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Man, the whole Royal family thing in the U.K. is so outdated Harry and Meghan never gave their baby a Royal Title I ALWAYS get this mixed up with End of Days Dood is piling up the bodies of his accusers "She's a whale!" Worst movie poster of all time? Bill Murray fought with the directors for Scrooged and Groundhog Day Man, the de-aging reminds me of how bad The Hobbit looked Harvey Weinstein. I'd like for you to meet your new cellmate.. This is how me and my friends watched this at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey in 1987 View all posts >


T2 was great summer entertainment. Although not as great as T1 it was James Cameron returning to the top of his game. I remember The Abyss coming out just two years earlier and that was pretty boring. I also thought the Gun's N' Roses tie-in song/music video made T2 even more enjoyable. blunt force trauma. Dood talked earlier about not contributing to society..his big epiphany was to become a powerful politician so he could change the world for the better. Born in the U.S.A. My Hometown Glory Days Bruce's 'Born in the U.S.A.' album is simply his best. It also was either my first or second CD that I bought. I bought Prince's 'Purple Rain' around the same time. God that's so great a job for a son of the Boss..Bruce has obviously succeeded(as we all know he would) as a father. Ashley Simpson and the Fear performance immediately comes to mind because after their SNL appearance their career's were finished. I tried to watch this recently and it certainly has that 80's cheese factor throughout the whole movie. To say Jack Nicholson carried this movie is a vast understatement. I would say Keaton and Basinger phoned it in but that would be doing a disservice to late 80's phone technology. Not all movies pass the test of time..I do remember when Batman came out and became a huge summer hit, and this was against several other huge summer releases like Indy 4, Star Trek 5, Abyss, Dead Poet Society, Ghostbusters 2, Lethal Weapon 2. We have to admit Batman did a great job beating out almost all these supposed titans. I don't think so, the word would get out. He's been associated with attractive women and now he's married with a child. He's simply one of those high IQ artistic guys who belong in Hollywood. He's very, very passionate about his work. These are my top 3 as well. My favorite is RD. Harry certainly has been aware of it for decades. View all replies >