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John Wick to Avengers: 'i hope they remember you..' JWick guns down Avengers with 57m opening #1 spot alternate ending..(steve) is GOT set on earth? alternate ending..(tony) did Tony see Bucky? yes or no - would Clive Owen have been a better Bond ? does this have the feel of 80s SF? just rewatched Ultron when you think about it.. i mean *really* think about it... View all posts >


[quote]You may as well just go back in time, explain the situation to your past selves, [/quote] Which was the plot of Xmen DOFP Man that could've been so bad. Very worrying. Arnold going to have to review his security and maybe not be so accessible with all the selfie stuff. However.. did you see the vid from a distance.. the guy did a flat out running drop kick yet Arnold barely moved! Its like the guy tried to drop kick a brick wall. Its actually probably what would happen if he drop kicked an actual terminator! (he's looking in huge shape - must be due to T6) [quote]Chris Nolan announced the Batman reboot a year before The Dark Knight Rises released, which made a billion dollars.[/quote] think it was just the Superman reboot that was announced in 2010/11 before TDKR was released,.. there was even talk of Bale reprising his role as batman in the very early stages of BvS (2014ish) That's why he was so desperate to get DP1 made because he knew that role was perfect for his silly goofy persona (after hed had a taste in XM Origins and also Blade 3 where he was kind of playing DP in that) and if he could just make it as a solo movie and R rated like the comics it'd probably give him a franchise after Green Lantern bombed as its XMen and DP was a way popular character (otherwise hed he stuck doing zany romcoms and flop action comedy films for rest of his career).. of course he wouldn't know just how successful it would be.. he probably figured it'd be as big as the 2 Wolverine films if was lucky... but when it was like a full on blockbuster highest grossing X movie he went crazy and turned DP2 into a huge budget summer blockbuster production (whereas the original director just wanted it to be another lowish budget film like DP1 so he bailed and did Terminator 6 lol) 'beep-beep' maybe she was trying to get cast in Tron 3 and how about now I read somewhere (maybe the Forbes guy) that Disney/Fox will be hoping EG dosnt beat Avatar as then Avatar 2 can still be promoted as the sequel to the biggest movie of all time..(which is about the only thing its got going for it these days) when Tony gets knocked out by 2012 Hulk slamming the door open then loses the stone - call back to BTTF2 Marty being knocked out by previous Marty slamming door open then losing the Almanac Cool Doubt it. They are too big to recast/remake now. like Star Wars.. There will be a new Iron Man and Cap at some point tho Hell they could even make an Iron Man 4 or Captain America 4 with RDJ and Evans.. just make them prequels set b4 IW/EG (CA4 could be now set in any era from the 40s onwards) View all replies >