Hackman hated it so much he was in three Superman movies! Superman is my favorite superhero movie and Hackman was still great in them along with Reeve and Kidder. These workers should have been at their jobs working for their paychecks. Not go to a political rally. Would you advocate being forced to go to a rally for a Democrat? I doubt it which makes you a hypocrite. What you are advocating is tyranny, but I'm not surprised. The petition will be presented to the city council and mayor. California already named a street after Obama. To clarify, it would still be 5th Avenue. But, the street directly in front of Trump Tower would have two official names, "5th Avenue" and "President Barack H. Obama Avenue". You're confused. Netflix has new competition from CBS and Disney which is infringing on their business model. Publishing in general has suffered: newspaper, books, comics and magazines. Blame the internet. Audiences prefer to view their DC and Marvels heroes in the movies and on TV in 2019, not comics. More people read news, books, etc. on their phones, computers and tablets. X-Men, Star Wars, Star Trek, Aliens, Superman and Batman writing is horrible. Bad writing will effect movie sales since people want quality. Personally, I'm not that impressed with Marvel either. Most whites are 58 y.o., Hispanics 11 y.o., blacks 27 y.o., Asians 29 y.o. Why would any business continue to appeal to a dying population? It's normal for them to begin to appeal to a younger population which happens to be more diversified. Both my favorite radio and TV stations did that when they realized their audience was growing older (and dying out). North Korea is firing rockets for their nuke program thanks to Trump tearing up the agreement. Iran is building a nuclear bomb thanks to Trump tearing up the agreement. Russia is building more nuclear bombs thanks to Trump not renewing the agreement. Isis is reforming thanks to Trump diminishing troops and support in the region. Domestic terrorism is increasing thanks to Trump inciting violence with his racist rhetoric and doing nothing to create sensible laws re: firearms which 90% of Americans want. Now is not the time to cut the department of defense. You're conveniently forgetting that Trump and the Republicans gave a way free stuff in the form of a huge tax cut to multi-millionaires, billionaires and large corporations. The Republicans are presently giving away free stuff in the form of social welfare to large rich farms while smaller farmers struggle because of Trump's tariff war with China. At least Yang's idea hasn't been implemented unlike the Republicans stupid tax cut and social welfare program for rich farmers which are bankrupting the country. View all replies >