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This may be good, but Enjoyable Well informed "one of Hollywood's most unique stars"? Hilararious way to put off teenagers What genre of film is this? Allegory? Gave the same feeling as the Princess Diana crash DVD subtitles? Bunuel anecdote about this film (SPOILERS) View all posts >


Hmm, I went up to 7. The IMDb rating is 6.2. Do you have another Wilde biopic you prefer? It depends a lot on your environments. New Yorkers run in a fast crowd. It seems to try to have it both ways, at times acting as a satire, but at other times as a straight portrayal. As a consequence, although it has some good things in it, ultimately it falls, not knowing what it wants to be. Isn't it just Hava Nagila but with different words? It's up to a 5.8 now. Fun to see Leonard Nimoy and Larry David in the movie. It would have been better if he had not used that nonsensical power to read longitude and latitude numbers from water. Really don't think the late night hosts have moved. The Right have. Stuff that's been going on since Bush Jr. and now with Trump is just unprecedented. The populists have taken over. If only there were a site where one could look notable people up and find out more about them. I would watch Leno and then Ferguson. I guess I'm weird. But the two do get along. Agreed. I doubt this counts as a B. Look at all the outdoor night shooting and electricity special effects. View all replies >