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Was it at least filmed with 3D cameras? Mr. Miyagi's secret... (speculation) Team-up (spoiler speculation...) He was ok as the lead in Pacific Rim 2... Official teaser... Wow, the actor playing young John Garrett is Bill Paxton's son! Shin Godzilla Blu-ray / DVD combo $5 + shipping NOW at Amazon... I'm in the theater watching this... Carl has a pet dog If you steal a car on Purge night... View all posts >


The story is a lot different between the comic and the TV show. ...SPOILERS FOR THE COMIC... In the comic, Butcher's wife was raped but she didn't go away. Instead, she didn't tell Butcher about the rape or that she was pregnant due to the rape. Butcher was woken up one night to a scene of horror. The premature fetus had burned its way out of Becky and was floating in mid air, and Becky was dead. Butcher freaked out and beat the fetus to death with a table lamp. This led to Mallory recruiting Butcher for The Boys, and Butcher being given Becky's diary and learning about the rape. There's no subplot in the comic with Butcher, Becky, Homelander, Stormfront (a guy in the comic), and a super kid. The baby with laser beam eyes that Butcher used as a weapon in a Season 1 episode was a nod to the fetus. Most definitely. I hate-watched BSG after the first few episodes of season 3, but it was good to see Katee show up on "The Madalorian". It was a surprise for me, I didn't know that she had joined the cast. He could have been calling them confederates or rebels. Really he was just calling them what they are, though, losers. It's right there in the meme. Frank Grillo is cool, Tony Jaa isn't terrible. And you don't think that some nutjob Republican might try to off Biden when he wins? "The Shining" is a great movie until you read the book, then it's a bit unwatchable. Too many to choose from, but probably his defining work on the Daredevil mythos. Daredevil + Born Again Elektra: Assassin Elektra Lives Again The Dark Knight Returns + The Dark Knight Strikes Again Batman: Year One Sin City: The Hard Goodbye 300 Sure, never mind Trump and his buddy Vlad. Excellent. View all replies >