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Was he ever any good on SNL? I liked the first couple of seasons of the Orange County show. Legitimate, free, VOD, studio movies? Lord and Miller-Produced ‘Bless the Harts’ Exists in the ‘King of the Hill’ Universe Fun Halloween specials for a general audience? Having trouble finding the soundtrack. What was the name of the movie he was in... View all posts >


Would love to hear some alternative suggestions. One of the reasons I opened this thread is because the 2000s felt like such a weak era for comedy & I was hoping I overlooked something. I liked Idiocracy, Team America, Mean Girls, Tropic Thunder, Hot Rod, Jared/Jershua Hess movies, Diablo Cody movies. People I trust say MacGruber, Best Worst Movie & Other Guys were solid. So some overlap with the OP. But La La Land was a comedy? Point taken but corporal punishment is still legal in America. IIRC, most Americans thought Fay was kind of a punk & had it coming. This is was the kind of "patriotism" Dr. Johnson was talking about. You could even make small amounts of certain drinks for personal use. Prohibition was more about the commercial activity than personal behavior. Think of it like a friendly, low-stakes game of poker among friends when casinos are illegal. Hypocritical? I guess, but there are worse things in life than hypocrisy. "Looks like you found some solace in our show. Stay, if you like. In 30 minutes we start over." Horse Majeure - Vincent Adultman cracks me up. Escape From LA - Best visual moments in the series. That Went Well - Such a memorable ending. The Old Sugarman Place - When Bojack seemed most like a real, fleshed out person. A Quick One While He's Away - Kind of a sobering episode. You already mentioned Ruthie/Free Churro so I hate to repeat. But both were great & deserve a 2nd. Keep up the good work, men. I just relented & immediately regret it. It's exactly what you're expecting. It's counter-intuitive but for most of the entire 20th century, higher was an old girl's club. Especially out east. Parallel structures for educating women already existed. The change to co-ed just opened up the male schools to females & the female schools remained as-is. Stanford saw that & consciously bucked the trend by imposing a hard cap on the number of women they'd admit: https://stanfordmag.org/contents/why-jane-stanford-limited-women-s-enrollment-to-500 Oh yeah, Drop Dead Gorgeous. It bombed in theaters. Knew a few girls from Minnesota & they loved it. Figured it was just a local crowd pleaser because the movie was set in MN. Not so. It does have a wider fanbase: https://www.wickedhorror.com/features/not-quite-horror/not-quite-horror-drop-dead-gorgeous-1999/ https://www.eonline.com/news/1058654/on-set-feuds-offended-audiences-and-a-box-office-disaster-20-secrets-you-might-not-know-about-drop-dead-gorgeous https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/revisiting-cult-classic-drop-dead-200940447.html https://www.theguardian.com/film/2019/jul/23/drop-dead-gorgeous-20th-anniversary-dark-comedy Fun fact: the movie's writer worked BTS on The Simpsons during the glory years. She even voiced Amber Dempsey. The threshold. It's fantastic slapstick. There's another thread on here asking if this counts as a Christmas movie. IDK about that but the final act was beautifully shot & I always remember it around this time of year. It's an underrated movie & that's probably a good thing. Once movies are deemed "classic" we have a way of squeezing them for nostalgia, to the point you question what you saw in it in the first place. Mediterraneo: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102426/ I dislike this movie. Joyeux Noel was better. But it I think it's what you're referencing. The soldiers were Italian & occupying Greek territory on German orders. The Greeks initially feared them as invaders but the Italians really didn't care about the war. It wasn't so much a truce as occupiers interacting with the occupied civilians. View all replies >