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I guess I get it Season 10 Episode 3 Ethnicity? Where we checked out Season 10 Episode 2 How do you like Season 10 so far? Good performances, solid script, lots of talent, but ... Thought of a new ending for this film... Absorbing most of the time After finishing Season 3 (spoilers) View all posts >


Deadwood > Hell on Wheels > Copper Yes, or if other kids want to hide cigarettes there. But if he destroyed or buried it that would be worse behavior with respect to evidence. Here he is just pretending as if he had never found it. Looks like in this episode they continue to have trouble getting the band back together. A bigger question to us, why was Morse so cold to the Thursday daughter. Nope, that was the entirety of it. You wrote: But I think, there was still another sentence, that I can´t remember now. Ahh, thanks for that. Didn't get past Thor 1. And even in the crowds in the stands have to suffer in low tech seats and so on? And even more strangely she's going to upend her whole life to live in a foreign country she doesn't even know much at all? Manchester by the Sea - Oceans of Despair How Stella Got Her Groove Back - How Stella Met a Gay Would-be Emigrant JFK: Reckless Youth - JFK: Horndog Frida - The Diego Rivera Story Star Trek: Discovery - Star Trek: Its Own Mother Doesn't Recognize It Hannah and her Sisters Citizen Kane Singin' in the Rain Green Book Sabrina (1954) By the way, if you have rated movies on IMDB, you can review your own list of NY movies at [url],asc&mode=detail&page=1&my_ratings=restrict[/url] You may be right! Let's hope they keep it up. He is in the deleted scenes, but oddly not prominent at all. Not sure what the decisionmaking was there. Were they thinking everyone has seen All the President's Men and therefore no need to retread the territory? View all replies >