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Killed because of Twitter? Was he a Great Governor? Most of his movies bombed Obese America: Listen to this guy! Sequel: Fat, A Documentary 2 has just been released Very important obese countries like the U.S./U.K./NZ/Australia see this! Does she seem like royalty to you? Mixing pills and booze "Best of the Bad" View all posts >


"Aye Aye, Captain..Rrrraarrrgghhhh!" Yes, I think you're right I remember going to see either End of Days or The 6th Day and not getting excited at all, I didn't really follow the plot and just waited until it was over. I did like The 6th Day but sometimes I still get it confused with End of Days! You're so right, thanks for the encouragement! I really don't blame him, these are far different times than when Spielberg and Scorsese etc. were at their peak. Today the business model is COMPLETELY different and TEN TIMES harder for a director to bust out a hit unless you make a dumbed down cartoon/super hero movie. I think Tarantino even had to cancel one of his movies because his script was stolen and released on the Internet..only to revise the script and agonizingly push forward..turned out to be his worst movie. The way I look at it Tarantino had his day in the sun, he entertained millions and instead of constantly struggling to make another hit movie(he's been repeating himself lately) he's got a chance to settle down with his new wife and baby and have a normal life. Some of the pictures of him these last few years have been extremely unflattering, he looked to have gained 60 lbs. I think he's lost some so hopefully he'll stay healthy and happy and not die too young. I read Tom Green's book and he revealed that at his wedding Drew Barrymore's best friend Courtney Love(I'm speechless) revealed their marriage was really all about Drew boosting her career by latching on to a youth oriented star. Tom admitted he was completely taken aback by Courtney saying this, he wrote "she clearly knew something I did not". Their marriage lasted less than 6 months. It's a shame that Chevy went off the rails(haha) in so many ways. I remember reading that "Live From New York, it's Saturday Night" book where one SNL staffer remarks "once someone becomes a star, if they don't get their head straight within a year or two they NEVER will". Believe it or not, even now whenever Chevy sees Lorne he begs him to let him guest host again. Can you believe how un-self-aware Chevy is? I'm glad both Milton Berle and Louise Lasser are on this list, they were absolute train-wrecks when they appeared on SNL back in the late 70's. Also I find it interesting that at least half of these horrible hosts went on to sabatage/ruin their careers in a very negative way i.e. Steven Seagal, Trump, Andrew Dice Clay, Tom Green, Lindsey Lowhands etc. I doubt before Nov, 2021 and very possibly looking at 2022 as they probably don't want to compete with Top Gun 2's Nov/Dec release date. Yeah he tried that game show..I guess he was trying to be a Merv Griffin type mogul..however, I don't think that show is on anymore so I wouldn't doubt if he tries to get back into the talk show game again. View all replies >