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look black widow is the coolest most powerful badass avenger of all time and thats it ok the animated show gets a poster ok maybe that wont happen now David Tennant wouldve been over the moon and most likely gone on to a nice hollywood movie career (see Karen Gillain) Goyer talks about this in a recent interview: <blockquote>-Zack Snyder recently claimed that it wasn’t off the table to set Man of Steel in the Nolan-verse, which is tough to imagine. Was that ever discussed? Not amongst us when I was doing Man of Steel, or among Nolan and myself. Chris always wanted to keep the Dark Knight films as a separate entity and [the studio] kept wanting, understandably, to pull him into a whole DC expanded universe. Chris obviously was a producer on Man of Steel, and it’s tempting to think they were linked, but they really weren’t. I mean, I’m sure one could retroactively do it.</blockquote> they not high. they woke i know im just being silly what if Moore was in LTK in 1989 (no Dalton.. Moore just carried on after AVTAK).. a 61y old Bond going mano e mano with Montalban's Sanchez wouldve been incredible.. obviously the CIA women wouldve needed to be slightly more age appropriate..(late 30s/early 40s) and it wouldve meant Moore wouldve been in TLD (which he probably almost was - certainly the script seemed to have been adapted from when Moore wouldve been in mind) Disneys Dune? i actually agree with you to a certain extent - BB was great i thought that upon seeing it late one night summer 2005 and still consider it the best of TDK trilogy - was like a melding of the gothic/Burton with the realistic take of Nolans previous work (Memento/Insomnia). TDK in 2008 i was perplexed as everyone was raving about it and praising it to the hilt as a modern masterpiece (no doubt mostly due to Ledgers untimely end) but i was like 'is that it?' all the gothic stuff of BB was gone and it was basically 'Heat' with batman and joker (with some big plot conveniences). and TDKR took the stuff i didnt care for in TDK and went up to 11 (and MoS/BvS wernt too far away from TDK/TDKR) View all replies >