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Trump grants Barr unprecedented authority in review of mueller probe. Roger Ebert's original three-star review. The Rock's worst movie. People accused this of straight-washing Freddie. So what could replace it now that it's done? Reboot is going forward. Good but not great. Spike Lee should had been director. The salon scene in the Bobby episode Why not just cast Ted Levine in person as the killer? View all posts >


Gangster Squad is more fun to watch but as I remember it, Muholland Falls had a better story and more intriguing mystery behind it. I can assure you that there are plenty of average Joe Sixpacks that are dumb enough for it to work. Except the Dems are too chickenshit to follow through it looks like. Nah the 2007 is pretty solid. The action's better than in Bumblebee too. I'd be surprised if it happens. Tom Hardy's gonna kill himself with all these action roles. So is Anders the villain then? No? It's still some prancing evil Arab mugging at the camera then? What's the problem? Basically. Less concerned about the so-so cgi or dim lighting or the returning cast being too old than they are about perceived insidious virtue signaling. Couldn't get into it and I love stuff like this. No chemistry between the leads and everything felt flat and awkward. Yep. A doe? View all replies >