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Legitimate, free, VOD, studio movies? Lord and Miller-Produced ‘Bless the Harts’ Exists in the ‘King of the Hill’ Universe Fun Halloween specials for a general audience? Having trouble finding the soundtrack. What was the name of the movie he was in... View all posts >


It's not just you: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/american-beauty-legacy-20-years-later_n_5d5c344fe4b0d1e1136902be https://film.avclub.com/how-american-beauty-lost-the-title-of-1999-s-best-movie-1836795875 The swing from critical darling to whipping boy seems performative. I doubt the sincerity of those who now claim to despise it. It's technically well-made & has some insightful moments. I like that Lester figures things out. Eventually. But I agree with the OP that it was overrated upon release. The social commentary was always weak. Hollywood is filled with people who fled "Middle America" for the coasts & they often struggle to move past that. Second on early Matt Dillon. I tend to blur those movies together in my mind because they look so similar & deal with similar themes. Ladies & Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains. Kids & Skins were more sleazy than sincere. I get the comparison because neither of those movies shied away from the underside of youth. But Splendor in the Grass, If..., River's Edge, Virgin Suicides & Myth of the American Sleepover were all gritty without being so cheesy. King Sized Homer - So many literal LOL moments. Selma's Choice - Remember when The Simpsons said something about the human condition? Treehouse of Horror #5 - Favorite Halloween special: The Shinning, Time & Punishment, Nightmare Cafeteria. Homer Badman - Satire that still seems relevant decades later. Homer Goes to College - Perfectly deconstructs Hollywood's take on college. It was definitely female teachers/classmates who nudged me to read the book as a kid. There was a little bit of sisterhood in supporting Hinton. Though the content didn't strike me as especially "girly". The character development was fine. Did seem like an overly romantic view of how boys fight. Lord of the Flies is classic because of how well it captured that part of boyhood. I'm so lost. Does this mean not fluent? Still looking forward to this one. I rarely see movies in theaters anymore. But if I'm reading subtitles, I may as well go for the immersive experience. It has Awkwafina, so I assumed it would be Anglophone. She speaks Chinese? The original cartoons/comics weren't war porn. They existed to advertise the toys. And all they could do is change between android & automobile. They were created by the Japanese, who were war weary in the aftermath of WW2. So they made civilian vehicles the heroes. The Autobots humanity was their saving grace when outgunned by the militaristic Decepticons. Optimus was written like a father figure with Bumblebee as his loyal sidekick & link to the human world. The Bay movies were fine for what they were. This one was more in tune with the source material, though. The whole trilogy is currently on TubiTV, which is a legitimate & free website. Re: OP, I found the trilogy on DVD for like $1 at a garage sale. This was like 5 years ago. I watched it & didn't think much of it at the time. Sold it online & made a pretty nice profit. Interesting. The positive reviews I've heard are from people with a knowledge of the occult. I'd like to understand that stuff but every time I try to broach it, I feel like people start trying to convert me to some sort of new religion. Would be nice to investigate it from a more detached perspective. If he really wanted to marry a "nice Catholic girl", he'd be dating Catholic girls. They're not hard to find in NYC. This wasn't a mistake. It was meant to show that Patrick was just as restless as Barry. Only difference is he hid behind a shield of piety to deflect criticism. BTW I just watched the movie with Burns' commentary. He mentions that they bought the rights to William Kennedy's book "Legs" & that they planned to make it into a movie. Kind of bummed out to see that never happened. View all replies >