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One black Hispanic I could not agree more with the first 5 paragraphs of this post. Yeah...a movie doesn’t need to be a HS history text. To me the scene that really shows how out of his depth he when he has the German Ambassador over that one night his Godson is there....he is treating these guys like his friends, talking about how he wants peace in honor of his WWI German friend that committed suicide....while they talk in German about which pieces of his art they are going to take when they invade. He isn’t really a Nazi he has second thoughts about the Jewish stuff. What he a guy with outdated honor code that thinks he owes the current German state something because of supposed mistreatment in the past...which causes him to act the Reeve character states. You don’t meet with a probation officer...unless you’re getting out of jail.....or in his case juvenile detention. I’m 46 and been married 14 years. I definitely still have feelings for a couple of old girlfriends and think about them quite a bit.....doesn’t mean I don’t love my wife or my life. And the Get Smart guy Well, obviously Thurston Howell. Acting is dead View all replies >