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Damn Son Flaming Teddy Bear E08 (spoiler) S02E03 Yawn Yawn Why did Misty disable the flight recorder? Welcome to Boring Town This was a pretty cool series for a couple seasons Walter Matthau Yelling Yelling Yelling What an Asshole Smile View all posts >


It's good to be free Very Nice! It would be cool if they did a new score. I can watch this movie 3 or 4 times a year. One of my favorites. Lack of Adventure. Replaced with politics / power struggle. I still like it OK, but it's no 'The Mandalorian'. Watched the rest of the episode. They didn't explain what they're doing very well. But it appears the hole from above is just to get the heavy chains into the cave. Agreed, the way he explained it I don't even understand what the chain from above is supposed to do? What's it for if they're planning on dragging it out? Anyway it's very cool and a bit of a surprise that those logs dated back to the early 1500s Even though they kind of ham up the production a bit, I'm very interested in that box now. The first two episodes were good. But then it seems they start trying to emulate GoT and it goes badly imo. Season 3 sucks hard. I enjoyed the first couple seasons. But this is just garbage now, unfortunately. I liked the first couple episodes. But the cat is super annoying I turned off episode 3 after a few minutes of that yeowling. Might give it another shot, but I just couldn't deal with it at the time. That's what they would have you think... lol I don't know what they are exactly, but they are definitely not "progressives". The Sea Wolf (uncut) was his best imo. But everything he did was worthy. View all replies >