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Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs? Which is worse? Quantum of Solace or Spectre? Which is worse? Spectre or Quantum of Solace? Maybe this is what was wrong with Michael Jackson Lethal Ladies revisited Q: Do you know why everybody was shocked when Elvis died? Today's media can't even figure out Jan-Michael Vincent's age Love him or Hate him how has he affected your daily life? The police never found anything suspicious in Michael Jackson's house John Candy's death led to John Hughes leaving Hollywood View all posts >


Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick! Don't be offended..both guys have very good features and seem to keep physically fit. However, I find that women who say things like this are very immature and impulsive with a narcissistic personality. I am leaving the U.S.A. early next year and will probably just visit the U.S. occasionally from then on. It's not because of Trump or Hillary it's more that I don't like the rude, selfish culture the U.S. has become. obesity is also at epidemic levels. I have lived overseas before and I miss it enough to go back. I think Vincent is trying to keep calm before whacking Brad, so he keeps Jules talking by any means necessary. Yes, some people seem to pay more that's for sure. No Chevy? The only true suspect was John Carpenter but Bob's first son(Robert David Crane) says he equally suspects Bob's 2nd wife Sigrid Valdis, because she unexpectedly showed up at Bob's apartment 10 days before the murder..possibly casing the joint lol? But really John Carpenter is almost certainly the killer; the missing tripod, the blood stain on the curtain, the brain matter in the rental car, him telling the rental car people to thoroughly wash the car, his suspicious behavior shortly after the murder, his Richard Dawson connection..him not going to the all adds up to John Carpenter. And Wow, I can see how this was a prosecuting attorney's worst nightmare..a lot of circumstantial evidence pointing to John Carpenter but all he and his defense attorney have to do is throw up their arms and say "Every man in Arizona/California is a suspect!" I have to admit you make some great points. One thing I have to remind myself is when it comes to celebrities I must remember they don't play by our rules, they make their own rules and many times their "Hollyweird" existence just confuses everyone, including doctors, psychologists, historians, etc. MJ is one of these cases, he's almost impossible to characterize and almost any attempt makes sense and at the same time makes no sense. MJ's behavior simply went along with the atypical Hollyweird playbook: "these are our rules, we do what we want, and almost everybody will go along with us". Have you read the book "83 Minutes: The Doctor, The Damage and the Shocking Death of Michael Jackson"? The two authors did a great job and the book is at the least, very enlightening. He was like a little boy who are usually going to hang out with other little boys. It was interesting when MJ's longtime nanny defended him, saying she never saw a hint of anything sexual towards the little boys she did mention "oh, he might be outside in a water balloon fight"..I'm thinking "lady, how can you not see he's impossibly immature?" View all replies >