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Eva Green kind of disappeared for a while it seemed. But glad to see she's got a huge role like this. Agreed. Perfect casting. Really? Well, if that's the case then definitely start with the 1970s movie. That one is quite a lot of fun. The 1990s version that Disney made is a bit cheesy but in the right way. The 1948 adaptation with Gene Kelly is also good too. There are others of varying quality. But those three are my favorites. I thought it was good fun. It's the caviar. I miss posters like this. Because he died on the moon base, not Brazil. Maybe that's why they're called eurotrash. Yes she was kind of attractive. Don't forget about 'Cruella' which is probably the most openly mean-spirited Disney remake (yet one of the better ones as a result). Emma Stone dancing next to a guy in a wheelchair and Willem Dafoe in a speedo. View all replies >