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Could be the most impossible human being ever The Cars were a huge part of my teenage years - Explanation Stairwell for the Insane location? Why couldn't they make more Star Wars movies like this one? Could anybody predict that in 2015 almost everybody would be obese? How big of a movie is this? What if you watched this back-to-back with The English Patient? Who's luckier to work with the other? Brad Pitt or Quentin? Death very similar to MTM Jaws facts that might surprise you View all posts >


Carter is just taking a ride on the money train. Not many great ideas after season 5. Honestly it would have been nice to explain more to the audience but still it's a great movie, especially for it's time. The movie doesn't explain it but the book says HAL was experiencing a programming error(even before the lip reading) becoming increasingly paranoid, so really it was human error. His first act was to falsely proclaim the AE-35 Unit was going to fail. After the first time Poole went out and retrieved the AE-35 they they tested it and found out it wasn't faulty. HAL had mentioned before that he was "incapable of error" so they were very worried..worried enough that they decided to get into the pod and turn off all communications to keep HAL from eavesdropping. However, HAL was able to read their lips and they said they had no choice but to deactivate him. This caused an already paranoid HAL to do anything to keep from being deactivated, which was to kill Poole(2nd trip) and keep Dr. Bowman from re-entering Discovery One. Clark and Darden were out-manned, outgunned, and outplayed. It wasn't their fault but they should have tried harder but also the trial was way too long, in essence a show trial. When O.J. was young he was a promising athlete but he was constantly getting in trouble. Famous football running back Jim Brown visited O.J. in order to straighten him out. He told O.J. that if he stayed out of trouble and became a famous running back he would be able to date white women. Sooo, O.J. played a nice guy and got what he wanted..when HE DIDN"T GET WHAT HE WANTED he reverted back to his true self. Columbine was a huge factor, those kids got addicted to bombs, guns..bought many guns on the Internet. Participated/Posted in hate groups on the Internet..Eric/Dylan learned how to build bombs on the Internet..They played violent video games(of course)..Eric was a psychopath, Dylan was his follower..Parents didn't bother to know what their kids were actually doing..Columbine was terrorism and I think it's largely responsible for spawning the terrorism(mass shootings) we see today. Would any of this happened without the Internet? I don't know for sure but it's seems an easy way for troubled people to find ways to feed their dark side. Wonder if this is temporary or what? I mentioned "inside the asteroid" mainly because it was part of the great story that Empire Strikes Back is. Ok, most of the Hoth scenes look like Norway, most of Inside the Asteroid looks like a dimly lit film set, most of The Swamp Planet Dagobah looks like a rain-forest, most of The FUCKING FLOATING CLOUD CITY Bespin looks like a film set of a futuristic office building. But, the quality of the putting all this together was outstanding. It was fun, silly, adventurous, futuristic, easy to follow, exciting and much more. I remember when I first saw ESB and they went to the Cloud City I thought to myself "this is ridiculous" but about 20 minutes later Luke has been spat out and BENEATH the Cloud City hanging for his life! It worked perfectly! Brad Pitt certainly is known world wide..I think QT is pretty well known around the world as well. View all replies >