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I don't have the patience Aww.... here we go again Senseless Nonsense Childish nonsense List of Bad/annoying thing about this movie This gender swap thing Never really liked this page My head hurts I haven't seen it Covid-19 taught us View all posts >


She hustling... That's how they get you... You'll keep watching more episodes and many seasons because "it might get better", "it always starts slow" they say... Before you know it you are loosely hooked on subplots because you need to justify the time you spent on senseless Nonsense Substance is great when it complements the plot/story the problem here is that we have to watch the whole season to see if it pays off or was just waste of time (carrot🥕)... In the context of the 2 epidodes What you call Substance basically feels like nostalgia baiting and senseless comedy... It is the same kind of "Substance" that ruined Wonder Woman 1984 Exactly... Well said.! Ok No men ever (free hand) crawled under the exterior an under attack fighter plane, fell off and got blown in side by an exploding enemy plane, "Fiction" doesn't mean senseless The failures of this abomination of a movie have nothing to do with Marvel or Nolan.. many people who hated this movie loved the first one.. so it's simply a terrible movie with no redeeming qualities Agreed..... Maxwell was a lame senseless antagonist.. Wigg sucked.. The cheetah CGI was really terrible.. The "flying" was really confusing.. I've almost forgotten all about it... It basically means that there are no "political statements" being shoved down your throat View all replies >