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What is going on on this site? Did Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem first meet at the making of If you took out the sex scenes ... Why a new series in 2017. When did this show jump the shark? Not like Hot Tub Time Machine at all The depiction of Zosh didn't seem to make sense You can see her playing violin here Scott Patterson has started a Gilmore girls podcast Feels kind of dated now View all posts >


It looked like a Spanish warrior from ancient times, someone who might have fought the Romans. Anyway, I assumed it was a lead soldier given to him in childhood by his mother and maybe one of the last personal items of hers he still has. So a reminder of her and his troubled past. You try spending six years of your life in prison for a crime you didn't commit because someone didn't stop a situation when he could have. I see. Thanks for explaining. Cool. What did you give it? We decided 8/10 on IMDb. Exactly. Her hair looks better that way. If you watch carefully, it tends to look better when she's outside and the wind blows it around a bit. In the episode where they go to the ranch in Ojai (season 1), it looks so much better than usual. Wow, married five times. Yah... good you get a chance to watch it at last! Not sure. Seems like every movie now has to have "man" in the title. Yes, that's what's so weird. Why start such a weird storyline and then finish it in the same episode? It's not really comedic, so if it's meant to throw us off or something it doesn't do it for very long. Seems pointless. Yep. OPE POE View all replies >