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Idiot fuckwad. Can you even read fuckwad? This! It needs to's done. The entire show has become written so haphazardly it's ridiculous....and killing Carl was just one of those moments. Writers: "We need to do something shocking again. Let's kill off Carl." Just irks me at how bad the show has become...with little thought to end game or future story telling. Hell the cast is starting to leave the show and they still want to keep this thing going? Just end it. I've heard that EM didn't really care for York. Something about that makes me sad. The show was definitely better with him but then again...towards the end of his run he was barely there and EM was carrying the show on her own and that had to be difficult. I'm sure we've all had coworkers like that who are sick all the time and barely pulling their own weight and you've got to cover for them in some way. Maybe that's what it was?? York. He played the better written Darrin. He was more of a family man and there was some warmth in his part. Sargent was written differently. And while he had his moments and I do enjoy what he did and he could be really funny, his Darrin didn't have the same warmth that York's did. York's Darrin at times would try to get along with Samantha's the early seasons anyway. Sargent's Darrin seemed to constantly be a huge prick to her family. There was never any niceness on his end where Sam's family is concerned. I recently rewatched the last three seasons of the show on it's own and there are times when if I were a character in a scene I would have looked at Sargent's Darrin and said, "Would you please just lighten up!" I just posted that it didn't really look like a typical joint. It looked like whatever it was had been rolled in brown sack paper. lol Well it didn't really look like a typical joint. I love "Only a Frog Knows How to Live"! I remember watching years ago and laughing so hard at some of the lines, especially when Fergus asks the client "Have you ever heard of a frog war?" And the look on Larry's face when he says, "Nobody's ever heard of a frog war!" So silly to think frogs of all things would be out there going to war! lol As for my least favorite episode(s), I'd have to search through the list of episodes but I'm not incredibly fond Mary the Good Fairy or it's part II (not a fan of Imogene Coca whatsoever.) or Darrin Goes Ape...ugh! Not exactly sure what that has to do with this topic. G has it right. And it has nothing to do with modern fact Samantha could be a lead feminist no matter which decade because SHE WANTED to be a house wife and have to work for herself without having things handed to her. It was her choice to do what she wasn't because Darrin forbade her to not use witchcraft although the show did play that up quite often. Still Samantha did what she wanted at all times. Okay that sorta makes sense...truth be told I need to watch the movie again. I only saw it once and it kind of bored me with waaaay too much CGI. But I will watch it again and try to make sense of it. Thank you for replying. :) Okay...I came here to ask about this moment in the movie. Why on earth did they choose that song and such a short THAT moment? Does anyone know? As for the first movie, the New Kids moment made sense because Ben liked them and it had it's place at the moment. In this movie...there's no other reference to Juice Newton that I know why on earth did that suddenly play? Haha!! I'll bet you are my friend! ;) lol....well then you ain't that old then G. ;) Hahaha....sorry! ;) Ugh that sounds horrid! I hope that never sees the light of day! It isn't my favorite either. But I do like that they show Samantha and company flying off into the night on her broom. Yeah by today's standards that special effect might be cheesy, hell it might have even been cheesy when it came out that first season...I wasn't born then to know. But I do like that scene. lol Could be...but it didn't look like it. Boy do I wish that scene had been longer! That's the sexiest thing I've ever seen on a TV show!