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It's Disney's fault they will never make a sequel to Tintin (2011). Zemeckis has gone full Lucas now. Is this still coming out this year? Longest shutdown in US history caused by a manchild... Not a bad Y/A series. But the villains were lame. Not a bad cast really. DNC already putting the hits out on Sanders, Warren, & Gabbard. The white Dwayne Johnson? Who could you even cast? No love from the Academy? View all posts >


Then the movie was a hit and now they know for the sequel, they don't really have to try that hard. I liked it too. It's too bad it flopped so hard. Ah danke. So, he's just being realistic then? Yeah they're called Neo-Nazis. No. It's more in the middle. 'Nother 80s tweaking of a time honored genre. I didn't care for it tbh. But I will say the visual effects were very impressive. You two can't take your lovers' quarrel elsewhere? Unfortunately it most likely will flop. Yeah he was a guest star on 911 and I almost didn't recognize him. Still fairly tall but seems smaller now. View all replies >