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Spartacus is good...but gay porn is much better. Yes! Can't stand her. I'm finally watching this season, but to be honest I'm half watching it because Ani annoys the hell out of me! I understand that they had ended their original narrator's storyline...her story was done. But if they wanted another female narrator why not let Jessica do the narrating? We know her...we've seen her story. It should have and could have been her narrating the story. There is no need to bring in this outside character and incorporate with the "crowd" so quickly. This! The entire point of Pam is that she does protect herself with that rough and sarcastic exterior. Underneath it all...she did care. And if she were real...she'd find me and probably slap me a few times just for posting such a thing, but it's true. And I'll edit this post just to say that Pam was probably THE best character this show had in its entire run. She was consistent to the very end. I wondered about this too. Seems like Jessica should be able to glamor him and allow him to remember. Right after season 5 I lost complete interest in this show. I just didn't like where it was headed. I pretty much let it go. Recently....while looking for something to watch...I decided to pick it up again. So I started season 5 again and watched until the end...and just finished tonight. I enjoyed the show so much more after all of these years. I do feel season 5 is a weak point of the series for me because I simply didn't like the vampire politics...I just found that boring. But season 6 picked up and so did season 7. least it wasn't a huge disappointment like Game of Thrones' last season was. Meh. Funny when you think about it....the show presents Darrin with two women... One...who was rich and her money could have done just about anything for him and his career. Darrin wasn't about to let that happen...and I doubt he would have been able to get Sheila to live something more akin to his lifestyle. And then...Samantha....whose powers could have done ANYTHING for him and his career. With Samantha...who easily gave up the witch life and she had the same ideals as Darrin...she wanted the to speak. I love this topic...and I know it's 2 years old...but I was just thinking about this myself. No, Endora and Samantha didn't always wear their flying suits either. Also wanted to point out that Gladys makes a reference to Endora's flying suit in the early episodes when she and the neighborhood women come to introduce themselves to Samantha as sort of a welcoming committee to Morning Glory Circle. She asks Samantha something like "Do you have a gardener that works in pajamas?" I always took that to mean that she had obviously spying on Samantha and seen Endora in what would appear to be an extravagant nightgown. Also there weren't many times when Endora would allow herself to be seen by Darrin in her gown. She'd quickly change before he could see her. A sappy ending. No you're not, I enjoyed Coven better than Asylum. The first 3 seasons of this show are the best. View all replies >