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If he really wanted to marry a "nice Catholic girl", he'd be dating Catholic girls. They're not hard to find in NYC. This wasn't a mistake. It was meant to show that Patrick was just as restless as Barry. Only difference is he hid behind a shield of piety to deflect criticism. BTW I just watched the movie with Burns' commentary. He mentions that they bought the rights to William Kennedy's book "Legs" & that they planned to make it into a movie. Kind of bummed out to see that never happened. Cerealguy.gif Characters in this movie were unbelievable jerks. And I mean literally unbelievable. Took me out of the story. It was beautiful to look at, though. Drillbit Taylor was written by John Hughes...with Seth Rogen & released in the 00's. Had the same plot as this, though. It even features a cameo by Adam Baldwin. Pretty Woman. Physical attractiveness of the actors is beside the point. Jay Baruchal isn't a bad looking guy. He's undesirable because of his occupation. Likewise, Julia Roberts is a beautiful woman with a low-status job. Yup. She's the same age as Kacey Musgraves, who just cleaned house at the Grammys. Of course she isn't too old for relevance. Swift made a miscalculation in hitching her wagon to Lena Dunham. "Girls" was hot at the time. Maybe that association was supposed to afford her some middle-brow credibility? I guess it did. After all, we're talking about her on a movie message board. But it hasn't made her music interesting. Which is too bad. Because her early stuff was promising. Most of the discussion was centered on how the movie exists as a vehicle to show off Jennifer Connelly. Which I totally get. But the Rocketeer came out the same year. And that was actually a good movie. The obvious answer is to keep Rufus in the Pam Grier costume. People are growing & evolving until the day we die. So marriage is always going to be a risk. I'm a big advocate of prolonged engagements to mitigate that risk. But there's a tradeoff. The longer you wait, the fewer opportunities you get. Dating co-workers is rough. You have to maintain your professionalism. Most of them will not be generational peers. And they're more likely to be already married. Will give it a shot. Ferrell is my all-time favorite SNL cast-member. The original movie definitely had some funny moments. My problem with Adam McKay movies in that I start to feel bad for the main characters. Like Step-Brothers. View all replies >