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Cast revealed by James Gunn. Refusing to speak about Jurassic World 3. Confirmed for Superman and Green Lantern films? The Republicans might just lose the Senate at this rate. Looking for a movie. Who'd be good casting for a reboot? Getting the recognition it deserves it seems 20 years later. Trailer's been released. A new recession is coming. Trailer description from D23 View all posts >


Sure, I'm up for it. Good question. Probably a throwaway character who's the first one with their head blown off. This explains Bad Boys for Life. Yeah it's really good. Cage was robbed of a best actor nod. They seem to love it. His deal with WarnerBros has been finalized today. I suspect he'd do a DC movie or show at some point. Ban vaping, keep assault rifles. Makes sense. Must be since white supremacists are apparently "very fine people" now. That figures. More overreacting. Ignore them. View all replies >