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Why didn't she have a bigger career? Ending (spoiler) Questions (spoilers) In season 3 it's getting to be like Billions Stopped watching in season 2 Heard she is studying to become a lawyer Not sure it really works First mainstream movie about S&M? Forced out at The Talk No comments yet? View all posts >


She left to do SNL. No, she wasn't missing due to SNL commitments. When she went to SNL she left the show. She was also standup and may have had some commitments along that line. Makes sense, considering that she was a former Bunny. An ESFJ with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a very uncommon combination By the way, now that I have seen the Garry Shandling documentary, I know who he must have based the character on. It's his mother, an ESFJ with NPD. Maybe they were supposed to be on the CW. Yes, I was thinking the same thing the other day after I watched that on YouTube. When Hank tried to get his assistant to pose nude in Playboy just so that he would get some PR was really cringey. Also when Hank told Drew Barrymore to lift her top. When the head writer suddenly turns gay would probably be frowned on since everything seems to be about identity these days. There were a few instances of anti-Asian stereotyping such as the Connie Chung line. Attractive theory. Never been proven though. It was all right. Not their best, but average. IMDb is rating it almost a 6. The shot of her legs in the opening credits was generally the best part of an episode. ;) View all replies >