Time travel ruined it

So.. they can now time travel whenever they want to..? Cap even goes back to his old girlfriend and lives out his life with her (while having mjolnir and his shield and ignoring all the events in every avenger movie..)

Can they not go back in time, have sex with Thanos his mom and become his daddy?

Since it does not seem to matter if you meet/touch or even fight yourself in the past, can't they just send Thor or Marvel back 500 times for the final battle?
(basicly you send thor back, let him fight for 15 minutes then he goes to the future and goes back again when the final battle starts, rince and repeat 500 times, now you got 500 Thors..)

Is there any reason for Iron man to die? They can do whatever the hell they want, so how easy is it to save him.. how easy would it be to just kill Thanos at any time, when he was a teenager, when he was a small child..there is no reason why they can't kill Thanos and collect the infinity stones.

Sry but Endgame made 0 sense, its very hard to do a time travel movie, they should not have tried this. Would be a better movie imo if the infinity stones are impossible to destroy and work like Dragon Balls.


The Avengers should use the stones to open "The Infinity Park", the MCU's version of Disneyworld where you can fight Thanos and do other super hero stuff.


you think Time travel ruined movie? the time travel plot was the best part of the movie.

also they had to Time travel to get the infinity stones and save there friends and undo Thanos's snap.


The only movie that has come even close to having time travel in it be a positive for the plot was Primer and you can count on fingers the number of people that understood the mechanics in that one.


Nah, the time travel doesn't make it bad, I think it actually makes the movie fresh. It was Captain America's ending that ruins it, specifically how it goes against all the time-traveling logic explained in the movie.


The time-traveling thing makes no sense at all.

You could use it to solve the Thanos issue from a hundred better ways.

You could use it to solve every problem in History. But obviously, nobody cares, and that's quite funny.

Captain America's ending means that it's not a multiverse. Tilda Swinton was wrong. There is only one timeline.

It also means that we have a problem. There should be 2 Captains America at the end. 1 young and 1 old.

You need Captain America to be frozen in the ocean and fighting the Shield/Hydra/Winter soldier conspiracy at the right time.

In fact the smartest thing to do for Captain America would be to go to the past and bring his girlfriend with him in the present.

Banner also knows how to make people come back younger from time-traveling. It means you could live forever just by using the machine. But nobody seems to care about that either...

Writers decided to get Iron Man and Black Widow and Captain America out of the game whether it makes sense or not. End of story.


The young Cap went back in time and stayed in the past (which creates a whole new string of endless possibilities of how much overpowered stuff they couldve done with time travel), but up untill the point he went back in time for the last time, (:p) yes, two Captain Americas existed.

The senior Captain America was in fact alive for all the avengers movies, and he had Mjolnir, but he was relaxing with his gf.

Man I dont even want to think about this movie anymore, Infinity War was the final avenger movie for me. Im just going to pretend endgame never existed. Most sad part is that it has a 8.7 on imdb.


Perhaps for you and a few hundred people. Yep.

And time travel aside, there’s a lot more to this film other than explosions. (Yeah, cuz explosions are really the main reason this franchise got where it is today — that Transformers guy would be so proud, eek). *ultra eye roll*


Well just my opinion but no.
I rewatched infinity war after endgame and it was sooo much better. Characters actually get a storyline like Thor his brother gets slain before his eyes then he goes and forges a mythical weapon to slay Thanos with. Thanos himself with his motivation why he wants to kill 50% of all life in the universe etc etc.. even the camera work and special effects seemed better.
What did endgame have? A decent final battle, some good action scenes and thats about it. It was okay, but just expected more after the previous movie then this.


Time travel is always like that

No way to depict it well on screen because it is a stupid concept to begin with

And why Endgame was so good was because time travel was a very small part of the whole premise. It was simply a plot-device and nothing else, to deliver an epic adventure movie. Glad they did not go into technicalities to cover the various little plot holes that might come up because of time travel and instead focused on the human drama


No, its possible to do time travel and do it well. See : Primer , or others that I cant remember right now

Most movies fail at it though, its just hard for me to watch a movie that makes no sense, might be just my own problem :p


Thats because there are no others. Primer is the only one where time travel helped the plot and lets face it you need a science degree to understand time travel in that one.


Ah if you liked primer you might also like Timecrimes (Los cronocrimenes)



Hmm, it seems i have enjoyed that movie in the past but i cannot remmeber what it is about anymore.


I thought the same thing too. Was really disappointed they used the concept. I know with DC it's always been a big thing because of Flash but I figured with Marvel there wasn't any of that.

Infinity War was so good and then End Game really left me feeling hollow about the whole franchise. Normally I quickly re-watch the marvel films when they're out for home release - but on this one I don't think I'll ever even bother re-watching it.

I'm probably just saited now with super hero stuff. The big comic book team ups on the big screen were something we'd never seen before - now it's become regular.


With this kind of time travel, They can actually retrieve Ironman, black widow and Captain America from the past with zero consequences to the time line


Majority don't really care about logic, sense, reason, intelligence, continuity and plot holes... folks like us are going extinct, we are slowly being out numbered by the "it's just a movie" folks

The new formula for movies and series: Jokes, fights, jokes, politically correct angle, more jokes, emotions, happy ending..
and then folks give 10/10 anything less make you a troll at the very least


haha nahh, a good movie will always be a good movie. Dont worry. I didnt even dislike endgame, just thought it couldve been way better. Expected it even after infinity war.