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Jes' Sayin' (1566)


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No, that The Princess Bride pretty much killed the category. Yes, when you get too much into action sequences you lose character and emotions. See Howard the Duck. One of the ugliest hair styles ever. :) Not a strong recommendation then. You can watch clips here: It was all right, but I agree with the person who said it needed a Garbo or Dietrich to really work. As close as Garance can come to love, yes. Should keep in mind her horrible upbringing. :) I was thinking about that too. People stream all kinds of stuff now. Movies are increasingly only for teenaged boys. The last one was in 2017 -- not much of a generational gap. Before that there was one in the 90s. Really should have been marked spoiler... young people who have never read the story could be reading. Yes, this is definitely a stellar cast, but I wonder what they told them to get them involved in this remake. View all replies >