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Much better than I've seen in a while Angelina Jolie sounds like Nicki Minaj Overrated A misfire Never ending story The unnecessary secrets I loved her in movies The Most underrated movie What can we actually do about global warming Not great View all posts >


I think Tony's tech is advanced enough to detect a breach (a giant Hole through the roof) and a giant spaceship floating outside their HQ and most probably in coming missiles typing error Winchesters puting up a fight against archangels and Winchesters struggling against mere vampires is really annoying... The "correct" term can kiss my "you know what" True that... Sorry about that... Right... Thanks for the lesson 👌 🤦 The only problem I had was the recasting of "Rachel" Batman's voice is supposed to be different from Bruce Wayne, I don't know how you wanted him to sound... to each his own I guess... but is it possible that your beef is really with Christian Bale? View all replies >