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LOTR+Braveheart+Gladiator+RobinHood+Narnia+Legend+Krull box office? T R A I L E R anyone else like the score? NEW trailer and poster set in the far future? she in trouble? hes in the clear Burtons Batman III what if... View all posts >


I think he counts KB as 1. DP counts as 1 Like Snow White I just saw couple minutes of the sequel few months back when was on TV but will try watch it properly soon (actually had it saved but then deleted it.. but it will be on TV again soon no doubt)..its abit weird the sequel completely flat out bombed despite having Thor/Theron return with added Blunt and the whole live action Frozen thing..(youd think it would've gone abit Dark Knight/Pirates as the first film was decent..obviously the studio was hoping for that) I guess maybe audiences were turned off by no Snow White? Or maybe felt they'd 'done' the Snow White fairy-tale no need to continue it when there could be a different one (also Alice in Wonderland 2) I just saw it (or 3/4 of it as still have to watch the finale) had it saved in my record stuff for a long while and finally got around to check it out (previous had caught the odd scene couple minutes on TV)..and yes was surprised it was pretty decent and the call backs to other movies were obvious but fun (started off with it playing in the background as I surfed the net but gradually started to watch it property so that must mean its a pretty good movie right?). It made 400m ww which is good but kind of surprised it didn't do better at the box office as it was fun/derivative of LOTR and had impressive cast (plus Thor/Twilight girl for younger audience).. and Alice in WL had cracked 1b just 2 years before (although that was probably in part due to 3D and Depp's huge popularity at the time) that woudve worked nicely. and a R1 sequel could've made another billion as everyone really dug R1 Ok that makes sense too. Damn each way has convincing arguments! Another thing you gotta ask if why..if he was innocent..why the hell would he pay off the first kid to the tune of 20 MILLION DOLLARS! (which would be like 35m today).. I mean why would he ever do that?! In the doc one of the mothers says she asked him why he did it and he told her it was cheaper to do that than go to trial.. and that satisfied her it was just about the money .. but if he was innocent surely hed be outraged and be like 'after everything I did for you?! i gonna sue your ass off the f**kin planet you little mofo! I don't care how much it costs as otherwise everyone gonna be thinking I did do it!!' he wouldn't pay him off like that would he? anyway it would open the floodgates to allow any kid hed spent time with to want to be paid off.. and that's what happened 10years later (unless payoffs were actually happening on the quiet? Million here million there) If he was innocent can u imagine how MJ must've felt?! those kids and their parents lying about him in the most damaging way imaginable. he must've been absofukinglutly furious! like looney tunes furious . Of course if he was guilty.. well he must've been absolutely s***ing himself at being caught/found guilty! Hi there, wow I had no knowledge of what happened to the son from Runaway nor that it was him in Flight of Navigator As for any son in the sequel I described there (son of the detective like Ramsey in original).. maybe the Room/Predator kid ? I read an interview with her regarding Star Trek II and she said her favourite memory of making the movie was all the freshly baked donuts they were available on set. Yum and of course hes in MCU which is just absolutely huge. and hes working with Burton again and now studios are frequently doing the long belated ''legacy' sequels (TFA, Creed, Top Gun 2 etc) and even ignoring bad sequels/reboots that came before (Halloween'18, Terminator 6, Ghostbusters 3, Robocop 4) and WBros are now seemingly doing sideline unconnected DC 'one shots' (Joker) plus as the article states 'Logan' was hugely successful in showing an older version of the character (which was also less connected to the established series via plot, setting, tone, rating) and this could be a sort of Batmans version of Logan.. incorporating Batman Beyond and The Dark Knight Returns (some of which TDKRises and BvS have already incorporated) the way Logan did with the Old Man Logan comic so where just a few years ago a Batman 'III' seemed impossible/unthinkable, now it could be entirely possible (esp with Keaton an Burton reuniting for Dumbo) View all replies >