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think Paramount/Fox were expecting DF to be the 'Fast 5' of the franchise the poster is too similar to Genisys going to netflix like Irishman remake name another series with 4 duds in a row will they DARE reference GB2016 in GB3? Mike Reid, Vinnie Jones, Brad Pitt WTF? title - 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' what would YOU have done for T6? View all posts >


Ghostbusters SW MiB Terminator And now Charlies Angels GWGB bump actually it also has comparisons to Halloween H20 and Halloween 2018 (which was like a remake of H20) as in DF was like a remake of Genisys Its ironic that DF was considered/promoted as the new 'real T3' after TG tried to do the same (and T3 obviously attempted in 2003). Yet its going to end up doing almost half its box office! Its f'kin CRAZY! It actually erases T1/2 as well! it was basically similar to StarTrek 2009 but that established(more off screen than on) that the original timeline was left intact At the time TG was promoted as the 'real T3' (Cameron even said that in an interview) however now after Dark Fate becoming the new 'real T3' (Hamilton returning, Camerons official involvement, continuing on from T2 directly) TG sort of exists in its own alternate reality separate to the rest - an 'exile in the timeline' (like the 3 JJ Trek films), and T3/4 have been erased from the 'official' timeline of T1/2/DF Wait.. Think we're in for some present day Cage and CG deaged 90s Cage scenes 😊 ironically Dark Fate is now pulling in similar numbers to BR2049 (in fact its looking to do worse than BR2 domestically and overseas) I guess The Shining sequel and Terminator Dark Fate are suffering a similar 'missed window' syndrome as BR2049 (long belated sequel that came out too long for the mass audience to care) Ever since 91 that feeling of 'convenience' has bugged me. T1 is like the perfect cause&effect loop, but T2 its like oh wait there was another super magic liquid metal terminator (that seemed a generation or 2 beyond what skynet was capable of) and the resistance sent a T800 after it (and then T3 and DF we get even more) that fubar's the loop. Of course I guess if Cameron had been like 'hmm.. this doesn't really make sense' then there'd be no T2 (or there'd have been a future war 'Terminator II' charting the end of the war sending back terminator/Reese) View all replies >