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Start a fight in a bar. It worked for Kirk Yeah and people are legit black belts in McDojos right? Have you been asleep? Yes, unfortunately they are. This is basically what this whole topic has been about until you hijacked it. His CO was a scumbag Why? Because he with held information that Kreeses girlfriend had died and then revealed it to him to take advantage in a fight to the death that they were forced in to? Kreese had the opportunity to be the better man but instead murdered his CO. Years later in the car lot he himself became the scumbag. Difference being, Miyagi didn't murder a beaten man. Daniel wished that Miyagi had murdered Kreese. End of story. Well you say that but the movie and the script disagree with you. Daniel merely asks him why he didn't. Now that's end of story. No. You said he was unfit as is evidenced after the run with Jessica earlier in the movie. I said Daniel would have gained fitness training with Silver. There is no where in my posts that says he beat him because of QuickSilver. Now you are being disingenuous. He beat Barnes because he no longer feared him and was able to do the Karate he had learned instead of freezing. But he still would have gained fitness from it. And yes, it is useless with regards the fighting methods for a tournament. Daniel was a legit blackbelt in Miyagi-do Karate. what part don't you understand? Respect is a two way thing. Johnny was not punished accordingly, but then you would know that if (A) you knew anything about Karate and (B) you knew anything about the law. Also, Cobra Kai has shown us that Kreese lost respect for his commanding officer and killed him, or are you just going to sweep that under the carpet. Or, that Daniel was in shock with the whole situation....let that settle in. Pitiable delusion? That's rich coming from someone who BELIEVES they put me on trial and had me executed. Pure gold! You are talking earlier in the movie. Daniel went on to train with the QuickSilver method, so even you should recognise that his fitness will have improved. As for Karate's bad boy, that title is bestowed on him because he flouts the rules and nothing more. The issue is not money.. Actually it is. ....It's the moral failure of advancing people who do not deserve it and will ultimately fail because of it. Have you seen the Karate Kid? Miyagi trains Daniel to be able to stand as an equal in the competition against the Kai students. He (Daniel) beats Tommy, Dutch and Johnny in the ring. How is that failing? So ultimately he succeeds, hence he deserves the advancement. How can you just ignore the facts? Kreese was called a loser by his student.... Kreese called Johnny a loser first. All you are doing here is saying Kreese can give it but not take it. Hypocrisy at its' finest. And no, corporal punishment wasn't warranted. On a side note, if Miyagi HAD killed Kreese in that car lot...what do you think Daniels reaction would have been. Non sequitur seeing as he didn't, but just this once I'll play the what if game. His reaction most likely would have beeb shock that Miyagi would do that. Either way we will never really know. He beat Chozen, so how is it intellectually dishonest to believe he would beat Barnes? Oh that's right, it isn't. Yes. Another day. Another argument won for Wears. View all replies >