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Thanks for all that you do! MC is one of the few sites where differing opinions can exist side by side. Great thread idea. For horror fans, Hell House LLC (2015) is pretty solid. Djokovic is a machine. An incredible machine. I'm not sure I've ever actually seen him sweat. This tourney is the first time I've taken notice of Holger Rune. He's got youth on his side. ^This. Why do people even care? His situation could be summed up in one sentence: Spoiled rich kid whines about life. I feel like the actor who played Mr. Jones in Friday would've made a good black Al Bundy. Saw this one for the first time and was impressed with the whole production. Question: Do you think Smokey could have survived if he had gotten inside the car? Or would the paint fumes still have been overwhelming? Welcome to the Sunshine State! If you find yourself near downtown Orlando or Winter Park, I'd be glad to buy you a pint or three! Agreed. Only a trust fund kid could take a "job" like that. Appreciated the way Emily gave it right back to her. Like she said, Alice never worked for free. I read that. Classy on both their parts. Folks get older and, hopefully, a little wiser. I'd totally forgotten about Fallen. An underrated gem. The cat at the end was perfect. View all replies >