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22 year old guy doesn't know to have condoms on hand? Was Bruce Dern's job, and the whole program - cancelled? Should have exposed them to helicopters earlier on. Devil's Island seemed like a much nicer place The spider scenes seemed out of place Hated this! Should have burned, rather than buried, his body I didn't buy Cranston's character being so open to the paragliding No way the couple would have found her One of the worst movies I've seen View all posts >


My take on it - The house and guest cabin were Tina's, I'm guessing her dad gave it to her when he moved into assisted care? So perhaps technically it's still his? I thought it was a gift from Vore - one have gave birth to, though why it looked more like a human than the one he'd put in a fridge I don't know. I assumed feeding it worm indicated she knew it was a troll like her. What I don't get at all, is what Vore did with the human baby he took? Life isn't measured by how many moments we breathe But by how many moments take our breath away She's hot looking, but nothing about her performance indicated she's a good/great actress. Many of her scenes were just a look at the emotional state she was in at the moment. I watched it last night - very unimpressed. The concept sounded intriguing - I'm the type who might like to live/work at a remote lighthouse. It just seemed slow and boring, and usually I like drama and not car chases and such. Hard to make out as many of the scenes were dark, as well as the dialogue. And it'd be so noisy outside the lighthouse, but they'd have these quiet conversations inside? Maybe just not for me. I'm guessing he tried to kill Henry (I got the impression Henry wasn't dead, just badly injured), because Henry was resistant to continuing to infuse a shirt with the drug that later got used by the bad guys? Just a guess. Yeah, did seem to me also that Roman should have gotten consequences, after choking his cell mate, and he did in that he was then shown in a solitary, nearly empty cell, but he was also still allowed to be involved with the horse program. Sure seems like he should have been banned from that, for at least a while. That'd be something they'd earn. I'll discuss my thoughts about it. It was okay, some parts were good. Some of it confusing. I still am not sure who killed the young woman. Him? Her? The other guy they said did it? I suspected for awhile the guy who was harassing her the night of her birthday, after they left the bar. And yeah, what did that last scene, with her standing up and having this really strong emotion on her face mean? And I was unclear who the character was who kept interviewing her, who seemed to like her and have a history with her. The one she ends up telling she doesn't like his scent? Who was he/how was he related to her? Did he have a 'thing' for her? He was with the police force? Some of the filming was beautiful at times, the storm, the waves, her dreams. I sure wouldn't label it 'great' - and the fact that it's a 2017 movie with this few comments on moviechat says something too. I'd appreciate your reply to this post. Are you clear who murdered the young women? He doesn't 'belong' because, and he said this, he wanted to be a hero, that's what mattered to him, not her, not anything else. Then he accidentally shoots himself on the way to the bathroom and gets sent home now a military hero, and he knows now all that 'hero' stuff is mostly crap. His whole foundation crumbles. Even if she hadn't met Voigt's character, I think Dern's character was ready to end things. He was captain of their HS football team, she was a cheerleader. You don't think she idolized him, probably fantasized being with him when she was younger. He wanted to be a hero - I believe he comes right out and says that. Then he accidentally shoots himself in the leg, gets sent home and the military now honors him as a hero, but he knows damn well he doesn't deserve it. The thing he valued most, being a hero - is now just crap, and he probably knows now it's been mostly crap all along. That which he valued most cannot be. What's he have to live for now? Didn't seem like he had anything else in his life - he didn't really value much his girlfriend played by Fonda. I also wondered why he wouldn't instead shoot himself - but then he probably figured he'd be again presented as a hero - who died from gunshot - which he wasn't. Going swimming, drowning, maybe never being found - would avoid all that dishonest crap he was so heart broken about. She showed a character who isn't afraid. Isn't afraid of the police, of dying, of pretty much anything it seemed. That's probably the main reason I like it so much. And I can relate more to Harold's resistance to the world, but she showed how embracing it enriches one's life. You saw an 'old' lady, I saw someone who says "YES!" to whatever life sends them. View all replies >