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Replies <blockquote>Here’s an idea. Warner Bros. could look into a 4th option for THE FLASH and consider renaming the film: Batman: Into the Speedforce</blockquote> It is a good one, idk if its legit or not. looks it (is on imdb) They are for some of it (maybe) damn it. after the excitment and thrill of MK coming back to batman , Batgirl gets totally canned and now theres talk of the same happening to The Flash! (and theres rumours Affleck might take back over from Keaton as the DCEU Batman!) crazy times ideally they shouldnt have brought him back for anything less than a 3rd Burton Batman movie - seperate from all the DCEU/multiverse stuff like TDK trilogy and The Batman (probably wouldve made over 1b Top Gun nostalgia box office) i think The Flash was supposed to come out before Batgirl and in that Keaton Batman must get transferred into the DCEU universe? but idk that sounds pretty weird. its impossible to work out without seeing The Flash covid-19 <blockquote>Hamada was brought on in 2018 to chart a new course for DC after the implosion of the Snyder-verse with plans that were said to have included a “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event. Whilst talk of “Secret Six” were rumors only, films based on “Supergirl,” “Green Lantern Corps” and “Static Shock,” along with the J.J. Abrams-produced Black Superman film, were actually planned, but none have attached directors and so will likely be gone with Hamada.</blockquote> View all replies >