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Unfortunately, Wears is a lost cause. We once offered him a junior position in the Kai if he publicly renounced Miyagi-do but he didn’t want to go through the initiation process. Time and again, we’ve tried to teach him the error of his ways but he is incapable of self reflection. Well that is simply not true. It’s honorable of you to play the peacemaker but some people just won’t listen to reason. You for example. It’s unclear that Wears is a martial arts master and it’s been suspected his online credentials have been doctored. No, it's very clear what my credentials are. You on the other hand... You came to a pro Kai board and started spouting Miyagi-do nonsense. You deserved to be put down. Again not true. I had an argument with romefan123 and you stuck your nose in and wanted to fight me. IMDb was a discussion board where everyone had a right to their opinion. It was dickheads like you who decided what people were allowed to say and attacked anyone who had a different opinion. Moviechat was a new start but you brought old feuds here. You might sell yourself as the good guy but you are far from it with retorts like 'beat it slope or you're next' to anyone who disagrees with your point of view. You are a clown and a bully. I'm just the one who brought you to task. Do you believe that Grandpa Joe really had it in him to murder Charlie in cold blood? Yes. GJ could have just strangled Charlie with his birthday scarf and claimed the ticket as his own if that was his intention. It may not have been his intention until Charlie ended up with the factory. I figured Grandpa Joe actually helped out the family more than Charlie’s mom. Don't agree. Think about it…… Charlies mom kept dashing Charlie’s dreams of winning a golden ticket and told him to be content with underwear soup whereas GJ was constantly encouraging Charlie to buy Wonka Bars which were ultimately the instrument of the family’s salvation. Pure luck. I've always believed he was led astray by his good for nothing Grandpa Joe. He only broke that cycle by handing back the gobstopper. It is to be hoped that the Oompah Loompahs offed Grandpa Joe before he could kill Charlie and the others to claim the factory for himself. What we got at the end - after 13 years! - was just a plot outline that needed finer details, more fleshed out characters, etc Yup. Bored me to tears. bump Because he was a poor liar. The way he stuffed that chocolate in his mouth in the candy store didn't look like he wasn't particularly bothered about chocolate either. So what if the fight in NYC did not go your way? There was no fight in NYC, he didn't show up. It is clear you are both martial arts masters. Nope. He's never done Martial Arts. Maybe you could see that NRC123 did do the honorable thing when you left it a little unclear about whether you had died awhile back. What's honourable about what he did? Nothing. He simply took the piss. How can there be common ground when (A) he is not interested in a truce of any kind despite my offering one and (B) he does nothing but lie about stuff like NYC. I just think there’s some common ground where you could set aside some resentments and gain wisdom from NRC123 just as Daniel-san did in accepting his own role in causing the feud with Johnny This guy stuck his nose in an argument between myself and another poster many years ago offering to come to London in that persons stead and fight me outside Harrods. I turned him down as I had no argument with him. Nevertheless he claims to have flown to London and afterwards continued to berate me for not being there despite me saying I wouldn't be as my argument was not with him. Now you tell me what wisdom I could possibly gain from him? Furthermore, it was not me who caused the feud between us. No, he did that all by himself. As I have said, I have made the offer of a truce many times. HE SIMPLY ISN'T INTERESTED! What part of that is MY fault? What possible wisdom could I gain from this idiot? Hard to be grateful to a lying piece of shit like yourself. The gesture of you claiming I'm dead then finding out I'm not so claiming I faked it? Why would anyone appreciate that you fucking moron? I don't think he would even apply. But then it was you guys who proposed it in the first place. So yeah, what a ridiculous proposition. View all replies >