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if Huffman got 2 weeks for admitting it.. i just bought it dirt cheap new posters remake is coming Agent Carter joins MI7 Empire give it... guess his prison sentence Charlizes new look box office? if he does a jeffery.. View all posts >


True, and its over 20 anyone seen it on the big screen.. today? Maybe her good looks will save her from a lengthy stay Will it be a sequel or a reboot/reimagination. I'm guesing they could easily go with a sequel. just have the Event Horizon and the Lewis&Clark gone missing (not just the EH) That's true they were the 2 it was originally for. From trivia [quote]Originally Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were in mind to play the lead roles. When John Woo was brought in to direct, he decided that John Travolta and Nicolas Cage would be more suited to the roles.[/quote] However Escape Plan was pretty much their Face/Off as the entire film was kind of a remake of the F/O prison segment Also I guess the 20year age and the diminishing careers of the 2 guys (Travolta and Cage both in STDVD land although Cage is doing some really interesting stuff like Mandy) and Woo retiring from Hollywood has sort of made F/O consigned to history and has left the door open for a remake (otherwise if Cage and Travolta and maybe Woo were still big in Hollywood the studio would probably go with a sequel) I understand your concerns . Like you F/O was/is one of my absolute favourites in the (pure) action genre imo ranking up there with the likes of Die Hard, Lethal Weapon 2 etc saw it back in 97 and was genuinely wow'd and then bought everything could find (CD, a genuine quad poster international style, the novel..even bought a press kit with a ton of glossy B&W photos from the new site id just discovered 'eBay' in 98 or thereabout). I even made sure I got the free F/O shot glass when I purchased the VHS. I was pretty obsessed with it lol. I have to disagree with you on Travolta though. Back then in mid 90s he was legitimately the biggest movie actor in the world earning 20m a film (he was actually the highest paid actor of that era)due to the Pulp Fiction comeback which completely rejuvenated his leading man career to the point he was as big a deal as he was in the late 70s again. (plus there was the nostalgia of SNF and Grease being 20years old. Grease was even rereleased in cinemas in 98 and think it made decent box office) so was a big deal at the time of F/O and even though his post Pulp movies weren't too good (Michael, Phenomenon, Broken Arrow) they still made money. but F/O was like another Pulp for him (of course it didn't last - and Battlefield Earth heralded the decline again) And Cage was pretty big then too coming off his Oscar in 94/5 and The Rock, Con Air which were both big hits especially The Rock - with F/O being seen as the capper to his 'action trilogy'. And yes Woo was very 'hot' at the time and would go on to MI2 - so F/O was being seen as a great film not just another schlock action film but the 2 actors and director really elevated it - it was getting 5 star reviews in the likes of Empire magazine and was being hailed as the greatest action movie of all time (at least until the following year when The Matrix came out). Regarding the remake your concerns are totally on target as since the original (it seems weird to call it 'the original' as the thought of remaking it seems ridiculous but will have to get used to it) was a great movie and a big deal with Travolta/Cage/Woo and is still greatly respected/admired. So are any A list stars and directors going to want to try and remake it? so its possible it could be one of those low quality remakes.. maybe even falling under Paul WS Anderson! well if you take into account the locations. 1 =US 2 =Nam 3 ='stan 4 =Burma 5 =US so it kind of makes sense to do this final one and set it in US probably make the same as Rambo IV (unless its being shown in china in which case it could have a big increase over IV) I think Endgame is cheaper than most as theres just so many of them and everyone has already got it or something? idk . you want something like the new Hellboy dvd or Dragged Across Concrete and its not so cheap maybe 6 or 7 pound at the cheapest but EG is going for like 3-5 pound its weird. when I got mine for 4 I figured it might be a fake or a scam but no it arrived and its legit brand new lol View all replies >