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Tanya Roberts tits And? It's not as if you think he's above theft is it? I don't get it, previously you criticized Terry Silver for having "fall guys" to spar with... and now you say that his sparring bouts with them are evidence that he's in his prime? Just because he has fall guys doesn't mean he isn't in his prime does it? Rocky Balboa was in his prime but Mickey still fed him stiffs after he got the title. Just like when you previously criticized the Quick Silver method only to later claim that you also taught your students quicksilver. No, I don't teach them QuickSilver as it doesn't exist outside the movie. Plus my criticism of QuickSilver was it wasn't right for point scoring competitions but (the methods) were suited to the street. Glad I cleared that up. You though are another matter altogether. You ask me to answer a question. I do, but guess what? You still aren't happy! I've answered your question, now fuck off! Why would you think he would return it? Is Silver fitter than Kreese.. where is that established? By the fact we see Silver sparring with people. Something we never see Kreese do. He's got a healthier lifestyle. Furthermore Kreese has hit the bottle and hasn't had a student through his doors for six months, so nobody to train or spar with. It's not rocket science is it? Do you mean to imply that there is evidence that Silver is in his prime and Kreese is past his which could lead to Silver winning even if he isn't technically as good at karate? I'm implying it's a possibility. The simple question is KK3 if Kreese and Silver fought who would win? Actually the question wasn't that though was it? The question by the OP was 'Who was the better Karate man, Silver or Kreese'? But if YOUR question (making the subject matter about you, AGAIN) is who I think would win in a fight between prime fit Silver and six months idle full of drink Kreese, then my answer would be Silver. If your question was who woulld win between fully fit Silver and fully fit Kreese, then my answer is Kreese. It is all just opinion though isn't it? He didn't look right in a gi full stop. Silver should never have let him wear a Cobra Kai gi It’s Silvers money ergo he’s the boss. Not saying he is better, just trying to ascertain what the OP means by better. I mean could Silver beat Kreese Mano a Mano and does that make him better or is it because he’s younger and fitter? Or does Kreese know more karate and does that make him a better karate man? Quicksilver is a training method that Silver himself uses, if it’s what he taught Barnes and what he uses against Miyagi then it’s effectiveness is probably best for the streets whereas Kreese may well have a better system for point scoring competitions. Again it comes down to what the OP means by who was the better karate man. He was the big boss of Cobra Kai? He was the money behind it. As for skill, again it is hard to judge as we never see Kreese really do a lot. One thing we do know though is that Silver is telegraphing his wheel kick and Kreese can tell. Again, is the OP on about physical ability or actual knowledge? You see, if (even though it would never happen) Kreese and Silver were to fight, Kreese could take advantage of Silver telegraphing his wheel kick, and who knows what else. But like I said, it's all personal opinion. Kreese was Silvers teacher, so the respect is there. Now it is a matter of opinion who is the most skillful, if that is what you are asking. It also actually states in 'Escape' that it is in fact Taylors ship View all replies >