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does Eddie Jillette... Tom Holland tweets... Fight Club 2 Singer nominated for best director oscar? will it even make it to.. Keaton teases Batman return? why didnt they set it present day ? insane level of future SF/Fantasy stars Joan Collins v Santa: Dawn of Christmas View all posts >


its beaten TDK - will no doubt get past TDKR in next few days done [quote]Domestic: $287,861,781 28.7% + Foreign: $713,400,000 71.3% = Worldwide: $1,001,261,781[/quote] Imagine B&R cast in place of TDKR cast directed by Nolan - Arnie as Bane, Uma Thurman as catwoman, ChrisODonnell instead of Matthew Modine , Alice Silverstone as Miranda , and Clooney in a cameo as the CIA agent at the start lol pic from alternate TFA [url][/url] yeh but that's the excuse for any movie that underperforms 'why is everyone so obsessed with box office?!' the fact is alot of fandom is obsessed with box office as its a way of measuring stuff against other stuff whats popular and what isn't. and anyway it determines what is going to continue. stuff does poor that's usually it for any sequels (or creates a big question mark for any) no matter how good it is. stuff does great and it gets sequels no matter how bad Box office is the reason why there probably wont be a Blade Runner 3. or why theres a big question mark over the next Alien and Star Trek movies. or why the SW spin offs have been shut down after Solo massively underperformed, or why theres umpteen F&F movies and whys theres going to be about 5 Avatar sequels.. its why certain series have to change direction (Batman Begins instead of a 3rd Schumaker movie...or BatmanForever instead of a 3rd Burton movie......or BvS instead of a MoS2) if MPoppins Returns was doing huge numbers and closing in on 1b (probably like Disney was expecting) then MP3 would be greenlit for 2020 I think they will as despite the poor box office (prob end up with 400m ww) its been well received critically and shud do well on dvd/blu (so similar scenario to Batman Begins...and look what happened to the next one..) also its one of Paramounts core franchises along with Star Trek and MI (so they wont want to just ditch it despite the drop in BO) the sequel will have to put 'Transformers' back in the title though. and probably best if set present day (few years after TLK) and include some mass destruction as that's one of the core elements of the series that audiences seemed to go for (and was apparently missing in this one?) but obviously no Bay directing (so probably best if its the same guy as this one). I guess they could bring back Wahlberg but also bring back Shia and Megan Fox (as maybe that would create abit of added buzz that they were back and with Walberg in a kind of Avengers type way) C'mon, this was expected to do Frozen money Or maybe that too close to the Zahn sequel novels? now at 750m. and with the awards season should comfortably make it to 800m View all replies >