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Another funny thing Haha! Funny as ... Watching this.... Worst of the trilogy so I watched the movie.. She can't weld... Steaming pile of shit Terrible..... Is Arnies catchphrase going to be.... What happened.... View all posts >


Very Pythonesque How come nobody complains about True Identity where a black man (Lenny Henry) whites up? What's the problem? Obvious really. The OP is suffering from a bout of PC The entire movie is about racial expectations and identity. I thought it was a buddy movie about a cop and a con Wears Alan should be worried about a Transatlantic expansion putting his dojo out of business. I'm not. Know why? It's not real! Okay So she was 11 in 1985 then, when Kreese and Silver were getting (ahem) massages off her? Really?! You are finished. You have been shown up for what you are..a shit stirrer and a liar. You were given the opportunity to stop this but you chose to carry on with your chicanery and inane posts like the one above. There is no place for you here. Bye. Maybe because he didn't take much notice of Aladdin the street urchin other than a means to an end. There's something out there waiting for us and it aint no man View all replies >