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Ex-CIA director hints Trump should be executed for taking classified docs from WH. Attack on FBI building in Cincinnati, Ohio leads to standoff and interstate shutdown Court rules Democrats can have Trump's tax records Fox News hosts dismiss death threats made @ judge who approved Mar-a-Lago raid Informant told FBI where to look during Trump raid @ Mar-a-Lago Donald Trump invokes 5th Amendment in deposition w/ New York Attorney General. Breaking News: FBI agents conduct raid at Trump's Mar-a-Lago! Michigan Republican AG nominee behind plot to breach voting machines RNC officials facing legal trouble for helping Trump's fake elector scheme 4 cops face federal charges in shooting death of Breonna Taylor View all posts >


Either Russia or the Saudis. They want a nuke bad. a window and get some air. She actually looked pretty good back in the nineties. Between stuff like this, Cop Land, and Mystery Men. Agreed. Nice scenery but boring plot. Yeah it is corny, but I dig it for its commitment to it. Cavill is my guess as well... Kind of like Common didn't die in the second one? Yeah that's possible. It's about time they did Thunderbolts. They're really going with 'unlikely' after the last week over at WB? ^^^already shifting from “it’s a witch hunt” to “it’s no big deal cuz Hillary”. The Cult45 will follow their dear leader all the way to nuclear armageddon. View all replies >