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Never too early to reword movie title: funniest part of the trailer HBO will first air "The Cold Blue" next month on D-Day So, Alec Baldwin goes on SNL all the time but... Will we get Tarantino's signature trunk shot? For me this was when I realized Hollywood was out of ideas Can you think of another name besides "Star Wars"? I tuned to this for a few minutes last night.. He seemed very different his last few years Bill & Ted's Opus lol View all posts >


It was pretty much well known that Arnie was the good guy..It was a suspenseful scene where everybody knew what was going on except John, which made it all work. Looking back, they were all bad movies except 1..and that was saved because the shark didn't work and thus Spielberg and the main actors were forced to improvise. Of which, they did a fantastic job. He got the rights back so he is really is doing this for the money, even though by now he probably doesn't need any. It's all just a waste of time, the trailer looks the same ole same ole'. They're still friends, they just lead different lives. Howard Stern is a crap interviewer that always tries to stir up the pot. They're in the Wikipedia article: Look for Lelechenko, Aleksandr Grigoryevich and Lopatyuk, Viktor Ivanovich. There were two electricians that waded through radioactive water to try and switch off the electrolyzers and tried to supply voltage to the feedwater pumps. Comrade Grigoryevich died May 7, 1986 and Comrade Ivanovich died May 17, 1986. I was out of the U.S. for 20 years and it's shocking to see what's happens. However, I don't know if anyone will agree with me but I see about 90% Beta Males throughout the population. I guess they've been beat down and are no longer "real" men. This is a disaster for any society. I think this is a great post, getting to the heart of why Bond has been such a successful series. What's weird to me is that Goldeneye and Casino Royale are great but what else is great since 1995? Still, they know how to make money, even if it's Skyfall or Die Another Day and I think what it comes down to is when people get off work on a Friday night they're bored and they know if they see a Bond movie it will almost certainly cure that boredom. The production quality is nearly always top notch. It really is a snooze fest. I tried but probably watched only 10-15 minutes. Ryan Gosling=UGH. Unfortunately there's no X-rated version which is too bad, it would have been an all time best seller. View all replies >