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Ex-Trump aide criticizes rightwing's anti-trans boycott as "totalitarian" Florida mom who tried banning Amanda Gorman poem from school is an antisemitic bigot. Supreme Court limits EPA's power to address water pollution Rightwingers desperate to make U-Haul truck crash at White House a 'false flag op'. Rightwingers now want to ban Fox News for treating trans folk like human beings Billionaire-backed org 'No Labels' trying to sabotage Democrats in 2024 election House GOP squash effort to hold vote to expel George Santos from Congress Man attacks two staffers with a baseball bat at Democratic congressman's office in Virginia. Florida doctors can now deny healthcare coverage based off personal views. Remember that when Republicans complain about drag queens... View all posts >


I would contend that moderates and centrists can be just as dogmatic as the ideological fringes. Among their ranks are those who do not want the status quo changed or feel as though everything has to be a bipartisan effort to avoid appearing too partisan. And that becomes an ideology unto itself which reinforces the status quo and see nothing get done. It's also how bad faith actors like Kyrsten Sinema or Joe Manchin prosper despite their blatant corruption because the MSM fawns over their 'independent' nature. And there are plenty of self described 'moderates' that are just conservatives and/or traditionalists who are too ashamed to call themselves such. Yeah I was lucky to watch it in color. Looked gorgeous and the flying scenes were spectacular. Yeah, it's kind of boring. She looked great in this. Yeah, this is terrible. I'm a little disappointed that Bear Grylls agreed to participate in this. But I guess it's less physically exhausting than his other shows. Must be? They are. Their donors are ordering them to gut it. More than I thought. Apparently he has a chat w/ Aquaman at the end. Mission: Impossible movies. It's crazy they have not yet crossed the billion dollar mark. Check it out, it's pretty good. View all replies >