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SPLITS 'STAR WARS' ROYALTIES IN DIVORCE EXTRADITION TO L.A. TO AWAIT TRIAL DELAYED ... (Over COVID Concerns) adopted a cat called Dennis Quaid Harry & Meghan comic book! beautiful obituary just think,, Forbes: Why ‘Tron 3’ Would Be A Box Office Disaster In The Making had harry been about in the 90s... The Emperor returning after being 100% dead.. be like.. REMAKE View all posts >


... still banging on his cell door, Harvey roars in that familiar Queens accent: 'LEMME OUTTA HERE! DONT YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!' .. Only silence responds .. he starts pounding the door with his fists. He starts screaming "WHY! WHY! WHY! WHY!.. " repeated over and over like a mantra Finally Harvey slumps to the cell floor exhausted, his fists all bloodied .. he starts weep.. the weeping gets louder turning in to full on bawling Outside the cell door the prison guard continues to read his copy of todays newspaper..he searches the TV listing for what to watch tonight.. his pen hovers over several choices , before finally circling 'Pulp Fiction'.. Agree with all them..except the 1st 2 lol Theres a few fan trailers for Titanic 2 on utube. a couple of them really well done and with millions of views .. so the studio is probably thinking 'yknow.. maybe he survived..' Specialist Vampires Twitter -I didn't mind Palpatines return in fact I thought it was pretty cool, and plausible with cloning and shit.. (and that he remained the villain for the whole saga) , but as you say it just wasn't really set up in the previous films.. and would have preferred seeing Luke encountering him again.. or even Solo (but then that would've required him not dying in VII which Ford wouldn't had stood for) He dreamed of her before he went to rekall Its pretty obvious just a glance in the mirror would've enabled the T800 to zoom in/enhance etc on the pilot or even determine the way the chopper is being flown would've indicated to the T800 it was another cyborg That was an awesome scene btw - 'chopper coming' in!'...'its hum' 3 4 6 5 1 2 Superman II compared to MoS is like The Wrath of Khan compared with Trek Into Darkness (coincidently both MoS and STID were out the same summer, both remakes of the classic 2nd movie and featuring the most effective villain) I read an interesting theory (can't remember where wish I could) whereby it was like if we found proof we are in a simulation wed have to be careful in case the simulation would shut down as it might be programmed to do so if we cracked its code.. or it might ascend to another 'level' of the 'game' or something which could be equally disastrous (not that it would be disastrous as its not reality..but then it would be our reality) also there was something about the study of light on the event horizon of a black hole somehow proves we are living in a simulation ? View all replies >