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Put her in wheelchair - get her out of bed, get her outside! Why didn't they break window to exit basement when MA was nearly killing them? Film maker kept mispronouncing 'aquaman' on dvd extras The clover tattoo on the hands? Loved that Bruce's character's son is played by same actor 19 yrs later! maudlin - that's the word that comes to mind 22 year old guy doesn't know to have condoms on hand? Was Bruce Dern's job, and the whole program - cancelled? Should have exposed them to helicopters earlier on. Devil's Island seemed like a much nicer place View all posts >


I also was left wondering a lot about the daughter. Just didn't seem to fit in - her being in school that one time, just sitting there and the awkward interaction with the main character. If she sometimes went to school - don't schools have a responsibility to make sure students are alright if they don't show up? She would have ridden a handicap vehicle to school? And back? Didn't seem like a well formed character in the plot. Yeah, I was hoping her real name would be in the credits - NOT Lady Gaga! She's a grown woman, not some teenager. And like I posted elsewhere - the plot addressed her moving away from her true voice/message, and he kept trying to bring her back to it. Why can't the woman live that way? Totally agree. Ironically the movie seemed to me to be encouraging her character to live authentically and make her music about the message and not all the glitz and glamor! I don't get it/her. I totally was getting that impression time after time. Didn't like it. Noticed, at least in the dvd I watched it on, Gibson wasn't listed in the credits. Also, I'm not sure fairies DON'T exist. Seems like a lot of people believe in angels. They look very fake to me, very one dimensional. I didn't think Roberts was at all a good match for an adult Tatum. Taking away someone's choices is abusive imho. If an adult child wants to move away, and a parent responds like his Dad did, I call that abusive. His parents got to choose their life, to think they get to choose their son's life is just wrong and controlling. I definitely saw a controlling father - not sure how you didn't. Glad he returned, but are you saying he owes it to people/his parents, to move back? I disagree. His parents got to choose their lives, you shouldn't get to choose how your children live their lives. (my parents would disagree with that) So if someone absolutely hates you …. that means … ? View all replies >