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He should come clean about loving tranny porn. Is this still even in development? Should they make a spin-off film first? Just noticed YouTube filters not working?? James Gunn rehired to direct! Might be on the way out as The Flash in DCEU Chris Pratt, Glen Powell, or Sebastian Stan Instead of focusing negative energy on CM... Looks pretty dull so far. This guy could have played Batman View all posts >


I think you've been fucking your sister too much Borat. Is he in a video game in this one? Typical con logic. O'Rourke sucks anyway. Richard Spencer, is that you? Can I punch you in the face? Is it better than Triple 9 at least? She likely didn't. This whole thing was not born out of thinking (okay that type of logical thinking) but more like "they were devoting time to trying to get away with it" type of thinking. It was hubris pure and simple that dictated her decision-making. She just wanted her daughter to have the pedigree of having attended a ILU. That in of itself isn't a bad thing. But then once she crossed that ethical (and legal =)) boundary, she was in the wrong. Parker Posey. She would had been an excellent Lois Lane and they give us the finger by making her the ditzy moll. Heh, guess you're right. Wrong word. Okay, like another team-up movie but something different from the classic lineup. I dunno it's fucking ridiculous. Here's the full statement via Twitter. "...Yes, we're aware the search/sorting functions aren't working as excepted – this is temporary and part of our efforts to better respond, review and remove graphic, violative content from YouTube. Thanks for your patience while we work through this." Some commentators are speculating if it has to do with the NZ attacks being streamed or whatever. I remember the same thing happened after the Charlie Hebdo attacks. A lot of sites began cracking down on what they deemed offensive content or videos (or used that excuse). I didn't mind the heaviness necessarily but it was just boring. I appreciate Singer's obvious reverence for the Donner films's style but there was no sense of urgency or much in the way of action. View all replies >