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"Jaws 1" Both were great..they were must see TV on Saturday nights. It was fantastic that after the shows ended we could see them on syndication almost every night in the late 70's early 80's. I'm lucky to have seen all the episodes. Bob gave us a billion laughs. Saturday nights in the 70's on CBS, WOW. Great question that I've never thought best guess is they wanted him to be an eligible bachelor but not a rogue..a loveable, handsome guy that every lady dreams of. I don't know if Disney is losing money but I do agree Pixar's once perfect record of quality animation is ruined. Think about this. Younger people are coming in and injecting their brainwashed political ideology into once impeccable family entertainment. This is going to get even more nasty as this decade continues. I'm not looking I believe she was in A Stranger is Calling. You're right, sentencing Ghislaine to 20 years serves a two fold purpose. First, it punishes her for the crimes she committed. Second, it sends a stark message to anyone thinking about committing such heinous crimes. There is no defense to what Emmett and many others did to a man with diminished capacity. NONE. Very well put! He's into himself so much, if he allowed anyone in his life it would take some of the attention away from HIM. DLR is all about DLR. great when he was 28, not so great when he was 38, 48, 58, 67. View all replies >