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Seems like Orson decided his character was gay, doesn't it. Yeah, it's been used a lot, but I wonder why in the setting of a movie they didn't have the writer speak the words as a voiceover, which is the more common way to handle it. I think the story is quite sneaky. What appears to be the A plot -- the story of the boy -- is really the B plot. What looks to be the B plot -- the emotional life of the judge -- is the actual A plot. This seems to be a story about a perfectionist, about someone too involved in her work and neglecting her intimate relationships and what may happen because of that. The boy doesn't matter, really, except as a character who exposes that. What this film actually copies is the film Conversations With Other Women, from 2005, starring Helena Bonham Carter and Aaron Eckhart. That film shares this thing about a couple meeting and it's rather ambiguous whether they were once a couple or not. Maybe Certified Copy has an advantage though in that it has a lot of nice travel scenery whereas most of the former film is shot inside an LA hotel. One thing about the film: its marketing is tricky. It's sort of described as a love triangle and there is a minor one at the beginning, but 'tis quickly over. It turns out that what the film is actually about is an adult family dynamic -- longstanding conflicts between a father and his daughters. I suspect that this trickery probably turned off a lot of viewers, and also kept people who would tend to like this film from seeing it. It wasn't terrible. The father-daughter relationship was worth exploring and thinking about. Not unusual in a lot of families I bet. This Yes, very reminiscent of Certified Copy. First one I thought about. Shares the element of uncertainty about how well these two know one another and what may or may not have happened in the past. The real problem was the director who didn't have an interest in the emotional lives of the characters. All he cared about were unusual shots like when those red jelly beans spill out on the plate. Given that the movie was being done in such a bad way, Patty Duke decided to overact and who can blame her. Parkins is okay; Duke chews up the scenery a great deal though. View all replies >