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Carl has a pet dog If you steal a car on Purge night... If you rape someone on Purge night and get them pregnant... Sitting in the theater now... I am 51 and have never watched the Lion King... Got any gum? 7pm IMAX... 30 for 30 - Daniel LaRusso vs. Johnny Lawrence New trailer... I hope that Luis isn't a victim of Thanos! View all posts >


I went to see "Birds of Prey", instead. I liked it, it was entertaining. Wow, the review snippets are scathing. I guess I won't be seeing this tonight. Saturday Night Live did a parody, too, with Martin Sheen playing Conrad. He's in a bar and dares some guys to call his battery regular, they do then take it and play keep away and make "Conrad" cry. My favorite was Pappy Boyington on Baa Baa Black Sheep / Black Sheep Squadron. Then there was his awesome Eveready battery commercials... <l></l> The Skrulls were introduced in the "Captain Marvel" movie. I'll see it but I don't pre-order tickets. Looks good, this may be my movie for the weekend. For me he has one good movie, "Uncut Gems". This is the first time that I've liked Adam Sandler in a movie. No, they don't. It is still the worst of 3 bad movies in the new Star Wars trilogy. I liked it, "Solo" was better than the new trilogy movies. View all replies >