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Jesus...learn to type. lol I know right!? I recently watched that episode and the idea that they just decide to camp in such a place puzzled me quite a bit. Would that have been allowed? It didn't seem like a very safe area to camp. It's like I said elsewhere, it's just a fun romp through the early 70's for me. A time that I don't really remember, but I came about right after and watched the show (often) in reruns and enjoyed it. I am currently working my way through the series again and I enjoy it. I do often groan at the hijinks of the youngest two...and the silly things they say. But's nostalgia for me and brings back many memories. He looked better with straightened hair...but even when it was curly, he was still hot af. Agreed. It's a far out kinda way. Maybe it depends on your age and when you grew up. I don't know. For me the show was in reruns for most of my childhood and as a kid I watched it...and yeah, I made fun of it...but still watched it. Now as an adult...I've watched it...and I do groan at how silly some of the kids (especially the youngest two) can be, but I love the nostalgia in this show. It's a fun romp through the early 70's. I'm definitely with you once again. Breaking Bad had a great final season and an unforgettable series finale. I recently rewatched Breaking Bad beginning to end and still loved it. I'm rewatching Dexter right now as well, Season 4 is ending as I type this. For the most part, as I've already said, I still find these early seasons of Dexter enjoyable to watch and it still fills me with a sense of dread that I can't stop watching, which for me, still makes it okay television. And I'll say it again, what GoT did to it's audience in that final season is unforgiveable. I will never be able to recommend it to anyone for "good television viewing." That's exactly it! I've actually never had that happen with a TV show. But you're right, GoT was all about that ending from the very beginning and every one of the audience was waiting for that ending. Maybe it was hype and in doing so it couldn't help but be a let down...but that ending for me blew the entire thing and I never want to lay eyes on it again. This is a great topic! Let me put it this way...right now I'm rewatching Dexter, yes I already know that it ends terribly, but it is still watchable. As for GoT, I have no desire to ever watch it again knowing that it has such a terrible and anticlimactic ending. To me, the ending there destroyed anything great that show ever did. That was funny as hell and so on point! I loved the little jab at the movies on Netflix, "We've still got movies, thousands of them and only 12 of them you'll wanna watch!" Too true! lol Season 2 will air on July 31st, 2020. Evil. They initially portrayed it as some gateway drug and users of the drug were just as bad as users of meth or heroin. It's kind of odd really. Much later in the series Walt has a scene with Hank where he discusses this type of thing basically what is illegal now may not always be illegal etc. I will definitely be checking those out. I have a way to go with this show though...I only recently watched Season 11 and 12. Yes...he does strangle Bart constantly! So the birdcage thing doesn't really surprise me....but there are times when I find myself watching him and I think, "Wow he's an bleephole!" Montgomery Burns definitely! "When you get banned you can still edit your posts"? That says so much about you. This! Any episode that has the cast singing song throughout the episode, not really a fan of that whatsoever. Originally started watching the show during it's second season. I believe I kept track of it up until season 10 and just stopped watching...not because I lost interest but because I was growing up and found other things to do during the time it was on...or because I wanted to watch something else. I recently sat down and watched season 11 and season 12 just to see if the show had completely lost it by then and much to my surprise, there were still many episodes in those two season that still had that Simpsons Charm to them. My plan now is to continue watching them until I'm caught up and I really want to find that point when the show completely lost it. That was a little haunting wasn't it? I recently watched that one recently and couldn't really completely laugh at that line. I always thought he knew that Smithers was gay but it made him uncomfortable so he would dance around the subject. He knew but he wasn't into it.