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New testimony show Trump sought Ukraine to prosecute his political opponents. Might as well release it. Has this ever been released? Your pick for Quatermain in a KSM remake? Haha! State Dept.'s own lawyers determined Trump WH freezing release of Ukraine military aid was illegal! Reviews mixed to negative. Bomb scare on set leads to evacuation. Part 3 is a go. Third movie was gonna be called REVENGE OF THE TITANS. Yiannopoulos releases audio of Richard Spencer yelling about blacks and jews after Charlottesville rally. View all posts >


Probably to keep the budget smaller. It still cost $100M I think. I'd prefer if it was someone like Karen Gillan. "God a fictional story takes artistic license!" Too bad. The trailer was cool. Interesting. If only it was the Bold and the Beautiful Yeah looks like the missing Smurfs 3 we never got but deserve. Well they tried something else with The Last Jedi and the fans bitched about it. Possibly. The real question is whether people will care enough to even see the second one. It's a free forum. That's quite the twist. View all replies >