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Rob Bottin's last TV interview - 2008 Better than Back to the Future? Better than Sopranos? Aside from his kids, who does Tony love? Ichabod Crane or.. Bill can still play his part right, as for Ted.. Better director than George Lucas? what was the meaning of the boat ride? I think The Critical Drinker really hated this show more than anyone Dood flew around the moon..ALONE! View all posts >


Why Jaws, Why? Genisys by far 1. Well, it was chaos inside the compound and the fact they didn't really know what to do when the enemy got inside their compound emphasizes how weak and desperate they've become. 2. Wez and his fellow marauders use shock and awe(and a good dose of nitro) to surprise and attack Max. Wex smashes Max's windshield with the exhaust pipe and the shattered glass blinds Max causing him to roll his interceptor and crash. 3. Pappagallo(and a few other settlers) won't completely leave Max and the feral kid twisting in the wind. They're attempting to provide protection. they do enough to keep Max going long enough for the rest of the settlers to escape with the guzzoline, ultimately sacrificing their lives. Even the Gyro Captain joins in to help out. When Max crashes the truck his hero friend Gyro Captain catches up to him. Max, Pappagallo, a few settlers, and Gyro Captain have successfully completed their mission. I read an interview or saw a mini-doc about the making of MM2 and they commented that they just decided to end the chase with a bang like they did in MM1. Note they do the same in MM3, which was horrible. Ok, it's hard to remember everything but Hadden understood his mortality, he someone lived in space, it might have been his own space other words similar to the movie but something other than Mir. He also had a small one man spaceship named "Gilgamesh". He launched it towards Jupiter and Saturn so he would get a great view before leaving the solar system. He would did but his ship would get nearly as cold as absolute zero, maybe billions of years in the future some intelligent life would discover his spaceship and bring him back to life. I first saw this movie way back in 1985 when I was in a dingy Air Force Barracks in the middle of nowhere, Missouri. I had a Kawasaki motorcycle so I thought this movie was really cool..But yeah in today's world I can easily see how this movie would be boring to anyone watching it for the first time. Mad Max was really something special 40 years ago. It lives now, only in my memory. I have a feeling Bottin worked really hard for 20 years and he probably didn't want to ruin his health. He was known to be pretty intense about his work, he did admit he worked so hard on The Thing(1982) he required hospitalization. By the time 2002 rolled around he might have had problems with his eyes, plus being around all those paints and other chemicals I imagine his insides were giving him trouble as well. I'm a little surprised he didn't startup his own SFX/Makeup production company but I guess he's not that type of guy. I can't think of a great western since this one, some good ones like 3:10 to Yuma but man, it's impossible to beat Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman. what was great about the book was that S.R. Hadden didn't have cancer and he did something at the very end of the book that really made it a great ending. Too bad they didn't do this in the movie, it would have been so much better. Y, Hitler was fighting another war in which a large portion of the world did not know about. Hitler had surrounded himself with other Nazi's who were under strict orders to murder millions of innocent Jews, Slavs, and mentally ill/handicapped people. Hitler had these guys do all the dirty work while carefully keeping himself from direct proof the orders were coming from him. Note these evil followers(Himmler, Goerring, Goebbels, Heydrich, Borman) didn't know what to do with themselves without Hitler, most of them immediately killed themselves after Hitler shot his stupid brains, if you go back in time and cut off Hitler's head the rest of his murderous henchmen would immediately collapse as well. View all replies >