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That's going to hurt the Trumpanzees' little feelings. If I am wrong, then prove it. The mere fact you are asking a question tells me you don't even believe it. Giuliani is on record not presenting evidence to the judge. Giuliani is on record saying to the judge his cases are not about fraud. Trump's website tells people to donate to his fund and puts in the fine print that it only goes to voter fraud after the first $8,000 of your donation. You're missing the bigger picture. It's not dems vs repubs any more. It's repub-dems vs Trumpanzees. You're acting like Pelosi tried to block ACB and hasn't been fondling the Lincoln Project's balls for two years. Humpty Drumpfy wasn't going through any legal channels. He was claiming fraud so the Trumpanzees would fall for it and toss him a dime. When it came to show in court, no fraud was presented. Just a "hey your honor, we don't actually have any fraud, feel free to hurry and toss this thing out." How many prestigious lawyers were willing to do that in a courtroom? None. Just Rudolph. Seriously, yall can't afford to be this stupid. A woman of color is about to be the second most powerful person in the world, and you're whining about diversity? 🙄 You ain't kidding. These two men, one pretending to be a woman, are attempting a coup upon our democracy right now! No lies. It's all right here. [url][/url] These disgusting people need to be stopped at any cost. Here's an interesting thought I had. In order for Don Jr to die from Covid, it would likely be in connection with all the narcotics in his system. Would the Trumpanzees finally say Covid caused the death of a non-elderly person? Or would they stick to their "principles" and be forced to admit Don Jr died from being a druggie? The SCAM is TRUMPANZEE v LIBTARD politcs. You got ONE side, and you got the OTHER side. Trumpanzees don't like seeing the libtards happy. That's all there is to it. The libtards were super happy with Obama for eight years. They were about to get four more happy years with Hillary first woman yaaaay! That pissed the trumpanzees off something fierce. So here came Trump, back from his birtherism defeat a few years prior. He offered what no other republican candidate could. He was going to make the Obamabots and Hillbots REEEEEEEEEEE like never before. All he needed to do was win. The trumpanzees worshiped him for it, and with enough votes he got the victory. It was about to work again, but then we got hit by Covid-19. Trump tried to turn Covid-19 into another wedge issue for trumpanzees and libtards to fight over. Bad move. Covid-19 goes beyond trumpanzee v libtard politics. Now let's not REEEEEEEEE at Trump refusing to concede. We all saw this coming. He showed you for four years that's who he is. There's another layer to it though. Whether he's president or not, he needs the trumpanzees on his side if there's any hope for him to get out of debt. He could take this all the way to late January, or he could concede any day in between. He's going to play this as long as he feels like he's got the trumpanzee support on lock. All of his cabinet members and DOJ will go along with it because they are all there to grift off the trumpanzees just as he is. That's the name of the game. Yall need to stop. Trump politicized Covid and made it a big part of his campaign, and lost. Blah blah blah conservatives are Nazis. Blah blah blah Obama is Hitler (Glenn Beck's daily routine for years). Blah blah blah. Ah-hah! It all makes sense now. DoggieDaddy was a big poster on the old Trump board before they moved here. I wondered where he went. I saw a few posts from Melanias but didn't put it together. My guess is he did what I did two years ago. After dems took the House I kinda lost interest in this place and made a New Year resolution to stop after my 2000th post. Of course now that Trump has been ousted, I gotta say a few words about it ;) View all replies >