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Wow. Thanks for sharing. Well if you want to be technical about it...Charles had the two younger kids in real life I sincerely hope he didn't ignore them...but Michael Landon had two younger girls who couldn't hence the adding of new kids who possibly could act. And I use that word very lightly. Saw it as well. Adam was almost obsessed with hounding Eric every time he saw him. I remember thinking, "I'll bet Adam ends up in love with him." And he did...great show! Agreed. Season 2 was slightly tamer than the first. Pj...had laugh at your feelings about're not alone in those feelings. I personally could take him or leave him, but it was clear Michael Landon wanted more of a male presence on the show....and they did let the character get by with murder...literally. Today if a kid was responsible for burning down a school...a blind school at that...especially one that lead to deaths...that kid would be off to juvie jail. You mention Melissa Gilbert...I think she was a great child actress...but as she got older...I think she lost the talent. I don't think she's all that great of an actress as an adult....especially as that show went on....and it went on too long. Melissa Sue Anderson got better in time...she'd probably never win an Oscar, but she was good. The twins who played Carrie were awful. And it was clear once Mary and Laura were grown that Michael Landon wanted child talent on the show and he wrote in all those excess kids into the show. And don't even get me going on the two boys in the last season...the ones who moved into the Little House. As for Erin Murphy, she was okay...for what they needed her to do...but not great by any means. I think her parents could have helped her at that point if they had invested in some training for her at that can be done. Gbennett, it's so funny that you bring up "The Warlock in the Gray Flannel Suit." I watched that one not too long ago and for the first time ever...I found him sexy in that particular role. Not sure why after all these years...but yeah, I saw it. I'm not, nor was I ever a huge Bernie Kopel role...but something about that role made me see it after all this time. Idiot fuckwad. Can you even read fuckwad? This! View all replies >