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Better Title than Planes, Trains & Automobiles? Honestly, do you know anyone who lusts for an Avatar sequel? Do theaters offer discounts on bombs like this? What do you think of this reviewer? - Chris Stuckmann "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes but NOBODY posts that they like it! Is it still cheaper to film in Black & White in today's world? I lived in Tokyo for 2 years Dark Fark or Genisys? I saw The Lighthouse and then this.. This is what happens when you disrespect the franchise View all posts >


The pendulum swings. Well, a better solution would be for all citizens of the U.S. to rise up against the real enemy: Big Corporations(esp. Junk Food Poisoners, Big Pharma/Medical, Big Media). God I'm starting to sound like Dr. least he's right about everything lol. I'll laugh if they make 'Mindy and Mork' Plus I'll add they've had strong women in movies for 5/6/7 and more decades. And we've LOVED so many of those movies. I'll just throw out Alien(1979) for one, one of my all time faves. Whatever makes them the most money. I love many aspects about the Internet but it really has greatly helped turn hundreds of millions of people into 250lb.+ obese sloths. Didn't make people any smarter either..actually people are dumber now than ever before. Oh yeah, people definitely believe what their masters tell them. If the Big Corporations wants us to believe climate change is BS(which it really is lol) then we all would be climate change deniers. Women are making more money than ever before..sooo, Big Corporations just pull their puppet strings a little more and Voila! they create a far left agenda. Bravo, I agree. Actually I think we've always been slaves to Big corporations and indoctrinated as such. I also think this SJW/leftist movement is just Big Corporations ensuring they enslave women/minorities etc. since enslaved white men aren't making as much money as they used to. In short, Big Corporations own us and if you don't think so, think again. Thank you for saying this 10200. I wish I could rate one of these above/below the others but to be perfectly honest Indy Jones 4 KOTCS(2008)was the movie turning point for me. Nothing has been the same since that absolutely miserable experience. I've seen about 10-15 movies since then(Gravity, 300 pt. 2, Rush, JP 5, Heredity, Mission Impossible 4/5, Interstellar in Imax but walked out before it ended, Mad Max Fury Road, Predators, Prometheus) I think movies gear towards a much broader audience and thus seem watered down and boring. Also, stay off my lawn. View all replies >