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trailer Thor 4 is coming article on the new 007 'thats one small step for man.. Fast 9 & 10 synopsis Blofeld returns 1b new poster Xmen/Unbreakable 2000-2019 on the poster between Keanus legs.. View all posts >


I guess it will be 15 in uk (most recent R rated SF stuff is 15 - BR2049, Alien Covenant, Fury Road, Logan, IT etc) back in the 80s/90s R rated movies regularly got 18 in uk but it has to be very extreme to get an 18 now (last year Halloween got it and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood has been rated 18 like most of Tarantinos) it'll be the first non 12A rated Terminator since T2! (T1 was 18, T2 was 15, T3 was a 12 even though it was rated R which must be the only time that's happened as R is always either 15 or 18 in uk with PG13 being equivalent to 12A or in some cases 15) More confirmation Arnold talks R rating [quote]“I am so delighted,” he injected. “I was sick and tired with the last time, when the studio decided to make it a PG-13 rating just because they thought there more dollars in there. I said, ‘Guys you’re so stupid…this is a story that is written and a franchise that is done and written for an R-rating and not Terminator the babysitter type of thing. “That’s not Terminator, it’s cheating it’s greedy and trying to make more money,” he added with fierce passion. “You have to be organic about this stuff. This is going to be an R-rated movie. I wouldn’t be sitting here today if it weren’t. “I was so angry about them trying to cut out the blood and gore. In this movie, we have the gore we have the blood – I’m not even going to talk about what I do in this movie – Gabriel literally cuts people to shreds. There’s blood, there’s gore, there’s guts, you can see the heart being ripped out.”[/quote] for B26 I guess they could it in the Craig-verse and keep the current M, Q, MP and just have a new white male/late 30s as Bond (Cavil etc). no origin. no explanation of why he looks different (just as happened with Moore, Dalton, Brosnan ). or do a Casino Royale reboot thing and new actors for the supporting cast and have Bond as fairly new in the 00 job not someone pushing 50 whos retired a few times already so positives for continuing in Craigverse = theyd keep the Craig continuity (various call backs to the great movies Casino Royale/Skyfall, Craigverse is billion $ huge now) and Fiennes as M. but negatives would be Craig Bond is like 50 and retired etc (although is he meant to be 50 in the movies? probably not) where as a reboot the positives would be in having a younger Bond would make sense and itd freshen it all up after 15years of Craigverse..but then negatives is theyd be throwing out the Craigverse/starting again (but they could still keep it all similar) I imagine she'll be in at least half of the movie. at the end she might even still be 007 ...but... the next movie will go back to a new white guy as 007 James Bond (i.e. another reboot like Casino Royale)..therefore the black woman as 007 would continue to be 007 in the 'Craig universe' which would've ended in B25 (unless it does Endgame which case things might change for Bond lol) not so fast!.. its gone up to 251m! (now 65m domestic- finally equal to Apocalypse opening weekend!) Is Craig? nah. she'll be toast by the end of the movie anyway lol you have seriously got to get the notion of ur head that shes going to be the new lead character for the future movies. its starting to scare me lol if they keep the current continuity for B26 (not reboot), and keep the same M, Q Moneypenny etc and maybe even the new 007 I imagine theyd still want a new Bond somehow (Fassbender or Cavil etc) however with Craigs Bond becoming all old/retiring about 3 times already they'll probably want to reboot again as happened with Casino Royale and give it a fresh start (by the time B25 comes out it'll have been pretty much 15 years of the Craig era. and even almost 10years of the new M/Q/Moneypenny) if they do that then I think even SJWs would hate it View all replies >