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at what point did you think 'oh crap, its not good'

The opening T2 recap and CG deage Linda/Arnie/death of John was awesome imo so was fully on board for it being the 'real T3' (good to see Eddie get whacked! and its not like we hadn't heard about/seen the death of John before so no big sin really in the mythos)

Then the focus on Grace, Rev, Dani and family... ok the action is pretty hard core so its all good so far..

Sarah turns up and saves them.. awesome..pretty cool..

Then I think after it goes off the boil.. I just do not care about those damn Grace and Dani characters!.. but the Legion twist was pretty interesting

Arnold turns up and he's like a human?! Well it least it puts an interesting spin on it..i guess? but hes the one been sending texts to Sarah all along because he feels guilty? and she been killing Terminators?! WTF?

Then all the plane action with Arnold fighting the T1000 type and its like 'man I seen all this CGI plane action stuff already in FastFurious,Mummy etc and Arnie as a good T800 vs a T1000 type 3 times before already..'

So maybe had the plot gone elsewhere after Sarah turns up.. like instead of the reformed toxic T800/Carl sending texts to Sarah we find that its still out there laying in wait and gets reactivated and Sarah has to deal with a bad Arnold T800 in addition to Rev9.. see where that goes – leading to a far darker path than the usual they take on Skynet and win/save the future ( maybe something where by the time loop being unavoidable so in order for humanity to have a chance they have to change the future back to skynet over Legion wiping out humanity..and a conclusion similar to the previous T3?)


The poster was lame, the trailer showed how bad the CGI was, the casting is atrocious, killing John Connor right away is cheating..but what really did it for me was Grace performing an act of hanging behind the back pullup style from a Humvee platform that's parachuting down from 15,000 feet after stealing a C-5 Galaxy cargo aircraft that crashes into a KC-10 refueling aircraft.


Immediately after the Terminator-ish lady arrived... Casting really fucked up there..


"(good to see Eddie get whacked! and its not like we hadn't heard about/seen the death of John before so no big sin really in the mythos)"
Fuck you. This movie is $HIT.


I agree that it went downhill a little after Sarah came in, probably once they left the hotel and began crossing the border. The movie became far too much about Grace and Dani, who weren’t interesting especially in comparison to Arnie and the Connors.

I get that they wanted to flesh out Gracie and Dani to move away from Arnold, John, & Sarah. But the way to do that is to make a Terminator movie without Arnie and the Connors. The movie tried to be about Grace, Dani, Arnold, & the Connors when they needed to pick one over the other. Either make a movie about just Grace and Dani, or make one about old-lady Sarah, Arnie, and Dani. Having all of them felt congested.

On that last point, I think the movie suffered from trying to do too much in 2 hours. They needed time to explain and explore so much, such as Dani’s purpose, Grace’s history, Sarah’s history, and Arnie’s history. At the end, I felt like the villain Terminator didn’t get his fair time. I liked the way he spoke to Arnold near the end, “You and I were designed for the same purpose.” But those moments for him were scarce.

The nonsense about Arnold turning human and having a family and a conscience (and sending text messages on an iPhone) ... the movie lost it all at this point.


After Sarah came in it descended in to an episode of Prison Break.
It was without doubt a pile of shite. Genesys was poor, but not as bad as this.



About halfway through the movie.

It just got tedious and boring by that point.