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For Anyone Who's Ever Worked in a Restaurant

This one is a great example of the barely controlled chaos that happens behind the scenes at most restaurants. Staff drama, customer drama, and everything in between. Regina Hall as Lisa is the ideal mama bear who manages to hold everything together. Hall absolutely shines as the kind of woman who gets up everyday and works hard without complaint.

Excellent performances as well by Haley Lu Richardson as the always sweet and cheerful Maci and James Le Gros as the frustrated owner Cubby. The one weak link was Shayna McHayle as Danyelle whose perpetually-annoyed voice and eyerolls seem better suited to a Housewives of Wherever episode than a place like Double Whammies.

Grateful for filmmakers like Andrew Bujalski who always creates interesting films no matter the storyline or genre.

Food in Films: Three cheers for the curmudgeonly customer who sees through Danyelle's forced cozying up and says, "You can shake that thing someplace else, I'm just here for the burger and the fight."