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Bad Robot developing a theatrical film and television series. Lucasfilm wants him to do a Star Wars film. An American couldn't have made this movie. CNN starting their anti=Sanders campaign again. Ooofff. 15% on Rotten Tomatoes Cast has been revealed. Just another reminder that monarchies suck. Wonder Woman 3 already mapped out Overlooked by Academy. Nominated for Best Actress and Best Original Song. View all posts >


He's leading in a new poll released today. Liz and Hillary's criticism backfired. Scott Rudin or Brian Grazier maybe? Probably thought it'd get trashed by #MeToo advocates. I just watched it yesterday. It's a good "fact vs fiction" trial movie in a similar vein as Richard Jewell. Hodge is very good here. Bloody good question. He made a movie in 2013 and that was it. I'd love it if he directed a comic book movie Fucking disgraceful. The only other major release in February would had been Birds of Prey. Either Disney had a different movie conflicting with it. Or god forbid, the movie might not be good. The first reactions came in from an insider's screening. One guy compared it to Star Wars and Lord of The Rings. Sounds like Villeneuve actually did it. "...this might be the worst CGI I have ever seen". Really? If it's not hyperbolic, I guess you don't have SyFy channel. No it's far from the worst. You need to see more movies. It's the standard quality we see in stuff that isn't Marvel or directed by Peter Jackson. Thanks for the spoiler warning. View all replies >