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National Treasure 3 ever gonna happen? Ben Shapiro is right. Star Lord is not a racist. Well that looks awful. What was the studio's vision for the movie? Second trailer dropped. Oh no, here we go again. Split reactions from people. Less than 100 minutes in length. Why hasn't WB tried a Flash move before? Good candidate to play Kraven the Hunter? Trump basically tells Omar to go back to Africa. View all posts >


Wouldn't Day After Tomorrow be more of a disaster flick? What does he care about his career for? I'd respect them for that. Probably because they did combine two or three of the books. If James Cameron cannot keep this rated R then he's a bigger hasbeen than I thought possible. That's actually not bad looking at all. (to hell with your posting limits Moviechat-suck my dick) According to Barr and company, no big deal. Glad you liked it. Both are a 10/10 for me. TDK is probably the superior movie with its themes and storytelling and Joker is a more compelling foe than Ras Al Ghul. But yet I enjoy Begins more for its focus on his origin, the dynamics between him and Alfred and Rachel, and I actually like the "decaying city" version of Gotham better than in TDK. The hush money thing with Cohen and Stormy Daniels. Fuckers. View all replies >