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I saw a little of it. I was working swings at an Air Force Communications Center in Panama. I thought he was going to kill himself. I remember saying outloud "Don't do it O.J.! I lived in Vegas from 2018-2022. I played a lot of tennis at Red Rock country club. O.J.'s house, where he ended up dying, was visable if we looked between two houses..he lived next to the Golf course. Oh yes, definitely and approx 95% of criminal homicides involve some form of stalking. In other words, it's practically a given. I know they were already divorced but I still call it a crime of passion. O.J. was literally stalking his ex wife, he obviously COULD NOT let go. There's no justification for murder but most people without a personal connection can see how and why their relationship escalated to murder. Plus, there's a lot of pre-meditation, the hat, gloves, the previous stalking and abuse. Yet you're right if you confess your sins and apologize profusely you have a much better chance to get a shorter sentence and eventually/ultimately come away from it a better person. O.J. did none of this. It was in a very dark area, OJ ambushed them without warning. He immediately knocked them both out and then picked up Ron with the knife, which was by itself a deadly act. Then he furiously stabbed him repeatedly. After killing Ron OJ then did almost the exact same thing to Nicole. There were claims that OJ was on steroids for years and had just quit cold turkey shortly before the murders. One juror remarked about the first time she saw him, saying how freakishly huge he was in real life. No, it was a crime of passion he just couldn't handle losing her. They both were cruel to each other. Jameela Jamil What's up with the koala bear on his chest? The monolith pushed the smartest ape, named "Moonwatcher", into being just a little smarter. Smart enough to start using tools to kill the pigs for food, and thus survive instead of dying out. The monolith goes around the universe helping life flourish. My vote would go to Gig Young. His alcholism knew no bounds. He got fired from Blazing Saddles the first week he was so blitzed..and that was a role he desperately needed after many years of burning bridges. But the #1 reason Gig Young gets my vote for being the worst alcholic in Hollywood History is he married a young German woman more than half his age. His FIFTH wife. And within 3 weeks he shot her in the head and then shot himself dead. Murder suicide. What a COMPLETE TRAINWRECK OF A HUMAN BEING! View all replies >