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'do you know she does voice overs?' 70m opening wkend? CANCELLED? Mad Max Fury Road beats Force Awakens on Greatest Films of the Century list Fury Road hailed 'Greatest Film of The Century' Forbes: "As TROS Tops 1 Billion Can Star Wars Recover ?" How It Should Have Ended Tarantino doing BOUNTY LAW tv series??! 50m opening? Hollywood loves Harvey View all posts >


interesting analysis regarding the 'deconstruction' of the franchise (Rians post modern deconstruction/JJs 2 celebrations of SW - Meyers deconstruction of Trek/Nimoys 2 celebratory movies) however maybe Generations is real Last Jedi of Trek movies - considering both main characters in hiding are approached by the new lead of the next generation who is in dire need who initially get rebuffed by them, but then they come through for the finale and make the ultimate sacrifice (in a bizarre death scene) Routh Superman series rumoured.. But how should she do it? lightsaber to side of head/Press 'on'? Blaster in the mouth? I don't think anyone cares. Not even the kiddies They doing it so rerelease T2 (as they did) but with the opening DF scene in post end credits. no tell anyone just let someone find out then it goes viral and everyone is like WOAH! and T2/DF goes viral people are mega pumped to see DF and it goes 75m opening wkend? lol that's the most brutal review seen so far . the Forbes guy always exaggerates and fake news stuff so why shouldn't I lol View all replies >