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Confused By Ending? Great Analysis Found. Trump Wants Women Imprisoned Who Refuse To Carry Their Rapist's Baby! Perfect British Greeting for Trump More Welfare for Farmers Because of Trump Who Won the Iron Throne? The Reason Why GRRM Didn't Finish the Books Hints That Dany Was Always Mad (spoilers) RENEWED for Season 3!!!!!!!! Who Will Die in Episode 5 - Cersei, Dani or neither. 1.1 million Americans lost health insurance coverage in 2018. Thanks Trump! View all posts >


Draft dodger General Bone Spurs aka: Chicken Hawk T-Rump who kisses Putin's ring every chance he gets is a coward. Yes, war hero McCain who could have been released early but CHOSE to remain with his imprisoned colleagues even if that meant his torture. I can't wait until General Bone Spurs goes to prison and incoming President Biden gives Putin and other autocrats the boot along with increased sanctions. "Transmitted by whatever means, voice, print, or video, the data remains factual and accurate." No, it doesn't. It's likely from a foreign sock puppet source which is why a fake computer voice is used to disguise an accent. And they are anonymous. What are they hiding? Wolf at least puts his name on his book and quotes sources. The last time an author was called a liar, tapes were produced. Remember Omorosa? Her book was very good too. You're criticizing a book which you haven't read. That makes you very close-minded and ignorant. The books read like a real life Game for Thrones with Joffrey as president. Many personnel in the White House with different agendas attack each other. Obviously, there are traditional Republicans, Democrats and alt-right fighting each other and forming alliances behind the scenes. " burn innocent women and children would takes years - like 20 to 30 years " Not true at all. I often read in the paper how a mother had a mental break and kills her own children. They literally don't know what they are doing because their thought processes become twisted. Dany also had the misfortune of having mental illness run in her family so it's probably biochemical too. The first sign tends to happen in the teens or early twenties. (Dany is about 23) It was precipitated from losing her "children", close friends and lover without emotional support. 1) Dany attacked Lannister's army and wiped them out with her dragons. Jon convinced her of a greater threat, The Night King and his army. 2) You'd think a dead guy would convince Cersei. But, she tends to do stupid things that bites her in the butt. 4) They were all warships. NO other way to transport Missandei and Tyrion. 5) Greyworm 6) You mean the same women and children who were against her and supported Cersei? They needed to die in order for the future to be free of tyranny or did you miss her "rationale" to Tyrion? She had a mental breakdown at that point in the same way her father had when he plotted to kill the King Landing's women and children for being against him. "Ads pulled from Ingraham show after she mocked Parkland survivor Parkland student David Hogg, 17, tweeted a list of a dozen companies that advertise on “The Ingraham Angle” and urged his supporters to demand that they cancel their ads. Hogg is a survivor of the Feb. 14 mass shooting that killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in the Parkland suburb of Fort Lauderdale. He and other classmates have become the faces of a new youth-led movement calling for tighter restrictions on firearms." [url][/url] The above is common knowledge. Did you just emerge from under a rock to be so ignorant? A computer-voiced youtube video is not a credible source. I'm reading Siege and it's very accurate. One of Wolf's main sources is Steve Bannon who also was the main source in his last book. If you knew anything, then you'd know that Bannon actually likes Trump's agenda. It's very clear in both of his books, that Trump was easily manipulated. Both books explain what happened behind the scenes. For instance, Trump supported the bipartisan budget bill but was attacked by Fox TV commentators. After the attack, Trump changed his mind. It turned out that Bannon was the one who phoned Fox commentators to get them to complain about Trump's support since the bill didn't include billions for the wall (that Mexico was to finance). I remember the bill and Trump changing his mind after the Fox attacks. It's interesting to read why Fox suddenly attacked him. The Republicans also convinced Trump that the bill provided a "down payment" for the wall which is why he initially supported it.. Bannon, the Republican Party and Trump knew the wall wasn't practical and could never be funded. It was a lie that moved his dopey cult followers which is why they keep bringing it up. I've read close to a dozen books about him by various parties and they are all consistent. People who are miserable want other people to be miserable along with them. Putting a woman in prison because she doesn't want to be pregnant by her rapist is barbaric A police officer or government official "questioning" a woman who just miscarried to ensure she didn't have an abortion is also barbaric. Women with money will still have abortions like they always have by buying a plane ticket. The backward laws only punish women who are impoverished who will seek unsafe methods like wire hangers or the new black market which will be created. The OP sounds upset because the show didn't reflect a stereotype. Trump already admitted that he wanted to separate children from their mothers as a deterrent. A sociopath who doesn't care about children won't care about the truth either. A 2 year old screaming "mama!" while being torn from his mother's arms is ample proof that he does belong to the family. Your "justification" for child abuse is vile. Why don't you think for yourself instead of repeating pathological liar Trump's rhetoric? Facts: Illegal immigration has been falling since 2007. Violence in the Northern Triangle is a major driver of emigration from there. All migrants have a LEGAL RIGHT to due process and a right to apply for asylum. An immigration judge determines if they have a legitimate asylum claim - not you. Trump hired illegal immigrants to work for him. How come you're not complaining about that? You're obviously a racist. Haunt your regular KKK websites instead of trolling this one. View all replies >