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Jes' Sayin' (1773)


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There were a lot of posts in the IMDb days, but for some reason none were preserved in the transfer to this site. Hadn't Kitty actually been with the Swede earlier, until her previous boyfriend was released from jail? And then she went back to him. I think at one point the Swede asks her why she had done this? So it's really just a renewal of a previous relationship for them. The Hemingway thing is to face bad news -- even death -- with bravery and stoicism. That's what the Swede is exemplifying. Yes, the script is very spare and assumes we figure things out, but he was investigating jewel thefts and I believe he knew it was stolen. Wouldn't buy it. Everything comes back on PBS eventually. Yeah, strange. I just checked and only episodes 1, 5 and 9 of the Civil War appear to be available. Not sure how that makes sense. Covering the most recent jazz history may be difficult because not enough time has passed to be sure how it will fit into context. That could be a reason for concentrating on the earlier eras. By the same token, reviewers are probably friends with the more recent jazz creators and feel even more outraged on their behalf. They don't have diesel engines as backups? I was also thinking that the headpiece should be sealed. Agree with this. It's the end of the world so it doesn't matter. I'm sure he has a first mate who could have piloted the sub. Hey, good point. Thanks! View all replies >