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Not only that. The character didn't have the kind of hard "edge" that a professional whore would have. The portrayal was entirely too "girl-next-door" to buy. It was soooo cool. Even William! And yes, just where is Djibouti these days? ;) Yeah, a bit much sometimes. They have the dilemma of pleasing both dance and non-dance fans. BillySlater wrote "in certain regions". Netflix offerings can differ depending on where you live. Got the impression that he didn't get interested in Mildeth until after she married Uhtred. Thought she was a really interesting character as well. Alfred's story as we read about it is probably a little too positive to be entirely true. Having an illustrious ancestor king who was said to have done incredible things had good propaganda value for his successors. No doubt he made mistakes and had doubts from time to time. Exploring a bit what those might have been is not entirely a bad idea. You were prophetic! Hoping it can still get better. Disney Night is usually pretty good, for example. Ah, interesting, thanks. View all replies >