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Edgar Wright says he plans to do a more faithful adaptation of the Stephen King novel Reminded me of Pandorum and specifically this imdb thread and what I wrote in it about it 9years ago! <blockquote> when it was revealed there were no stars i thought the ship had travelled beyond or to the edge the universe like Event Horizon or the Star Trek TNG episode - 'Where No One Has Gone Before' (or maybe theyd been out there so long the universe has ended and there was nothingness) ....for a minute or so it looked like it was going this way... then the alien fish swims past and we find out its underwater on Tannis - great twist of course but would an alternate ‘beyond the universe' end have worked? its not impossible that if ship had travelled for nearly a thousand years at warp speed it would end up in a black hole or whatever and has travelled beyond the universe, beyond the stars....the end of space itd have been very eerie if the glass had broken and nothing happens - no Vacuum, no getting sucked out - then they look outside and find just endless nothingness...almost like the end of the Truman Show and Interstellar, theyd hit the wall...</blockquote> I'm pretty sure RTD probably read that too. All in all a good episode Pandorum meets Event Horizon (including design of the ship) meets The Thing meets Terminator Genisys (the which on are you scene) meets BTTF2 (hoverboard Tardis) meets Alien Covenant (choosing the wrong one ending) Regarding a David cameo appearance I notice Fassbender was on a UK chatshow last week (Norton) with a very David/Walter haircut.. That's amazing, just like a scene from True Lies only with you instead of Arnold its similar to Marvels in that 1st movie did 1.1b but sequel could go either way - bomb with like 400m max (as DCEU is over, Amber, etc) or do similar to 1st (as theres not much else out this xmas, and its abit Avatar looking) Who looks like a younger Charlize and whose sort of famous in Hollywood right now? Anyone? Actually George Millers first instinct to simply cast Charlize again with some CGI deage wouldve probably worked, just deage her with the Indiana Jones deepfake/AI tech for some scenes and in a long hair wig etc, then once she's shaven head with the make up shed just look like she did in Fury Road and audiences wouldve just accept she was a younger version Audiences would've been quite pumped for Charlize back as Furiosa, ATJ not so much 😄 Looks like a video game . Perhaps Marvel has broken CGI with all their crazy demands on ILM etc so the whole FX industry has somehow regressed ? <blockquote> The 3rd one shouldve been a direct sequel to the 1st, it had been written by Roberto Orci (cowriter of Trek 2009 and Into Darkness). about the timeline under threat from a Soran type villain (to be played by Bryan Cranston) who wanted to erase the kelvin timeline and revert back to the prime timeline via some ancient time device (probably similar to the Dial of Destiny), William Shatner was to have returned as OG Kirk somehow (CGI deaged to 'Generations' age) to help Pine/Quinto's Kirk&Spock, also hottie Alice Eve was due to come back too . Unfortunate Paramount figured it was all abit too 'Star Trekkie' so fired Orci and hired Pegg/Lin to do the lame Trek meets Spaced meets GuardiansofGalaxy meets FastFurious movie (however they could still do Orci's script for the 4th movie)</blockquote> No, and its an article to read not just utube video, I can't be arsed cut pasting it , also I can't be arsed making a comment about it, but some might want to read a new article retrospect about HL2 like I did View all replies >