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top 3 roles only 2 members left (same as Avengers) set present day facing a prison sentence? Biehn is back as Reese will The Flash be recast in light of Millers bizarreness? look on my works ye mighty..and despair.. moves to 29 July 2022 so.. PStew came back as Picard.. and no one liked it.. now a Christmas movie View all posts >


Its ok everyone..No 'rona for giamatii! lol cyborg was 1st to go She fit. So she get away wid it agreed, WBros may have been thinking about rebooting The Flash anyway like The Batman. regarding the other JL member - Momoa is fortunate James Wan wanted to do Aquaman otherwise hed have been probably looking at being recast/rebooted. Gadot was well received in BvS and of course went stratospheric with the WW movie. and I guess Cavill must be now feeling much like Routh did back in 2009/10 WBros probably wouldn't mind replacing him now as he's not exactly a huge name (and has always been abit weird) and they want to get away from the Synderverse/DCU when they can. plus its not like he's been firmly established as the flash yet as he's just done the JL movie (unlike the way Gadot/Momoa are established despite the JL fiasco) in fact the TV Flash is more prominent as The Flash. and the Snyder Batfleck is done (maybe Cavill as Superman too) so maybe WB have similar plans for the big screen Flash..(after this incident anyway) I meant any future loss relating to areas that may have had future loss if not on finastride (e.g. the top, the frontal 'island') as the back (where the hair would be taken from) wouldn't ever fall out maybe.. Just once. I couldn't even imagine going to see a movie, any movie, more than once at the cinema now. As a kid I would go see a movie I liked 2 or 3 times no problem but now as an adult no way more than once even if it blew my mind. (Actually I think the last film I saw more than once at cinema was probably Star Trek in 2009 but that was because I had to see it again with friends a week after I saw it opening day, but didn't mind as I am a huge trekkie and the movie was such a huge deal at the time, it was just unbelievable that star trek was getting the same 150m summer blockbuster treatment as Transformers or Xmen, and after the TNG movies had ended up bombing and Trek was just dead, plus it was a return to the original Star Trek era with the original characters sort of a rebooted but with Leonard Nimoy. it was just mind even now I still can't quite believe they actually made it..,so that was an exception..) With this after the once at the cinema I bought the DVD for Xmas but haven't watched it yet just can't bring myself to do it.. just not in the mood for it at all. (similar with Blade Runner 2049 - saw it once at cinema thought it was awesome and got the bluray shortly after, but still haven't watched it nearly 3y later).. maybe its the length of both movies? or maybe not wanting to tarnish the memory of having seen them on the big screen ? They probably haven't contained it. They've just ordered everyone back to work View all replies >