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Season 4 - Episode 6 "A Tale of Two Topas" Great episode, building further on Topa's established story. Although at times it was a little too much like the previous episodes, on the whole it managed to transcend this. A great episode for Bortus, who just gets more and more interesting as a character. It was also a great episode for Kelly, who also had a terrible dilemma to solve. We probably have not heard the end of this storyline either. The admiral laid it on a little thick, I thought, even though we knew what the punch line would be. Seems like they could have done a bit more with the archaeological dig, which as far as I could tell did not really tie into the A plot line, but it was certainly interesting, often having an Indiana Jones feeling from the music, settings, even the way the camera came in from high above. Steal from the best, right? ;) I wonder what Gene Roddenberry would have thought of the episode. Although Klyden is not a member of the crew, he is resident on the ship and he and Kelly basically came to blows, which would have been forbidden by the Star Trek writers guide. This kind of episode is the single best reason to have a show like this. Sure we have TNG and all the other old shows, but a current show can discuss the issues that are uppermost in our minds today, and which TNG couldn't get into quite as much back in the day. That's worth something. Anyway, best episode of the season so far, and at 75 minutes long we certainly got our money's worth on this one! If Fox News told them to. A lot of them don't think. They just follow along with the suspicions of Fox News. A nice attempt, but not sure the creator has a sure hand on what the movie is supposed to do. Found the tone to be all over the place. But Albanians are not Slavs, of course. It's probably supposed to be more of a meditation on the American Indian experience. No. In the old days there used to be these theaters that were long past their glory days that would still nevertheless operate and show stuff like this as well old kung fu movies, previous bombs under new titles designed to fool people, old movies with a newly famous actor in a bit part, and so on. The name of the people at the White House was Salahi. Her name is Shahi. Laura Dupré ... Nadège Right. It's a limited series. Yes, was it difficult to feel funny during the pandemic? Not sure. After so many years in comedy, seems that Seth is trending more toward drama, especially with the whole World War II series on the horizon. Forgot to mention my surprise at a romance brewing between Talla and Gordon. I guess he's going to be the lothario of the show. Also a bit surprised to find casual sex happening between Ed and Kelly. They going to end up battered and bruised again? View all replies >