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Armie Hammer quits movie after leaked messages Dems seeking details of 'suspicious' Capitol visitors the day before MAGA riot National Review: No doubt Trump committed an impeachable offense NYT: Mitch McConnell thinks Trump committed impeachable offenses. Kevin McCarthy warning colleagues not to criticize pro-impeachment Republicans for their own safety May wind up at streaming service. Marvel under pressure to retire Punisher character Lucasfilm interested in spin-offs and a Disney+ series All the more timely for today? Casting for a 1990s Avengers movie? View all posts >


Doesn't surprise me at all. He probably thought it was gonna be his Last Samuari with a Roland Emmerich touch. Ironic given my indifference to his movies. A shitload of weird texts and allegations. In reference to the RWNJ's next 'protest' this weekend? Assuming the police and proper authorities in state capitols across the country actually do their job, it may not matter. Rumor is Bruce is in talks as we speak. But it's just a rumor. TR wasn't even one of my favorite Arnold movies but even I thought the remake was bullshit. Well she's played a witch and a victim of demonic possession. Because revivals are all the rage these days. Next thing you know, they'll revive the Sopranos and Tony is still seeing Melfi. Aside from lying his ass off about the election for weeks now which made his voters froth at the mouth in rage at Biden and the Democrats or any Republicans that sided with them; then giving a speech telling them to 'fight like hell' for their country or they won't have one anymore; and instructing them to march to the Capitol, yeah me neither. View all replies >